King Of Gods Chapter 1248

Chapter 1248 Zhao Yufei Strikes

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Chapter 1248 – Zhao Yufei Strikes

With Spiritual Race core disciples Zhang Yutong and Jin Wei leading the way, the surrounding disciples began to voice their disapproval. Although they didn’t want to offend Zhao Yufei, the sight of their goddess holding the hand of a strange man was difficult to swallow. Besides, Zhao Feng was just a periphery disciple; the status between him and them was like that between heaven and earth.

“He was only a periphery disciple? He truly has no respect for the rules!” Wei Qingying shrilly cried out from next to Quasi-God Luo Yu. She initially found it very strange that Zhao Feng managed to get promoted to inner disciple so quickly, but as it turned out, he was only a periphery disciple.

“Get out of here!” Jin Wei angrily glared at Zhao Feng and bellowed. He had lost the battle just now, so only by humiliating Zhao Feng would he be able to vent his spleen.

 It’s over!  Nearby, Pan Hao stirred from his shocked stupor and dropped his head with a sigh.

He was the one to bring Zhao Feng, and now that this matter was exposed, he would find it hard to extricate himself from any responsibility. Moreover, Zhao Feng had offended the majority of the inner disciples and core disciples here. Once they found out that he was the one who had brought Zhao Feng, their anger would spread to him as well as the inner disciple faction he belonged to.

“I was the one who let him come!” Zhao Yufei suddenly said, and then she turned to Zhao Feng with a tender look in her eyes.

The crowd that had been threatening Zhao Feng was instantly dumbfounded.

“Yufei, you…” Jin Wei was speechless. Zhao Yufei had no idea that Zhao Feng would even show up here, so how could she have let him come? It was clear that Zhao Yufei was taking Zhao Feng’s side.

“Yufei, if you insist on standing up for him, we can’t do anything about it, but the person you favor seems to be just a little too lacking in backbone. Does he only know how to stand behind you and have you block any storms for him?” Zhang Yutong looked at Zhao Feng and jeered.

Zhao Yufei was a Spiritual Race core disciple and was heavily favored by many of the elders, so if Zhao Yufei wanted to side with Zhao Feng, they couldn’t do anything about it. Thus, Zhang Yutong chose to go at Zhao Feng instead!

“A fellow who can only depend on a woman!”

“If you’ve got the guts, come out and take responsibility!”

The surrounding disciples all began to deride Zhao Feng’s conduct as shameless.

“Brother Feng, ignore them!” Zhao Yufei’s hand tightened its grip.

Zhao Feng was just a periphery disciple of the Spiritual Race. He had no backer or patron. If he really did take responsibility for his actions, he was certain to suffer harsh punishment. These inner disciples and core disciples would be able to easily deal with Zhao Feng.

But at this moment, Zhao Feng stepped forward and calmly stared at Zhang Yutong.

Other than Kong Die, who was watching all this with a smile on her face, everyone was taken aback by Zhao Feng’s action. He actually stepped forward!

“This conference did not have a clear rule stating that periphery disciples could not take part,” Zhao Feng calmly said.

Everyone nodded. There truly was no such rule. However, invitations had only been given to core disciples and some inner disciples.

“Correct, but invitations were not given to periphery…” Zhang Yutong had no idea what Zhao Feng was up to, but his voice remained cold and indifferent.

But he was too stunned to continue, and the second half of his sentence was swallowed back down his throat. At this moment, everyone was staring in astonishment at the invitation in Zhao Feng’s hand!

“This kid actually has an invitation!” Pan Hao’s eyes were round in shock as he realized that he was worrying over nothing.

“How? He’s a periphery disciple! How did he get an invitation!?”

“Damn it! Who gave it to him!?”

Quite a few people in the crowd were softly cursing under their breath.

Those who had the right to issue invitations were the core disciples, who wielded the most authority in this conference. How did Zhao Feng manage to meet a core disciple before the conference?

But there was no question that Zhao Feng had gotten his hands on an invitation, so he clearly had the right to attend this conference.

“Little Die!” Zhao Yufei gave an excited glance at Kong Die and realized that Kong Die had a face that said, “You owe me a favor.”

Kong Die then turned to Zhao Feng, her eyes turning gloomy. In truth, she also didn’t believe that Zhao Feng was suitable for Zhao Yufei, as there were far too many people better than Zhao Feng among Zhao Yufei’s suitors.

Just from the people present, Zhang Yutong was a Rank Six True God who could exterminate Zhao Feng as if he was a speck of dust. There were also many core disciples who weren’t participating in this conference because they were in seclusion, and there were also core disciples of the other factions of the Ziling Zone.

If she hadn’t heard Zhao Yufei often mention Zhao Feng and seen that worried and restless face she put on, Kong Die would have never helped Zhao Feng by giving him an invitation.

The crowd gradually backed down.

“You – shouldn’t you be leaving this place?” At this moment, Zhao Feng turned his eyes to Jin Wei and coldly spoke.

Jin Wei’s face froze, and then he remembered that his wager with Zhao Feng specified that the loser would leave the conference. He never imagined that he would lose, so he had not paid this wager any mind.

Jin Wei’s gaze was so vicious that it seemed like he wanted to devour Zhao Feng whole. In the end, he left with an angry harrumph. Even though he lost the battle to Zhao Feng, he had many methods available to him in the Spiritual Race to get rid of Zhao Feng.

As Jin Wei was leaving, a green-skinned man came up to him.

“Big Bro Jin Wei, where are you going?” Zhao Lanyi curiously asked. He had arrived late because he was in seclusion, but he presumed that the conference wasn’t over yet.

Jin Wei was in an absolutely awful mood and couldn’t be bothered to chat with Zhao Lanyi. Thus, he left without even giving Zhao Lanyi a glance.

Zhao Lanyi somewhat awkwardly entered the conference.

“Mm? Zhao Feng!?” Zhao Lanyi immediately spotted Zhao Feng’s figure standing in the large clearing at the center of the conference.

Before coming to the conference, he heard about everything from his cousin Zhao Hongyi, who had requested that he give Zhao Feng a fierce lesson.

At this moment, Zhao Feng was still standing on the fighting stage while Zhao Yufei was standing not far behind him. Wasn’t this the perfect moment for him to force Zhao Feng into battle and show off his strength?!


Zhao Lanyi leaped onto the stage.

“Zhao Feng, you bullied my younger cousin. As the older cousin, I must avenge this injustice!” Zhao Lanyi stared at Zhao Feng, a faint smile on his lips.

He was an exemplary inner disciple, a Rank Four True God who was even stronger than some of the core disciples.

The surrounding crowd was eerily quiet with strange looks on their faces. For an inner disciple like Zhao Lanyi to dare challenge a person who Zhao Yufei favored was nothing but suicidal in their eyes. In addition, Zhao Feng’s own strength was not to be underestimated.

But Zhao Feng was an eyesore to everyone present, with some core disciples already thinking about how to get rid of him. As a result, they all hoped to see Zhao Lanyi and Zhao Feng fight so that they could get a true measure of Zhao Feng’s strength.

However, those inner disciples who were allied with Zhao Lanyi would naturally tell him what was going on.

“Zhao Lanyi, that kid is very strong, and he also has some kind of relationship with Zhao Yufei!” someone silently messaged.

“What…?” Zhao Lanyi’s will to fight was instantly extinguished.

At this moment, he finally realized that Zhao Yufei was staring at him with a bone-chilling glare.

Zhao Lanyi was somewhat regretting his decision to come a little late, which resulted in him not knowing of the relationship between Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei. Even if he really did defeat Zhao Feng, he would just end up offending Zhao Yufei.

But now that he was riding the tiger, it was hard to get back down. He just challenged Zhao Feng to a battle, and Zhao Feng had still not replied. Now, Zhao Lanyi could only silently pray that Zhao Feng would refuse.

“Brother Feng just fought a match. Let me take his place.” Zhao Yufei stepped forward, her gorgeous face a sheet of ice.

“No! Miss Yufei, this might be a little inappropriate…” Zhao Lanyi hurriedly replied in surprise.

Zhao Yufei was a core disciple with a thick bloodline and incredible cultivation talent. She was outstanding in every aspect and was someone he did not dare to offend. In addition, Zhao Yufei had always been a woman that he admired, so he found himself incapable of attacking her.

“There’s nothing inappropriate about it!” Zhao Yufei’s eyes flashed with icy light.


Zhao Yufei’s skin suddenly became like transparent crystal that shone with a violet luster. A vast bloodline energy made the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi in the area churn and roil.

With a wave of her hand, a violet barrier of light flew forward. The pressure of the Spiritual Race bloodline restrained Zhao Lanyi’s in various ways, making it impossible for him to dodge, so he could only do everything in his power to fend off this blow.

 Boom! Bang!

Zhao Lanyi flew backward out of an explosion of violet crystal shards. Many parts on his body had crystallized, even the blood trickling from his lips having congealed into red crystal.

“Zhao Yufei is even more skilled at using her bloodline!”

“The Rank Four True God Zhao Lanyi was defeated in a single blow by Zhao Yufei!”

The surrounding disciples were all blown away by this sight.

The envy in Quasi-God Luo Yu’s thickened. She was no longer even capable of taking a single technique from Zhao Yufei.

As Zhao Yufei turned back around, the cold and harsh look on her face thawed into a tender and affectionate gaze. She once more took Zhao Feng’s hand and brought him away from the conference.

“Yufei, the thickness of your bloodline seems to be greater than that of any other person of the Spiritual Race,” Zhao Feng mumbled in shock. He had never imagined that Zhao Yufei would be just as dazzling in the Spiritual Race as she had been in the Continent Zone.

“Hehe, I’m nothing compared to you!” Zhao Yufei gave a rare blush of shame.

No matter the time or place, she would always hold Zhao Feng to be an insurmountable mountain. Even now, Zhao Yufei was confident that Zhao Feng was far stronger than anyone imagined.

Pan Hao watched enviously as the number one beauty of the Spiritual Race took Zhao Feng out of his sight. “This kid, he already knew Zhao Yufei!”

Before the conference had even begun, Zhao Feng crushed Jin Wei, and Zhao Yufei defeated Zhao Lanyi in a single blow, after which the two left hand in hand.

The core disciples present had lost any semblance of grace or elegance. Only a few inner disciples were still cheerfully chatting up some core disciples.

“Heh, Sister Luo Yu, although this conference is a mess, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing for you!” Wei Qingying craftily smiled as she spoke to Quasi-God Luo Yu.

“True. The upper echelon of the Spiritual Race won’t permit Zhao Yufei to get together with trash….”

Now that Quasi-God Luo Yu thought about it, Wei Qingying’s words were quite reasonable. By daring to reach for Zhao Yufei, Zhao Feng had doomed himself to tragedy. Moreover, Zhao Yufei provoking the upper echelon of the Spiritual Race and the other core disciples was precisely what Quasi-God Luo Yu wanted.

Nobody knew that the upper echelon of the Spiritual Race had been watching this conference the entire time.

“This boy was the one that Zhao Yufei was always concerned about? How did he get to the Spiritual Race?”

“It seems like this boy’s arrival allowed Zhao Yufei to achieve a minor breakthrough. She has even stronger control over her bloodline now!”

“No matter what, we can’t allow this brat’s low-class bloodline to pollute the bloodline of the Spiritual Race!”