King Of Gods Chapter 1249

Chapter 1249 Pressure

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Chapter 1249 – Pressure

After leaving the conference, Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei began to stroll through the magnificent core lands of the Spiritual Race. Everything here was made from various colored crystals. The high-quality God Crystal vein down below made it so that the thick Heaven Earth Yuan Qi hung in the air like a thin mist, rendering the place a fairyland.

Zhao Yufei was a lively and adorable fairy, her movements lithe and graceful, her joy difficult to conceal. She was well aware of how vast the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods was. She originally believed that Zhao Feng would need one or two hundred years to find the Spiritual Race.

But Zhao Feng had arrived at the Spiritual Race much sooner than that. Didn’t this mean that she had a very high place in his heart? Zhao Yufei inwardly rejoiced.

At the same time, Zhao Yufei was also flabbergasted. If Zhao Feng had spent all these years making his way to this place, how had he managed to progress so quickly in strength?

“Brother Feng, not even my Spiritual Race bloodline can keep up with your cultivation speed!” Zhao Yufei faintly smiled.

“Your Spiritual Race bloodline truly is unusual, but don’t forget about my left eye.” Zhao Feng faintly smiled.

He had been able to reach his current level so quickly in large part because of his left eye.

The two began to chat about their various circumstances and experiences in the intervening years.

At some point, Zhao Yufei led Zhao Feng to her private residence. This was a gorgeous complex of palaces built from violet crystal.

Before entering, Zhao Feng could already smell a unique fragrance drifting through the air.

“Brother Feng, why not stay in the Spiritual Race?” Zhao Yufei stared at Zhao Feng, her eyes like gentle pools of water.

In the past, they would always meet and then have to bid farewell soon after. This last separation had lasted for thirty-some years, and Zhao Yufei didn’t know how long their next separation would be.

She had also learned from Zhao Feng’s stories that his fiancée had managed to reincarnate through a special method. However, in her view, this Liu Qinyin was no longer the Liu Qinxin that Zhao Feng was engaged to. Moreover, if Liu Qinyin had no background or talent, she would forever remain in the Continent Zone and never appear before Zhao Feng again.

“Okay!” Zhao Yufei’s breathtakingly beautiful face caused a surge of emotion in Zhao Feng’s heart.

Perhaps he was too tired after all these years of running and killing. Perhaps this separation had been too long, or perhaps it was the severing of his past with Liu Qinxin…. This meeting left Zhao Feng in an incredibly complicated emotional state, and he felt a burning passion at the bottom of his heart.

As the two emotionally stared into each other’s eyes, they became entranced and began to approach each other. Zhao Feng’s arm was now embracing Zhao Yufei’s slender waist, causing her to give a soft groan and her body to flush an enchanting red.

At this moment, a voice echoed through the palace; “Yufei, come to me. Your master has a matter to discuss with you!”

Zhao Yufei’s expression froze in shock, and she immediately struggled out of Zhao Feng’s arm, her face bashful and at a loss.

Zhao Feng’s eyes also regained clarity, and he somewhat awkwardly exchanged glances with this gorgeous woman in front of him.

“Master is looking for me,” Zhao Yufei softly said.

She knew that the upper echelon of the Spiritual Race had seen everything that happened during the conference. Zhao Feng didn’t have a powerful ancient bloodline, so the upper echelon of the Spiritual Race would not permit her to be together with Zhao Feng.

“Brother, what if we tell the Spiritual Race about your God Eye?” Zhao Yufei whispered.

Once the Spiritual Race knew about Zhao Feng’s God Eye, they would definitely cease meddling in the pair’s affairs and would perhaps be only too anxious to recruit Zhao Feng. It had to be known that the Eight Great God Eyes that the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods knew of were all supreme “God Eye Deities.”

“I’m still too weak. If the matter of the God Eye gets out, I’m afraid…” Zhao Feng slightly shook his head.

He only realized the power of the Eight Great God Eyes after coming to the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods.

He possessed the Ninth God Eye, which probably shared the same potential as the others. However, he was still rather weak. Once it became known that he had a God Eye, those factions that Zhao Feng had quarrels with would think of every method to deal with him.

In addition, he had no idea what the other Eight Great God Eyes thought of his Ninth God Eye. If Zhao Feng’s God Eye incurred the revulsion of any of the other God Eyes, his fate would be sealed.

Zhao Yufei nodded, naturally understanding the dilemma Zhao Feng faced.

Zhao Yufei left for her master’s residence while Zhao Feng left the core disciple area.

In the forbidden ground of the Spiritual Race, in a certain ordinary-looking green crystal palace:

“Yufei, he came?” a white-robed elder with an ordinary voice slowly spoke.

If Zhao Feng was here, he would certainly recognize this elder to be the Spiritual Race expert who had descended to the Continent Zone to pick up Zhao Yufei.

Zhao Yufei nodded. Her master already knew everything about her relationship with Zhao Feng.

“You also know of the predicament facing the Spiritual Race. The conflict between the Spiritual Race’s two major parties is intensifying by the day, and there is also the problem of the Blazing Gold Race….” The white-robed elder sighed.

There was no faction that was in absolute harmony. The Spiritual Race also had its own internal conflicts. And on the outside, another five-star faction of the Ziling Zone – the Blazing Gold Race – had always been ambitiously eying the Spiritual Race.

“Our party needs to grow stronger, and the Spiritual Race needs to grow stronger. Those above will not allow your noble bloodline to mix with a useless outsider!” the elder continued.

In truth, those above had already made arrangements for Zhao Yufei’s marriage. Either Zhao Yufei would be married to the core disciple belonging to the other party to ease the internal strife or else she would be married to one of the other two five-star factions of the Ziling Zone so that their alliance would be able to intimidate the Blazing Gold Race.

Zhao Feng was just a human with a low-level bloodline. What right did he have to marry Zhao Yufei?

“Brother Feng will stay in the Spiritual Race. He’s no outsider!” Zhao Yufei firmly said.

“There are so many people pursuing you. Zhao Feng is no match for them,” the white-robed elder said.

Zhao Yufei immediately fell silent. She naturally knew this.

Rank Six True God Zhang Yutong was only one of her suitors. The other five-star factions were also home to powerful experts who desired her hand. Even geniuses from the previous generation who were now Ancient Gods were interested in her.

“If he had come with me to the Spiritual Race back then and enjoyed the cultivating resources and treatment of a five-star faction, perhaps it would not have been like this….” The elder sighed.

When he took away Zhao Yufei, he invited Zhao Feng as well, but Zhao Feng refused. If Zhao Feng had come to the Spiritual Race and cultivated for several decades, he might have made impressive progress.

At this time, another figure slowly strode out.

“Senior Brother Yuan Long….” Zhao Yufei somewhat dejectedly greeted him.

“Junior Sister Yufei, I don’t know what you see in Zhao Feng, but I can tell you that there are many geniuses in the Ziling Zone who surpass him in every aspect,” Yuan Long apathetically said.

In his heart, someone who could match with his Zhao Yufei had to be at least stronger than him and also could not have too low-class a bloodline. Zhao Feng was only a Quasi-God whose bloodline could barely rank around one thousand among the ancient races. Among Zhao Yufei’s pursuers, he was an existence that was rotting in the streets.

“Yufei, think this over carefully. Not just for you, but for Zhao Feng as well!” The white-robed elder’s words were tinged with harshness.

The conference was not yet over, so the core disciple area was still rather empty, allowing Zhao Feng to smoothly depart.

“Once I become a Rank Five True God in one step, I’ll prove my talent and potential,” Zhao Feng emotionlessly declared.

It had to be said that even Quasi-God Heaven Swallower of the Heaven Devouring Sacred Land was only capable of entering the Heavenly Divine Realm at Rank Four. Perhaps he had a chance of getting even higher given the time that had passed, but so did Zhao Feng. His progress far surpassed the number one Quasi-God prodigy of the Heaven Devouring Sacred Land.

“But I still need to wait for a little longer.”

Zhao Feng soon left the inner disciple area and returned to his residence.

Zhao Feng currently was fifty percent confident of entering Rank Five of the Heavenly Divine Realm. However, it would obviously be even better if he could raise this percentage a little more. Thus, Zhao Feng needed to settle down and wait until he had completed his Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique and Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body.

After returning to his residence, Zhao Feng resumed his seclusion.

“These two techniques are both just one tiny sliver from completion….” Zhao Feng’s brows creased.

He knew that he had already squeezed his potential to the limit.

The later stages of these techniques had always been meant for True Gods. With Zhao Feng’s cultivation still suppressed at the Quasi-God level, he would find it very hard to make any further progress unless he broke through.

This problem was one that many other Quasi-Gods of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods faced. Everyone knew that constantly building up strength so that one could reach a higher rank of the Heavenly Divine Realm in one go would grant one even better prospects.

But if one’s potential had been pushed to the limit and any further advancement in techniques would be hindered by the lack of a breakthrough in cultivation, delaying a breakthrough was just wasting time.

As a result, the majority of people would give up and break through into True Gods so that they could begin the slow climb.

A month went by very quickly. Zhao Feng had spent three hundred days cultivating in the Spacetime Robe, but his progress remained minuscule.

One day, Pan Hao came to find him.

“Zhao Feng, you scoundrel, you actually know Zhao Yufei!” Pan Hao’s first act was to sigh in shock and wonder.

He had never imagined that a nobody ordinary periphery disciple like Zhao Feng would know the goddess of the Spiritual Race, Zhao Yufei.

Zhao Feng learned from Pan Hao what was going on outside. At present, almost everyone in the Spiritual Race, even the worker disciples, knew that Zhao Yufei and Zhao Feng were together.

“Brother Zhao, you have to be careful!” Pan Hao began to worry.

Zhao Feng being with Zhao Yufei was shocking, but it wasn’t a good thing. This place was the territory of the Spiritual Race, and Zhao Feng was an outsider who was now vying with many core disciples for the hand of Zhao Yufei.

This was nothing but certain death in Pan Hao’s view. It was far too easy for those core disciples to deal with Zhao Feng in the territory of the Spiritual Race. If the upper echelon members gave their tacit approval, no one would care even if Zhao Feng was assassinated.

“I know.” Zhao Feng nodded. This was also why he had not revealed too much of his strength.

As the two were chatting, a roar came from outside; “Zhao Feng, I – Wei Ze – issue a challenge. I want to prove that you are not a fit for Zhao Yufei!”

“Wei Ze!? This Wei Ze is a core disciple. Although he doesn’t have the Spiritual Race bloodline, he’s still very near the top. He’s reached the peak of Rank Four. You can’t agree to this fight!” A stunned Pan Hao immediately began to urge caution.

Wei Ze was already at the peak of Rank Four, which was different from ordinary Rank Four True Gods on the outside. In addition, he enjoyed the best cultivation resources, cultivated the best techniques, and owned high-class divine weapons.

“Zhao Feng, you, who clings to a woman for protection – do you dare to accept this challenge!?” someone else outside loudly jeered.