King Of Gods Chapter 1250

Chapter 1250 Letter Of Challenge

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Chapter 1250 – Letter of Challenge

“Peak Rank Four?” Zhao Feng softly muttered.

Even twenty-five years ago, he was somewhat confident in fighting a Rank Five True God. This meant that, twenty-five years ago, Zhao Feng was already capable of defeating this Wei Ze.

 Perhaps I should show off my strength a bit!

Zhao Feng’s expression turned pensive as he began to think.

The Spiritual Race was a five-star faction with numerous prodigies and geniuses, many of whom had already become Rank Six True Gods. There were some in the previous generation of geniuses that had already become Ancient Gods.

Even though Zhao Feng defeated Jin Wei and showed off some of his talent and potential, he was still not a member of the Spiritual Race and was thus not worthy of the Spiritual Race’s attention. If not for Zhao Feng’s relationship with Zhao Yufei, the upper echelon of the Spiritual Race might have already turned ruthless with their methods.

Zhao Feng suddenly stood up and prepared to go out.

Pan Hao was shocked to see Zhao Feng stand.

“They’re trying to provoke you. You’re not going out there to agree to a battle, right?” Pan Hao immediately asked.

Although he knew that Zhao Feng was quite outstanding, he didn’t believe that Zhao Feng could defeat Wei Ze. After all, Zhao Feng was just a Quasi-God.

“Are you planning to be a turtle in its shell? Going to hide in their forever?”

“I didn’t think that a man favored by Zhao Yufei would be a spineless coward….”

The brazen jeers outside the palace were endless.

At this moment, the doors to the crystal palace before them suddenly opened.

“Oh? You actually dared to come out?”

At the very front of the crowd was a black-shelled man with curved horns sprouting from his shoulders and a savage and bloodthirsty face.

This person was Wei Ze.

Most of the spectators were periphery disciples, but there were also quite a few inner disciples and core disciples mixed in.

“This is the guy? He seems so weak! How could he be a match for Big Bro Wei Ze!?”

Ever since the conference concluded, Zhao Feng had been in seclusion and had never come out. Thus, many disciples had never seen Zhao Feng before.

“If you want to fight, then let’s fight.” Zhao Feng coldly stared at Wei Ze.

“Haha, good!” Wei Ze began to madly laugh.

In his view, Zhao Feng had grown arrogant after defeating Jin Wei. Jin Wei might have the Spiritual Race bloodline, but he had always been spoiled like a prince. He had never experienced any trials and was lacking in actual fighting ability.

“This kid actually accepted the challenge? He’s seeking death!”

“This is going to be good!”

On the challenge stage in the periphery disciple area:

“I thought that you would keep hiding behind a woman.” Wei Ze’s smile was savage and cruel.

Wei Ze was also one of Zhao Yufei’s pursuers, but he was out on a mission earlier, so he wasn’t able to participate in the conference. Upon his return, he heard an enraging piece of news. For this reason, after gathering some information, Wei Ze went to find Zhao Feng.

“Cut the small talk.” Zhao Feng’s eyes were cold as his left eye activated, unleashing an astonishing Eye Intent.

The relaxed and smug Wei Ze was slightly taken aback. Nothing in his intelligence reports said anything about Zhao Feng being able to use eye-bloodline techniques!


A befuddling mist of violet and gold immediately engulfed Wei Ze’s soul. Wei Ze’s surroundings became blurry and indistinct, and he gradually began to lose control over his body.

“This kid has a pretty good grasp of eye-bloodline techniques!” Wei Ze growled as he circulated his Soul Intent at full power and rapidly recovered.

Right at this moment, Wei Ze sensed Zhao Feng coming with a fierce attack from his side, and he immediately reacted by punching with both hands.

 Boom! Bang!

This clash sent Zhao Feng and Wei Ze both retreating several dozen steps.

“This Wei Ze has a firm will. He’s also quite a powerful fighter.” Zhao Feng nodded.

In the domain of souls, a God Eye had a definite advantage, but Zhao Feng’s Soul Intent was still some ways from reaching the level of a Rank Four True God’s. For this reason, his Soul eye-bloodline technique wasn’t very effective against Wei Ze.

On the other end, Wei Ze’s face was frozen while his mind reeled in shock. He realized that Zhao Feng’s strength and physical body were practically on the same level as his own!

Wei Ze had achieved such a level by combining a body-refining technique with the advantages of his own bloodline. However, Zhao Feng was just a Quasi-God, and yet he also possessed such a formidable physique?

The worried Pan Hao’s eyes instantly flew open in shock. He once more realized that he had deeply underestimated Zhao Feng.

The spectating disciples were also startled. Probably none of them had expected this exchange between Zhao Feng and Wei Ze to be a draw.

“Hmph!” Wei Ze coldly snorted as he began to circulate Divine Power. A somber and icy energy immediately began to spread from his body.

He underestimated Zhao Feng in that clash, but he would not give Zhao Feng a second chance.


On the other end, Zhao Feng’s body transformed into a bolt of five-colored lightning that shot toward Wei Ze.

This astonishing speed made all the spectators pale in fright.

Wei Ze’s face contorted in shock as two claws formed from pitch-black Divine Power appeared and prepared to snatch Zhao Feng.

“Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame!”

At this moment, Zhao Feng’s left eye crackled with white lightning. A powerful burst of Tribulation Lightning accompanied by powerful Soul ripples surged toward Wei Ze.


A twisted Tribulation Lightning flame carrying dreadful Soul energy exploded in Wei Ze’s face.

“Aaaaaah!” Wei Ze’s mind was overwhelmed by pain.

He was under the impression that the Soul eye-bloodline technique that Zhao Feng used at the start was Zhao Feng’s strongest eye-bloodline technique, resulting in him being too careless. The eye-bloodline technique that Zhao Feng unleashed this time made Wei Ze’s soul feel like it had been struck by lightning, and a heart-rending pain was constantly battering at his consciousness.

“Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm!” Zhao Feng circulated five-colored lightning into a palm and fired it at Wei Ze.

The enormous palm of five-colored lightning began to constantly push Wei Ze’s body back. The formidable Five Elements energy in the palm battered incessantly at Wei Ze’s body.

In addition, Zhao Feng’s Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique had reached the final level, so he had succeeded in fusing the Tribulation Lightning energy into his Divine Power, increasing the damage it could inflict.

 Boom! Bang!

Wei Ze’s body was thrown right against the boundary array around the challenge stage, but the might of the five-colored lightning palm had still not dissipated and continued to press down on Wei Ze.


Wei Ze’s screams of pain were so wretched that they made the spectating disciples tremble in fear.


After a long while, Wei Ze’s body dropped to the ground.

The area was deathly still, with not a single noise!

In the first clash, the two were on the same level, but in the second clash, Zhao Feng absolutely crushed Wei Ze.

“How could he be this strong?”

Several periphery disciples swallowed their saliva as their minds tried to digest what they just saw. A while ago, they were right outside Zhao Feng’s palace, jeering at and ridiculing him.

“So strong! He actually defeated Wei Ze!” Pan Hao happily cried out.

Although he barely understood what was going on in that battle, the important thing was that Zhao Feng had defeated Wei Ze.

Zhao Feng jumped off the stage and left.

His first eye-bloodline technique was meant to deliberately fool Wei Ze into letting down his guard. He then used the Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame to heavily injure and swiftly defeat Wei Ze!

Several powerful Divine Senses were roving back and forth in the skies over the Spiritual Race.

“He managed to defeat Wei Ze! This kid’s strength is at least that of a Rank Four Quasi-God!”

The strongest Quasi-God prodigy of the Spiritual Race was also just a Rank Four Quasi-God.

As for the Quasi-God genius of the Ziling Zone’s Life Sacred Land – Quasi-God Guan Long – he had attained the strength of a Rank Four Quasi-God thirty years ago. Given that it was thirty years ago, Quasi-God Guan Long probably now had the strength of a Rank Five Quasi-God.

“He relied on an eye-bloodline technique to sneak attack, while Wei Ze didn’t even have time to activate his bloodline or even take out a divine weapon. If Wei Ze had been on guard, the outcome would not have been as certain….” another powerful Divine Sense coldly harrumphed.

“Regardless, this child truly is very strong. He can compare to the strongest Quasi-God of the Spiritual Race!” another soul voice somewhat gleefully noted.

“Ancient God Floating Spirit, you’re Zhao Yufei’s master. You can’t be partial toward her at a time like this….”

Several powerful Divine Senses were carrying out a discussion in the skies.

“In short, this person has decent strength and potential. It would be best if he could remain with the Spiritual Race, but he is still an outsider, and his bloodline is too lowly….”

They had been secretly discussing how to deal with Zhao Feng, but the strength he showed just now had garnered their interest. If they could make a compromise with Zhao Feng to have him relinquish Zhao Yufei but also stay with the Spiritual Race to serve it, there could be no better result.

The news of Zhao Feng defeating Wei Ze at the periphery challenge stage swiftly spread.

“Wei Ze actually lost to Zhao Feng!?”

“The man Zhao Yufei favors is actually this strong!?”

The majority of people were left stunned by Zhao Feng’s incredible strength.

The core disciples of the Spiritual Race were all depressed and furious. Wei Ze was also a core disciple, but he lost, dealing a blow to the dignity of all core disciples.

“Hmph, that fool!” In a deep blue crystal palace, Zhang Yutong had an ashen expression.

Suddenly, Zhang Yutong’s eyes turned as if he had thought of some idea. He then left his palace.

Meanwhile, Zhao Yufei also learned that Zhao Feng had defeated Wei Ze, but her reaction was rather restrained, and she showed little delight.

Even if Zhao Feng defeated Wei Ze and had decent potential, he was still an outsider to the Spiritual Race. If Zhao Yufei married a powerful True God belonging to the other party of the Spiritual Race, she would able to soothe internal conflicts of the Spiritual Race. If she was married off to a five-star faction of the Ziling Zone, the marriage alliance would have enough to power to intimidate the Blazing Gold Race. What could Zhao Feng – an outsider – bring to the table?

After defeating Wei Ze, Zhao Feng went to the mission hall and took a simple mission. After finishing this mission, he returned to his residence and resumed his seclusion.

But after just a few days, someone began to shout outside his palace.

“Core Disciple Zhang Zhiyue is issuing you a letter of challenge. The time and place are for you to decide!”

With a sweep of his Divine Sense, Zhao Feng realized that this Zhang Zhiyue was a Rank Five True God.

Zhang Zhiyue left as soon as he finished dropping off the letter of challenge. Zhao Feng ignored it and resumed his seclusion.

But not long afterward, another core disciple came and dropped off a letter of challenge. This core disciple was also a Rank Five True God.

Zhao Feng’s expression turned glum as he began to realize that something was going on.

Over the next few days, more core disciples delivered letters of challenge to Zhao Feng’s doorstep.

One day, the core disciple Zhang Yutong personally came to Zhao Feng’s palace.

“Zhao Feng, I am Zhang Yutong. I issue you a challenge!”

A sinister smile hung on Zhang Yutong’s lips, and his eyes were cold and harsh.

The nearby periphery disciples instantly began to chatter among each other. Zhang Yutong was a Rank Six True God, and his body contained the Spiritual Race bloodline. The Rank Six True Gods of mediocre factions were simply no match for him.

In his residence, Zhao Feng pretended not to hear.


Zhang Yutong threw down his letter of challenge and left.

Less than half a month later, a small pile of ten-some letters of challenge had accrued in front of Zhao Feng’s door. The weakest challengers were Rank Five True Gods, and there were also quite a few Rank Six True Gods. Some of the letters of challenge even came from factions besides the Spiritual Race.