King Of Gods Chapter 1251

Chapter 1251 Ancient God Negotiation

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Chapter 1251 – Ancient God Negotiation

A new scenic spot had appeared in the peripheral disciple area of the Spiritual Race; a tall pile of letters of challenge had accrued in front of an ordinary-looking palace. The weakest challengers in this pile were Rank Five True Gods, but there were Rank Six True Gods too. Some of the challenges had even been issued by people belonging to other factions.

In this palace, Zhao Feng had a slight frown on his face. This was a lot of letters of challenge, and there were even some from Rank Six True Gods.

If Zhao Feng used all his trump cards, he was confident that he could contend against a Rank Six, but victory was out of the question. Moreover, these Rank Six True Gods were core disciples of the Spiritual Race, so their strength could not be underestimated.

“How could the man Zhao Yufei likes be a mere peripheral disciple?” Another jeering voice came from outside.

“Brother Lu, you have no idea. This person wanted to pursue Zhao Yufei but had no other way except to work his way up from worker disciple. It was only with great difficulty that he managed to get promoted to peripheral disciple,” a bystander joked. From the voice, Zhao Feng could tell that this was Jin Wei.

“Haha, interesting. The man Zhao Yufei likes… this Lu would also like to challenge him.” This youth with the surname Lu heartily laughed as he threw down a letter of challenge.

The surrounding peripheral disciples were all dumbfounded.

Other than the Spiritual Race and the Blazing Gold Race, the Ziling Zone’s other two five-star factions were Divine Tree Ocean and the Heaven-Shaking Alliance. The people of these two factions practiced both the Body-Refining Dao and the Medicine Dao. When a powerful body-refining expert also had supreme recovery and treatment abilities, they would be able to exhibit their abilities to their maximum extent.

This Lu youth was a Rank Six True God from Divine Tree Ocean.

“Haha, Brother Lu, let’s go. This place is for peripheral disciples; there’s nothing see here.” Jin Wei wickedly laughed.

“Perfect. I also need to go and persuade Yufei.” This Lu youth was also one of Zhao Yufei’s suitors.

A few days later, the renowned True God Shatterbone of the Heaven-Shaking Alliance came and threw down his own letter of challenge before proceeding to the core area of the Spiritual Race.

“Ah, Brother Zhao, you’ll have to protect yourself.” Pan Hao sighed.

He no longer dared to enter Zhao Feng’s palace. Whether it was strength or backing, the owners of these letters of challenge all far surpassed Pan Hao. He was worried that visiting Zhao Feng would only bring him trouble.

Every one or two days, another letter of challenge would be left on Zhao Feng’s doorstep. During this process, Zhao Feng never once emerged.

In the core region of the Spiritual race, near a crystalline lake, almost twenty core disciples were gathered, drinking and chatting with each other.

“Haha, I’d like to see what Zhao Feng does about this!” Jin Wei happily drained his cup and gave a carefree laugh. He wanted to humiliate Zhao Feng twice as much as what he experienced.

“Brother Zhang, this strategy of yours is truly brilliant, and the upper echelon of the Spiritual Race didn’t stop us!” Another core disciple agreed.

Zhang Yutong smiled and nodded.

All of them had issued challenges while proclaiming to be pursuing Zhao Yufei. This was an understandable excuse, the method was not too extreme, and they were still capable of pressuring Zhao Feng. This was also what the upper echelon of the Spiritual Race hoped to see, so why would they stop it?

In addition, would Zhao Feng have the face to refuse all these letters of challenge from his rivals in love? If Zhao Feng rejected all these challenges, his martial heart would suffer. The heavenly daughter of the Spiritual Race, Zhao Yufei, would also suffer a blow to her dignity.

“Just what right does this kid have to obtain Sister Yufei’s favor?” The Lu youth coldly snorted.

“Even more people will be issuing Zhao Feng letters of challenge. If he wasn’t so young and still just a Quasi-God, even my older brother might have dropped off a letter of challenge.” Jin Wei smugly smiled.

“That kid would find even a Rank Five True God hard to deal with, much less a Rank Six True God. If even Ancient Gods started challenging him, it would seem like our Spiritual Race was ‘bullying’ him. It wouldn’t be good if such a thing got out.” Zhang Yutong squinted and smiled.

“In a few more days, someone from the Life Sacred Land will come.”

In Zhao Yufei’s private residence, a crisp and charming voice spoke with loud rebuke; “How could they treat Brother Feng like this!?”

Zhao Yufei was utterly furious.

“What can be done? They’re all after your hand. They have every excuse to challenge Zhao Feng.” Kong Die also sighed.

She had already begun to find Zhao Feng rather decent when he defeated Wei Ze. He had a decent appearance and impressive strength. Crucially, both sides of this couple were interested in each other.

Alas, Zhao Feng had no authority and no backing, and no high-level bloodline either. He couldn’t compare to those core disciples, nor could he persuade the upper echelon of the Spiritual Race.

“I’m going to find Master!” A determined Zhao Yufei prepared to leave.

At this moment, a pressure as heavy and stable as a mountain descended, causing Zhao Yufei to stop in her tracks.

“Master!” Zhao Yufei yelped in surprise.

“Yufei, there are many members of the Spiritual Race’s upper echelon. I alone cannot make the decision on this matter,” Ancient God Floating Spirit flatly said.

In truth, he also found Zhao Feng to be quite excellent.

If Zhao Feng favored any other girl of the Spiritual Race, the upper echelon members might have been willing to accept it, but he just had to like Zhao Yufei!

The thickness of Zhao Yufei’s Spiritual Race blood was far greater than that of any other core disciple. This combined with her naturally breathtaking beauty made her the goddess beloved by everyone in the Ziling Zone.

“I’m going to see Brother Feng….” Zhao Yufei’s crystalline eyes seemed to cloud over.

“You shouldn’t interfere in this matter unless you’re going to reject him and tell him to give up.” Ancient God Floating Spirit sighed.

He had come here to stop Zhao Yufei because this was the unanimous will of the Spiritual Race’s upper echelon.

Deep in the night, the lands of the Spiritual Race were still as dazzling as they were in the day.

“Mm? What a powerful Divine Sense.” Zhao Feng, who had been cultivating in the Spacetime Robe, immediately emerged.

Peripheral disciples had the protection of the Spiritual Race, so while they were in seclusion, core disciples would not dare to probe them with their Divine Senses. From this powerful Divine Sense that scanned the area this late in the night, Zhao Feng could already guess at the identity of this visitor.


A black-robed elder suddenly appeared in Zhao Feng’s palace.

“Senior!” Zhao Feng rose and bowed.

Although this black-robed elder did not exert much pressure on Zhao Feng, he gave off an even more dangerous aura than Ancient God Black Heaven.

“I will speak directly.” The black-robed elder apathetically stared at Zhao Feng, a hint of pride on his face.

Zhao Feng silently nodded.

“You are very strong, equal to the strongest Quasi-God of my Spiritual Race, but your status and bloodline are both inferior,” the black-robed elder bluntly stated.

“I know.” Zhao Feng’s face was emotionless. He knew at first glance what this elder had come here for.

“There are far too many young talents pursuing Zhao Yufei. With no backing or power, you cannot defeat any one of them. You cannot protect Zhao Yufei,” the elder continued.

The people pursuing Zhao Yufei might have less potential than Zhao Feng, but they were all from powerful factions or had high-level bloodlines.

“If you are willing to give up on Zhao Yufei, the Spiritual Race promises to treat you like a core disciple, and we will also not impede you if you court any other girl of the Spiritual Race,” the elder went on.

The Spiritual Race had numerous disciples, and one could easily see the revered status the core disciples held. In addition, the elder was also implying that, even if Zhao Feng went after Quasi-God Luo Yu, who was only slightly lacking compared to Zhao Yufei, the Spiritual Race would not interfere.

Such generous conditions would be enough to make countless youths of the Ziling Zone go mad, but the look in Zhao Feng’s eyes didn’t change.

“If Yufei agrees, I have nothing to say.” Zhao Feng’s face was stern.

His brow had not even creased in front of all the temptations the upper echelon of the Spiritual Race had laid out before him. Moreover, the fact that this elder had come to find was clear proof that Zhao Yufei did not agree. He knew that Zhao Yufei was also enduring significant pressure, but if she did not agree, why should he submit!?

“The one I’m asking is you!” The black-robed elder’s gaze instantly focused.

The enormous aura of an Ancient God slowly began to seep into Zhao Feng’s surroundings.

Zhao Feng was startled. This elder only released a part of his aura, but it felt like an enormous mountain had pressed down on his body and made it impossible for him to move. This Ancient God was even stronger than he had imagined.

“Consider this offer carefully.” Seeing that Zhao Feng was not speaking, the black-robed elder threw down these words and vanished.

Tens of thousands of li up in the sky, several powerful Divine Senses gathered for a meeting.

“That kid refused?”

“Ai, that girl Yufei is also very stubborn!”

“I’d like to see how this kid deals with those letters of challenge….”

The upper echelon members of the Spiritual Race were unanimous in their approval of the letters of challenge. They believed that the core disciples of the Spiritual Race had executed a superb plan.

“I’ll speak to him again after a while. I’m confident that it won’t be long before he crumbles under the pressure.”

The matter of the letters of challenge truly was a large stone weighing on Zhao Feng’s heart. If he refused all of these people who wanted Zhao Yufei’s love, what right did he have to be together with her?

“It seems like I need to push for the Heavenly Divine Realm as quickly as possible!” Zhao Feng muttered.

Everyone in the Spiritual Race believed that he would be able to attain Rank Four at most, but Zhao Feng had some confidence of attaining Rank Five. If he succeeded in breaking through and becoming a Rank Five True God, even the Spiritual Race would have to regard him seriously.

Moreover, at that time, his strength would experience a quintessential transformation, and his Soul Intent would rapidly increase. He would even have a chance of defeating a Rank Six True God!

His consciousness sank into the mysterious golden ball in his God Eye Dimension.


Zhao Feng appeared in the Ancient Dream Realm. After seating himself cross-legged on the ground, he activated the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique and the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body.

 Boom! Hisss!

Three Tribulation Lightning God Crystals floated in front of him, countless slivers of white Tribulation Lightning flowing out of them and engulfing Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng’s surroundings suddenly transformed into a forbidden zone of Tribulation Lightning.

Several days later, a white ancient beast in the shape of a flood dragon threw an interspatial ring next to Zhao Feng and left. Not much later, Zhao Feng opened his eyes and sent his mind into the ring.

“Not bad! Even an Ancient God would find it hard to resist such resources.” Zhao Feng’s eyes sparkled.

He had ordered Zhao Wan to search the Ancient Dream Realm for these cultivation resources so that he could use them for his breakthrough.


Zhao Feng took out all the cultivation resources. The enormous ripples of energy made all the surrounding ancient beasts tremble in fear.

Without another word, Zhao Feng began to madly absorb the medicinal energy in these resources as he pushed to bring his two techniques to completion.

One day, Zhao Feng’s energy suddenly soared, and a lightning-infused physical pressure swept through his surroundings. The earth trembled as the ground for a hundred li around him subsided. Within this depression, the power of Tribulation Lightning ran rampant.

“Both techniques have finally achieved completion!” Zhao Feng opened his bright eyes, his expression glowing with vigor.

“Now is the time to break into the Heavenly Divine Realm!” Zhao Feng rose and began to find a good place to break through.

At the same time, many essential points and skills necessary to break into the Heavenly Divine Realm appeared in his mind.