King Of Gods Chapter 126

Chapter 126 – Xiao Sun’s rage
Chapter 126 - Xiao Sun’s rage

“Agree to his terms!”

A cold voice sounded as a strong surge of mental energy appeared. Everything in a few hundred yards radius fell silent.

Zhao Feng felt that the owner of this voice was familiar and looking up, it was a middle aged man in azure, the Vice Head he had seen before.

Vice Head!

The heart of the Ascended Realm old man trembled as he nodded his head: “Greetings Vice Head, I’ll immediately pass Zhao Feng’s challenge.”


The azure clothed middle aged man glanced at Zhao Feng then left an afterimage in the air as he disappeared.

Zhao Feng understood that Vice Heads had cultivation close to the True Spirit Realm and they held high authority in the Clan.

“Zhao Feng! In 3 days, you shall face the ranked 3rd, 8th and 9th substitute inner disciples. En… apart from that, you will also face Xiao Sun’s challenge.”

The expression of the old man changed as he kept on speaking.

This meant that Zhao Feng would fight 4 battles at once, of which 3 were ranked higher than him and 1 lower. Hou Yuan, who was ranked 3rd and one of the strongest outer disciples, would also be there.


Zhao Feng turned around and left, leaving behind the others who were all stunned.

Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan didn’t know what to say, they were obviously shocked by Zhao Feng’s insane move.

Surprise was written over Yun Mengxiang’s face, it was a long time before she regained composure.


Zhao Feng’s figure flashed and he returned to his courtyard.

Yang Qingshan was about to go chase him, but she was stopped by Nan Gongfan: “In the 3 days, brother Zhao will be focusing on increasing his strength. It’s better for us to not disturb him.”

No one was able to stop Zhao Feng now.

On that very night, a piece of news shocked the entire outer disciples.

Someone was challenging 3 substitute inner disciples at once and everyone of them was ranked in the top 10 with the best being 3rd.

Almost every outer disciples heard this news and many of them came to ask Yang Qingshan and Nan Gongfan.

The two were extremely anxious and guilty because all of this started because of them.

A lot of outer disciples were waiting for the 3 days to pass.

Inside a courtyard.

“The challenge in 3 days… I, Xiao Sun shall defeat you so badly that you won’t be able go any further.”

Xiao Sun’s fists were clenched as a surge of battle intent appeared from him.

His gaze travelled to the 13th courtyard where Zhao Feng lived.

Being ranked 16th, there was only 2 courtyards between them.

Dark night, in a pavilion stood 4 figures.

One of them was a handsome youth who wore a black striped shirt, meaning that he was an inner disciple.

“Brother Quan Chen.” Hou Yuan said respectfully.

Quan Chen stood with his hands behind his back as a cold smile appeared: “It looks like I’ve underestimated Zhao Feng’s guts. How dare he try and fight back against me?”

“Brother Quan Chen, it’s ok. He won’t be able to beat me.” Hou Yuan said slowly.

“Hahaha, that brat’s going to fight 4 battles that day and he’ll first have to beat Xiao Sun, which will cost him a lot of energy. After meeting us, he’ll lose a layer of skin if he doesn’t die.”

The Hong brothers were confident.

Quan Chen nodded his head as he scanned Hou Yuan and the Hong brothers.

Zhao Feng was like an egg trying to smash a stone, but there was also a suspicious point.

Why would Zhao Feng challenge the three when he would face Xiao Sun as well?

The 4 battles were all gathered on 1 day!

Was Zhao Feng a retard? What’s the point of him doing this?

This thought flashed in their hearts then passed. Since they’ve already decided that Zhao Feng would lose horribly, why did the process matter?


Time flew by and the 3 days were coming to an end. In the past few days, no one came to disturb Zhao Feng and the latter only stayed in his room and he didn’t come out.

Everyone was sure that Zhao Feng would be grabbing each and every second to cultivate and sharpen himself. But in reality, Zhao Feng spent most of his time comprehending the Illusion Fish Picture and the array books.

Zhao Feng wanted to learn the 7 books, so that he would be able to enter the Thousand Leaf Pond and improve his body.

To enter the Ascended Realm with his body. This was Zhao Feng’s current goal.

For this, he had eaten one of the Marrow Cleansing Pills he had refined. Marrow Cleansing Pill was extremely effective for those under the Ascended Realm and it could increase one’s attributes. But because this was the 2nd time he was taking one, the effect was only half of the one before.

However, because of his mysterious left eye, he could absorb more energy and even though the energy taken in was only half of the one before, it wasn’t any worse than anyone else taking it for the first time.

After he ate the Marrow Cleansing Pill, Zhao Feng circulated Silver Wall Technique and Returning Breath Technique and felt his body and organs strengthen.

The rise in his attributes increased Zhao Feng’s foundation for the Silver Wall Technique. He even felt that his inner strength was denser and stronger than before.

On the third day, Zhao Feng was sure that his Returning Breath Technique had reached the highest level and the quantity and quality of his inner strength had surpassed what it was supposed to be.

This meant that his Returning Breath Technique had reached the max level and even surpassed it a bit, therefore his inner strength was at least on par with a normal cultivator of the half-step Ascended Realm.

The only regret was that Silver Wall Technique didn’t rise much. There was still a distance to the late stages of the 9th level, but Zhao Feng understood that because his attributes had risen, the breakthrough in body strengthening would be much easier.

Therefore, the peak 9th level of the Silver Wall Technique had no resistance, all he needed was 10 days time at most.

As for the last Marrow Cleansing Pill, Zhao Feng decided to sell it and get some primal crystal stones back. He had used 5 substandard primal crystal stones to buy the materials needed to make 2 Marrow Cleansing Pills and each pill could sell for 5 primal crystal stones.

The next morning.

Zhao Feng walked out of his courtyard and took in a breath of fresh air as he yawned.


Zhao Feng realised that there were many outer disciples near his courtyard.

“DId Zhao Feng come out?”

“Today’s the day of the battle, he won’t be a turtle and hide, will he?”

This bunch of outer disciples would all love it if the heavens fell.

No one didn’t like to watch shows and this show had shocked all the outer disciples.

Being the troublemaker, Zhao Feng was the focus of everyone. Over the past few days, his name had become famous.

“Brother Zhao!”

Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan all came quickly over.

At the beginning, Yang Qingshan and Nan Gongfan were angry that Zhao Feng was too rash.

“Let’s go.”

Zhao Feng’s calm eyes had a sharpness to them, which made others to not dare to look straight at him.

The hearts of Yang Qingshan and the others shook. At this moment, Brother Zhao gave the feeling of being a sword that could pierce through everything.

They seemed to finally realise that none of them could see through Zhao Feng. Back at Lord Guanjun’s, they felt that Bei Moi was the most terrifying, but they all knew how strong Bei Moi was. Unlike Zhao Feng in front of them who gave the feeling of mysterious, none of them knew where his limit was.

Soon, Zhao Feng appeared under the ‘guarding’ of many outer disciples and arrived at the stage where substitute disciples fought.

More and more people started to gather nearby.

The outer disciples had the number of people. From ten years old to thirty years old, disciples of different ages all lived here and there was two to three hundred people here, almost half the number of outer disciples.

Zhao Feng’s eyes scanned the crowd and he soon saw Xiao Sun.

Being the challenger, Xiao Sun arrived earlier.

Next, Hou Yuan and the Hong brothers all appeared one by one.

These 3 were all at the half-step Ascended Realm and the auras they released made the other disciples nearby feel uneasy. This was especially so for Hou Yuan, who was ranked 3rd, where his gaze made those under his sight lower their heads and avoid it.

Zhao Feng knew a bit about Hou Yuan and then his eyes moved onto the Hong brothers. The Hong brothers, Hong San and Hong Si were twins and they looked the same. They both had short hair with muscular bodies. As they walked, their muscles bulged but not so much that it would affect their agility.

“Today’s battles shall be overlooked by me.”

Deacon Qiu slowly walked out and released his 7th Sky of the Ascended Realm aura, which made the outer disciples realise how low they really were in the Clan.

The crowd soon quieted down.

There was even a few other Deacons and Vice Deacons here today with interested expressions.

“The first battle, Xiao Sun, ranked 16th, challenges Zhao Feng, ranked 13th.”

Deacon Qiu’s voice resounded across the area.


Just as he finished, Xiao Sun’s figure flashed and like a stream of fire, landed on the stage.

Zhao Feng lightly jumped through the air and landed on the stage as well.

The first battle: Xiao Sun vs Zhao Feng!

The newly entered disciples were extremely excited.

Both Xiao Sun and Zhao Feng joined the Clan at the same time and Xiao Sun always had the highest cultivation, whereas Zhao Feng was famed for his battle power.

“Zhao Feng… you accepted my challenge and still dared to challenge Hou Yuan and co. meaning that you’re not putting me in your eyes.” Xiao Sun murmured in his heart.

In his left eye, a red light appeared, full of battle intent and anger. Under the circulation of the Middle Class Mortal, Skill Blazing Sun Manual, a fiery red aura spread across the stage as the temperature rose… He was like a god of fire…