King Of Gods Chapter 1265

Chapter 1265 To Serve Your Excellency

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Chapter 1265 – To Serve Your Excellency

“What’s going on?”

All the experts of the Blood Flame Qilin Race stood up in consternation. However, their patriarch appeared unperturbed, causing their concern to slowly fade.

“Patriarch, just now-” The Qilin with the broken horn prepared to ask.

“There’s no need to worry,” the Blood Flame Qilin Race Patriarch immediately interrupted him.

On the other end, some of the more perceptive ancient beasts around Zhao Feng had noticed powerful ripples of energy coming from him a few moments ago.

 What’s going? Was that peculiar sensation in the world because of him?  Little Ling turned her stunned eyes to Zhao Feng.

Had the Ninth God Eye bestowed this ability on Zhao Feng? Was he really the owner of the Ninth God Eye?

 If I control the Ancient Dream Realm using this method, not even a Rank Eight Ancient God is a match for me!  Zhao Feng was inwardly a little happy. But in the end, this was only an advantage he possessed in the Ancient Dream Realm.

He proceeded to stabilize his strength and research his God Eye’s abilities.

Meanwhile, more and more members of the Blood Flame Qilin Race arrived. One month later, all of the Blood Flame Qilin Race had gathered.

“Your Excellency, we can begin now!” the Blood Flame Qilin Race Patriarch called out.


Zhao Feng was already flying over, though he still maintained a set distance between himself and the Blood Flame Qilin Race.

The members of the Blood Flame Qilin Race examined Zhao Feng and chatted with each other, their eyes shining with surprise, contempt, or disdain.

“Let me see if you’re really the owner of a God Eye!” A savage-faced red Qilin charged out from the Blood Flame Qilin Race.

“Rank Eight Ancient God!” Little Ling cried out in alarm.

Zhao Feng had defeated Iron Fire, who had the strength of a Rank Eight. However, Iron Fire was secretly assisted by the patriarch, and his strength was only temporarily at Rank Eight. In all other aspects, he was still Rank Seven, so it was impossible to compare him with a real Rank Eight Ancient God.


The red Qilin howled at the sky as he activated his bloodline. A scarlet flame swelled and began to twist like a tornado of fire.

“Since you want to experience it, I’ll let you experience it!” Zhao Feng’s silver hair began to move on its own as his left eye began to twinkle with a strange radiance.


A hazy luster flickered through his left eye. Part of Zhao Feng’s Soul Intent carried some God Eye Origin energy and fused with the world.

Zhao Feng immediately felt like this part of the world had become his body. With a single thought, a supreme pressure descended.

The enormous power of the world crashed down upon the Red Flame Qilin.


The raging flames on his body appeared to have encountered the ocean, and his power dropped as his flames dimmed.

“This… what’s going on?” The Flame Qilin was stunned.

The strength he had obtained from activating his bloodline was almost instantly suppressed. His current level of strength was even weaker than before he had activated his bloodline.

“So, he was the one responsible for that strange activity!” Some of the Blood Flame Qilins immediately understood what was going on and blurted out their conclusions.

They all originally believed that it was because some supreme expert on par with their patriarch was about to descend, but now…

“This is the Origin energy of the world!” the Blood Flame Qilin Race Patriarch muttered in shock. As he looked at Zhao Feng, his eyes instantly became excited!

“You’re just a Rank Seven Ancient God. Even if my strength is suppressed, you’re still no match for me!” the Red Flame Qilin crazily roared.


He transformed into a scorching ball of fire that shot at Zhao Feng.

“Is that so?” Zhao Feng faintly smiled.

There was a massive explosion in the air.


The part of his soul that was merged with the world unleashed an energy that locked space around the Red Flame Qilin.

This Red Flame Qilin was planning to use Space Intent when he discovered that he was incapable of doing so. In fact, his body seemed to be spatially restricted, resulting in him moving much more slowly.


A spatial blur appeared around Zhao Feng. He then vanished, reappearing right behind the Red Flame Qilin.

“Heaven Engulfing Palm!”

Zhao Feng used his Space Intent. At this moment, his Space Intent was not only boosted by the Spacetime Robe, but by the spatial energy of the Ancient Dream Realm as well.

An illusory palm appeared and then disappeared.

 Boom! Bang!

When the palm appeared again, it was right in front of the Red Flame Qilin, crushing down on his body.

“Ah…!” The Red Flame Qilin screamed as he was slammed into the ground. Even with his Blood Flame Qilin body and the strength of a Rank Eight Ancient God, he was still not able to endure the power of this palm.

But he would never concede so easily.

 Boom! Bang!

A storm of fire exploded from the ground as the Red Flame Qilin charged at Zhao Feng.

“Blazing Sun Flame!” The Red Flame Qilin used his supreme bloodline technique, and a searing red light shot out from his mouth. This flame devoured everything in its path. The heat it radiated was enough to scald many of the ancient beasts in a radius of ten thousand li.

 God Eye Disintegration!

Zhao Feng’s left eye slowly came to life, unleashing a ripple of Eye Intent together with a dreamy multi-colored light.


As the red glow shot toward Zhao Feng, it began to dissipate. To outsiders, it appeared like the area around Zhao Feng was a forbidden zone that would cause all outside energy to disappear!

 Whoosh! Whoosh!

Zhao Feng used Spatial Blink to make it impossible for the Red Flame Qilin to predict where he would eventually appear and attack from.

 God Eye Duplication – Blazing Sun Flame!

Zhao Feng didn’t get too close to the Red Flame Qilin before using the God Eye Duplication.


With a powerful ripple of Eye Intent, a dreamy mist burst out of his left eye. Suddenly, a scorching red light shot out from the mist.

“This is… my ultimate technique!” The Red Flame Qilin was stunned to the extreme.

“This is the power of his God Eye?” In the distance, Iron Fire was also deeply shocked. As a bystander now, he was once more witnessing Zhao Feng’s inconceivable abilities.

Not even Iron Fire realized that he had already acknowledged Zhao Feng as the holder of the Ninth God Eye.

 Boom! Bang!

The searing red flame accurately struck the Red Flame Qilin. After this attack landed, Zhao Feng followed up with several Soul eye-bloodline techniques.

“Ah…!” The Red Flame Qilin miserably screamed in the middle of a blackened pit of flames. The physical and spiritual attacks coupled with the pressure and repulsion of the world had completely deprived him of the ability to fight back.

“Defeated!?” All the Blood Flame Qilins were dumbfounded.

If they had not seen it for themselves, they would have never believed that a Rank Seven Ancient God would be able to so easily defeat a Rank Eight Ancient God Blood Flame Qilin.

“Fight with me!” In a scarlet cloud, an Ancient God of peak Rank Eight wanted to fight with Zhao Feng to wash away the Blood Flame Qilin Race’s shame.

“Hmph!” Zhao Feng coldly snorted, and his left eye exuded a powerful ripple of Eye Intent.

A moment later, Zhao Feng’s left eye had become an ordinary black eye, but a massive silver Eye of Heaven had appeared in the sky. This silver eye was utterly enormous and had many different colors flowing within it. It was cold and callous, as if it represented the might of the heavens that looked down upon all living beings.


The dream-like silver eye suddenly began to turn.

This sight struck fear in the hearts of all the living beings down below. This eye was simply too enormous. If this eye belonged to some creature, it would be difficult to imagine just how enormous this creature would be.

In the end, this silver eye locked onto the Blood Flame Qilin that was preparing to fight.


The boundless majesty of the world combined with a shapeless mental energy descended upon the Qilin.

“This… is…!?” The Blood Flame Qilin instantly felt like the sky was falling. His entire body trembled as he tried to resist the might of the heavens, but that mental energy made his soul tremble in fear.

The Blood Flame Qilins around him were also caught up in this invisible pressure. They looked up to the sky, a feeling of insignificance and helplessness in their hearts.

The Blood Flame Qilin Race Patriarch also looked up at that massive divine silver eye that obscured the sky, his shock indescribable.

“Lord God!” the Blood Flame Qilin Race Patriarch suddenly spoke.

The other members of the Blood Flame Qilin Race trembled both physically and mentally.

“Lord God!” another Blood Flame Qilin called out.

“Lord God!”

“Lord God!”

More and more Blood Flame Qilins were adding to the cries. Their worshiping voice echoed through the world.

On the other end, the ancient beasts serving Zhao Feng also began to sincerely cry out, “Lord God!”

At this moment, all the living beings for millions of li around raised their heads up to that silver eye in the sky. As the cries of “Lord God” shook the heavens, they also added their cries to the mix.

In the sky, Zhao Feng had placed most of his mind into that massive Eye of Heaven. He never would have imagined that the Eye of Heaven would become like this when used with God Eye Origin energy. At this moment, he could see incredibly far, and as he looked down upon the world, he could hear the countless living beings worshiping him.

He was also extremely stunned by all of this. It was like he truly had become the Lord God who reigned over all in this land.

 Not good! My God Eye energy is rapidly dwindling!

A wave of fatigue swept through Zhao Feng’s soul. With a Swoosh! , the enormous silver eye disappeared.

The world returned to serenity. Zhao Feng’s left eye regained its silvery luster.

 It consumes a lot!  Zhao Feng sensed that his left eye was no longer capable of using any Origin energy.

After all, he had used this energy in his battle and then when he used that Eye of Heaven, so the Origin energy was consumed even more quickly.

At this moment, Zhao Feng sensed that something strange was happening. All the members of the Blood Flame Qilin Race had lowered their heads while the Blood Flame Qilin Race Patriarch was slowly stepping forward.

“Lord God, please allow my race to serve Your Excellency!”