King Of Gods Chapter 127

Chapter 127 – Sweeping the outer disciples (1)
Chapter 127 - Sweeping the outer disciples (1)

In that instant, Xiao Sun’s battle intent and power reached its peak.

His half-step Ascended Realm cultivation and Middle Class Mortal Skill Blazing Sun Manual gave him the ability to attack Zhao Feng anytime he wanted.

“How does a someone who just entered the Clan have a Middle Class Mortal Skill!?” The nearby outer disciples were all stunned.

“Apart from Lin Fan who’s ranked 1st of the substitute inner disciples, I’ve never heard of anyone else with a Middle Class Mortal Skill.”

Those who had Middle Class Mortal Skills had a far greater advantage.

“Dammit! Brother Zhao’s first opponent is already so troublesome!”

Yang Qingshan and Nan Gongfan exchanged glances, both of them were solemn.

Everyone knew that Zhao Feng would face 4 people today and none of them were easy. On the contrary, as each battle progressed, the opponent was more terrifying.

Therefore, everyone didn’t even think about Zhao Feng winning. They were thinking about how long he could last and from the current situation, the first battle with Xiao Sun was harder than expected.

“Hahahaha… it looks like we might not even have the chance to fight.”

The Hong brothers let out a laugh.

On the stage.

Zhao Feng calmly inspected his first opponent.

He would fight 4 battles today and therefore, he must finish the first battle fast. He even had to finish the first 3 battles in the shortest time possible because the most terrifying person was Hou Yuan and Zhao Feng must preserve his strength for him.

“Zhao Feng! The first battle will also be your last!”

A red light flashed in Xiao Sun’s eyes as his burning aura surged around Zhao Feng.

“What terrifying inner strength and speed.”

It was like Zhao Feng had fallen into an ocean of fire. Before he could even make a move, his opponent had already condensed his inner strength and attacked.


The bright red fist was like a meteor that thrust heavily towards Zhao Feng.

Flowing Wind Stance! Smoking Transparent Step!

Zhao Feng’s figure blurred and disappeared. Then like a fish, he began to swerve around Xiao Sun’s attacks.

The red light and flashing figure made the crowd below unable to see properly.

They could see Xiao Su’s attacks, but not Zhao Feng’s figure. Ever since the latter had comprehended the Illusion Fish Picture, Zhao Feng’s Smoking Transparent Step had exceeded the max level.

Zhao Feng’s figure was blurry, real, fake and full of change.

Although Xiao Sun’s attack was strong, none of them could even touch Zhao Feng’s clothes. His speed skill was also great, and Xiao Sun couldn’t detect which figure of Zhao Feng was real. He would get tricked by the illusion every time.

“This speed skill seems to contain enlightenment from arrays. Could it be… ?”

Deacon Qiu stared at Zhao Feng’s figure as a stunned look passed through his eyes.

The two on stage exchanged moves for a moment and although Xiao Sun’s Blazing Sun Manual was indeed powerful. he missed every time. But his strength still made the top ten substitute inner disciples shocked.

Even Zhao Feng didn’t want to face him head on. Firstly, he used a Middle Class mortal Skill and even though Xiao Sun hadn’t trained it to a high level, it was still powerful. Secondly, Zhao Feng wanted to conserve his strength for the later battles.

Blazing Sun 3 Strikes!

A faint red glow appeared on Xiao Sun’s body as a hot red fist thrust out 3 times one after another, creating a wide ranged wave attack.

The faint red air wave blew out in all directions.

Just from this move alone, he could beat Ji Fengyun, who was ranked 13th before. No wonder he had the confidence to challenge Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng’s illusional figure flashed around Xiao Sun and at this time, he finally made his move.

Pew! Pew! Pew!

His second finger stabbed out repetitively from different positions. Some streaks of light were straight, others curved, but they still pierced towards Xiao Sun.

Xiao Sun’s face instantly paled because Zhao Feng’s attacks was full of agility and the real attacks were hard to find.

All he heard was the sound of inner strength being released and therefore, he tried to find Zhao Feng’s position by sound. But after Star Finger had merged with the enlightenments gained from the Illusion Fish Picture, it was almost an entirely new skill. The damage was greater and full of agility and illusions.

What you see and what you hear might not be real because ears and eyes could be tricked by illusions.


A streak of light pierced through Xiao Sun’s shoulder leaving a bloody gash and it made the latter’s body shake.

Immediately came the second and third gash…

Xiao Sun was in a desperate situation and he had to furiously circulate Blazing Sun Manual to try and retaliate. But every time he did, he wouldn’t even be able to touch Zhao Feng’s clothes.

Zhao Feng’s speed and offense skills always tricked Xiao Sun.

In just a moment, there were 7-8 bloody gashes on Xiao Sun’s body and his hair had been ruffled as he kept on puffing.

“Give up.”

Two figures became one in front of Xiao Sun showing Zhao Feng’s true body.

Xiao Sun had spent a lot of energy and he had been injured. If it wasn’t because Zhao Feng had gone easy, he might have already lost his life. But the feeling of not being able to even touch Zhao Feng throughout the battle made him lose his mind.

Blazing Sun Wave Destruction!

Xiao Sun’s palm sliced through the air and hit Zhao Feng who was in front of him.

This scene caused Yang Qingshan and co. below to exclaim in fear and think that Zhao Feng was too careless.


Zhao Feng’s figure disappeared into the air.

Xiao Sun shouted “s***” in his heart and before he could react, a sharp inner strength pierced him from behind.

The power of this attack shot though his body.

Xiao Sun’s body turned stale as he barely managed to turn around and see Zhao Feng’s cold eyes: “If this was a real life-death battle, you would’ve died a thousand times already… ”

What’s the point of having high cultivation and strong offensive skills? If your real battle strength is c***, then there was no use.

“The first battle, the challenger Xiao Sun loses!” Deacon Qiu announced.

After Xiao Sun lost, the Hong brothers took back their arrogance and their expressions turned solemn instead.

From the fight just then, Xiao Sun’s strength could be ranked top 10 and an elite such as him had been toyed with by Zhao Feng.

It could be imagined that Zhao Feng’s strength was only stronger than them and not any weaker.

“The second battle: Zhao Feng ranked 13th vs Hong Si ranked 4th.”

Zhao Feng became the challenger now.


Hong Si’s bulky figure was like a cat as he pounced on stage.

Zhao Feng’s pupil contracted slightly. He found that Hong Si’s movements were agile and he could see the immense power contained within the latter’s body.

“An agile body, not only has he reached a high level in body strengthening, he’s also reached the half-step Ascended Realm… ”

He had an image of Hong Si’s strength. In terms of body strengthening and speed, Hong Si was much better than Xiao Sun before.

Iron Plow Arm!

Hong Si’s figure jumped in front of Zhao Feng and he thrust his fists heavily towards Zhao Feng.


A 50 cm hole was created on the stage, which was made from the pure black rock.

Hong Si’s Iron Plow Arm was an extremely dominant skill which swept everything.

Zhao Feng immediately responded with Smoking Transparent Step and he evaded Hong Si’s attacks. But Hong Si’s battle consciousness was better than Xiao Sun’s and he would catch onto Zhao Feng’s figure.

One Line Star Finger!

A screeching sound suddenly appeared and swerved through the air before piercing through Hong Si’s defensive barrier.


A bloody mark was left on Hong Si’s leg as the latter roared in pain.

The reason Zhao Feng was successful was because he was able to catch Hong Si’s minor flaw with his left eye. Hong Si himself didn’t even know what went on just then.

After being injured in the leg, Hong Si’s speed slowed down and he was soon hit again and again by Zhao Feng’s Star Finger. Only till ten bloody gashes later was he kicked off stage by Zhao Feng.


Hong Si landed on his face and grinded his teeth in hatred. If he wasn’t injured in the leg from the beginning, which slowed down his movement, he wouldn’t have lost so quickly.

“Hong San! This guy’s a bit weird, be careful… ”

Hong Si told Hong San who was about to go up what just happened.

His older’s brothers strength was greater than his and he was calmer.

“Hong San! You don’t need to beat this brat. All you need to do is waste a bit of time with him and make him use more energy.” A voice sounded in his ear.

Hong San nodded his head after hearing this and he walked on stage slowly and steadily.

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but inspect his 3rd opponent closely.

Hong San’s aura was deeper than his brothers.

Iron Eagle God Claw!

Hong San’s speed skill could retreat and advance and he was extremely agile. His attack was sharp and as fast as lightning.


The lightning fast claw, which could shatter iron a few centimetres thick, slashed through the air.

Smoking Transparent Step!

Zhao Feng’s figure became blurry again and dodged Hong San’s deadly move.

The two figures next began to exchange their moves respectively.

Zhao Feng found that Hong San never attacked hastily, the latter was always focused and he didn’t look down on his opponent.

Hong San’s eyes were sharp as he looked coldly at Zhao Feng: “Brat surnamed Zhao, I admit that you’re stronger than me, but it won’t be easy to beat me.”

His aim was just to waste Zhao Feng’s energy, nothing else.