King Of Gods Chapter 1271

Chapter 1271 Intercepting And Killing A God Eye Descendant

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Chapter 1271 – Intercepting and Killing a God Eye Descendant

“Eh? Underground…” Zhao Feng focused his gaze on an area a hundred thousand-some li underground.

A wicked-looking man wearing a black robe that only showed his face was rapidly shuttling through the earth. This person had taken great pains to conceal his aura, and the activity he created while traveling underground was so little that he was almost undetectable.

Such a superb Earth Escape art was something that even Zhao Feng would find difficult to pull off.

Suddenly, this black-robed man seemed to sense something and look in Zhao Feng’s direction.

“That is…!?” Zhao Feng’s face suddenly froze in shock.

“What’s wrong?” Han Ning’er noticed something strange about Zhao Feng and couldn’t help but ask.

Zhao Feng ignored Han Ning’er and continued to stare at the black-robed man’s right eye.

“The Eye of Myriad Forms!”

One of Zhao Feng’s clones had the Eye of Myriad Forms, so he obviously recognized it.

Of course, the most astonishing thing of all was that this person only had one Eye of Myriad Forms – his right eye.

At this moment, the black-robed man was using the Eye of Myriad Forms to control the power of the earth. This allowed him to rapidly move through the earth while producing very few ripples of energy.

“Hah, that kid actually noticed me? Does he have some special eye-bloodline?” Deep underground, the black-robed man was also rather surprised.

Zhao Feng’s eye seemed to be very abnormal, so the black-robed man assumed that Zhao Feng’s eye was of the sensory type. Otherwise, it would have been impossible to notice him.

“Mm? The Eye of Life!?” The black-robed man suddenly turned his gaze to Han Ning’er.

“Heheh, if you’re delivering it to my doorstep, I won’t be polite!” The black-robed man grimly laughed before changing course and shooting toward Zhao Feng.

 Killing intent! He’s also an Ancient God!  Zhao Fen’s expression sank.

Zhao Feng couldn’t determine this person’s exact cultivation level, but he could sense that this person was definitely stronger than Ancient God Black Heaven. In addition, Zhao Feng could also see that this person was targeting Han Ning’er.

This made Zhao Feng rather confused. Han Ning’er had basically never appeared in the Ziling Zone, and this was her first visit to the central region. However, this black-robed man saw Han Ning’er and immediately erupted with killing intent.

Regardless, Zhao Feng would not let him succeed!


The black-robed man shot through the earth toward Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng also made preparations to defend himself.

But when the black-robed man was still twenty thousand li from Zhao Feng, he suddenly stopped.

“The Life Sacred Land’s people have arrived….” the black-robed man muttered.

“Heh, I’ll let you go for now!” The black-robed man sent a message before once more changing directions and fleeing into the distance.

“Who is it?” This sudden message left Han Ning’er panicked and wary. Someone of her cultivation was utterly incapable of detecting the black-robed man’s existence.

Zhao Feng turned his somewhat gloomy gaze to the path ahead. A group of three people exuding a powerful physical pressure was approaching.

“Who are you two?” The leader of this group was a youth wearing a blue robe, and he had an unusual look about his face. This person was an Ancient God while the other two were Rank Six True Gods.

“I received an invitation from the Life Sacred Land,” Zhao Feng indifferently said, the invitation letter appearing in his hand.

The blue-robed youth’s Divine Sense scanned the invitation, and then he turned in surprise to Zhao Feng.

“You are… Zhao Feng?” The youth suspiciously looked over Zhao Feng.

The two people next to the youth also looked at Zhao Feng in surprise.

The matter of Zhao Feng had created no small ruckus in the Life Sacred Land. Everyone had become very interested in this genius.

Han Ning’er cautiously stood at the side. In her eyes, the people of the Life Sacred Land were all noble experts. But at this time, the blue-clothed youth seemed to be examining Zhao Feng with a very surprised look on his face. It was as if Zhao Feng had an even more revered status than the youth.

“If you want to enter the Life Sacred Land, you must pass my inspection. After all, it’s easy to change one’s external appearance. There might be someone who would try to disguise themselves as Zhao Feng and sneak into the Life Sacred Land!” the blue-robed youth sternly said.

Zhao Feng slightly frowned. Even though he had received an invitation, he was still subject to inspection.

“Good Sir, please do not take offense. Normally, there would naturally be no need for such a step, but the current situation is rather unique, so…” The youth appeared rather hard-pressed.

“It’s fine. How will the inspection be done?” Zhao Feng saw that there truly was a reason for this inspection, so he agreed.

“Xiahou Wu once fought with Zhao Feng, and I happen to know a little about this battle. I wish to test your body!” the youth said with a smile.

Although the Life Sacred Land was currently in a special situation, Zhao Feng actually didn’t need to pass his inspection to enter. However, the blue-robed youth was interested in Zhao Feng, so he used this excuse to see for himself whether Zhao Feng’s strength was comparable to Xiahou Wu’s.

“A person’s external appearance is easy to change, but it’s rather difficult to change the characteristics of one’s cultivating technique,” the blue-robed youth added.

The two people next to the youth were startled. They knew that Liu Kai purely wanted to see Zhao Feng’s strength for himself. But Liu Kai was an Ancient God prodigy of the previous generation while Zhao Feng was just a Rank Six True God. How could this possibly be a fair fight?

“Good Sir, be at ease. I will only use forty percent of my strength. Given that you were able to defeat Xiahou Wu, you should be able to take it,” Liu Kai added.

Xiahou Wu had the Eye of Life and had reached the peak of Rank Six. He had a level of strength equivalent to an Ancient God using forty percent of their strength. However, Liu Kai was a genius of the Life Sacred Land’s previous generation, so forty percent of his strength was probably stronger than Xiahou Wu’s full power.

“Okay.” Zhao Feng nodded.

Liu Kai was elated to see Zhao Feng agree.

The other two members of the Life Sacred Land and Han Ning’er immediately retreated a certain distance so as not to be caught up in this battle.

“Let’s begin! Good Sir, please be careful!” Liu Kai cautioned with a smile.

A moment later, his body suddenly grew a little larger, silver tattoos emerging on his skin that unleashed a powerful physical pressure that caused the surrounding space to grow heavy.

“Even at only forty percent power, Liu Kai’s Silver Star Dense Body still gives off such powerful pressure. It seems like he’s made even more progress!” The two other members of the Life Sacred Land were somewhat closer to the area of battle, so they could keenly sense that physical pressure.


Liu Kai transformed into a silver streak of light and shot toward Zhao Feng. He faintly smiled and punched.

The moment he punched, a silver starry fist appeared in the air, leaving a trail of explosions as it flew through the air.

Unperturbed, Zhao Feng activated his Sacred Lightning Body and circulated his Five Elements Divine Power before throwing a punch of his own.

With just Rank Six True God cultivation, Zhao Feng would have never been a match for Xiahou Wu unless he used his eye-bloodline, so he was naturally no match for Liu Kai. Thus, Zhao Feng exerted all his physical strength.

 Boom! Bang!

There was a deafening metallic collision as the two fists met.


Thin, white arcs of lightning crackled all over Liu Kai’s body. Liu Kai felt a slight numbness throughout his body.

 He managed to take it!?  Liu Kai was slightly taken aback.

Based on what he knew, Zhao Feng had only been able to defeat Xiahou Wu because of his eye-bloodline. However, Zhao Feng hadn’t used the power of his eye but was still able to block the punch.

 His physical strength is even greater than Xiahou Wu said….  Liu Kai inwardly muttered.

He had no idea that Zhao Feng had been hiding his strength back then and that Zhao Feng had also made further progress in the time that had passed.

“How could this be!? He took the attack!?” The other two members of the Life Sacred Land were also startled.

“Take another one of my punches!” Liu Kai had a rather unsightly look on his face.

In truth, if he just wanted to inspect Zhao Feng, that first attack was enough. However, Zhao Feng managed to completely take it without the slightest discomfort. This was a significant mental blow to Liu Kai.

He was an imposing Ancient God, but he couldn’t make any headway against a mere Rank Six True God?


Liu Kai shot into the sky, built up power, and then shot back down. From a distance, it appeared like some massive silver mountain was falling from the sky.

Liu Kai was still only using forty percent of his strength, but since he was plummeting from the sky, his attack was even more powerful.


Zhao Feng took this attack seriously, and his body was immediately surrounded by a domain of five-colored lightning.

 Boom! Hisss!

As Liu Kai approached Zhao Feng, he began to feel obstructed and weakened by the power of the Five Elements Tribulation Lightning Domain.

Liu Kai’s fist was about to impact with Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng slightly squatted down, and the Five Elements Tribulation Lightning Domain suddenly condensed into his palm, after which he fired off a palm attack.

Zhao Feng had merged all his physical strength with the Five Elements Tribulation Lightning Domain and concentrated it into a single palm.

 Boom! Bang!

The two clashed, and Liu Kai was thrown backward by the immense power of physical lightning energy.

“How could this be!?” Liu Kai retreated backward in shock so as to hide the fact that Zhao Feng had pushed him back.

“You truly are Zhao Feng!” Liu Kai gave an awkward smile.

In two places extremely far away from this area, there were two other teams from the Life Sacred Land, each led by an Ancient God.

“I didn’t think that Liu Kai would end up suffering a loss!”

“Zhao Feng is even stronger now than when he defeated Xiahou Wu!”

The two Ancient Gods sighed before leading their teams away.

“I will take the two of you into the Sacred Land,” Liu Kai said to Zhao Feng, and then he turned to his two comrades and ordered, “The two of you continue searching. If you discover anything, immediately let me know!”

Liu Kai led Zhao Feng and Han Ning’er as they slowly made their way to the Life Sacred Land.

“Brother Liu, what’s happened recently in the Life Sacred Land?” Zhao Feng asked.

On this short journey, he saw three more teams swiftly departing. Each of these teams were led by an Ancient God expert. Zhao Feng also spotted many patrol teams on the border regions of the Life Sacred Land, rigorously inspecting everyone who went in and out.

At this time, Zhao Feng cast the matter of him being inspected by Liu Kai to the back of his mind. This was because it was clear that something quite significant had happened at the Life Sacred Land.

“Brother Zhao is an honored guest invited by the Life Sacred Land, so I will tell you a little about what’s going on.” Liu Kai grimaced a little.

Both Zhao Feng and Han Ning’er couldn’t help but focus on him.

“Not long ago, an Eye of Life descendant from the Life Sacred Land was going out, but only moments after leaving the Sacred Land, they were killed!” Liu Kai’s eyes were rather cold and harsh.

“What? An Eye of Life descendant of the Life Sacred Land was killed?” Zhao Feng was taken aback.

Owners of the Eye of Life were definitely under heavy protection from the Life Sacred Land, and yet someone dared to kill one of the Eye of Life descendants after they left the Life Sacred Land.

In addition, based on what Liu Kai said, this Eye of Life descendant was killed not long after leaving the bounds of the Life Sacred Land. This meant that the enemy was hiding right around the Life Sacred Land to intercept and kill these descendants. This was a blatant challenge to the Sacred Land’s dignity!

 Could it be him?  The image of the black-robed man emerged in Zhao Feng’s mind.