King Of Gods Chapter 1273

Chapter 1273 The Blazing Gold Race Attacks

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Chapter 1273 – The Blazing Gold Race Attacks

Zhao Feng was somewhat unwilling to leave the Pool of Life.

While walking, Zhao Feng learned that Han Ning’er had also benefited greatly over the last three days. She had visited even more herb planting areas and saw many precious herbs that she had never seen before. She even had a chance to enter the upper floors of the Life Sacred Land’s Life Law Temple, where she browsed a few ancient texts that caught her interest.

Xiahou Wu led Zhao Feng and Han Ning’er to a secret hall. There were three people inside: two elders and one youth.

One of these elders was Xiahou Wu’s master, the wrinkled old man that Zhao Feng had seen at the start. The other elder was rather short, and his white hair had a faint green luster. His aura seemed to be even stronger than the wrinkled elder’s.

Next to them was a youth dressed in a golden imperial robe: Quasi-God Guan Long.

“Junior Zhao Feng pays respect to the seniors of the Sacred Land.” Zhao Feng looked at the two elders.

“Friend Zhao, your last three days in the Life Sacred Land have been rather good, right?” the wrinkled elder directly said.

“This is this junior’s first visit to a Sacred Land. Everything I see here I am seeing for the first time….” Zhao Feng frankly said.

Everything he had seen in the Life Sacred Land was the best quality he had ever seen.

“That is natural. The Life Sacred Land has the oldest history of all the Sacred Lands and stands as one of the strongest!” Quasi-God Guan Long proudly said.

Zhao Feng had snatched away his glory, so he desired to surpass Zhao Feng in other aspects and regain some sense of accomplishment.

The two sides exchanged a few more polite words before the wrinkled elder entered the main topic.

“Friend Zhao, the Life Sacred Land needs a talent like you. If you remain here, you will be treated many times better than your treatment in the Spiritual Race. Moreover, you are also a body-refining cultivator with an eye-bloodline. In this aspect, only the Life Sacred Land can offer you the greatest assistance,” the wrinkled Elder amiably said.

Zhao Feng’s eyes flashed.

From the moment he arrived at the Life Sacred Land, he knew that he would encounter this situation. He also knew that his itinerary in the Life Sacred Land had been decided ahead of time by the Elders of the Life Sacred Land.

First, Zhao Feng would see the Life Sacred Land’s resources and treasures, and then they would let him enjoy an enormous boon, the Pool of Life. In the end, they would make him many promises. Any ordinary person would never refuse such an invitation.

On the side, Han Ning’er was extremely excited. She had never expected that the Elders of the Sacred Land would personally invite Zhao Feng. Joining the Life Sacred Land was the dream of every doctor. Han Ning’er herself had once dreamed about this.

On the other side, Quasi-God Guan Long had a rather unsightly grimace. Once Zhao Feng entered the Life Sacred Land, Guan Long’s reputation would be completely drowned out by Zhao Feng’s.

But Zhao Feng’s next words left everyone stunned.

“I am indebted to Elder for this immense favor, but Junior is doing well in the Spiritual Race and does not want to change places so soon.”

Zhao Feng refused, and his reason really didn’t even count as a reason.

In truth, Zhao Feng had thought about this question before coming.

If he came to the Life Sacred Land, Zhao Yufei would also come with him. He had no ties to the Spiritual Race, but Zhao Yufei had spent more than thirty years there and made friends with many people. Zhao Feng didn’t want Zhao Yufei to cut off all these relationships for his sake.

Moreover, Zhao Feng didn’t plan to continue on the Dao of Body-Refining, and his eye didn’t have much to do with the Eye of Life, so the assistance the Life Sacred Land could provide was not as great as this Elder claimed.

Most importantly, he did not know what sort of attitude the Life Sacred Land held toward his God Eye. The Ninth God Eye was a matter of utmost importance!

 He refused?  Quasi-God Guan Long was flabbergasted and confused. The Sacred Land that he was so proud of had offered Zhao Feng an invitation, but he refused?

“Friend Zhao, do you have some secret problem that you cannot divulge?” After a few moments of shock, the wrinkled elder came to his senses and asked.

“I came this time in the hopes of leaving my friend with the Life Sacred Land….” Zhao Feng changed the subject and placed everyone’s focus on Han Ning’er.

“Junior Han Ning’er pays respects to the seniors of the Sacred Land!” After an initial shock, Han Ning’er cautiously spoke. She then gave Zhao Feng a thoughtful glance.

“The Eye of Life…. She may remain here!” the short Elder spoke for the first time.

“The Eye of Life?” Xiahou Wu and Quasi-God Guan Long looked at Han Ning’er in surprise.

Everyone had been focused on Zhao Feng this entire time, so they naturally placed little regard on the weak Han Ning’er. However, upon carefully inspecting her, they immediately sensed the blood of an Eye of Life descendant flowing through Han Ning’er’s body.

“Since you do not plan to stay here, the Life Sacred Land will not be stubborn. If you wish to come in the future, the gates of the Life Sacred Land will open for you whenever you wish!” the short Elder continued.

These words were quite a surprise to the wrinkled elder. Zhao Feng had refused just now, but there should have still been some room for negotiation. They could still offer divine weapons, resources, treasures, or promise him more.

“What?” Quasi-God Guan Long stiffly turned to the short elder. Zhao Feng had refused the Sacred Land’s invitation, yet this elder was still so friendly, even proclaiming that the Sacred Land would always be ready to accept Zhao Feng?

“Many thanks, Senior, for your immense favor!” Zhao Feng carefully examined this short elder.

When this elder spoke, everyone else fell silent in agreement. It seemed like the strongest one here was this elder.

“This junior bids farewell….” After exchanging a few more words, Zhao Feng began to say his goodbyes. After all, he had been away from the Spiritual Race for a very long time now.

“Only by staying here can your potential be fully developed. Only here can you complete the mission Spirit Grass Gate entrusted you with,” Zhao Feng said to Han Ning’er.

When she thought of Spirit Grass Gate, Han Ning’er’s eyes became determined.

After bidding farewell, Zhao Feng left the Life Sacred Land. Afterward, Xiahou Wu and Quasi-God Guan Long led Han Ning’er away.

Only the two elders were left in the hall.

“Sir, why did you let him go so easily?” The wrinkled elder was rather confused.

“His true cultivation is Rank Seven!” the short Elder suddenly proclaimed.

“What? This… how?” The wrinkled elder’s face instantly froze in shock.

Of course, it could only be determined that Zhao Feng’s current level was Rank Seven. No one could say if he had directly reached Rank Six and then later reached Rank Seven or if he had directly broken through into Rank Seven.

“Although it’s quite a pity, Zhao Feng brought us an Eye of Life descendant. This has also allowed the Life Sacred Land to form a relationship with Zhao Feng,” the short Elder said these words before vanishing.

After leaving the Life Sacred Land, Zhao Feng determined his route and set off for the Spiritual Race.

With his Spiritual Race core disciple token, he was able to smoothly use the teleportation arrays of various factions. But after using these arrays three times, Zhao Feng ran into a problem.

“Come out!” Zhao Feng stood firm as he peered into the horizon.


At this moment, a golden ball of flame blazed to life. A tall and upright man who was missing an arm slowly stepped out, his entire body seemingly made of metal. His powerful aura was unmistakably that of an Ancient God’s.

 I was discovered!?  The man examined Zhao Feng in surprise.

This was the first time he was seeing the most brilliant prodigy of the Ziling Zone. He was very curious as to how Zhao Feng managed to notice him while he was concealed.

 It seems like the Blazing Gold Race began their operation as soon as they learned that I left the Life Sacred Land, placing people on the route back to the Spiritual Race….  From the man’s attire, Zhao Feng could guess at the faction behind him.

It was naturally impossible to conceal the fact that Zhao Feng had appeared in the Life Sacred Land.

“You refused the invitation of the Life Sacred Land, right? Since that’s the case, the Blazing Gold Race doesn’t need to waste time trying to recruit you!” The man with the severed arm suddenly turned cold and grim.

The Blazing Gold Race naturally knew that, if Zhao Feng had appeared in the Life Sacred Land, the Life Sacred Land had definitely invited him to join it. If Zhao Feng agreed, he would have stayed in the Life Sacred Land. If he refused, he would go back to the Spiritual Race. Thus, the Blazing Gold Race had planted spies all along the route to the Spiritual Race; if Zhao Feng appeared, the man with the severed arm would immediately move out.

“The Spiritual Race probably gave you a few trump cards, or else you wouldn’t appear so composed in front of me.” The man with the severed arm gave a playful smile. “But I came prepared to kill you. Your fate is sealed!”

The man’s face suddenly turned serious as he shot toward Zhao Feng, his entire body burning with killing intent.


A silver ball appeared in the man’s one arm, white inscriptions flowing along its surface.

As he thrust the ball forward, the silver ball fired off a rune-covered silver screen that melted into the air. Spatial binding power filled the world, primarily targeted at Zhao Feng.

“With this space-sealing divine artifact, the Heaven Binding Pearl, you can’t escape!” The man with the severed arm grimly laughed as he charged at Zhao Feng in a ball of golden fire.

Zhao Feng could already sense the searing sharpness of this light.

The Blazing Gold Race was ranked 21st among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, just behind the Spiritual Race. However, this was a race with incredible battle prowess. It could not be underestimated.

“That thing of yours can be called a space-sealing divine artifact too?” Zhao Feng couldn’t help but sneer.

“Die!” The man’s palm became a sharp blade while his body transformed into a golden flame.

The man with the severed arm had a rather high-level space-sealing divine artifact. It prevented others from using Space Intent while he himself was unaffected.

At this moment, a dark silver robe appeared on Zhao Feng’s body.


The robe flapped, allowing a pitch-black figure of flame to appear in front of Zhao Feng.

 Boom! Bang!

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon waved both claws, unleashing scarlet-and-black draconic flames at the one-armed man.

“This is… an expert with the blood of the Destruction Dragon Race!” The one-armed man fell back, a look of consternation on his face.

It appeared that the Spiritual Race had given Zhao Feng a bodyguard. However, even though this foe had a top ten bloodline, the concentration was very low. It was not enough to overcome his Blazing Gold Race bloodline.

“…the Spacetime Robe!”

But when the one-armed man saw Zhao Feng’s robe, his shock was even greater than when he saw the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon.

At this moment, Zhao Feng used Space Intent to activate the Spacetime Robe.

 Whoosh! Whoosh!

Silvery spatial images penetrated through space, and spatial binding energy descended upon the one-armed man.

“Now, you also can’t escape!” Zhao Feng coldly smiled as he returned the one-armed man’s words to him.

His Spacetime Robe had many uses, and sealing space was naturally one of them.

“Haha, you have no idea how high the heavens are!” The one-armed man suddenly bellowed with laughter, his face appearing even more excited as a golden flame burned in his eyes.

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was no match for him, and even if the Spacetime Robe was a supreme-quality weapon, it was primarily meant for support and defense. Thus, Zhao Feng would find it very difficult to hurt him. If he killed the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon, wouldn’t Zhao Feng be just a lamb waiting to be slaughtered?

Even if Zhao Feng had other trump cards given to him by the Spiritual Race that made the one-armed man unable to kill him, he was still confident in his ability to escape. After that, now that he had revealed the secret of the Spacetime Robe, Zhao Feng would have far more enemies than just the Blazing Gold Race.