King Of Gods Chapter 1277

Chapter 1277 Zhao Yufei's Progress

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Chapter 1277 – Zhao Yufei’s Progress

“It’s… him!” The corner of Bao Yuan’s mouth twitched.

Earlier, he had fumed over the fact that Zhao Feng was only paying attention to the Ancient Gods while ignoring the Rank Six True Gods. However, he really didn’t have the confidence to defeat Zhao Feng in a fair duel, not unless Zhao Feng was injured or exhausted from fighting several more battles.

“Heh, I didn’t think that Bao Yuan and Zhao Feng would be number one and number two. If these two powerful fellows go at it first, our chances of winning will increase!”

“That’s right! The more intense their fight, the better!”

Quite a few core disciples chuckled to themselves.

 My number is rather far back. As long as I conserve my strength, once Zhao Feng’s exhausts himself through a few battles, I have a chance of defeating him!  Zhang Yutong said to himself.

After being defeated by Zhao Feng, he had trained very hard. His strength had greatly increased, and he had made very thorough preparations.

“Hmph, I’ve been aching to have a match with you!” Bao Yuan angrily yelled.

Since this battle was unavoidable, he couldn’t lose out in terms of attitude.

“I hope that you are worthy of fighting with me.” Zhao Feng faintly smiled.

This relaxed and carefree attitude exerted an invisible pressure on the other Rank Six True Gods.

“Hmph!” Bao Yuan angrily snorted. What he hated the most was other people looking down on him.


Bao Yuan activated his bloodline, his body growing nearly ten times larger to become a massive black-furred ape. At the same time, a massive dark yellow hammer appeared in his hand. This hammer exuded energy that was pushing up against the limit of an average-quality divine weapon.

But Zhao Feng appeared utterly unperturbed. He didn’t activate his bloodline or take out a divine weapon.

“Conceited people don’t live for long!” A fierce light flickered through Bao Yuan’s eyes as he swung his hammer at Zhao Feng.

Before the massive hammer landed, the sky went dim as an enormous pressure suddenly engulfed Zhao Feng’s surroundings.


Zhao Feng activated his Sacred Lightning Body and circulated his Five Elements Tribulation Lightning Divine Power! Suddenly, the five-colored lightning around him became dark yellow and wrapped around Zhao Feng’s fist.

“Earth Lightning Divine Fist!” Zhao Feng converted his Five Elements Tribulation Lightning Divine Power into Earth Tribulation Lightning Divine Power and punched.

 Boom! Bang!

A heavy thump resounded over the stage.

 Thumpthump!  Bao Yuan was forced back two steps.

“Five Elements Intent!” Bao Yuan’s face was frozen in shock.

The surrounding Rank Six True Gods also became a little dejected. There were strong and weak Intents. Any one of the Five Elements Intents on its own was extremely ordinary, but when they were all together, they created one of the strongest Intents.

The ability of the Five Elements to convert between each other was one of the unique traits of this Intent. Although Zhao Feng’s Earth Intent was only at Level Five, after conversion, it had the power of Level Six.


After this punch, Zhao Feng transformed into a golden lightning bolt and leaped forward.

“Metal Lightning Divine Finger!” Zhao Feng converted the Five Elements Intent into Metal Tribulation Lightning Divine Power and jabbed forward with a finger.

A dazzling flash of lightning shot toward Bao Yuan like a sharp and unbreakable weapon.

 His attacks are still so strong, even without a divine weapon!  Bao Yuan had an unsightly grimace as he raised his divine weapon in an attempt to block Zhao Feng’s finger.

But this finger was simply too fast!


A bloody hole appeared on Bao Yuan’s shoulder, from which blood gushed out.

“Wind Devil Hammer!” Bao Yuan saw that the situation was bad and used a combat skill.

His hands madly flailed the hammer like a chaotic devil, and gloomy whirlwinds began to sweep over the stage.

“It’s about time to end this,” Zhao Feng said, an uninterested look on his face.


Without relying on his Spacetime Robe, Zhao Feng could still use his powerful Space Intent to blink a certain distance. Appearing behind Bao Yuan, Zhao Feng converted his Five Elements Tribulation Lightning Divine Power into Fire Tribulation Lightning Divine Power.

“Heaven-Incinerating Lightning Fire!” Zhao Feng struck, unleashing storms of lightning-fire at Bao Yuan.


A massive palm charged at Bao Yuan like a devil made of lightning and fire, crushing Bao Yuan’s attack to pieces.

All the blood in Bao Yuan’s body was boiling as he was wracked by searing hot pain. Only at the edge of the stage did he finally manage to stabilize.

“His attacks are even stronger than Bao Yuan’s!”

“Five Elements Intent has always been one of the strongest Intents!”

Many Rank Six True God grimaced as they witnessed Zhao Feng’s strength. If even Bao Yuan had lost so easily, what hope did they have?

“So strong!” Bao Yuan knew that he could never defeat Zhao Feng, so he stepped off the stage.

After taking some recovery medicines, Bao Yuan seated himself cross-legged on the ground and began to recuperate from his injuries.

High up in the sky, three Ancient Gods of the Spiritual Race were watching the battles below. These three Ancient Gods were different from the Ancient God presiding over the matches; they were much stronger and wielded far more authority.

“Five Elements Intent, and each Intent is extremely strong!”

“His age is also suitable. Let’s choose him!”

“Ancient God Ice Origin’s battle has begun!”

After Zhao Feng left the stage, the number three and number four participants immediately stepped forward.

“Look, Ancient God Ice Origin is heading up!”

“Ancient God Ice Origin is definitely one of the strongest of the Rank Seven Ancient Gods!”

The disciples around the other three stage shot glances at the Ancient God stage, and quite a few female disciples squealed in excitement.

Zhao Feng also turned to look.

“Ice Crystal Slash!”

Ancient God Ice Origin gripped a sword of ice, appearing to unleash a massive mountain of ice with each slash. The extremely cold and frigid pressure he unleashed almost completely froze the blood and Divine Power in his opponent’s body.

The battle didn’t even last for ten exchanges before his opponent conceded. After all, the Pure Spirit Sacred Water contest was decided according to the number of wins. There was no need to waste energy fighting against the best experts. For example, Bao Yuan soon realized that he was no match for Zhao Feng and immediately conceded so that he could recover and prepare for his next matches.

Zhao Feng placed most of his attention on the battles between the Rank Seven Ancient Gods of the Spiritual Race. After all, there was no one at the Rank Six True God stage who could make him fight seriously.


Zhao Feng couldn’t help but activate his left eye, taking in every detail of the battles on the Ancient God stage, including the way Divine Power circulated through the bodies of both participants.

The Ancient Gods fighting at this time were both equally matched, so their battle dragged on for some time.

 Two complete sets of combat skills are now mine!  Zhao Feng faintly smiled.

By using his left eye, he could analyze and reconstruct the techniques used by his opponents.

The skills cultivated by these Ancient God geniuses were almost all high-quality divine-rank techniques. In All Spirit Hall, these high-quality combat skills weren’t as expensive as high-quality cultivation techniques, but they were still extremely precious.

By observing these Ancient Gods fight, Zhao Feng was browsing through their combat skills. Zhao Feng could derive inspiration from these combat skills so that he could modify and improve his own moves.

In comparison to the battles on the Ancient God stage, the battles of the Rank Six Ancient God proceeded very quickly. The first round finished, and Zhao Feng stepped onto the stage once more.

“I concede!”

This time, Zhao Feng’s opponent was rather mediocre in strength and immediately conceded.

The battles continued, with the time taken by each battle getting shorter and shorter. After all, after each battle, the participants would get a little weaker. Those battles in which there was little suspense about the outcome were almost all decided after a few exchanges.

“Zhao Feng, come!” Yuan Long sternly called out from the stage.

“My turn again?” Zhao Feng had been so engrossed in the battles of the Rank Seven Ancient Gods that he hadn’t even noticed.


Zhao Feng’s figure immediately appeared on the stage.

His opponent this time was Yuan Long.

When Zhao Feng first met Yuan Long, Yuan Long was someone who was capable of instantly killing the strongest expert of the Continent Zone, Demigod Dragon Emperor. Zhao Feng wasn’t even worth a glance.

Even after Zhao Feng came to the Spiritual Race, Yuan Long continued to disregard Zhao Feng. Thus, it was Yuan Long who had suffered the greatest shock from Zhao Feng’s meteoric rise.

But none of this had beaten him down. On the contrary, these events had encouraged him to press forward, and he had just recently broken into Rank Six.

“Wind Shatter!” Yuan Long’s eyes shone with resolve as he activated his bloodline power and unleashed his strongest combat skill.


Icy storms appeared around Zhao Feng, the storms spinning faster and faster and producing deafening howls.

“Yuan Long has made quite some progress.” Ancient God Floating Spirit was watching everything from nearby. After all, his two disciples were participating in this contest.

Zhao Feng had his usual expression as he slowly raised his palm and waved at the icy storms. A powerful Wind Lightning energy instantly tore at his surroundings.

 Cling! Crack!

Yuan Long’s ice storm was like a fierce gale meeting a tornado – it was instantly extinguished.

“I’ve lost!” Yuan Long jumped off the stage.

Zhao Feng didn’t say anything, instead turning his gaze to the Rank Four True God stage.

This stage had the most people gathered around it, almost the same number as the rest of the three stages added together. This was because Rank Four Quasi-Gods were also in this group.

One of the people standing on the stage at this time was Zhao Yufei.

Her opponent was an experienced Rank Four True God, but Zhao Yufei was the one with the upper hand.

“How strong! Zhao Yufei has once again gotten much stronger!”

“As expected of the Spiritual Race’s number one female disciple!”

The nearby disciples were all praising Zhao Yufei’s fighting style.

“Zhao Yufei, please don’t blame me for fighting for the Pure Spirit Sacred Water!” the gray-clothed man standing across from Zhao Yufei suddenly said with a smile.


Two swords appeared in his hands, each once far above ordinary average-quality divine weapons. Moreover, these swords had the respective traits of ice and fire. When used together, they could exhibit incredible power.

Zhao Yufei didn’t back up, but actually pressed forward, her body shining with dazzling purple light as her bloodline energy swelled.

“What’s going on?” The gray-clothed man was able to resist Zhao Yufei’s bloodline just moments ago, but now his blood was seething and his Divine Power was going out of control.

“What a powerful Spiritual Race bloodline. Her strength might have already reached Rank Five Quasi-God!” The crowd was almost completely entranced by Zhao Yufei’s battle.

“Yufei has made a lot of progress!” Zhao Feng was amazed.

He could tell through his left eye that Zhao Yufei truly had reached the level of Rank Five Quasi-God.

The Ancient Gods of the Spiritual Race were also carefully observing Zhao Yufei’s battle.

“Her Spiritual Race blood has become even purer!”

“She’s a Rank Five Quasi-God! She’s now surpassed the strongest Quasi-God of the Spiritual Race!”

The Ancient God upper echelon members of the Spiritual Race were all elated.

Although Zhao Feng had amazing talent, he still didn’t have the Spiritual Race bloodline. In fact, his bloodline wasn’t even worth a glance from the Spiritual Race. But Zhao Yufei was different. She was a member of the Spiritual Race!

“It seems that it was actually my two disciples that benefited the most from Zhao Feng’s arrival!” Ancient God Floating Spirit stroked his beard and chuckled.

Zhao Feng’s arrival had struck a blow to Yuan Long and caused him to diligently cultivate, whereupon he managed to achieve a breakthrough.

Meanwhile, Zhao Yufei had been concerned for Zhao Feng ever since she arrived, her mind too rife with stray thoughts to diligently cultivate. However, these concerns were no more, and her strength had fallen far behind Zhao Feng’s, so her potential was completely stimulated!