King Of Gods Chapter 1280

Chapter 1280 First Victory

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Chapter 1280 – First Victory

“Elder, be at ease. Based on what I know, only Ancient God Gold Fury fulfills the requirements for this match on the Blazing Gold Race side, and he’s no match for me!” Ancient God Ice Origin gave a confident smile.

He had fought with Ancient God Gold Fury several times. Ancient God Gold Fury’s strength was beneath his.

The Spiritual Race Elders gave a slight nod. Based on what they knew, the situation truly was as Ancient God Ice Origin described.

However, it was the Blazing Gold Race that had proposed this gambling match, as well as the age restriction of two hundred years. Thus, the upper echelon members of the Spiritual Race were somewhat uneasy. Even if the Spiritual Race appeared to have the advantage, the Spiritual Race Elders would not be careless in the slightest. They had chosen their very best and even assisted them in improving their strength.

The early distribution of the Pure Spirit Sacred Water was partially due to this gambling match.

The Spiritual Race Elders then divulged more information on this gambling match.

The two races would send out their ten people, who would issue challenges to each other.

If the Spiritual Race had one person remaining when the battles were over, it would gain sixty percent of the Heaven Crystal Fire Spirit vein while the Blazing Gold Race would get forty percent. If the Spiritual Race had two people remaining, it would get seventy percent while the Blazing Gold Race would get thirty percent. If the Spiritual Race had five people left, the Blazing Gold Race would get nothing at all.

The Life Sacred Land had demanded this rule. The reason was that they hoped both races could obtain a part of the vein so that the conflict between the two would not worsen.

“I will now state the order in which all of you will go out. We can still change the order if we encounter some special situation.” The Fourth Elder had long ago decided on the order in which everyone would go out.

The first match was the one where victory was the easiest, and the fighter had to be someone with the Spiritual Race bloodline, so True God Long Yuan shouldered this responsibility.

The second person was a girl of a different race that Zhao Feng didn’t recognize.

The third was Ancient God Ice Origin.

Zhao Feng was fifth.

In short, the Spiritual Race Elders had equally distributed their strongest members across their lineup. This was to prevent consecutive defeats which might harm morale.

“If you have any questions, you may ask them now, including those regarding cultivation,” the Fourth Elder continued.

The Fourth Elder was a peak Ancient God of the Spiritual Race. Normally, even getting a meeting with him was a rarity. But now, everyone had a chance to request guidance from a peak Ancient God.

“Elder, I have been unable to break through the eighth level of the Heaven Lightning Earth Mantra this entire time….” A youth with dark black skin was the first to ask a question.

The path of cultivation was fraught with unknowns. At each new height, one would encounter even more questions. Even Ancient God Ice Origin was waiting for a chance for this Elder to dispel his confusion.

Zhao Feng seated himself to the side. He had no technique to cultivate, so his cultivation was stymied. As a result, he had no questions or bottlenecks to ask about. Even if he did, he could just go to the Ancient Dream Realm and asked the Blood Flame Qilin Race patriarch.

Zhao Feng closed his eyes, and numerous combat skills and secret moves appeared in his mind. These were all techniques that he had deduced from using his left eye to observe the battles of others during the Pure Spirit Sacred Water contest.

Zhao Feng’s own offensive techniques were all basically outmoded by now. He was currently attempting to cultivate one or two of these techniques or use the principles derived from some of the higher-level techniques to modify the combat skills he was familiar with.

Several days later, two massive volcanoes appeared before everyone’s eyes. Everyone on the warship appeared rather excited.

These two volcanoes were spewing out scorching clouds of fire, and between these two volcanoes was a stage that was several thousand li wide and long. Around it were five spectating platforms.

When the Spiritual Race arrived, the people on one of these spectating platforms turned to look, their eyes brimming with hostility. These were the people of the Blazing Gold Race.

The spectating platform next to the Blazing Gold Race’s had fewer people, but the people here had the highest status. They were from the Life Sacred Land.

The other two spectating platforms were for the other two five-star factions of the Ziling Zone, Divine Tree Ocean and the Heaven-Shaking Alliance.

As for the spectators from the smaller factions of the Ziling Zone, they could only find a spot to watch around the perimeter.

“You’re finally here. I even started to think that the Spiritual Race was going to return the Heaven Crystal Fire Spirit vein to the Blazing Gold Race!” an Elder of the Blazing Gold Race, his dark golden body streaked with some black fiery tattoos, spoke in a resounding voice.

“Elder Jin truly knows how to joke around. This Heaven Crystal Fire Spirit vein has never belonged to the Blazing Gold Race.” The Fourth Elder softly chuckled.

They had barely seen each other’s face before the two representatives of the races started butting heads. The Elders both spoke in rather gentle tones, but the meanings of their words were plain as day.

The people of Divine Tree Ocean and the Heaven-Shaking Alliance all silently smiled. The conflict between the Spiritual Race and Blazing Gold Race was not a one or two-day affair. If not for the Life Sacred Land suppressing their conflict, the two sides might have already started a war.

“Gentlemen, please keep calm. Let everything be decided through the gambling match.” At this moment, the presiding representative of the Life Sacred Land spoke to soothe the tempers on both sides.

Everyone present maintained a modicum of respect for the Life Sacred Land.

“It’s him?” Zhao Feng looked to the Life Sacred Land’s spectating platform and saw that the speaker was none other than Xiahou Wu’s master, the wrinkled elder. This was also the Elder he had interacted with the most in the Life Sacred Land.

Besides the elder, Zhao Feng, also spotted Quasi-God Guan Long, Xiahou Wu, and Liu Kai.

Meanwhile, these people were also looking at Zhao Feng. Elsewhere, everyone else was also observing the members the Spiritual Race had sent.

“Both the Spiritual Race and the Blazing Gold Race have an Ancient God expert, but Ancient God Ice Origin should be a little stronger!”

“Look there! That youth with the dream-like silver hair is that Zhao Feng’s who has recently been the talk of the Ziling Zone!”

“His hair and eye really are unique. I wonder what sort of special bloodline caused it….”

Everyone’s eyes essentially moved between Ancient God Ice Origin, Zhao Feng, and True God Long Yuan.

Ancient God Ice Origin was the only Ancient God, so he was the ace card for the Spiritual Race. True God Long Yuan was a peak Rank Six whose energy verged on the Ancient God level. He had been a famed and significant individual for some time now. As for Zhao Feng, purely in terms of reputation, he surpassed the other two, but not many people had actually seen him fight.

“He truly is at Rank Six, but who knows if he directly attained Rank Six or if the Spiritual Race fabricated it.” A rather loud and doubtful voice rose from the Blazing Gold Race.

This was true. After all, directly breaking into Rank Six was far too stunning. Not even the geniuses of Sacred Lands could accomplish such a feat. Thus, the majority of people were still doubtful about the matter.

“Zhao Feng!” The Blazing Gold Race Elder’s eyes also paused on Zhao Feng for a few moments.

The Blazing Gold Race had dispatched an Ancient God some time ago to intercept and kill Zhao Feng, but soon afterward, they lost track of this Ancient God. The people who followed this Ancient God also didn’t know what happened because none of them actually saw the battle between the one-armed man and Zhao Feng.

The soul brand that the one-armed man left in the Blazing Gold Race had not disappeared. This meant that he was still alive. But the fact that he hadn’t returned to the Blazing Gold Race left the upper echelon of the Blazing Gold Race extremely puzzled.

 Whoosh! Whoosh!

The people of the Spiritual Race exited their warship and descended to their own spectating platform.

“Elder, please be at ease. Our Spiritual Race is assured victory in this gambling match, and then the Blazing Gold Race won’t have the face to continue acting so brashly!” Ancient God Ice Origin whispered to the Fourth Elder.

Although he spoke softly, everyone in the Blazing Gold Race could hear. Other than the upper echelon of the Blazing Gold Race and a few experts, the rest of the members snarled in fury.

“Ancient God Ice Origin, it seems like you still have a habit of talking big!” The white-clothed and straight-backed Ancient God Gold Fury coldly sneered.

“Since the Spiritual Race has arrived, let’s begin.” Elder Jin of the Blazing Gold Race cared little for Ancient God Ice Origin’s words.

Everyone immediately began to chatter among themselves. They were clearly very interested in this gambling match. This gambling match was not only a chance to witness the strength of the young generation of two five-star factions; the result would determine just who the stronger between two hostile factions was and might even decide the future make-up of the Ziling Zone.

“The gambling match between the two races may now begin. The number of people left will decide how the Heaven Crystal Fire Spirit vein is divided!” The wrinkled elder’s voice resounded through the heavens.

At this moment, the area around the fighting stage seemed to explode.


The Spiritual Race’s True God Long Yuan was the first to step onto the stage.

Based on the Spiritual Race Elder’s order, True God Long Yuan needed to challenge a peak Rank Six True God on the opposing side and defeat him. This would raise the morale of the Spiritual Race.

After observing the opposing squad, True God Long Yuan pointed at a golden-clothed youth of the Blazing Gold Race.


The Blazing Gold Race youth seemed to grimace a little before jumping onto the stage. The two began to fight without a word.

 Dingding! Bang!

The two took out their divine weapons from the very start of the battle.

The Spiritual Race bloodline excelled at defense, and True God Long Yuan was a masterful attacker.

The golden-clothed youth of the Blazing Gold Race was a body-refining expert who was skilled in both offense and defense. But in terms of defense, the Blazing Gold Race’s bloodline did not have the same special effect as the Spiritual Race’s bloodline.

“Dragonform Slash!” True God Long Yuan slashed with his saber, unleashing a powerful blade made of icy crystal.

The Blazing Gold Race youth’s face flickered in surprise as he immediately activated his secret defensive technique. His body shone with a golden luster and then transformed into a massive mountain of golden flame.

“If things go as expected, True God Long Yuan is certain to win the first battle!” The Spiritual Race Fourth Elder faintly smiled after observing for a little while.

“It seems like we are still going to lose the first match….” a youth with dark golden skin on the Blazing Gold Race side helplessly and shook his head.

“Isn’t this fine? Get the Spiritual Race happy so that we can deal them an even greater blow later on!” Ancient God Gold Fury gave a careless smile. “Just make sure that you’re not so vicious that you don’t even give me a chance to go up!” he teased the youth with dark golden skin.

At this moment, on the stage, True God Long Yuan pushed his bloodline to the limit and unleashed countless blades of ice with his saber. The entire stage was shrouded in thick layers of white crystalline light.

 Boom! Bang!

The golden-clothed youth of the Blazing Gold Race was sent flying outward.

“The first round, Spiritual Race victory!” the wrinkled elder of the Life Sacred Land announced.

The crowd buzzed with chatter.

“The Spiritual Race won the first match, and Ancient God Ice Origin of the Spiritual Race is stronger than Ancient God Gold Fury of the Blazing Gold Race. Based on the situation, the Spiritual Race should be the winner of this gambling match.”

“There’s no guarantee about that. In this ten-versus-ten battle, strategy is extremely important. If the Blazing Gold Race sends a few people to exhaust Ancient God Ice Origin, Ancient God Gold Fury has a chance of defeating Ancient God Ice Origin and reversing the situation!”

The spectators were all stating their own opinions.

The first round was a victory for the Spiritual Race.

As the second round began, a fiery and curvaceous woman of the Blazing Gold Race stepped onto the stage.