King Of Gods Chapter 1281

Chapter 1281 Holding The Advantage

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Chapter 1281 – Holding the Advantage

“Do you dare fight a battle with me?” The woman from the Blazing Gold Race proudly stood on the stage and pointed at one of the members from the Spiritual Race.

“True God Long Yuan!”

The person this fiery woman chose was none other than True God Long Yuan, who had just experienced a major fight.

True God Long Yuan was a peak Rank Six expert. His strength was certainly far above this fiery woman’s. However, True God Long Yuan was currently covered in wounds and exhausted. In this state, he was naturally no match for her.

For the sake of the greater situation, True God Long Yuan refused this challenge and chose to rest.

“Are all the men of the Spiritual Race so lacking in guts?” The fiery woman of the Blazing Gold Race sneered at the ten members of the Spiritual Race, her well-developed chest slightly quivering.

“Then you come up and fight me!” The fiery woman chose another person.

“Okay!” The moment the fiery woman pointed at Zhang Yutong, he jumped onto the stage.


Two heaven-shaking auras immediately clashed.

 Divine Power… is stronger than mine!  Zhang Yutong’s expression turned stern as his body slightly trembled.

The fiery woman had chosen to battle True God Long Yuan just now, but the Spiritual Race refused this battle. After jeering at the Spiritual Race, the fiery woman chose to fight Zhang Yutong.

It would have been somewhat shameful if he had refused to do battle. Moreover, Zhang Yutong was anxious to show off his skills anyway, so he didn’t carefully perceive his opponent before jumping onto the stage.

Now, it appeared that this fiery woman was somewhat stronger than him.


The place the fiery woman was standing suddenly exploded. A moment later, this woman of the Blazing Gold Race charged up to Zhang Yutong’s side. At the same time, she activated her bloodline while her right hand, wearing a black glove, exploded with the fury of a volcano at Zhang Yutong.


Zhang Yutong activated his own bloodline and neutralized this fiery woman’s attack before beginning his own.

 Dingding! Bang!

The two clashed, and the fiery woman was like a golden tiger of flame, her attacks fierce and threatening.

The spectators could already see that the Spiritual Race was probably going to lose.

The ten fighters of the Spiritual Race all grimaced. This fiery woman wasn’t as strong as True God Long Yuan, but she was still extremely formidable.

“Wait a while, and then I’ll take care of her!” Bao Yuan growled, his eyes burning with a desire to fight.

“Do your best to injure her and tire her out!” Ancient God Ice Origin immediately messaged Zhang Yutong.

Zhang Yutong’s brow slightly creased in reluctance.

“Crystal Spirit Weaponization!” Zhang Yutong roared, his body seething with a white crystalline mist that soon transformed into various kinds of weapons.

The crystal weapons around him joined him in his attacks, somewhat reversing the situation.

However, the fiery woman had her own cards to play. After fighting for a long time, Zhang Yutong was finally defeated.

But the woman was faring little better; her entire body was covered in serious wounds.

“The second round, Blazing Gold Race victory!” the wrinkled elder of the Life Sacred Land announced.

The first person the Spiritual Race sent was extremely powerful and won the first victory, but the Blazing Gold Race wasn’t weak, sending out a powerful person to win a victory for their own side.

“Neither side is appearing weak. This will be worth watching!”

“These really are two five-star factions. Both races are thronging with experts!”

The spectators were instantly enthused.

After winning a match, the fiery woman of the Blazing Gold Race chose to rest.

Next was the second person from the Spiritual Race; a rather delicate-looking girl. As the upper echelon of the Spiritual Race had ordered, she chose a member of the Blazing Gold Race that appeared rather weak. The two fought intensely for a while, and the delicate girl from the Spiritual Race eventually won.

The Spiritual Race had now lost one match while the Blazing Gold Race had lost two.

“True God Tian Qian, you go!” Elder Jin of the Blazing Gold Race barked.

“Understood!” A somewhat chubby youth of the Blazing Gold Race jumped onto the stage.

“Zhao Feng, do you dare fight a battle!?” The chubby youth’s round face was adorned with a smug smile.

He was the number one peak Rank Six of the Blazing Gold Race, and the Blazing Gold Race had given him a special mission for this gambling match: defeat Zhao Feng.

The Blazing Gold Race’s goal was to ensure that Zhao Feng had no opportunity to show off his skills in this gambling match. In this way, they could not only damage the reputation of the Spiritual Race but also affect Zhao Feng’s temperament so that his potential decreased.

“Zhao Feng is going out!”

“But his opponent is True God Tian Qian. Zhao Feng will probably refuse battle!”

After the rather boring match from before, the Blazing Gold Race was now sending True God Tian Qian, and he had challenged the Spiritual Race’s Zhao Feng. The spectators immediately focused on the stage.

“Heheh!” True God Long Yuan softly laughed to himself.

He was rather familiar with True God Tian Qian. This was the best peak Rank Six True God of the Blazing Gold Race. However, True God Long Yuan himself was an outstanding peak Rank Six True God of the Spiritual Race, but he couldn’t even last ten moves against Zhao Feng. Thus, he believed that True God Tian Qian had made a blunder.

“I’ll play with you.” Zhao Feng smiled as he stepped onto the stage.

Zhao Feng was already impatient. Alas, he was fifth in line and couldn’t go up ahead of time.

Defeating one person would earn him twenty thousand contribution points! When he saw this fatty, Zhao Feng could only see twenty thousand contribution points being delivered to his doorstep.


True God Tian Qian immediately activated his Blazing Gold Race bloodline. Golden inscriptions began to creep over his body while searing golden flames roared to life.

The Blazing Gold Race was ranked 21st among the ancient bloodlines, and this blood exerted enormous pressure on Zhao Feng.

“Blazing Cloud Palm!” After activating his bloodline, True God Tian Qian rose into the air and struck out with both palms.

Two golden palms of flame covered in images of clouds shot forward with mountain-toppling momentum.

“Water Lightning Sacred Palm!” Zhao Feng activated his Sacred Lightning Body, converted his Five Elements Divine Power to Water Tribulation Lightning energy, and fired off a palm of his own.

“It seems like your luck isn’t bad. You actually know Water Intent, which can counter fire!” True God Tian Qian examined Zhao Feng with a playful smile.

Zhao Feng was already quite incredible for someone who had just broken into Rank Six. But True God Tian Qian was one of the best peak Rank Six True Gods, and he could also sense that Zhao Feng’s bloodline was extremely low-level. Thus, Zhao Feng’s defeat was certain.

“Golden Light Sacred Body!” True God Tian Qian activated his own special constitution. His body immediately exploded with dazzling golden light. This, together with his plump figure, made him seem like a golden Buddha.

Physical energy that could suppress all things engulfed Zhao Feng.

 A physical body of nearly the Ancient God level!  Zhao Feng’s eyes sank. His Sacred Lightning Body would have no advantage when fighting against True God Tian Qian’s own physical body.


After activating the Golden Light Sacred Body, True God Tian Qian shot toward Zhao Feng like a golden mountain. Body-refining experts were naturally skilled in close combat.

True God Tian Qian, his body bursting with searing flames, was about to collide with Zhao Feng.


Spatial blurs began to layer themselves over Zhao Feng’s body. A moment later, he vanished from True God Tian Qian’s sight.


True God Tian Qian flew right through the position that Zhao Feng had occupied just moments ago.

 Behind me!  True God Tian Qian’s mind was given a jolt.

By the time he turned around, Zhao Feng had already fired off a palm.

 Boom! Bang!

  True God Tian Qian exerted all his defenses to block Zhao Feng’s attack. Fire and water raged on his body, causing steam to rise into the air.

“Space Intent!” True God Tian Qian’s eyes flashed. Although he could also use Space Intent, he could not do what Zhao Feng did.

“Where are you looking?” Zhao Feng’s voice rang out in True God Tian Qian’s ear.


Another powerful surge of Water Tribulation Lightning Divine Power surged out from behind True God Tian Qian.

“Damn!” Tian Qian was getting a little angry.

As a body-refining expert, he had a powerful body, and his attacks were sweeping and fierce. But Zhao Feng could use Space Intent and just avoid a direct confrontation.

“I didn’t think that Zhao Feng had such a profound grasp of Space Intent!”

“It seems like the outcome of this battle is still up in the air!”

The spectators were all amazed. Someone with powerful Space Intent essentially had a dominating advantage in speed. This made it so that Zhao Feng now had the ability to contend against True God Tian Qian.

“Hmph, you were the one who wanted this!” True God Tian Qian’s expression turned stern and dignified.


A crimson saber appeared in his hand. The blade was one meter long and had the vivid image of a golden dragon inscribed upon it.

Tian Qian poured his Divine Power into the saber. In a flash, a bloody flame burst out of the saber and fused with the golden flames on True God Tian Qian’s body, forming a massive flame dragon that coiled around True God Tian Qian.

 This energy… a high-quality divine weapon!  Zhao Feng’s eyes flashed.

It appeared that the Blazing Gold Race had high hopes of True God Tian Qian; they had actually given him a high-quality divine weapon!

While his cultivation was suppressed, it was already very difficult for Zhao Feng to defeat a peak Rank Six True God. And now, True God Tian Qian had revealed a high-quality divine weapon as well!

“Heavens, it’s a high-quality divine weapon!”

“Zhao Feng is finished!”

The crowd was in an uproar.

The fighters of the Spiritual Race were also beginning to get worried. They all knew that Zhao Feng didn’t come from any great background, and in the time they had known him, they had never seen him take out any sort of divine artifact.

Now that True God Tian Qian had taken out a high-quality divine weapon, his strength was equivalent to a Rank Seven Ancient God.

“In that case, let’s end it!” Zhao Feng’s aura slowly began to weaken.

“Conceding?” True God Tian Qian believed that Zhao Feng was giving up, and he couldn’t help but snort in derision.

But a moment later, a powerful Eye Intent shot out from Zhao Feng’s silver eye. Zhao Feng’s hair danced lithely in the air, each silver strand flowing with multiple colors.

“Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame!” Zhao Feng’s eye focused, the image of a white lightning flame forming upon it.


A dreamy mist shot forward, and an explosion resounded against True God Tian Qian’s soul.

“This is… ah!” Before Tian Qian had any time to react, a sharp pain made him lose consciousness. Even his divine weapon fell from his hands.

 Boom! Bang!

Zhao Feng threw out a palm, sending True God Tian Qian flying off the stage.

True God Tian Qian lost!


The entire area fell silent. True God Tian Qian, who held the absolute upper hand upon taking out his high-quality divine weapon, was actually instantly defeated.

“How could it be!?”

“His eye-bloodline is so powerful. It instantly defeated True God Tian Qian!”

“That eye is no weaker than that of a descendant of one of the Eight Great God Eyes!”

Deafening roars immediately came from around the fighting stage. Everyone was astounded by this stunning reversal.

At this moment, the Spiritual Race had lost only one match while the Blazing Gold Race had lost three. Moreover, the Spiritual Race’s Ancient God Ice Origin was stronger than the Blazing Gold Race’s Ancient God Gold Fury, and their fight was still to come. In this gambling match, the Spiritual Race could be said to have the absolute advantage!