King Of Gods Chapter 1287

Chapter 1287 Borrowing Strength

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Chapter 1287 – Borrowing Strength

“This is the last battle of the gambling match between the two races. I wonder which person will be the one to sweep over the fighters from the other race!”

Ancient God Gilded Gold and Zhao Feng had both said that they would sweep over the remaining fighters of the opposing team. In the end, the two were fighting against each other. In the end, only one person would prove themselves to be right.

“Zhao Feng has fought six battles in a row and hasn’t had time to rest while Ancient God Gilded Gold has almost completely recovered. The gap between the two is extremely obvious.”

“Moreover, I didn’t see Zhao Feng take out a divine weapon in any of those battles. He probably doesn’t have a divine weapon of his own while Ancient God Gilded Gold has a high-quality divine weapon.”

As the final battle was about to commence, the spectators couldn’t help but speculate. No one was optimistic about Zhao Feng’s chances, but this judgment was one backed by good reasoning.

“Zhao Feng, don’t feel pressured!” the Spiritual Race Fourth Elder hurriedly messaged Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng had fought six matches in a row without resting. He was bound to lose in this last battle, but the Spiritual Race no longer cared about that.

After all, the Spiritual Race would have completely lost to the Blazing Gold Race without him, not even getting ten percent of the Heaven Crystal Fire Spirit vein. Zhao Feng managed to salvage the situation, reversing the tides so that the Spiritual Race could obtain forty percent of the Heaven Crystal Fire Spirit vein.

“Elder, don’t forget that you agreed to give five hundred thousand contribution points!” Zhao Feng seriously replied.

“Five hundred thousand contribution points…!” The Fourth Elder suddenly recalled that he had casually agreed to this request from Zhao Feng. As long as Zhao Feng could sweep over the rest of the Blazing Gold Race, he would give him five hundred thousand contribution points.

Of course, the Fourth Elder had only agreed in order to pacify Zhao Feng.

 Does he actually believe he can pull it off?  The Fourth Elder was flabbergasted. If Zhao Feng didn’t believe he could do this, why would he mention it before fighting this last battle?

The Fourth Elder’s heart began to thump against his chest. When Ancient God Gilded Gold first appeared, he had lost any hope of the Spiritual Race winning and only prayed that it did not lose too badly. But now, could the Spiritual Race actually win? For some reason, the Fourth Elder found himself getting a little excited.

The other Spiritual Race disciples also began to grow excited.

Only Ancient God Ice Origin stood with a dim and dejected look. This gambling match between the two races was the most painful and torturous moment of his life.


On the fighting stage, Zhao Feng and Ancient God Gilded Gold began to fight.

Ancient God Gilded Gold wielded his dark yellow ax, his entire body wreathed in golden flames. His attacks were broad and fierce as they swept toward Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng was using his advantage in speed to constantly dodge while attacking the weak points in Ancient God Gilded Gold’s defense.

Ancient God Gilded Gold and his high-quality divine weapon could launch powerful attacks, but he found it very difficult to actually hurt Zhao Feng. However, his formidable physical body made it very difficult for Zhao Feng to injure him either.

Zhao Feng had already defeated and killed a Rank Seven Ancient God, but that was because he was aided by the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon and the powerful defensive capabilities of the Spacetime Robe. Zhao Feng couldn’t summon the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon, and he definitely couldn’t show the Spacetime Robe here, so he could not recklessly allow Ancient God Gilded Gold to get close to him.

“Do you only know how to dodge?” Ancient God Gilded Gold jeered. After fighting six battles without rest, why exactly did Zhao Feng think he could fight him? Ancient God Gilded Gold had come prepared for this battle.

“Heaven-Shattering Slash!” Ancient God Gilded Gold gathered his power as he prepared to unleash a powerful combat skill.

 Now is the moment!  Ancient God Gilded Gold’s eyes exploded with light. The moment Zhao Feng was about to use Instant Movement, Ancient God Gilded Gold took out a crystal geomancy plate.

When he activated the geomancy plate, a strange spatial energy immediately began to layer itself over the surrounding space.

“A space-sealing divine artifact?” Zhao Feng’s brow slightly creased as two golden wings unfurled behind his back and took him flying backward.

The Blazing Gold Race had entrusted everything to Ancient God Gilded Gold. They had definitely analyzed Zhao Feng’s fighting style and developed methods to counter it. For example, the black ring on Ancient God Gilded Gold’s finger was a divine rank high-quality defensive soul artifact. Other than that, the Blazing Gold Race had naturally thought of a way to counter Zhao Feng’s Space Intent.


Ancient God Gilded Gold unleashed a golden ax of flame, but Zhao Feng was able to dodge it.

“You’re very smart to have guarded against this.”

Ancient God Gilded Gold’s abrupt use of a space-sealing divine artifact had not given him a surprise victory, but he didn’t care. In his view, Zhao Feng was bound to lose after fighting six battles in a row. The items that the Blazing Gold Race had given him were simply overkill.

“How risky!” The Spiritual Race disciples sweated in Zhao Feng’s place.

“Ancient God Gilded Gold has too many divine artifacts on him, but Zhao Feng…” An upper echelon Elder lamented.

If they had known what was going to happen, they would have prepared some divine artifacts for Zhao Feng.

“If Zhao Feng had one high-quality offensive divine artifact, the outcome would be more up in the air!” The fighters of the Spiritual Race all felt indignant in Zhao Feng’s place.

A suitable high-quality offensive divine artifact would increase an Ancient God’s attack power by at least forty percent. The difference between having a divine artifact and not having one was absolutely enormous. The fact that Zhao Feng could even fight with Ancient God Gilded Gold without a high-quality divine artifact was truly shocking.

On the other end, the upper echelon members of the Blazing Gold Race all felt that victory was in their grasp.


Zhao Feng used his Metal Lightning Radiance Wings to fly across the fighting stage in a golden streak of light.

“Five Elements Tribulation Lightning Palm! Wind Lightning Eye Flame!”

Zhao Feng sought out gaps to use his combat skills and eye-bloodline techniques.

 Boom! Bang!

Ancient God Gilded Gold’s dark yellow ax fired off a wave of golden flames that pulverized the five-colored lightning palm that Zhao Feng fired off.

 Hiss…  Ancient God Gilded Gold hissed as he felt the pain in his soul. He had to pause for a few moments before renewing his assault on Zhao Feng.

“I understand….” Zhao Feng’s eyes flashed with a sharp light.

He noticed just now that, when he used a Soul eye-bloodline technique on Ancient God Gilded Gold, the power released by the ring on Ancient God Gilded Gold’s finger didn’t quite reach the level of a high-quality divine artifact. This was definitely because this divine artifact had been loaned out to Ancient God Gilded Gold on the spot by the upper echelon of the Blazing Gold Race.

It was no easy to task to refine a high-quality divine artifact. A defensive soul divine artifact that had not been completely refined could not exhibit its full strength. This meant that Zhao Feng’s Soul eye-bloodline techniques still had a very powerful effect.

“Water Lightning Illusion Prison!” Zhao Feng’s eye of dream-like silver slowly began to turn. A multi-colored ray of light shot out, dazzling and gorgeous.


A ball of dreamy mist engulfed Ancient God Gilded Gold’s surroundings and slowly began to envelop him. This dreamy mist soon turned into a prison of blue water that trapped him.

After unleashing this eye-bloodline technique, Zhao Feng began a vigorous assault, firing off palm after palm of blue lightning.


Sensing that danger was imminent, Ancient God Gilded Gold used a secret defensive technique. A golden halo appeared around his body, its surface inscribed with bright golden runes of flame. At the same time, Ancient God Gilded Gold held up his high-quality divine artifact.

 Boom! Bang! Crash!

Ancient God Gilded Gold was pushed back some distance before finally coming to a halt.

“I didn’t think that you could still show this kind of strength after fighting six matches in a row.” A hint of surprise could be seen on Ancient God Gilded Gold’s face. His expression suddenly turned cold and harsh while a somber aura began to rise from his body.

“Is he going to use all his power now?” Zhao Feng muttered.

By becoming an Ancient God in a single step, Zhao Feng had already proven that he had abnormal reserves and potential. Although he had taxed himself in the previous battles a bit, he had not used up too much of his energy.

“Heaven-Quaking Giant Ax Cleave!” Ancient God Gilded Gold roared, the massive image of an ax appearing over his stone ax.

With a flourish of his ax, a massive energy slash made of golden flames flew through the air. It took up almost half the stage, leaving Zhao Feng with nowhere to run.

“Haha, Ancient God Gilded Gold is finally getting serious!”

“Since that’s the case, Zhao Feng is finished!”

The upper echelon members of the Blazing Gold Race gave wicked smiles.

The spectators around the stage felt like the battle was about to be over.

The massive energy slash was about to strike Zhao Feng.

 God Eye Disintegration!  Zhao Feng secretly activated his God Eye and locked onto a certain part of the attack.

Dreamy mist emerged from his left eye. Suddenly, a gap appeared in the energy slash.


The massive attack swept past, but Zhao Feng stood in the gap and emerged completely unharmed.

“What eye-bloodline technique was that?” Ancient God Gilded Gold sensed Zhao Feng using the abilities of his eye, but he couldn’t understand what it did.

“Tribulation Lightning Eye Slash!” Zhao Feng immediately used an eye-bloodline technique.


A blade of white lightning swept across Ancient God Gilded Gold’s body.

“You’re seeking death!” Ancient God Gilded Gold’s eyes turned savage and furious.

He managed to avoid a fatal blow from this eye-bloodline technique, but he was still rather badly wounded.


A dazzling golden light surged out of Ancient God Gilded Gold’s body while the aura of Destruction Intent began to spread through the air.

“Destruction Intent! Watch out!” the members of the Spiritual Race called out in alarm.

On the other side, the Blazing Gold Race was all smug smiles. “It’s over!”

The look on everyone else’s face seemed to indicate that this was exactly how they thought the match would end. Ancient God Gilded Gold’s high-quality divine weapon and his powerful Destruction Intent meant that Zhao Feng’s defeat was certain.

But Zhao Feng wasn’t very panicked. On the contrary, he was a little excited.

“I was waiting for you to use this power!” Zhao Feng revealed a cunning smile.

 God Eye Duplication!

Zhao Feng’s left eye focused on the Destruction energy around Ancient God Gilded Gold’s body, and a powerful stream of Eye Intent shot forward.

Zhao Feng quickly succeeded in duplicating this energy. At the same time, a Tribulation Lightning eye-bloodline technique was building up in his left eye.

“Die, Zhao Feng!” Ancient God Gilded Gold roared, both hands gripping his giant ax as he prepared to end this match with a single strike.


The stone ax in his hands began to thrum with ripples of heaven-shaking Destruction energy.

 God Eye Duplication… Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame!

Zhao Feng was the first to act though, firing off his powerful eye-bloodline technique. He took the Destruction energy he duplicated from Ancient God Gilded Gold and fused it with his Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame. This Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame possessed power like never before.

 Boom! Hisss!

A dazzling lightning-flame suddenly descended over Ancient God Gilded Gold’s head.

Even before this terrifying Destructive soul energy had descended, Ancient God Gilded Gold felt his heart thump in dread. Ancient God Gilded Gold hurriedly attempted to activate the defensive soul divine artifact on his finger.


Ripples of pitch-black light engulfed his soul.

At almost the same time:


The Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame strengthened by combining with the God Eye Duplication of that forbidden Destruction energy exploded upon his soul, immediately causing the pitch-black ripples to dim and shatter.