King Of Gods Chapter 1288

Chapter 1288 The Gambling Match Ends

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Chapter 1288 – The Gambling Match Ends

“What happened?”

“What’s happened to Ancient God Gilded Gold?”

Ancient God Gilded Gold was on the verge of unleashing a powerful attack against Zhao Feng and defeating him, but then his energy began to fade. At the same time, a Destructive soul energy abruptly descended on Ancient God Gilded Gold.

Upon sensing this energy, everyone felt their souls tremble.


A dazzling lighting-flame engulfed the dark shroud of protection of Ancient God Gilded Gold’s soul and obliterated it. After all, Ancient God Gilded Gold had not completely refined this high-quality soul-protecting divine artifact, resulting in a large decrease in its defensive properties.

At the same time:

“Aaaaaaah…!” Ancient God Gilded Gold’s miserable screams could be heard for tens of thousands of li. His face contorted as he curled up on the ground, his body constantly twitching.

The spectators couldn’t help but shiver at this sight. They could all sense the power of that Soul lightning, and the secret technique that Ancient God Gilded Gold used to protect his soul was instantly shattered. It was difficult to imagine the terrible damage being inflicted on Ancient God Gilded Gold’s soul.

As Ancient God Gilded Gold’s screams began to weaken, they could sense his soul getting weaker and weaker until it was almost on the verge of completely vanishing. Suddenly, Ancient God Gilded Gold stopped struggling. However, although his aura was weak, he was not dead.

After a few moments of silence, the crowd exploded.

“Ancient God Gilded Gold lost!”

“What happened just now?”

This development left everyone stunned. Many people didn’t even understand how Ancient God Gilded Gold had lost.

“He won!”

“Heavens, Zhao Feng actually managed to win!”

After a few moments in a dazed stupor, the members of the Spiritual Race exclaimed in shock.

All of this felt like a dream to them. What initially was certain defeat had gradually turned into an advantage and, ultimately, victory.

Even the upper echelon of the Spiritual Race had stiff faces, so excited that they didn’t know what to say.

In contrast, the Blazing Gold Race members all had extremely gloomy faces. Searing physical energy was soaring high into the sky.

They had all believed that, once Ancient God Gilded Gold used his trump card, Zhao Feng would be certain to lose. No one had expected such a massive reversal at the crucial moment.

In mere moments, Ancient God Gilded Gold was defeated. They were even wondering if this was an illusion. None of them could accept this result.

“Junior, you actually tried to kill him. Even if such a powerful soul attack didn’t kill Ancient God Gilded Gold, it will still inflict a massive wound on his soul that can never be healed!” Elder Jin of the Blazing Gold Race barked, the heavens shaking as he sent a scorching energy creeping over the fighting stage.

Zhao Feng instantly felt like the sky was falling, the pressure on him making it impossible for him to breathe. Scorching and fiery energy was slowly surging toward him, making him feel like he had been plunged into a hellish world of lava. His body and soul both seemed to be aflame.

“The Blazing Gold Race truly knows nothing of shame. A peak Ancient God of the older generation is actually interfering in a battle between the younger generation?” At this moment, the voice of the Spiritual Race Fourth Elder resounded over the stage.

A weighty Intent descended around Zhao Feng, immediately driving away the discomfort he felt.

“I did nothing of the sort! I am only questioning your Spiritual Race disciple as to why he was so ruthless!” Elder Jin boldly proclaimed.

“Gilded Gold’s skills were inferior! What more is there to say? If Zhao Feng was truly ruthless, he wouldn’t have left any survivors in his battles with the True Gods of the Blazing Gold Race!” the Fourth Elder coldly remarked, deep disdain in his voice.

The Blazing Gold Race had nothing to say in response.

“Enough! The gambling match is over. The Spiritual Race is victorious!” At this moment, the wrinkled elder of the Life Sacred Land spoke, a grim look on his face.

The two five-star factions immediately ceased their quarreling.


Watched by the crowd, Zhao Feng left the fighting stage and returned to the Spiritual Race’s platform. Meanwhile, Ancient God Gilded Gold was carried off the stage by the disciples of the Blazing Gold Race.

“Zhao Feng, you’re really impressive!”

“We really owe you this time!”

All the members of the Spiritual Race welcomed Zhao Feng with beaming smiles.

“Zhao Feng, you’ve rendered a great service this time. You will get every one of those five hundred thousand contribution points!” the Fourth Elder said with a joyous smile.

Compared to what the Spiritual Race had gained, five hundred thousand contribution points was really nothing at all.

The rest of the Spiritual Race disciples all shot envious glances at Zhao Feng.

In this victory, the majority of the Spiritual Race disciples would only come away with ten thousand contribution points. True God Long Yuan and the delicate girl had both defeated one person and gained thirty thousand contribution points.

But Zhao Feng alone had gained five hundred thousand contribution points! Such a huge sum of contribution points couldn’t be built up even through decades of missions.

However, Zhao Feng truly deserved it all.

As for why Zhao Feng was able to instantly defeat Ancient God Gilded Gold, this wasn’t too surprising to quite a few members of the Spiritual Race. Zhao Feng had already shown this kind of eye-bloodline technique before in the Spiritual Race.

“This region’s Heaven Crystal Fire Spirit vein will be divided according to the rules decided upon earlier. The gambling match between the two races is concluded!” the wrinkled elder of the Life Sacred Land loudly announced.

The curtain finally fell on the gambling match. The gambling match was extremely exciting, with many unexpected developments.

The members of the Blazing Gold Race all had dejected and depressed looks on their faces. Of their fighters, seven had lost to Zhao Feng, two of them being Ancient Gods.

The fighters of the Blazing Gold Race didn’t have the face to meet with the other members of their race.

With the gambling match over, the other factions gathered here began to slowly disperse.

Some factions who either had good relations with the Spiritual Race or were extremely powerful went over to the Spiritual Race’s platform to offer their congratulations. The people of the Life Sacred Land, as the organizers of this match, also paid a visit.

The actions of the Life Sacred Land made the Blazing Gold Race even more dejected.

“The Spiritual Race’s performance this time was truly surprising!” The wrinkled elder glanced at Zhao Feng before speaking to the Fourth Elder.

At this time, Xiahou Wu went to Zhao Feng’s side.

“Zhao Feng, you’re progressing very quickly!” Xiahou Wu felt somewhat ashamed of his inferiority.

A year ago, he was still able to fiercely battle with Zhao Feng. But now, he estimated that he would find it hard to take even five blows from Zhao Feng.

“The God Eye Assembly will be held in half a year. Do you plan on attending?” Xiahou Wu asked.

“God Eye Assembly?” Zhao Feng had a confused look on his face. This was the first time he was hearing the name.

At the same time, he was wondering; did this assembly have to do with the Eight Great God Eyes?

“You don’t know?” Xiahou Wu stared at him in surprise and then began to slowly explain.

The God Eye Assembly was held by a special faction of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods known as the God Eye Hall.

The God Eye Hall was a hidden faction that was spread throughout the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods. The primary movers of this faction were all God Eye descendants. There was also a rumor that the ruler of the God Eye Hall was a God Eye Deity.

Zhao Feng was dumbstruck. If that was really the case, then this faction was equal to a God Realm Sacred Land.

“This is an extremely special faction. It has very few members, and the members never represent themselves as part of the faction. It also doesn’t interact with other factions or fight for resources. Even if you join this faction, you won’t receive any benefits or protection.”

Although it was called a faction, the members of the faction were free to do as they wished. Some of them were even members of other major factions.

Xiahou Wu continued, “The only objective of the God Eye Hall is that, at certain intervals, they will hold a God Eye Assembly in each of the zones.”

Although it was called the God Eye Assembly, it was mostly just God Eye descendants who participated in it.

“What are the priorities of the God Eye Assembly?” Zhao Feng immediately asked.

Such a powerful and unique faction’s only goal was to hold these God Eye Assemblies, so these assemblies definitely weren’t normal.

“The assembly’s main purpose is to gather together all the descendants of the Eight Great God Eyes of a single zone. Various activities will be held; trades, missions…” Xiahou Wu smiled.

“Your eye is very unique. You might be able to find an answer there. In addition, your eye has already reached the level of Quasi God Eye, but it doesn’t seem to be able to use its full power….” Xiahou Wu focused on Zhao Feng’s left eye.

The Eye of Life that he was so proud of would inexplicably shiver every time he looked at Zhao Feng’s left eye.

Zhao Feng became pensive. He had heard about this Quasi God Eye distinction from Xiahou Wu before.

At this moment, Zhao Feng was finally realizing that his understanding of the Eight Great God Eyes was truly pitifully small.

The Eight Great God Eyes gathered together in one place… Zhao Feng inexplicably felt excited.

“My eye isn’t a descendant of any one of the Eight Great God Eyes….” Zhao Feng hesitated for a while before finally saying this.

“All the eyes of the universe originate from the Eight Great God Eyes. In the past, the God Eye Assembly only allowed the descendants of the Eight Great God Eyes to participate, but they later relaxed the requirement to anyone with an eye-bloodline,” Xiahou Wu straightforwardly said.

“Half a year later, the people of the God Eye Hall will hold the God Eye Assembly!” With these words, Xiahou Wu left with the rest of the people from the Life Sacred Land.

The Life Sacred Land was only here to serve as a witness to the gambling match. Now that it was over, they naturally didn’t need to stay.

“You may choose to remain here or return to the Spiritual Race. If you remain here, you are responsible for beginning the mining of the Heaven Crystal Fire Spirit vein. For this, you can gain additional rewards,” the Fourth Elder said to the disciples.

“I want to go back,” Zhao Feng straightforwardly said.

Originally, Ancient God Ice Origin was also planning to go back to the Spiritual Race, but he changed his mind when he heard this.

In the end, only three people chose to return to the Spiritual Race. The Fifth Elder and a few other members of the upper echelon accompanied Zhao Feng and the other two disciples back to the Spiritual Race.

The Fifth Elder immediately gathered a group of peripheral disciples and headed back to the Heaven Crystal Fire Spirit vein so that they could begin mining it.

Upon returning to the Spiritual Race, Zhao Feng secluded himself. He had comprehended many things from his consecutive battles. In addition, the five hundred thousand contribution points had probably not been delivered yet.

After ten days, Zhao Feng emerged and headed to the Spiritual Race’s All Spirit Hall.

“Brother Feng has come out from seclusion!”

“Brother Zhao Feng, good day!”

On the way, he ran into several core disciples who all warmly called out to him.

It had taken only a few days for Zhao Feng’s feats in the gambling match to spread throughout the Spiritual Race. They naturally treated Zhao Feng so well because he had won glory and honor for the Spiritual Race. At the same time, all of the disciples had to fear his formidable power.

Zhao Feng quickly arrived at All Spirit Hall.

The moment he arrived, an Elder walked out from All Spirit Hall.

“You’re finally here.” The guardian Elder faintly smiled as if he had been waiting for Zhao Feng all this time.

“Mm, I want to exchange for a technique,” Zhao Feng flatly said.

The two immediately went to the highest floor of All Spirit Hall.