King Of Gods Chapter 1290

Chapter 1290 God Eye Assembly

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Chapter 1290 – God Eye Assembly

Zhao Feng seated himself cross-legged in his palace, and the contents of the Chaos Heaven Void Origin Technique surfaced in his mind.

Zhao Feng gave it a rough scan. Although the Chaos Heaven Void Origin Technique was an extremely encompassing technique, it required one kind of Intent to link together all the others. The strength of this Intent needed to far surpass all the other Intents.

“Of all my Intents, Space Intent is the strongest.” Zhao Feng’s mind was like a bright mirror.

The Spacetime Robe had made it so that Zhao Feng’s grasp of Space Intent had far surpassed even those Intents he had spent a lot of time cultivating, Five Elements and Wind Lightning.

The Chaos Heaven Void Origin Technique had six levels. The requirement for cultivating the first level was that one kind of Intent had to have reached Level Five. The requirement for the second level was that all the Intents linked together had to have reached Level Six. This continued in a similar fashion, with each additional level in the technique requiring for the Intents to be one level higher.

At the fifth level, the Intents being cultivated had to have reached the peak of Level Nine. The sixth level was when one made the breakthrough to God Lord.

“If that’s the case, I will primarily focus on cultivating Space Intent,” Zhao Feng softly muttered.

From what he could see, if he focused on improving his Space Intent, he could gradually make his way upward through the levels of the technique.

However, the power of the Chaos Heaven Void Origin Technique lay in having numerous kinds of Intent. Thus, while he was focusing on Space Intent, he couldn’t let the other Intents fall behind.

The advantage of this technique was that Chaos Origin Divine Power contained the special traits of various Intents at the same time, making it almost impossible to counter. In addition, Zhao Feng was extremely interested in the highest level of completion of this technique, where one could generate a sliver of Chaos Power.

After reading over the entire technique, Zhao Feng began to cultivate it.

At the first level, he used Space Intent as the primary Intent to link together the other Intents and fused them together into Chaos Origin Divine Power. This wasn’t very difficult for Zhao Feng.

An hour later, a dim ball of Divine Power, a contorted multicolored mass, had appeared on Zhao Feng’s Divine Stages. In terms of quality, it far surpassed Zhao Feng’s Five Elements Tribulation Lightning Divine Power.

When cultivating the Chaos Heaven Void Origin Technique, Zhao Feng only needed to fuse the energy of his Divine Stages. On the other hand, with the Five Elements Myriad Art, Zhao Feng would have had to purge his Divine Stages of all the other kinds of energy.


Zhao Feng began to move around the Chaos Origin Divine Power he had just refined. The dim ball of light quickly began to shift and transform in front of Zhao Feng.

The shifting colors of Chaos Origin Divine Power were rather similar to the shifting colors of his dream-like silver hair.

“Chaos Origin Divine Power is at least two times stronger than Ancient God Gilded Gold’s Divine Power!” Zhao Feng took in a deep breath.

He sensed that this Divine Power was extremely heavy and could absorb any energy in the world. When it was used in attacks, the possibility of it being countered was very low.

If he had been cultivating this Chaos Heaven Void Origin Technique earlier, then he could have relied on this Divine Power to engage in a head-on battle with Ancient God Gilded Gold during the gambling match.

After experiencing the power of the Chaos Heaven Void Origin Technique, Zhao Feng continued to cultivate.

Three months later, Zhao Feng finally finished refining all the energy of his Divine Stages into Chaos Origin Divine Power.

This Chaos Origin Divine Power wasn’t very pure. This was primarily because Zhao Feng had not completely fused together all his Intents.

“If the majority of my Intents are on the same level, I will be able to perfectly link them together.” Zhao Feng had noticed this problem while he was refining the Chaos Origin Divine Power.

For example, his Metal and Lightning Intents were at Level Five and could be perfectly linked together with his Space Intent. But linking his Wood Intent, which was only at Level Four, created an imperfect fusion.

Of course, this was also partially due to his own skill. After all, Zhao Feng hadn’t been cultivating the Chaos Heaven Void Origin Technique for very long.

Currently, Zhao Feng’s goal was to bring all his Intents except Time Intent to Level Five, which would greatly boost the power of his Chaos Origin Divine Power.


Zhao Feng entered the five-colored crystalline palace again. The moment he appeared, he heard someone say, “Zhao Feng, I’m willing to be your servant!”

A figure emerged and kneeled in front of Zhao Feng.

“Who else is there?” Zhao Feng swept his eyes over the people in the palace.

Ten-some people quickly walked out. The remainder were still hesitating; the majority of them had powerful factions backing them, such as Quasi-God Zi Feng and Quasi-God Gui Yi.

“I need many resources for cultivation, so this crystalline palace’s properties will very quickly weaken and eventually disappear altogether,” Zhao Feng straightforwardly said.

This palace was formed from countless Intent Crystals, and every time Zhao Feng paid a visit, he would take away many of these Intent Crystals. The five-colored palace had long ago lost many of its properties. If not for the fact that Zhao Feng was controlling it, the Quasi-Gods and True Gods inside would have escaped long ago.

Quite a few people present inwardly rejoiced at this news. Once the structure of this five-colored palace began to fall apart, they would have a chance to escape.

But even more people became depressed over the fact that they had immediately offered to be Zhao Feng’s servants.

“Because this palace will soon cease to exist, I am currently deciding on a time to kill you all,” Zhao Feng coldly declared.

To him, it really didn’t matter if he killed these people or not. If these people showed some sense, Zhao Feng didn’t mind letting them live though.

“Zhao Feng, you dare!?” The Quasi-Gods and True Gods of Violet Night Hall immediately bellowed, shock on their faces.

Zhao Feng’s eyes gleamed as he waved a palm. A dim ball of multicolored Divine Power shot out like a steel cannonball.

 Boom! Bang!

Chaos Origin Divine Power shot through a Rank Five True God of Violet Night Hall, killing him in both body and soul. The ball of Chaos Origin Divine Power that Zhao Feng released continued on into the crystal wall behind the True God, breaking off several Intent Crystals.


The place fell silent.

The people of Violet Night Hall asked Zhao Feng if he dared, so Zhao Feng killed a member of Violet Night Hall. Zhao Feng was simply too powerful. For him, killing a Rank Five True God was as easy as killing an ant.

At the same time, they knew that they had been imprisoned by Zhao Feng for a very long time, yet no one had come to save them. And not only was Zhao Feng getting along just fine, his cultivation was ascending by leaps and bounds. This made them realize that, unless they agreed to serve Zhao Feng, they might never leave.

“I am willing to serve you!”

“I am also willing to be your servant!”

Under the threat of death, they all chose to make a compromise. In their view, as long as they survived, they still had a chance. In the end, even the members of Violet Night Hall bent the knee.

Without another word, Zhao Feng brought them all to the Ancient Dream Realm and placed them under Zhao Wan.

Zhao Wan and Zhao Wang had both succeeded in breaking into the Heavenly Divine Realm. Both of them had attained Rank Five of the Heavenly Divine Realm and had solidified their foundations. Moreover, they enjoyed the status of Elders in the Blood Flame Qilin Race and received exceptional treatment, making their cultivation extremely smooth and pleasant.

“Lord God, is there any way that we can serve you?” a member of the Blood Flame Qilin Race’s upper echelon deferentially said.

“I require cultivation resources that I can use to comprehend Wind Lightning Intent,” Zhao Feng straightforwardly said.

However, the Blood Flame Qilin Race did not cultivate Wind Lightning Intent, so they had very little of such resources. Zhao Feng took all that was available before leaving the Ancient Dream Realm.

“I’ll take a look around the Spiritual Race’s Exchange Region.” Zhao Feng left his palace.

He quickly arrived at a bustling commercial area. This Exchange Region existed solely for the disciples of the Spiritual Race to trade among each other.

Zhao Feng came here to primarily buy resources that could be used to comprehend Wind Lightning Intent.

Zhao Feng used Five Elements Intent Crystals to exchange for these items. After all, the majority of people cultivated at least one or two of the five elements.

Intent Crystals were extremely rare, and Zhao Feng’s Intent Crystals were of extremely high quality. The moment Zhao Feng took them out, he had many bidders and buyers.

“I am only exchanging for cultivation resources with Wind Lightning Intent!” With this announcement, Zhao Feng began to wait.

There was soon a stream of people coming to Zhao Feng with the resources he needed. After buying up a certain amount, Zhao Feng left.

“That’s right…! The God Eye Assembly is three months later, but I don’t know where it’s being held!” Zhao Feng suddenly realized something.

Zhao Feng knew nothing at all about this God Eye Assembly, so it was better if he asked somebody. He then wrote a letter addressed to Xiahou Wu of the Life Sacred Land.

Upon returning to his residence, Zhao Feng discovered that Zhao Yufei was waiting for him outside.

“Brother Feng, practice with me!” Zhao Yufei had a dazzling smile on her face.

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but remember that the two of them had often exchanged pointers in the Continent Zone, helping each other to increase their strength.

But now, the gap between the two of them was too large. Zhao Feng could casually defeat Zhao Yufei whenever he wished.

“Suppress your cultivation to Rank Five, and you’re not allowed to use your eye-bloodline!”

Through Zhao Yufei’s intense pleading, Zhao Feng did as she said, and the two began a practice match. But even at Rank Five strength and without his eye-bloodline, Zhao Feng was still able to defeat Zhao Yufei in just a few moves.

“Brother Feng, how can your Divine Power still be so strong after being suppressed to Rank Five?” after fighting a few matches, Zhao Yufei asked as she gasped for breath.

During their bouts, Zhao Feng used only the most basic form of his Divine Power, but Zhao Yufei was completely unable to stop it. And this was taking into account that Zhao Yufei had the Spiritual Race bloodline, so her Divine Power was much stronger than that of a normal Rank Five True God’s.

“I’m already cultivating a technique for Ancient Gods and above. Even if I weaken my Divine Power to Rank Five, it is still extremely formidable,” Zhao Feng said with a smile.

His Divine Power had long ago been converted to Chaos Origin Divine Power. Even when suppressed, Chaos Origin Divine Power was essentially invincible among Rank Five True Gods.

“I’ll definitely catch up to you!” Although Zhao Yufei was a little depressed, her fighting spirit was as high as ever.

“Yufei, three months later, I will be leaving the Spiritual Race to experience the God Eye Assembly.” Zhao Feng finally brought up the matter.

In the beginning, the God Eye Assembly only permitted God Eye descendants to participate, but this requirement was later relaxed to anyone with an eye-bloodline.

Zhao Yufei had apparently heard of this God Eye Assembly and knew that she could not go.

Two months later, Zhao Feng received a letter from Xiahou Wu. The time and place of the God Eye Assembly were written on it. In addition, Zhao Feng had been invited to accompany the Life Sacred Land’s group to the God Eye Assembly.

A few days later, Zhao Feng departed.