King Of Gods Chapter 1292

Chapter 1292 Secret Exchange Castle

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Chapter 1292 – Secret Exchange Castle

The God Eye Assembly was being held in an independent dimension.

Overhead were golden roofbeams studded with gorgeous crystals and jewels of various colors. The surrounding walls were made of unique buildings of various sizes. Guards of profound cultivation stood outside some of the larger buildings, and the sounds of revelry could occasionally be heard from within them.

The rest of the regions in this palace were ringed by forests, mountains, and rivers. Such pleasant scenery truly made the place seem like a fairyland.

 Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Experts of all kinds and colors zoomed through this vast and boundless palace, some of them flying on top of large birds or using special tools.

“This is the site of the God Eye Assembly?” The Life Sacred Land disciples couldn’t help but sigh in wonder at their surroundings.

A few of them were participating in a God Eye Assembly for the first time. They had previously heard that each God Eye Assembly would be held at a different location. At times, it was held in a violet world of darkness, and at other times, it was held in the mysterious ocean bottom. This time’s God Eye Assembly was being held in a golden palace that had everything one could ever wish for.

Although it was called a palace, it was at least half the size of Sky Feather Island.

“You can see God Eye descendants wherever you look!” Zhao Feng stared in shock at those experts flying here and there.

In the Continent Zone, bumping into even one God Eye descendant was an incredibly rare event, but in this God Eye Assembly, he could see such people all over the place.

Of course, this was because this God Eye Assembly had gathered the people of two major zones, and the Continent Zone that Zhao Feng had once resided in was only a little bigger than Sky Feather Island. A single zone could be home to countless minor factions like Sky Feather Island.

From this, one could see the vastness of the zones that were involved in this God Eye Assembly. For so many God Eye descendants to be gathered here was only proper.

“All of you can do as you wish. If you encounter any problems, use your message token to get in touch with me,” the green-spotted elder of the Life Sacred Land said before transforming into a streak of light to begin his own exploration.

The terrain of every God Eye Assembly would be different, so even though he had participated in quite a few, this green-spotted elder still needed some time to familiarize himself with the landscape.

“Brother Zhao, you don’t have the Life Sacred Land’s message token, so you should come with me,” Xiahou Wu straightforwardly said.

“Let’s go!” The remaining five Life Sacred Land disciples divided into two groups and began to explore on their own.

“Zhao Feng, what do you need currently?” Xiahou Wu bluntly asked.

Although he had never participated in the God Eye Assembly before, he had heard from his seniors in the Life Sacred Land that the God Eye Assembly had many iconic locations within it. These included an arena, a place to gamble on matches, a place to buy and sell information, and a place to offer missions.

In addition to this, there was a leisure district and a commercial district. In the commercial district, one could exchange for practically anything one desired, including techniques, legacies, natural treasures, divine weapons, pets, and mounts.

“I need soul-focused or eye-technique-focused cultivation arts, techniques, and resources,” Zhao Feng directly said.

He had already given up on the Dao of Body-Refining, so he needed to focus on developing his soul and eye.

Moreover, Xiahou Wu had said that his eye had already reached the Quasi God Eye level, but he was still not capable of using its full power. As a disciple of the Life Sacred Land, Xiahou Wu had definitely seen a real Quasi God Eye to make such a judgment.

“Since that’s the case, we can go and look for the Secret Exchange Castle, the Technique Exchange Pavilion, or the auction house,” Xiahou Wu suggested.

“What’s the difference between the Secret Exchange Castle and the Technique Exchange Pavilion?” Zhao Feng asked.

He knew what an auction house was. He might find the best items there, but the prices were certain to be exorbitant.

“The Technique Exchange Pavilion is where techniques and combat skills are sold for large-scale transactions. The Secret Exchange Castle is a place where ten-some people can make deals while hiding their identity. Neither side of the exchange can see the other, only what each side is offering.” Xiahou Wu also didn’t understand very well and gave a rough summary of what he had heard.

In the end, Zhao Feng felt like this Secret Exchange Castle was the most appropriate for him. In there, Zhao Feng could take out the precious resources from the Ancient Dream Realm or Five Elements Intent Crystals as objects to exchange without worrying about inciting someone else’s greed.

The two flew along as they searched for the place, and it didn’t take long before they saw a massive pitch-black hall that stood out from the surrounding buildings and had large crowds going in and out.

“That’s the mission junction. I heard that you can put up missions or bounties there, even hire assassins or bodyguards,” Xiahou Wu introduced.

“The Secret Exchange Castle!” Suddenly, Zhao Feng found through his left eye those four words written on a signboard among the countless buildings.

It was a large, dark brown, round building. There were several hundred small paths leading into the building, each one guarded by several powerful guards.

 Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

From a distance, Zhao Feng could see several figures come to the Secret Exchange Castle, pay a fee of God Crystals, and enter through the paths. He also saw someone leaving through a different small path.

Xiahou Wu and Zhao Feng proceeded together toward the Secret Exchange Castle.

“Each path can only be entered by one person!” A guard barred their path.

This was the God Eye Assembly, so not even someone from the Life Sacred Land like Xiahou Wu dared to argue. He could only follow the rules.

Afterward, the guard took out a round tool and placed it on Zhao Feng’s hand.


Seven points of light shone from the round plate.

“Rank Seven Ancient God. Entering will require a fee of five hundred average-quality God Crystals,” the guard coldly said.

Zhao Feng was rather surprised. This fee wasn’t much to him, but it was a massive sum to an ordinary True God expert. However, Zhao Feng could see that this fee was decided based on his cultivation.

“The fee is based on your cultivation. Your cultivation is Rank Seven Ancient God, so the people you exchange with will be around the same cultivation level,” the guard casually explained.

“Once you enter, you will enter an independent sealed domain. When the number of people inside reaches twelve, the exchange will begin. Once one round of exchanging is concluded, you can choose to remain and keep on trading.” The guard explained the steps as Zhao Feng prepared to enter.

One could only proceed forward on the pitch-black paths. The walls were made of some material that made them impervious to Divine Sense. Not even Zhao Feng’s left eye could see through the thickness of these walls.

He quickly arrived at the end of the path: a small and spherical dimension.

“I guess it’s fine if I wait here,” Zhao Feng muttered to himself and seated himself cross-legged on the ground.

At this moment, the entire sealed dimension lit up.

“The exchange has begun. Please place the items for trade as well as a strand of Divine Sense into the ball of light before you,” a mechanical female voice spoke.


A white ball of light floated in front of Zhao Feng. He wasn’t familiar with this method of trading and was still rather wary, so he decided to put in five Intent Crystals first.

“The exchange begins.” After a long while, the voice spoke once more.

A moment later, eleven more balls of light appeared in front of Zhao Feng. Each ball of light had a different object, including herbs, weapons, books, and tools containing information.

“These should be the objects offered for trade by the other eleven people.” Zhao Feng instantly understood.

Zhao Feng soon discovered that, if he sent his Divine Sense into a ball of light, he could examine the item and communicate with the party offering the item for exchange.

“How peculiar!” Zhao Feng’s eyes gleamed.

This trading method was very novel and interesting to him. Everyone trading could only see what was being traded but not who was doing the trading.

The advantage of this method was that one could trade more troublesome objects or objects that were too precious without being worried about garnering the attention of others. But the disadvantage was that the trades were done very slowly, and it was very difficult to find what one needed.

Zhao Feng immediately sent his Divine Sense into the first ball of light. This was a blackish-green flower that faintly exuded Soul energy.

“Heaven Soul Bright Moon Grass, a precious treasure that has a certain chance to improve one’s eye-bloodline!” the Divine Sense that accompanied this ball of light spoke.

 It can improve an eye-bloodline?  Zhao Feng was shocked.

But Zhao Feng quickly calmed down. He sensed that these words were a mixture of truths and lies.

“There should be a limit, right?” Zhao Feng boldly asked. In any case, he didn’t know the other party.

“Ordinary eye-bloodlines will have a larger chance while God Eye descendants will have a smaller chance. In addition, it is also restricted according to cultivation,” the stranger’s voice quickly replied.

Upon learning of this, Zhao Feng’s Divine Sense left the ball of light and prepared to head to another. But at that moment, a Divine Sense voice resounded in his mind.

“It seems like someone wants to trade for my five Intent Crystals.” Zhao Feng couldn’t help but smile.

The five Intent Crystals he had offered up for trade each had a different Intent energy, and all of them were of high enough quality to be of use for Rank Seven Ancient Gods.

“How many Intent Crystals do you have with Wood Intent?” an elderly voice asked.

“A lot,” Zhao Feng simply replied.

The other party then asked what Zhao Feng wanted.

“High-quality soul resources, bloodline arts, or cultivation resources,” Zhao Feng directly said.

The secret arts and cultivation resources the other party offered were not what he ideally wanted. In the end, Zhao Feng traded for only a few cultivation resources.

The method of trading was extremely simple. Zhao Feng could place items into any one of the balls of light, but he could only remove objects from his own ball of light.

Zhao Feng placed the Intent Crystals into a certain ball of light. A few cultivation resources soon appeared in his own ball of light.

After confirming that everything was there, Zhao Feng took the resources while the other party took Zhao Feng’s Intent Crystals.

Zhao Feng sent his Divine Sense into the next ball of light. A crystalline herb of dark green hue had been placed within, exuding a vigorous Soul energy. After communicating with the other party, Zhao Feng traded some items for this herb.

In the third ball of light, Zhao Feng’s Divine Sense saw a black crystal ball. His Divine Sense lightly touched it, immediately causing an image to appear in Zhao Feng’s mind.

“It’s a memory image!” Surprised, Zhao Feng began to carefully examine the scene in his mind.