King Of Gods Chapter 1293

Chapter 1293 Secret Mission

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Chapter 1293 – Secret Mission

The image showed a gloomy and sunless space with ruins all around. The holder of this memory was swiftly traveling through these ruins.

Because it was a first-person perspective, Zhao Feng couldn’t see the actual person. In addition, certain areas had been deliberately removed.

Suddenly, a completely golden Yao God that looked like a giant eye with two arms charged out from a distant ruined building. The memory holder began to fight with this Yao God.

“Death Intent and Destruction Intent!”

Zhao Feng could conclude from the images that the owner of this memory was a descendant of the Death God Eye. As for the golden eyeball Yao Spirit, it used eye-bloodline techniques suffused with Destruction Intent. If one looked carefully, one would realize that this eyeball Yao Spirit was rather similar to the Eye of Destruction.

In the end, the Death God Eye descendant killed the Yao God and obtained an abnormally brilliant golden crystal in the shape of a chestnut.

“An Intent Crystal infused with Destruction Intent!” Zhao Feng had encountered a similar situation in the five elements crystalline palace and immediately guessed what was going on.

However, this Intent Crystal infused with Destruction Intent was undoubtedly more valuable than an Intent Crystal infused with the five elements.


The images blinked by, and the Death God Eye descendant arrived at a dilapidated and overgrown building.

“A building of the Heaven’s Legacy Race!” Zhao Feng’s eyes brightened.

He had once entered a city of the Heaven’s Legacy Race, so he was somewhat familiar with this style of building.

Of course, even if these buildings had a similar style to the buildings in the Heaven’s Legacy Race’s city, that didn’t mean much by itself. One couldn’t rule out some faction having control over a few techniques and skills of the Heaven’s Legacy Race or trying to imitate its building style.

The image blinked again, and the Death God Eye descendant was now inside this building. In front of him was a door made of violet crystal, but there was a seal on this door. The Death God Eye descendant tried for a very long time, but he ultimately failed to break the seal.

Through the seal, Zhao Feng could faintly make out a massive pool of black water. There were many black chestnut-shaped crystals around this pool. Zhao Feng could tell at a glance that these were Intent Crystals. However, Zhao Feng still wasn’t sure what sort of Intent these Intent Crystals contained.


Suddenly, the memory image vanished.

“You’ve finished watching,” a thick and muffled voice spoke.

“What do you want to trade?” Zhao Feng immediately asked.

“This is a ruin that I accidentally discovered. What you saw just now were scenes from my last exploration. Currently, I wish to invite two or three people to accompany me in venturing deeper into these ruins,” the thick voice spoke once more.

Zhao Feng’s eyes twinkled. In truth, he had already guessed that this was the case. Otherwise, why would someone put out such a precious memory?

“I need more information,” Zhao Feng said, his expression darkening. Those scenes alone did not provide enough information, but he could confirm how dangerous it would be.

“I personally explored those ruins. Although the buildings are built in the style of the Heaven’s Legacy Race, I conjecture that they were built during the Great Ancient Era or the Ancient Era as residences for powerful God Eye descendants. After all, those powerful factions all had relationships with the Heaven’s Legacy Race and borrowed from the fruits of their knowledge. Moreover, you also know through this trading method that my cultivation should be similar to yours. Since I was able to return safely from exploring these ruins, this proves that the danger level is not very high,” the person smoothly explained. After all, since he had come here to trade, he had definitely come prepared with his explanation.

His explanation revolved around two points: profit and safety. These were the two points that bystanders cared about the most.

“Why didn’t you go to the mission junction?” Zhao Feng asked another question.

“If I did that, the ruins would be completely exposed. In addition, my identity means that I would be hunted down by experts. Finally, I only need two or three comrades. In this way, everyone can maximize their profits. Thus, the Secret Exchange Castle is the best way to distribute this mission.”

Zhao Feng thought for a few moments. He would not completely trust this person’s words, only take them into consideration.

From what he could see, there truly wasn’t much danger in exploring those ruins. The fact that the holder of this memory had survived served as the best proof of this point.

Even if he was still hiding something and it did turn out to be a little dangerous, Zhao Feng didn’t mind. This was because he was confident that his own trump cards could handle such dangers.

In truth, Zhao Feng already intended to accept this mission. He just wanted more information.

“I will tell you the truth. I suspect that that place was the residence of powerful God Eye descendants, because the Intent Crystals I obtained there all contained Intents related to the Eight Great God Eyes!” the voice spoke once more.

Zhao Feng was startled. He still couldn’t completely believe this person’s words, but Zhao Feng’s own speculations told him that those ruins truly did have a chance of being the residences of God Eye descendants from the Ancient Era or Great Ancient Era.

If that was really the case, the things stored there would probably all be related to the Eight Great God Eyes. Perhaps there would even be information on the Ninth God Eye.

In addition, this was the God Eye Assembly. Almost all eye-bloodlines originated from the Eight Great God Eyes, so one could easily imagine what sort of benefits such ruins would have for them. The majority of people here would find it very hard to refuse the allure.

“As I said before, I only need two or three members, and in this exchange session, five of the eleven have already agreed to accept this mission, but I still need to filter through them and select the ideal companions,” the thick and muffled voice added.

“Okay, I’ll take the mission!” Zhao Feng thought a little longer before agreeing.

Firstly, this person still had to select the best candidates from the people that had taken the mission. Zhao Feng could obtain even more information during the filtering process.

Meanwhile, if he noticed anything strange, he could reconsider. After all, if he didn’t go and explore the ruins, the other party couldn’t do anything about it. Zhao Feng was traveling with the Life Sacred Land and was himself a Spiritual Race disciple.

“I need you to sign a blood contract guaranteeing that you don’t divulge this matter to anyone else,” the other party requested.

This request seemed to be meant to protect himself. Zhao Feng didn’t care and signed the contract.

“Okay! Take my message token. Once the exchange is over, I will get in touch with you.” The person placed a message token in Zhao Feng’s ball of light.

Zhao Feng immediately took out the message token and carefully examined it. He discovered that this was the simplest sort of message token, able to send messages over a very restricted distance. He wasn’t able to find anything suspicious about it.

Zhao Feng put the matter aside and continued to browse the other balls of light.

“Eye-Sealing Art?” Zhao Feng’s Divine Sense paused on the item in the fifth ball of light.

“This is a secret art that seals the abilities of an eye-bloodline!” a clear and bright female voice spoke.

A skill that could seal the power of an eye-bloodline at a crucial moment might serve as an unexpected trump card.

Of course, Zhao Feng had also heard of an Eye-Shrouding Art that could suppress any phenomena produced by an eye-bloodline. These two secret arts could be used together for an even stronger effect.

“What do you need?” Zhao Feng immediately asked.

The Eye-Sealing Art was exactly what Zhao Feng needed.

“I require a spacetime eye-bloodline technique,” the other party responded.

From this, one could see that this person was an Eye of Spacetime descendant or related to it in some way.

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but be delighted. He had two spacetime eye-bloodline techniques, both from the Spacetime Robe.

After judging the pros and cons, Zhao Feng decided to use the higher-level Spacetime Seal to trade.

“Your Eye-Sealing Art is far from enough if you want to trade for my spacetime eye-bloodline technique!” Zhao Feng proudly declared.

But the other party clearly had a burning desire for the Spacetime Seal and indicated that they would be willing to offer up more.

Zhao Feng brought up the Eye-Shrouding Art. Coincidentally, the other party had this secret art as well, and the two sides completed the trade.

Afterward, as Zhao Feng browsed the other items, he split off a part of his mind to roughly comprehend these two secret arts.

After giving them a rough glance, he discovered that the Eye-Sealing Art was on a higher level while the Eye-Shrouding Art was not worth as much. This was because the Eye-Shrouding Art was restricted by its quality and could not completely shroud certain more powerful eyes.

Zhao Feng didn’t see anything else that interested him among the other items, so he began to comprehend these two eye-bloodline techniques in the sealed dimension.

After a long while, the exchange ended. Zhao Feng got up and entered a nearby small store. When he saw Xiahou Wu, Zhao Feng went up to meet him.

“Well, how did it go?” Zhao Feng suddenly asked.

“I was probably trading with Rank Seven Ancient Gods. I took a liking to some Wood Intent Crystals, but my items were of too low quality. I was barely able to trade for a few Intent Crystals,” Xiahou Wu said with a smile.

As he was a peak Rank Six, only a step from the Ancient God level, it wasn’t strange at all for him to be grouped with the Ancient Gods while trading.

Zhao Feng’s expression froze. He recalled that, in the second ball of light, he had traded some Wood Intent Crystals, but the other party’s soul cultivation resources truly weren’t anything to talk about. It turned out that this person was Xiahou Wu!

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but quietly chuckle to himself.

“Let’s look around elsewhere. This God Eye Assembly is truly a rare event. We can’t miss out!” Zhao Feng said with a smile.

The two took a stroll and went to the Technique Exchange Pavilion.

The techniques and arts for sale here were all related to the soul and eye-bloodlines. The only downside was that they were all extremely expensive.

Zhao Feng actually had quite a lot of God Crystals, but as a Rank Seven Ancient God, he could not display too much wealth. Thus, Zhao Feng chose to buy only a few techniques and eye-bloodline techniques that he found suitable or interesting.

“Let’s find an inn to rest,” Zhao Feng suggested.

There were too many capable people at this God Eye Assembly. Zhao Feng decided that it was better if he didn’t expose his eye-bloodline. Thus, he wanted to first comprehend the Eye-Shrouding Art and Eye-Sealing Art so that he could conceal his God’s Spiritual Eye.

Xiahou Wu had done rather well on this shopping trip, so he agreed with the suggestion.

The two then found suitable rooms for themselves and settled in.


To save time, Zhao Feng entered the Spacetime Robe Dimension to cultivate the two eye-bloodline techniques. Ten days later, Zhao Feng had proficiently grasped the two eye-bloodline techniques and was prepared to conceal his God’s Spiritual Eye.