King Of Gods Chapter 1295

Chapter 1295 Star Eye Technique

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Chapter 1295 – Star Eye Technique

The mysterious figure that had issued the secret mission wanted to see Zhao Feng’s strength. Thus, Zhao Feng needed a person to duel against so that the other party could see his power, and there just so happened to be someone who was begging for a lesson from him.

“Whether it’s true or false, how do you know unless you see for yourself?” Zhao Feng smiled at Young Master Hai.

As Zhao Feng said these words, he used the message token to send his coordinates to the other party.

“You…” Young Master Hai was dazed at first, but then he began to look at Zhao Feng with arrogance and slight disdain.

“Zhao Feng, this Young Master Hai is an extremely renowned prodigy of the Antian Zone. Although he’s not a descendant of the Eight Great God Eyes, his Star Eye is extremely formidable.” Xiahou Wu had an indifferent look on his face as he messaged Zhao Feng.

He didn’t know much about Young Master Hai, but he had a keen understanding of Zhao Feng’s strength, so he wasn’t very worried. He was just giving Zhao Feng a little warning.

“Haha, it seems like your reputation in the Ziling Zone has gone to your head!” Young Master Hai suddenly broke into laughter.

Even if Zhao Feng had truly managed to directly breakthrough into Rank Six of the Heavenly Divine Realm and was now at Rank Seven, just how strong could he possibly be? Young Master Hai was extremely confident in his own power.

“Hmph, you’re still just as rash and ignorant as ever!” True God Cloudbreaker coldly grunted, though he was actually a little happy.

When he learned that Zhao Feng was already a Rank Seven Ancient God, all the pride that True God Cloudbreaker felt before had instantly vanished. But now, Zhao Feng was seeking death in challenging Young Master Hai, and he was rather looking forward to the sight of Young Master Hai slaughtering Zhao Feng.

“In that case, I’ll test your skills.” A sinister smile appeared on Young Master Hai’s lips.

“Young Master Hai, there just so happens to be a gambling stage nearby,” True God Cloudbreaker immediately said.

Young Master Hai wanted to fight Zhao Feng, but this arena’s rules were not suited for their match.

“Then let’s go.” Zhao Feng had a relaxed and confident appearance

“What’s going on? Young Master Hai wants to fight with someone from the Ziling Zone?”

“Isn’t that Zhao Feng? Zhao Feng is going to duel with the Antian Zone’s Young Master Hai!”

Everyone in the arena was an eye-bloodline holder from one of the two nearby major zones. Zhao Feng and Young Master Hai were both extremely famous in their respective zones, so the clash of this pair drew away a part of the crowd in the arena.

 Swoosh! Swoosh!

Zhao Feng and Young Master Hai set out for a gambling stage near the arena.

In a certain part of the arena, three black-robed figures were standing together. One of them, a man with an evil face, took out a message token.

“What a coincidence! Another person who took the mission is here as well.” The man couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Ancient God Black Extreme, your fish has taken the bait?” a man who had one Eye of Myriad Forms smiled and asked.

Ancient God Black Extreme soon received an additional piece of information: “I am currently headed for a gambling stage nearby to fight with a Rank Seven Ancient God.”

“Mm, I’ll go first,” Ancient God Black Extreme said before swiftly departing.

Zhao Feng and Young Master Hai paid a fee of average-quality God Crystals and entered the gambling match area. Following them were Xiahou Wu, some of Young Master Hai’s companions, and some spectators from the arena. If not for the fact that Lin Chengwu was still fighting with Meng Wu, even more people might have shown up.

This gambling match area had four stages in total. Two of the stages were currently occupied.

“Gentlemen, please place your wagers!” the referee declared.


Zhao Feng opened his hand, revealing ten multicolored crystals.

“These ten Intent Crystals will have enormous effects for cultivators up to and including Level Five of an Intent.” Zhao Feng gave the Intent Crystals to the referee.

“Such high-level Intent Crystals!” Even the referee’s eyes brightened as he received the Intent Crystals.

Even the majority of Ancient Gods only had Intents around Level Five. This meant that these Intent Crystals were cultivation resources meant for Ancient Gods.

Young Master Hai was rather taken aback. Zhao Feng had put up a truly decent wager.

“I’m wagering a divine-level high-class eye-bloodline technique, Earthshaking Nova!” Young Master Hai proudly declared.

His wager naturally had to be more valuable than Zhao Feng’s. Besides, he was bound to win this battle, so it didn’t really matter that he was wagering such a precious eye-bloodline technique.

“Whatever, let’s start,” Zhao Feng carelessly said.

He had come here primarily to prove his strength to the person giving the mission. He wasn’t even thinking about what he could get from Young Master Hai.

Young Master Hai’s brow creased, and his face slightly grimaced in displeasure. The eye-bloodline technique he had taken out was far more valuable than Zhao Feng’s ten Intent Crystals, but his opponent didn’t seem to care and appeared totally uninterested.

“You may begin!” The referee placed the wagers on the edge of the stage and then activated the boundary array.

At this moment, Ancient God Black Extreme, who was hidden in the ground, looked at the stage where Zhao Feng and Young Master Hai were fighting and softly murmured, “Is it him? Even though he’s not a descendant of the Eight Great God Eyes, his eye is rather unusual!”

Ancient God Black Extreme was originally rather disappointed, but when his Eye of Death looked at Zhao Feng’s left eye, he inexplicably became a little interested.


On the stage, Young Master Hai activated his Star Eye. His body floated into the air and was shrouded in starry light.

“Star Flash!” Young Master Hai jeered at Zhao Feng and then vanished in a flash of starry light.

In his view, Zhao Feng would never be able to see through such a high-level movement technique.

 Swoosh swoosh!

Young Master Hai transformed into a dim streak of starlight that rapidly moved over the stage. Its movements were extremely bizarre, occasionally making sudden turns while not slowing down at all, making it very unpredictable.

Suddenly, the starlight turned and shot toward Zhao Feng.

“Celestial Star Explosion!” Young Master Hai activated his Star Eyes, which began to accumulate dazzling starlight.


Starlight exploded from his eyes in a dazzling and magnificent ball toward Zhao Feng.

At this moment, Zhao Feng’s body was overlaid by spatial blurs.


The destructive ball of starlight passed though Zhao Feng’s body, destroying all in its path.

“No, he escaped!” Young Master Hai grimaced.

At this moment, he sensed a powerful ripple of Divine Power from behind him.


Young Master Hai suddenly turned and began to flee in another direction.

A gloomy palm of chaotic light flew past him and struck the distant boundary array, unleashing a massive explosion.

 Boom! Bang! Crash!

The two continued to exchange blows, dreadful ripples of energy sweeping across the stage.

“Amazing! Young Master Hai is skilled in Star Intent, and his movement techniques are profound and extremely fast, but Zhao Feng is skilled in the art of Spatial Blink!” The spectators cried out in surprise and pleasure.

“Zhao Feng is actually this strong!?” True God Cloudbreaker had a rather dejected expression.

Someone who could exchange blows with Young Master Hai could not be considered an ordinary Rank Seven Ancient God.

 This person’s eye-bloodline techniques can attack both the soul and the body, and his movement technique is rather annoying.  Zhao Feng’s expression became serious.

“Let’s see how you run once I destabilize the surrounding space!” Young Master Hai roared, his eyes thrumming with astonishing Eye Intent. At the same time, Star Intent mixed with weak Space Intent rippled outward.

“Stellar Flurry!” Young Master Hai’s eyes glimmered with starlight and began to madly turn.

Images of stars large and small appeared in the surrounding space, transforming the stage into a world of stars.


Suddenly, these stars simultaneously exploded, unleashing a destructive storm.

Zhao Feng immediately condensed a shield of Chaos Origin Divine Power in front of himself while two golden wings formed behind his back. Using his Metal Lightning Radiance Wings, he swiftly attempted to dodge this attack.

“Ha, you can’t use Spatial Blink now!” Young Master Hai coldly laughed as he shot off in a ray of starlight in pursuit.

Star Flash was a high-speed skill that used Star Intent. It was far faster than the Metal Lightning Radiance Wings while also being unaffected by Space Intent.

“Earthshaking Nova!” The countless tiny stars in Young Master Hai’s eyes gathered together into a white ball of starlight.

“What a powerful eye-bloodline technique!” Zhao Feng’s face immediately chilled. At this moment, Young Master Hai was a massive star hanging over his head, ready to crush him.

“Good, Young Master Hai is going to win!” The people from the Antian Zone cheered.

“Haha, you could have chosen anyone to offend, but you recklessly insisted on finding Young Master Hai!” True God Cloudbreaker jeered as he inwardly rejoiced.

“Ah, he’s not a God Eye descendant, and his eye-bloodline doesn’t seem to be very strong. It even seems like he’s going to lose. It seems like I’ll need to keep searching!” Ancient God Black Extreme sighed, a little angry.

“Eh!?” Suddenly, Ancient God Black Extreme sensed a stream of Spacetime Intent, and his Eye of Death turned to Zhao Feng.

“Spacetime Seal!” Zhao Feng’s left eye locked onto Young Master Hai and exuded a profound and mysterious Intent energy.

This Spacetime Intent that seemed both real and fake instantly descended on Young Master Hai. The eye-bloodline technique that Young Master Hai had been preparing to use suddenly slowed down.


By the time it was unleashed, Zhao Feng had long ago left the range of the attack.


The Earthshaking Nova suddenly appeared where Zhao Feng had been just moments ago. An astonishingly enormous power brutally battered the area, even causing space to slightly twist.

“This is… spacetime… eye-bloodline technique!?” Young Master Hai was astonished and immediately unleashed his own Space Intent to counteract the effects.

Based on what he understood, only Eye of Spacetime descendants could use such a profound spacetime eye-bloodline technique.

“Chaos Origin Palm!” Zhao Feng circulated his Chaos Origin Divine Power and unleashed two massive palms of dim light.

Young Master Hai hurriedly circulated his own energy to protect his body. At the same time, he took out a high-quality defensive divine artifact. However, the Time Intent surrounding him meant that he was struck by Zhao Feng’s attack before he had time to activate the divine artifact.


Young Master Hai’s body flew backward as he vomited blood, leaving a bloody path in his wake.

 The spacetime eye-bloodline technique’s power is weakening!  Young Master Hai began to stabilize his injuries.

Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline techniques were weakened because he had sealed off his God Eye’s Origin energy.

“You can lose now!” Zhao Feng suddenly blinked behind Young Master Hai and unleashed several more palms of light. At the same time, his left eye crackled with a dream-like lightning flame.


Young Master Hai was instantly shrouded in chaotic Divine Power and silver lightning flames. Young Master Hai’s body once more flew backward, and he struck the ground as a pile of mangled flesh.

“Young Master Hai… how…?” True God Cloudbreaker was frozen, a look of disbelief on his face.

Xiahou Wu only chuckled; he had predicted that Young Master Hai would lose to Zhao Feng.

“Such a profound spacetime eye-bloodline technique. Could it be an eye-bloodline related to the Eye of Spacetime?” After his initial shock, Ancient God Black Extreme began to speculate.

At this moment, a black figure appeared by his side and spoke. “How was it?”

“He’s not a descendant of the Eight Great God Eyes,” Ancient God Black Extreme flatly said.

“Eh!? It’s him?” A single Eye of Myriad Forms stared out of the black figure, a hint of surprise within it.