King Of Gods Chapter 1301

Chapter 1301 A Powerful Race Gets Involved

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Chapter 1301 – A Powerful Race Gets Involved

Hah, a mere Rank Five True God probably can’t hold this level of Death Liquid in his Origin Dimension. Is he not worried about damaging his Death Dimension?  Ancient God Black Extreme mentally jeered.

Even he didn’t dare to absorb the Death Liquid too quickly. After all, his Origin Dimension was linked to his Eye of Death. If it was damaged, it would be the same as his Eye of Death being heavily damaged.

But a moment later, Ancient God Black Extreme’s face froze. Zhao Wang’s eyes began to madly spin to life, sucking up the Death Liquid from the pool like a giant vortex. This absorption speed was quite a bit faster than Ancient God Black Extreme’s.

 What… how? Is he really not afraid of death?  Ancient God Black Extreme’s body was stiff, his mind reeling.

On the other end, Zhao Feng, Lin Chengwu, and the beautiful young lady firmly suppressed the Eye of Death Yao God.

Lin Chengwu and the lady also noticed that Zhao Wang was unusual, but compared to Ancient God Black Extreme, they hoped that Zhao Wang would be able to absorb the majority of the Death Liquid.

“Ancient God Black Extreme, why are you so slow? You’re even slower than Zhao Feng’s clone!” The young lady giggled, causing Ancient God Black Extreme to pale.

Zhao Wang faintly smiled. Although he had only recently become a Rank Five True God, the Staff of Death Curse, the high-level resources of the Ancient Dream Realm, and the guidance of various experts had already brought him to the peak of Rank Five, not far from Rank Six. The current him had already obtained the basic acknowledgment of the Staff of Death Curse and was able to exhibit a portion of its power.

Within the Death Dimension, each drop of Death Liquid would naturally flow to the Staff of Death Curse, circling around before flowing into the staff.

The Staff of Death Curse had been sealed under the God Sealing Stone stele for many years and had lost much of its power. This Death Liquid served as an ideal supplement.

As it absorbed the Death Liquid, the Staff of Death Curse would lower the quality of a portion of the Death Liquid and leave it in the Death Dimension for Zhao Wang to use. Thus, the two mutually benefited each other.

 What’s going on? Unless his Eye of Death has reached the Quasi God Eye level, how could he endure this?  Ancient God Black Extreme was observing Zhao Wang’s every move.

He was puzzled over why Zhao Wang was so bold as to absorb so much Death Liquid. However, even though so much time had passed, Zhao Wang was showing no ill effects and continued to absorb Death Liquid at the same speed. Meanwhile, Ancient God Black Extreme’s Death Dimension was already beginning to hit its limits.

A little while longer, Ancient God Black Extreme was forced to stop absorbing Death Liquid. After shooting a glare at Zhao Wang, he seated himself cross-legged and began to refine what he had absorbed.

When he opened his eyes again, the Death Liquid had been almost completely absorbed, with the surface covered in Death Intent Crystals. The Eye of Death Yao God was gradually weakening under the attacks of Zhao Feng and the other two.

“It’s about to die!” Zhao Feng called out, and he took several steps forward.

Lin Chengwu and the young lady also got a little closer to the pool so that they could guarantee themselves some of the spoils.

At a certain moment, the trio launched lethal strikes against the Eye of Death Yao God.

 Boom! Bang!

The Eye of Death Yao God’s body gradually splintered apart.


The young lady and Lin Chengwu charged right into the dried-up pool. Zhao Feng only pretended to approach the pool while his left eye was focused on the collapsing Eye of Death Yao God, where a spatial vortex was slowly emerging.

Above the spatial vortex was a pitch-black chestnut-shaped crystal exuding thick Death energy. This was the Intent Crystal that was inside the Eye of Death Yao God’s body.

Zhao Feng’s eye could see that there was a sphere in this crystal, similar to an eye.

Zhao Feng was about to take the chestnut-shaped crystal, but Ancient God Black Extreme’s figure suddenly appeared nearby. As he extended a claw, the black mist around it began to exert a powerful suction that pulled the Intent Crystal out of Zhao Feng’s range.

 This person’s target is…  Zhao Feng’s face darkened as he used his Space Intent to blink to the crystal.

He had only noticed the unique traits of this black crystal because of his left eye, making him want to take it, but apparently, Ancient God Black Extreme’s goal was the Intent Crystal inside that Yao God from the very beginning.

 Whoosh! Whoosh!

With consecutive blinks, Zhao Feng was able to get close to the crystal and seize it for himself.

“Brother Zhao is quite skilled!” Ancient God Black Extreme saw that Zhao Feng had obtained the Intent Crystal and ceased his own attempts.

Lin Chengwu and the young lady also put down what they were doing and looked at Zhao Feng and Ancient God Black Extreme.

“Zhao Feng, what did you get?”

“The four us are working together for the time being, but you wanted to take something good and not share?”

The two naturally understood that they had seemingly missed out on some even more precious treasure.

“This is the Intent Crystal that was in the Yao God. Its quality is quite a bit higher than the Intent Crystals in the pool. If you’re willing to give this Intent Crystal to me, I will give up on the Intent Crystals in the pool!” Zhao Feng fearlessly showed off the Intent Crystal he had just obtained.

After saying his piece, Zhao Feng looked at Ancient God Black Extreme.

The other two could see that the Intent Crystal in Zhao Feng’s hand truly was as he said: of slightly higher quality than the rest. But Ancient God Black Extreme seemed to know something else, it was just a matter of if he was willing to say anything. If he didn’t say anything, the other two wouldn’t notice and would give up on the Intent Crystal.

The words Ancient God Black Extreme eventually said took Zhao Feng by surprise.

“I have no objection,” Ancient God Black Extreme very casually said.

But internally, Ancient God Black Extreme was sneering.  Whatever the three of you can get for now will all be mine in the end!

Lin Chengwu and the young lady didn’t need these Intent Crystals personally, they only cared about their value. After weighing the pros and cons, they eventually agreed.

They felt that the person they had to be most vigilant against was Ancient God Black Extreme. Since Ancient God Black Extreme didn’t care, they didn’t need to press Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng managed to smoothly obtain the special Intent Crystal.

Before placing it in his Interspatial Dimension, Zhao Feng activated his left eye and carefully examined it. He realized that the sphere in the Intent Crystal was actually an Eye of Death!

 Could it be that, when the expert of this place died, the eye encountered something else and evolved into a Yao God?  Zhao Feng pondered the matter for a while before putting it aside.

Although all he gained was this special Intent Crystal, he had also obtained a large amount of Death Liquid earlier. In short, Zhao Feng had actually gained the most from this assault.

The Death Intent Crystals in the pool were quickly divided between the other three. The only things left were broken-down objects like withered herbs and ore drained of energy.

“Let’s go! The path ahead should lead to some other important place,” Ancient God Black Extreme said as he began to take the lead.

But the moment they came to the path, Ancient God Black Extreme stopped and began to cautiously advance step by step.

“I removed all the mechanisms and traps previously, so we could travel as we pleased, but now, we will need to be very careful. It’s better if the rest of you don’t touch anything!” Ancient God Black Extreme solemnly said.

The rest of the party members nodded. They didn’t know what divine being had once resided in this place, but it had undoubtedly been someone that far surpassed their current level.

They had no doubt that the traps here could instantly kill them. If not for Ancient God Black Extreme’s skill in traps and arrays, they might have given upon on further exploration.

After advancing a little farther, they came to a crossroads. The group knew nothing about the place, so they left the choice up to Ancient God Black Extreme.

The party passed through rooms of various sizes. Some of them were completely collapsed, but there were still Yao Gods hiding in them. Other rooms contained quite a few precious resources infused with Death Intent.

“Could this place have been the residence of some powerful Eye of Death descendant?” the beautiful lady somewhat impatiently asked.

Everything they had found up to now was related to Death Intent, leaving her very annoyed.

“It shouldn’t be. Outside, we encountered quite a few Yao Gods with Destruction Intent and Life Intent,” Lin Chengwu calmly said.

“Everyone, these ruins are enormous! Don’t get anxious.” Ancient God Black Extreme faintly smiled.

The rest of the group nodded. From the outside, these ruins truly appeared gigantic. However, the traps and arrays greatly hindered their progress, meaning that they probably hadn’t even searched one percent of the ruins.

At this moment, above the ruins, nearly ten figures flew by, led by a stalwart figure with golden eyes that shone with determination.

“Ancient God Giant Spirit, it’s right down there!” a youth with dark golden skin smiled and said.

This person was none other than the one who had nearly wiped out the Spiritual Race’s team in the gambling match between the two races, Ancient God Gilded Gold.

“The Destruction Origin in my body was obtained from these ruins, but there are too many mechanisms inside. I simply didn’t have the power to continue exploring,” Ancient God Gilded Gold continued.

On his training journey, he had accidentally entered this place where he had a lucky encounter and broke into the Ancient God level. In the end, he returned to his race and became the ace card for the gambling match. Alas, he was ultimately defeated by Zhao Feng.

“We came prepared this time. At the very least, we should be able to extract the majority of the treasure from these ruins!” Ancient God Giant Spirit growled.

“This old man has explored a few ruins left behind by the Heaven’s Legacy Race before.” Next to him, an elder wearing a robe adorned with violet clouds gave a confident smile.

At this moment, many Yao Gods in the area noticed this group and madly threw themselves at the newcomers.

“Seeking death!” Ancient God Giant Spirit’s body trembled, physical power shaking the heavens while golden flames wreaked havoc.

This storm of golden flames swept up all the debris, shattered ruins, and flung them aside. Yao Gods weaker than Rank Seven were immediately pulverized by this powerful energy.

“Too strong!” The surviving Yao Gods sensed the danger coming from Ancient God Giant Spirit and felt a tinge of fear.

At this moment, Ancient God Giant Spirit began to jab out with his finger.

 Swoosh swoosh!

Several dazzling beams of golden flame shot toward the surviving Yao Gods and ran them through.

“Ah…!” Flames spread across their bodies, causing them to crack apart and eventually burn to ash.

 A Rank Eight Ancient God really is something else!  Ancient God Gilded Gold mentally sighed.

“Prepare to explore,” Ancient God Giant Spirit said once he had finished handling the Yao Gods.

“It seems like someone else came before us,” the violet-robed elder whispered as he observed the area.

“That’s perfect. Have them forge the path for us.” Ancient God Giant Spirit was unperturbed.

Afterward, the Blazing Gold Race party found an entrance and went inside.