King Of Gods Chapter 1303

Chapter 1303 The Thieving Cat Strikes

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Chapter 1303 – The Thieving Cat Strikes

The moment the two crystal boxes were opened, Ancient God Black Extreme began to battle with Ancient God Profound Devil.

On the other end, the members of both parties attacked at the same time.

The azure-robed elder’s eyes immediately exploded with dazzling golden light, unleashing an energy that could destroy all things.


Zhao Feng’s body flashed as he approached the crystal boxes. He was cultivating many kinds of Intent and had three clones as well, so any one of these treasures would be of enormous aid to him.

“Haha, Zhao Feng, I’ll be the one taking care of you!” The yellow-clothed youth from the Life Sacred Land activated his physical strength and Eye of Life and charged at Zhao Feng.

The Eye of Life was one of the weaker God Eyes when it came to fighting power, but it was also easier to cultivate, as the majority of cultivation resources contained Life Intent. Thus, everything in this place was also very suitable for the yellow-clothed youth.

Zhao Feng’s expression darkened. When he first met up with the team from the Life Sacred Land, the yellow-clothed youth displayed his displeasure. Zhao Feng had heard from Xiahou Wu that his refusal of the Life Sacred Land’s invitation had greatly displeased the elders and disciples of that faction.


Two golden wings condensed behind Zhao Feng. Through the use of both his golden wings and Spatial Blink, he was able to avoid the yellow-clothed youth while approaching the crystal boxes.

“Hmph, get out of here!” Ancient God Profound Devil, who was battling with Ancient God Black Extreme, suddenly unleashed a shining golden spear from his right eye at Zhao Feng.

“So strong!” Zhao Feng used the analysis powers and escape techniques of his left eye to avoid the attack.

Of everyone present, the one-eyed Ancient God Profound Devil was the strongest. While suppressing Ancient God Black Extreme, he even had extra strength to attack Zhao Feng.

Meanwhile, Lin Chengwu was battling with the azure-robed elder. But even with his Eye of Spacetime, Lin Chengwu couldn’t find many advantages versus the azure-robed elder.

In the early stages of this battle, Ancient God Profound Devil’s team had the upper hand. The three of them were also doing their utmost to take the cultivation treasures from the crystal boxes.

The crystal boxes were rather sturdy, but their contents wouldn’t be able to endure any of their attacks. As a result, everyone was doing their best to prevent the shockwaves of their battles from getting near the crystal boxes, but this also increased the difficulty in taking the treasures.

At this moment:

 Swish! Swish!

Several figures rushed onto the battlefield. These were all Samsara Immortal Bodies belonging to the beautiful young lady.

The strongest was a body that had just reached Rank Seven while the rest were Rank Six True Gods.

As for the young lady herself, she retreated to the rear, occasionally launching long-distance sneak attacks on the opposing team.

With the entry of these Samsara Immortal Bodies, Ancient God Profound Devil’s side gradually began to lose ground.

“Interconnected Myriad Forms Zone!” A multicolored shroud of light appeared around Ancient God Profound Devil, the energy of the Myriad Forms of the world contained within it, strengthening both his fighting power and defensive capabilities.

“Heaven Earth Annihilation!” The azure-robed elder’s two eyes began to turn, the Destruction Intent beginning to slowly wither away everything before his eyes.

“These two are truly powerful!” The young lady gasped in surprise.

But this was also because the opposing team had a good composition. Ancient God Profound Devil was skilled in defense, the azure-robed elder had powerful attacks, and the yellow-robed youth’s Eye of Life granted him formidable recovering abilities.

“Ignore them!” The woman focused her eyes on the Seven-Colored Samsara Grass in the crystal box. She took control over several of the stronger Rank Six Samsara Immortal Bodies and tasked them with seizing treasures.

At this moment:


A golden flash of light flitted over the crystal box. The woman saw that one of the cultivation treasures she had an eye on suddenly disappeared.

“That brat Zhao Feng…!” The woman was flabbergasted.

The one fighting with Zhao Feng was the youth from the Life Sacred Land. However, Zhao Feng wasn’t even fighting back; he was just constantly dodging as traveled around the edges of the crystal boxes. Whenever the yellow-clothed youth got close, Zhao Feng would always break away.


One of the woman’s Samsara Immortal Bodies began to approach the crystal boxes.

At this moment, a golden blur flitted past as Zhao Feng snatched away a seven-colored herb covered in many circles.

“My Seven-Colored Samsara Grass!” the lady immediately screamed.

Although she was part of the same team as Zhao Feng, the method by which they distributed treasures was each to their own ability.

“Damn! This person is too fast!” The yellow-clothed youth was well aware that he would never be able to fight with Zhao Feng, so he stopped chasing him and charged toward the crystal boxes.

“These don’t belong to you!” Zhao Feng saw that the yellow-clothed youth was also going after treasure and began to enact countermeasures.


A violet-silver lightning bolt exploded on the youth’s soul. Zhao Feng then fired off a palm to push the youth back and approached the crystal boxes.

“Haha, the Celestial Void Sacred Mushroom is mine as well!” Zhao Feng chuckled to himself as he took a small silver mushroom and a dark gold fruit next to it.

“My Void Destruction Divine Fruit!” The azure-robed elder saw that the Destruction Intent cultivation resource he wanted was snatched away by Zhao Feng and was instantly infuriated, his eyes exploding with mad torrents of Destruction Intent.

Lin Chengwu also had a terrible grimace, as the Celestial Void Sacred Mushroom he needed had been seized by Zhao Feng.

“Why don’t we stop our fight and divide up the treasures equally?” Lin Chengwu messaged the azure-robed elder.

The azure-robed elder’s expression froze, but he appeared to agree and began to communicate with the yellow-robed youth and Ancient God Profound Devil.

The Life Sacred Land youth was extremely depressed. In his battle with Zhao Feng, he had gained nothing and suffered much. Thus, he swiftly agreed.

“Everyone, we’re not your enemies. Why don’t we divide the treasures – sixty percent to you and forty percent to us?” Once all his members had agreed, Ancient God Profound Devil spoke.

The young lady and Zhao Feng were slightly startled.

 These people saw that I was getting too much and decided to talk peace?  Zhao Feng couldn’t help but become dejected.

From what he could see, Lin Chengwu and the young lady would not refuse. If he alone refused while the rest of his team agreed, he wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

But at this moment, the powerful aura of an ancient bloodline suddenly appeared. This bloodline aura made everyone’s bloodlines freeze and their minds shiver.

Ordinary descendants of the Eight Great God Eyes had bloodlines equivalent to around rank forty of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races. A Quasi God Eye was equivalent to rank twenty among the ancient bloodlines.

But now, this unique and unknown ancient bloodline energy had suppressed all their bloodlines.

 Another powerful species came to this place?  Ancient God Black Extreme and Ancient God Profound Devil were both mentally shocked.

They had only invited people with eye-bloodlines. Besides the Eight Great God Eyes or other eye-bloodlines, what else could there be that could so severely impact their bloodlines?


In a flash of dark silver light, a figure appeared in one of the crystal boxes.

“Cat…?” The azure-robed elder and yellow-clothed youth all stared in shock at the silver-gray cat in the crystal box.

This cat had dark-gray skin, and its limbs were slender and nimble. What differentiated it from ordinary cats was that its four limbs and tail were covered with many bright silver runes and mysterious characters, making it appear mysterious and strange.


The little thieving cat stared at the crowd and sniggered, its tail covered in runes and characters waving through the air like a silver whip.

 Little thieving cat!?  Zhao Feng was stunned.

This cat appeared quite different from the little thieving cat’s original form, as if it had grown up. If not for the contract linking them, Zhao Feng would have almost failed to recognize it.

Zhao Feng was also left stunned by the significant transformation the little thieving cat had experienced. The ancient bloodline pressure that intimidated all of them was definitely not normal.

But even though the little thieving cat had experienced some unknown metamorphosis, it still had that wily and evil face.

“Heaven’s Legacy…!” Ancient God Black Extreme’s mind was reeling.

Ancient God Profound Devil’s face was also constantly twitching and grimacing.

 He knows of the Heaven’s Legacy Cat?  Zhao Feng shot a glance at Ancient God Black Extreme.

“Heaven’s Legacy Cat” was a phrase he heard from an automaton in the city left behind by the Heaven’s Legacy Race.

Ancient God Black Extreme also seemed to know of the Heaven’s Legacy Cat, and even though Ancient God Profound Devil might not have said anything, Zhao Feng could tell from his expression that he knew as well.


The little thieving cat made a wicked expression, and then it opened its mouth and swallowed a fruit.

“Damn, where’d this cat come from!?” the azure-robed elder immediately roared. This cat was actually eating such precious cultivation resources?

Lin Chengwu turned his eyes to Zhao Feng. Just a moment ago, he detected a very faint spatial ripple from Zhao Feng’s direction.

 That cat has such an abnormal bloodline. If I made it my pet…  The young lady suddenly had an idea.


The little thieving cat appeared confused, as if saying,  do you idiots not care about what I’m doing?  The little thieving cat waved its long claws again, after which a snow-white mushroom appeared in its paw and then in its mouth.


The little thieving cat blinked to another side, and with a sweep of its mouth, five more precious herbs disappeared.

“Not good! This greedy thieving cat!” the yellow-clothed youth bellowed.

The young lady, azure-robed elder, and Lin Chengwu also became infuriated. They were just fighting to the death and managed to get their hands on only one or two of these treasures, but the moment this little thieving cat appeared, it swallowed up many kinds of priceless treasures and didn’t seem ready to stop.

Only Ancient God Black Extreme and Ancient God Profound Devil remained pensive, standing lost in thought.

 This rascal!  Zhao Feng clapped his forehead. The little thieving cat’s actions had enraged both parties.

But the little thieving cat wasn’t very large, and no one wanted to use any powerful techniques while it was in the crystal boxes, afraid to destroy the precious treasures.

 Swish! Swish!

Lin Chengwu blinked up to the crystal boxes.

“Spatial Flash Blade!” Lin Chengwu locked his left eye on the little thieving cat and unleashed a spatial eye-bloodline technique.


A slender white blade appeared next to the little thieving cat, about to cut straight through it.

But the inconceivable occurred: the slender white blade passed right through the little thieving cat and left not even a single mark.


The white crystal blade disappeared into the unique soil, impacting against the crystal wall underground and leaving a shallow mark.

Meanwhile, the little thieving cat continued to jump around, a wicked smile on its face, and swallowed down five more cultivation resources.