King Of Gods Chapter 1305

Chapter 1305 Core Area

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Chapter 1035 – Core Area

“Dig it out. It might still be useful or have something we can take!” Ancient God Black Extreme called out.

The rest of the party immediately began to work.

This Heaven’s Legacy Race automaton was highly likely to be a member of these God Eye ruins. Moreover, automatons essentially did not have a limit to their lives. If this automaton was still alive, they could possibly obtain some information from it and learn the truth about these ruins.

If these were God Eye ruins, then a Heaven’s Legacy Race automaton appearing was far from normal. Perhaps the true face of this place was not as Ancient God Black Extreme had said it was.

“Strike!” Lin Chengwu’s face slightly twitched.

“Spatial Flash Flurry!” He immediately activated his Eye of Spacetime, unleashing a powerful Eye Intent.


Countless white crystal blades ignored distance to directly strike the metal slab. However, the buildings of these ruins were all very special, and this large remnant of a silver wall that they were all facing was extremely heavy and tough. Lin Chengwu’s eye-bloodline technique was only able to shave off a few chunks.

At the same time, the beautiful girl let out ten-some Samsara Immortal Bodies that began to launch attack after attack at the metal slab.

Ancient God Black Extreme also aimed his Eye of Death at the large metal slab. Death Intent would cause any object to gradually wither away and approach death, and its effects on the massive silver slab were the most obvious.

The four working together quickly managed to excavate half of the Heaven’s Legacy Race automaton.

“It’s no use to us smashed this badly.” The beautiful woman was a little disappointed.

They only managed to dig out the head and upper body of the automaton, but the automaton’s face was smashed into a mangled mess while its chest had a massive hole, all the parts within destroyed.

“Let me try.” Ancient God Black Extreme stepped forward and squatted down beside the automaton.

“What are you going to try?” Lin Chengwu curiously asked.

“The various parts of this automaton have sustained severe damage. Even the finest array masters of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods wouldn’t be able to repair them. But the head of this automaton hasn’t sustained as much damage, so I’m going to try to see if I can get any information from it,” Ancient God Black Extreme simply answered, and then before anyone could say anything more, he took a few tools, activated his secret arts, and placed his hand on the automaton’s head.

Black words flowed out of Ancient God Black Extreme’s hand, forming waves of light that entered the automaton’s head. Several clicks could be heard from the automaton’s head, and Ancient God Black Extreme had already closed his eyes as if he was carefully looking for something.

After a long while, the young lady softly whispered, “How is it going?”

“I’ve obtained the majority of the map information for this place!” Ancient God Black Extreme drew back his hand and put away his tool before finally saying.

“Is that so?” Lin Chengwu appeared rather taken aback.

From what he could see, their group had just been aimlessly wandering around these ruins up until now. If they had this area’s map information, then they could mark out a goal and obtain the most profit in the shortest amount of time.

“Did you find anything else besides the map?” Zhao Feng stepped forward and asked.

“His memory bank has an extremely high-level seal on it, and I can’t access it. But the map information was independently stored in its head, which was why I was able to get to it,” Ancient God Black Extreme spoke with a candid expression.

The young lady and Lin Chengwu slightly grimaced. They conjectured that Ancient God Black Extreme’s harvest was not restricted to just the map information, but he chose to conceal the rest of whatever he discovered. Thus, the two decided to keep a close watch on Ancient God Black Extreme.


Ancient God Black Extreme waved his hand, displaying a rough map before the rest of the party.

“This map…” Everyone focused on the map, and then their eyes slowly gravitated to the same point.

“This is the core area of the God Eye ruins!” The woman gasped in surprise.

All of them could clearly see that there was a large circle in the center of the map, colored in red to indicate that this area was forbidden. In addition, there was a large eye symbol in the center of the circle.

“Correct! In addition, we currently aren’t very far from the core area!” Ancient God Black Extreme nodded and said.

The rest of the party was startled, unable to hide their agitation.

When these massive ruins were still whole, they were almost certainly a most glorious sight to behold. For instance, the herb cultivation area they were currently in was in shambles, with only two crystal boxes left, and more than half of the herbs being grown in them had withered away. Despite that, they were still enough to make Rank Seven Ancient Gods madly struggle over them.

Thus, one had to imagine; what sort of treasures and fortunes could be hidden in the center of these ruins?

“Let’s get moving!” The young lady was rather impatient.

The group then chose the closest route and began to proceed toward the core area marked out on the map.

After they left, no one was left to notice a dark silver flash of light flitting through the air.


The little thieving cat suddenly appeared, jumping out of the void to land next to the broken automaton. It waved its claws, causing a string of complicated runes and letters to form a dark silver halo that shrouded the automaton’s chest. After a long while, the little thieving cat put down its claws and thought for a few moments before vanishing.

Ancient God Black Extreme’s team was hurrying toward the core area when the little thieving cat once more appeared on Zhao Feng’s shoulder.

“This cat…!” The woman shot a resentful and envious glance at the cat.

Lin Chengwu and Ancient God Black Extreme paid little attention to the little thieving cat’s mysterious movements.

Through their mind connection, the little thieving cat communicated a great deal of information to Zhao Feng. In the end, the little thieving cat shot back into the Interspatial Dimension.

 So that’s what’s going on. These ruins were never God Eye ruins….  Zhao Feng was inwardly astonished, but he showed no emotion on his face.

Based on the information the little thieving cat had obtained and his own suspicions, Zhao Feng determined that this was probably a trap. But now that they were so close to the core area, Zhao Feng wanted to look around.

Of course, Zhao Feng had ways of preserving his life, which was why he dared to venture deeper into a clearly dangerous situation.

“Careful, there’s a Yao God ahead!” Ancient God Black Extreme warned.

“It seems like the core area must contain extremely important treasures!” the girl said in excitement.

While traversing the underground parts of these ruins, they encountered very few Yao Gods in the passages. Now that they were getting close to the core area, a Yao God suddenly appeared in the passageway. This only made them more excited.


The Rank Seven Yao God with the Eye of Myriad Forms roared at the party.

“Get out of here!” The Rank Seven Yao God’s surroundings thrummed with violent energy while its multicolored eye madly spun to reflect its rage.

Ancient God Black Extreme’s party had nothing to say. All of them charged forward, their eyes gleaming with ripples of Eye Intent.

 Boom! Bang!

The two sides clashed, and the Rank Seven Yao God was instantly crushed.

“There are still many more up ahead. Yao Gods have high-level Intent Crystals in them, so we’ll distribute them in turns!” After saying this, Ancient God Black Extreme put the Eye of Myriad Forms Intent Crystal into his Interspatial Dimension.

Sure enough, the party didn’t travel for long before encountering another Rank Seven Yao God. After killing it, Lin Chengwu put away the high-level Intent Crystal.

As they traveled deeper, the path began to widen. They were encountering more and more Yao Gods as they went along, with another Eye Yao God coming before they managed to finish off the first. Their progress began to slow down.

“The core area is just one thousand meters ahead!” Ancient God Black Extreme called out.

The eyes of Lin Chengwu and the girl both glimmered with vicious light, and their fighting power suddenly increased.

 Boom! Bang! Crash!

The party of four fiercely battled with the Yao Gods ahead of them. After a long while, they finally reached the end of the path.

In front of them was a massive translucent sphere, but they couldn’t clearly make out what was going on inside, nor could their Divine Senses enter.

There were eight passages leading into the sphere that spread out in every direction. Their party was on one of these paths.

The greatest treasure of these ruins was right in front of them, but they managed to suppress their agitation and remain where they were. This was because an astonishing number of Yao Gods was patrolling this passage leading to the central sphere. The weakest of these Yao Gods was a top-class Rank Six while the strongest was at the peak of Rank Six.


These many Yao Gods noticed Ancient God Black Extreme’s party and charged over with a roar.

“What a terrifying number! If we’re not careful, we’ll end up being buried here!” The woman grimaced.

“If all of us stop holding back our reserves, we still have a good chance of getting across this passage!” Ancient God Black Extreme’s cold gaze scanned his party.

Any expert would always have one or two trump cards. Moreover, the mission this time was special, with all the members being vigilant against Ancient God Black Extreme and concealing even more of their abilities than usual.

As they were all hesitating, they sensed ripples of energy from another one of the eight paths. Three figures appeared at the entrance to the passage.

“It’s them!?” the girl and Lin Chengwu cried out in surprise.

This team that had abruptly appeared was none other than Ancient God Profound Devil’s.

“Someone got here before we did!?” the yellow-clothed youth yelped in alarm.

But just as the two teams were taking stock of each other, a boom came from yet another one of the passages. Soon after, a team of four appeared in front of Ancient God Black Extreme’s and Ancient God Profound Devil’s teams.

“There are others?” A man in black and gold armor spoke, his eyes gleaming with cold and sinister light.

“Ancient God Departed Spirit!?” Many of the people in the other two teams instantly recognized this armored man.

Besides Ancient God Departed Spirit, this team also had a descendant of the Eye of Myriad Forms and a descendant of the Eye of Spacetime. In addition, at the very back was a slim woman with the Eye of Destiny.

The three teams had appeared at different passages. Each passage was thronged by a terrifying number of Yao Gods.

At this moment, these Yao Gods were already attacking the outsiders on their respective passages!