King Of Gods Chapter 1307

Chapter 1307 Joining Together To Fight Back

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Chapter 1307 – Joining Together to Fight Back

“They should all be inside. Let’s go in and kill them all!” Ancient God Giant Spirit said, a cruel smile on his lips.

“Haha, okay!” Ancient God Gilded Gold had an excited look, and the other members of the Blazing Gold Race rubbed their hands and prepared to fight.

None of them had imagined that they would find the core area of these ruins just by following another group. Now, they only needed to enter the core area and kill everyone else that had gone in to make these ruins the Blazing Gold Race’s.

 Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! 

The members of the Blazing Gold Race flew toward the core area.

The three parties in the core area immediately grimaced, particularly the members of Ancient God Profound Devil’s team, who were in a state of extreme panic. They naturally understood what the Blazing Gold Race was going to do. They would do the same if the positions were reversed.

“What do we do? The Blazing Gold Race sent nine Ancient Gods, and their leader is a Rank Eight Ancient God!” the yellow-clothed youth from the Life Sacred Land anxiously said.

Normally, he could rely on his identity as a core disciple of the Life Sacred Land. Even the disciples of the Blazing Gold Race would only be able to curry his favor if he was in the mood to receive it. However, they would definitely not show him any mercy here.

“The Blazing Gold Race followed our route to this place. We have to get out of here right now and join with the other teams in the core area. That’s our only chance at survival!” Ancient God Profound Devil also had a rather worried expression.

Once the Blazing Gold Race’s team caught up, the three of them would end up heavily injured if not dead.

“That’s right. We must meet up with the other teams here!” The azure-robed elder wholly endorsed this idea.

The Blazing Gold Race wanted to take these ruins for itself, so it definitely wouldn’t let any other team escape. Any one of the three teams that arrived first would be no match for the Blazing Gold Race alone, but if they joined together, they might have a chance.


The three of them immediately took off, no longer caring for the treasures of the core area. Saving their lives was far more important. Without their lives, what use was anything else?

But the core area had countless rooms of varying sizes, arranged in a complicated layout, and the walls of these rooms were all impervious to Divine Sense. Finding another team still required some effort.

At the same time, the other two teams in the core area might have been somewhat farther from the danger of the Blazing Gold Race, but they also knew that their situation was nothing to be happy about.

“Why does the Ziling Zone’s Blazing Gold Race know of this place?” Lin Chengwu resentfully asked.

At the start, he suspected that Ancient God Black Extreme had leaked the information. But it now seemed that this place was just not completely hidden. There was still a significant chance of it being discovered by others.

 So that’s what was going on. I was wondering how the Blazing Gold Race’s Ancient God Gilded Gold was able to have Destruction Intent….  Zhao Feng wasn’t as alarmed.

He had heard the stories about Ancient God Gilded Gold during the gambling match between the two races. Presumably, Ancient God had accidentally come upon these ruins during his travels and obtained some kind of fortune from it.

“Let’s go and find the other two teams that entered the core area. Only by joining together with them can we stand against the Blazing Gold Race!” Ancient God Black Extreme said, after which he began to lead the way.

Lin Chengwu and the beautiful girl also knew that this was the only option, so the two of them immediately followed.

Zhao Feng brought up the very rear of the party, but the little thieving cat on his shoulder blinked away, running off to who-knows-where.

On the other end:

“This way, there’s a team that will encounter a lethal danger from the Blazing Gold Race. We must save them and work together with them. Only this way can we fight back against the Blazing Gold Race!” Multicolored light flickered through the slim woman’s eyes, after which she immediately spoke.

“Let’s go!” The other members of her team understood the situation and immediately began to move. With the guidance of the Eye of Destiny, the party passed through the complicated arrangement of rooms. Finally, they heard the sounds of fighting.

 Boom! Bang! Crash! 

The nine members of the Blazing Gold Race were ablaze with golden flame, battering and crashing around like miniature suns.

“Run!” Ancient God Profound Devil anxiously cried out. Meanwhile, he used his Eye of Myriad Forms to create countless icy storms to impede the Blazing Gold Race.

“Break!” Ancient God Giant Spirit roared. His blazing sun of a body unleashed a torrent of golden light that collided with the icy storms and scattered them.

“Rank Eight Ancient God…!” The azure-robed elder was slightly alarmed. The immense and dreadful Divine Power made him feel extreme danger.

“Ancient God Giant Spirit, you want to kill me!?” the yellow-clothed youth from the Life Sacred Land angrily roared.

“Hmph!” Ancient God Giant Spirit coldly snorted in reply and continued his pursuit.

If not for the fact that he wasn’t that speedy, the three in front of him would have already been done for. But a Rank Eight Ancient God was still a Rank Eight Ancient God; he had a profound cultivation, powerful Intent, and pure Divine Power. Even if he wasn’t that skilled in speed, he was still much faster than a Rank Seven Ancient God.

Gradually, Ancient God Profound Devil’s party of three began to feel a searing physical pressure, and this pressure was only intensifying. They understood that the Blazing Gold Race was about to catch up.

“Devil Shattering Heaven Flame Palm!” Ancient God Giant Spirit suddenly circulated his power and fired off a palm.

A massive palm of searing fire rushed toward Ancient God Profound Devil’s group.

“Block!” Ancient God Profound Devil growled as he unleashed his Interconnected Myriad Forms Zone, protecting himself and his two teammates.

At the same time, the azure-robed elder and yellow-clothed youth vigorously attacked in the hopes of weakening Ancient God Giant Spirit’s powerful strike.

Suddenly, a pitch-black spear of Death shot out from behind Ancient God Profound Devil’s group and joined their attacks in assailing Ancient God Giant Spirit.

 Boom! Bang! 

A massive storm of energy wreaked havoc through the core area. In the past, these ruins were almost entirely destroyed, but the core area was completely preserved. From this, one could see just how sturdy the core area was.

But now, the intense clash between the two sides caused all the surrounding rooms to become covered in cracks, and many of the small instruments were just completely annihilated. The mechanisms in the room activated, indiscriminately attacking everyone in the room.

“Retreat!” Ancient God Giant Spirit bellowed. Even a Rank Eight Ancient God had to be cautious around the traps in the core area.


On the other side, Ancient God Profound Devil’s and the slim woman’s teams used this chance to escape.

“After them!” Ancient God Giant Spirit immediately ordered.

If the other team hadn’t appeared, Ancient God Profound Devil’s team of three would have already died to the Blazing Gold Race. The other side now had seven people. Although this was slightly more troublesome to deal with, as long as they were dogged in their pursuit, there was still a chance of completely wiping out the other side.

 Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! 

The members of the Blazing Gold Race charged forward in pursuit, but they didn’t pursue long before the opposing group of seven stopped, showing no more intention of running away.

“Careful of any tricks!” the violet-robed elder warned.

In his view, the other teams could have only safely arrived here with some master of mechanisms and arrays. It could not be ruled out that their foes planned to use the traps of the core area against them.

But before the Blazing Gold Race team could even get close, Ancient God Profound Devil spoke; “There are seven of us. It will be very difficult for you to kill us all, and you will have to pay a very heavy price. It’s far better to negotiate!”

Ancient God Giant Spirit froze. He never would have expected that the other party stopped so they could negotiate.

“The Blazing Gold Race discovered this place. If you are willing to give up everything that you discovered here, the Blazing Gold Race is willing to give you all a chance to live.” Ancient God Giant Spirit appeared to be willing to bargain as he slowly approached the group of seven.

However, even though he was saying this, if he had the chance, Ancient God Giant Spirit did not want to leave any survivors.

“The Blazing Gold Race’s demands are too much. Perhaps we can continue to negotiate a little more.” Ancient God Profound Devil put on a hesitant face.

“Haha, then make it ninety percent!” The Blazing Gold Race team continued to slowly approach.

“Ninety percent is fine, but let’s see if you dare to take it!” Ancient God Profound Devil’s hesitant face suddenly shifted.

At this moment, the others also unleashed powerful ripples of Eye Intent.

“Truly stubborn things. The seven of you want to fight against the Blazing Gold Race?” Ancient God Giant Spirit jeered.

But at this moment, four people suddenly charged out from the room in the back. This was none other than Zhao Feng’s party.

The core area truly had a unique construction, almost completely blocking out Divine Sense, so the Blazing Gold Race hadn’t even noticed the enemies hidden nearby.

“Extreme Space Blade!”

“Death Binding!”

“Destruction Flash!”

“Five Elements Yin Yang Strike!”

All the God Eye descendants instantly used their ultimate eye-bloodline techniques against the Blazing Gold Race.

The Blazing Gold Race that firmly held the upper hand never imagined that the situation would turn out like this. Caught off guard, the Blazing Gold Race suffered a severe blow. The nine people suffered wounds of varying severity. Fortunately for them, the Blazing Gold Race was skilled in defense. Otherwise, they would have lost even more in that clash.

But even after this ambush, the fighting power of Zhao Feng’s side was still inferior to the Blazing Gold Race’s.

“It’s you… Zhao Feng!” Ancient God Gilded Gold immediately pointed at Zhao Feng, his teeth clenched.

Ancient God Gold Fury, who had also lost to Zhao Feng in the gambling match, was also shocked.

“He’s Zhao Feng?” Ancient God Giant Spirit’s gaze settled on Zhao Feng, making no attempt to hide his killing intent.

Some time ago, in the gambling match between the two races, Zhao Feng had singlehandedly reversed the tides, completely humiliating the Blazing Gold Race. The Blazing Gold Race, from top to bottom, even the common laborers, loathed Zhao Feng.

All the members of the Blazing Gold Race immediately began to seethe with killing intent, staring at Zhao Feng as if they wanted to eat him alive.

“Zhao Feng’s eye isn’t one of the Eight Great God Eyes, but it’s still extremely strong and mysterious. He can’t be allowed to get anything from this place, or else he will become a massive barrier for the Blazing Gold Race in the future!” Ancient God Giant Spirit’s voice rang out in the minds of all the members of the Blazing Gold Race.

“In addition, the ten or so people in front of us are just exhausted. Once they recover, we will be the ones who will lose!” the violet-robed elder messaged, his expression dark.

The Blazing Gold Race members quickly reached a conclusion.

“Kill!” The members of the Blazing Gold Race suddenly charged forward.

“What’s going on?” The azure-robed elder was taken aback.

The members of the Blazing Gold Race were all dour and gloomy moments ago, but now they were burning with killing intent as they attacked. It was like they wanted to fight a decisive battle no matter how much they would lose.

“They’ve gone mad!” Ancient God Departed Spirit cursed.

He believed that the three teams together would be able to sufficiently intimidate the Blazing Gold Race so that their side could catch their breath. However, the Blazing Gold Race seemed to have gone insane, attacking so fiercely even though both sides were at comparable levels of strength.