King Of Gods Chapter 1308

Chapter 1308 Major Reversal

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Chapter 1308 – Major Reversal

The sudden attack of the Blazing Gold Race caught the God Eye descendants off guard.

“Devil Shattering Heaven Flame Palm!” Ancient God Giant Spirit led the charge, unleashing a massive palm of golden flame.

The powerful attacks of the other members of the Blazing Gold Race came with it.

 Their target is me!  Zhao Feng’s heart trembled. He realized that the members of the Blazing Gold Race were all aiming their attacks in his direction.

Of course, the God Eye descendants also noticed this detail.

“They want to kill Zhao Feng!” the youth from the Life Sacred Land yelled. He was well aware of the grudge the Blazing Gold Race had against Zhao Feng.

“Damn, this brat…!” Ancient God Departed Spirit shot a glare at Zhao Feng and cursed. It appeared that a large part of the reason the Blazing Gold Race was so insistent on this attack was Zhao Feng.

But at this moment, there was no time to escape from the Blazing Gold Race’s frenzied assault, so they could only work together to fight back.

“Death Spear!”

“Heaven Void Slash!”

The God Eye descendants once more activated their eye-bloodlines to resist.

As for the slim woman with the Eye of Destiny, she had vanished long ago. It was clear that she had predicted the direness of the situation and decided to retreat first. After all, the Eye of Destiny had the lowest fighting potential, so if she stayed, it was highly likely that she would just be caught up in the battle and killed.

“Kill!” The members of the Blazing Gold Race were all valiant and powerful fighters. Although their main target was Zhao Feng, they didn’t keep the other enemies out of their plan.

“Get back!” Ancient God Profound Devil barked.

The God Eye descendants had been constantly using eye-bloodline techniques on this exploration, and right before entering the core area, the majority of them used up their trump cards. They were not only drained of Divine Power; their eye-bloodlines were also extremely fatigued.

“Let’s retreat and recover some strength before launching a counterattack!” Ancient God Black Extreme said.

After stopping a round of attacks from the Blazing Gold Race, the God Eye descendants chose to fall back.

But the Blazing Gold Race was not willing to let them go. Even after the God Eye descendants left the core area, the Blazing Gold Race continued to doggedly pursue.

They had to flee on a route that had no traps, as they would otherwise be walking into their own deaths. So in the end, the God Eye descendants remained in and around the core area.

“Damn, has the Blazing Gold Race gone mad? Just how long do they plan on chasing us?” the beautiful girl complained.

“Why don’t we just hand over Zhao Feng? The Blazing Gold Race is primarily after him!” one of the members of the group messaged everyone else except Zhao Feng.

Everyone immediately began to consider the idea, but Ancient God Black Extreme and Ancient God Profound Devil seemed to have a different idea.

“Even if we do that, the Blazing Gold Race still won’t let us go,” Ancient God Profound Devil suddenly messaged the others.

The rest of them appeared confused.

“If handing over Zhao Feng was enough, the Blazing Gold Race would have already stated this demand. But given how they keep chasing us, it seems like they intend to force us all out of this place,” Ancient God Black Extreme spoke.

The rest of them were still confused. Logically speaking, these two had no reason to protect Zhao Feng.

However, the two of them were right. Although the Blazing Gold Race’s primary goal was Zhao Feng, they wouldn’t just simply let them go. After all, once the God Eye descendants recovered their strength, they would be much stronger than the Blazing Gold Race’s group. Thus, the Blazing Gold Race had two goals. The first was to kill Zhao Feng while the second was to drive out all the other God Eye descendants.

 Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

They flew into a massive central hall.

“This place is…?” All the God Eye descendants were taken aback. They were just randomly running around the core area and paid no attention to where they were going.

The hall they just entered was enormous. The walls were covered with majestic murals and the language of the Heaven’s Legacy Race. It was completely different from any of the other rooms they had gone through. There were also many large machines that none of them recognized installed around the hall.

But the most striking of all was the massive eight-sided installation in the center of the hall. Eight transparent crystals extended from this eight-sided installation, a pair of eyes floating in each of them. Each of the Eight Great God Eyes was present.

“This place is probably the most precious place in the core area!” the beautiful girl immediately said.

Everyone else was looking at those eight pairs of eyes.

“Those Eyes of Spacetime are nearly at the Quasi God Eye level!”

“The Eyes of Death are also nearly at that level!”

All the God Eye descendants couldn’t help but gasp. The eight pairs of God Eyes were all nearly at the Quasi God Eye level!

“Just what was this research base researching that they were able to produce eight pairs of God Eyes that are nearly at the Quasi God Eye level!?” Lin Chengwu was stunned.

However, their knowledge and experience naturally weren’t enough to guess at what the Heaven’s Legacy Race had been up to.


At this moment, a majestic pressure that could incinerate all things rushed toward them.

“Devil Shattering Heaven Flame Palm!”

The moment Ancient God Giant Spirit appeared, he fired off a palm at all the God Eye descendants. Only then did he take a look at the situation.

“Let’s go!” Ancient God Profound Devil called out.

The God Eye descendants fled once more, at the same time observing what was happening behind them.

This hall was the most crucial room in the core area. They wondered if the Blazing Gold Race would give up on the pursuit to gather treasure.

To their great surprise, the Blazing Gold Race chose to continue the pursuit.

The pursuit lasted for a long time. The already exhausted God Eye descendants were even worse off now. Some of them were even rather badly injured during the pursuit.

Once more, the group arrived at the central hall of the core area. Many of the God Eye descendants were greatly moved by the sight of those eight pairs of God Eyes in the eight-sided installation.

“This way is no good either!” The beautiful girl’s eyes were dim.

She wasn’t that powerful of a fighter and was also rather weak when it came to fleeing. The Samsara Immortal Bodies that she used to explore the God Eye ruins had already been used as cannon fodder.

If a Samsara Immortal Body was not completely destroyed, it could endlessly be restored to its original form, but if it was completely destroyed, the Eye of Samsara would need to consume a great deal of time and energy to re-summon it.

“They won’t let us go unless we completely leave these ruins.” The yellow-clothed youth of the Life Sacred Land had a hesitant look in his eyes. He was already planning to leave.

“Let’s fight. As long as we can kill that Rank Eight Ancient God, the remaining Rank Seven Ancient Gods will be easy to deal with!” Ancient God Departed Spirit had a vicious look on his face as his mind burned with rage.

“Then let’s stay and fight.” Ancient God Profound Devil suddenly chuckled.

“Mm?” Ancient God Departed Spirit immediately stared at Ancient God Profound Devil.

His words just now were spoken completely out of anger, but for the ever-calm Ancient God Profound Devil to actually agree was rather surprising.

The others also turned to Ancient God Profound Devil.

At this moment, the Blazing Gold Race team arrived.

“Not running anymore?” Ancient God Giant Spirit laughed.

In truth, he was also rather angry. After being chased for so long, these God Eye descendants still weren’t willing to give up on the treasures of the core area.

“Haha, your death is imminent, and you still don’t know!” Ancient God Black Extreme suddenly gave a pleasant laugh, his cold and sinister eyes boring straight into Ancient God Giant Spirit’s soul.

All the God Eye descendants turned in shock to Ancient God Black Extreme.

Ancient God Profound Devil’s words were strange, and now Ancient God Black Extreme also seemed to have gone mad, his words spoken without thinking. Even if all of them regained their peak strength, killing a Rank Eight Ancient God of the Blazing Gold Race was still rather unrealistic.

But Zhao Feng’s eyes turned grave. He knew long ago that Ancient God Black Extreme, Ancient God Profound Devil, and that slim woman were part of the same team. These three different teams of God Eye descendants had also been organized them.

Zhao Feng did not know their goal, but the appearance of the Blazing Gold Race was probably an accident.

 Just what sort of ability do these two have that they can say such things to Ancient God Giant Spirit?  Zhao Feng began to think.

He had no idea what Ancient God Black Extreme and Ancient God Profound Devil would do next, but Zhao Feng inexplicably began to feel uneasy.

 That’s right! That Eye of Destiny went missing!  Zhao Feng suddenly realized something.

“Haha, I originally wanted to just drive you out of the ruins, but since you’re seeking death, don’t blame me!” Ancient God Giant Spirit’s eyes exploded with cold light as golden flames swept across his golden body.

A boundless heat began to surge toward the God Eye descendants.

“Kill!” The other Blazing Gold Race members activated their physical strength and shot forward like miniature suns.


At this moment, a figure jumped out from one of the central hall’s side passages. It was the slim woman who fled earlier.

“You’re finally here!” Ancient God Profound Devil coldly laughed.

 Swoosh! Swoosh!

Ancient God Black Extreme and Ancient God Profound Devil broke away from the God Eye descendants to join the slim woman.

“The three of you…?” The rest of the God Eye descendants stared at the trio and grimaced.

Ancient God Profound Devil, Ancient God Black Extreme, and the slim woman were the leaders of the three teams.

Of them, Ancient God Black Extreme was the one to organize Zhao Feng’s team. Zhao Feng and the others all felt their hearts chill. They could faintly smell a scheme.

“What are you trying to do? If you leave the group, we’ll all be wiped out!” the beautiful girl immediately scolded.

“Who said that there were just three of us?” Ancient God Profound Devil chuckled.

 Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Three black-robed figures shot out of the passage, all of them God Eye descendants!

“Hah, all of you, really! Our three teams were taken care of long ago,” a black-robed figure with the Eye of Divine Punishment mocked.

“But you ran into the Blazing Gold Race. It’s very normal that the plan was upset,” a large man calmly said.

“There are others?” Ancient God Giant Spirit immediately turned grim, but he was in no rush to attack.

He had no idea where the woman with the Eye of Destiny found three more helpers. If all of the God Eye descendants worked together, the Blazing Gold Race would face certain defeat. However, something didn’t seem right about the situation.

 There are actually six of them!  Zhao Feng showed a faint shock in his eyes.

The six of them were the three black-robed newcomers, Ancient God Black Extreme, Ancient God Profound Devil, and the slim woman.

Zhao Feng was thinking about what they said just now.

 Their three teams were taken care of? What does that mean?  Zhao Feng’s eyes gradually began to fill with shock.

He couldn’t help but think that these six people had each led a team to explore these ruins, but the teams led by the other three had all already been killed!

“Haha, after playing with all of you for so long, it’s finally time to bring things to a close!” Ancient God Profound Devil coldly said.

The other five all stepped forward. The six of them stood in a row, their eye-bloodlines all surging with astonishing Origin energy.

 Not good….  Zhao Feng’s heart began to thump, and his face contorted in a grimace.

For some reason, this scene reminded him of how the five God Eye descendants back in the Continent Zone had used a secret technique to heavily wound True God Tian Fa.