King Of Gods Chapter 1312

Chapter 1312 God Eye Unsealed

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Chapter 1312 – God Eye Unsealed

“There’s still quite a bit of energy – enough to handle everyone else.” Ancient God Black Extreme’s cold and sinister face revealed a savage smile.

The Rank Eight Ancient God Giant Spirit had already been slain, and now the enigmatic and formidable little thieving cat had been captured. From the tone of Ancient God Profound Devil’s group, it didn’t seem like they would be letting anyone else go.

“Little thieving cat!” Zhao Feng’s expression darkened.

Just before the little thieving cat was sealed away, he received a message from the cat telling him not to worry.

However, Zhao Feng first had to worry about how he himself would escape.

“Capture the God Eye descendants. As for the rest, kill them all!” Ancient God Profound Devil growled.

The six of them immediately began to form spells to control the indistinct energy over their heads.

 Buzz! Bzzz!

Three hazy belts of light and three chains shot out from the ball of energy.

“Capture the God Eye descendants?” The God Eye descendants were all taken aback by these words.

Now, they finally understood that Ancient God Profound Devil and the others had brought them to these ruins to capture them alive. As for what the final goal was, they had no idea, but it was almost certainly not anything good.

“Kill them all!” The members of the Blazing Gold Race shivered, their eyes brimming with fear.


The three chains shot off toward the Blazing Gold Race while the three belts of light moved for the God Eye descendants.

“Run!” a man of the Blazing Gold Race being targeted by the chains cried out in alarm and began to flee.

“It’s no good! Think of something!” Lin Chengwu called out as his body blinked away from one of the belts of light.

If all of them just dodged, Ancient God Profound Devil’s group was bound to wipe them out eventually. However, there was no one left that could be like Ancient God Giant Spirit or the little thieving cat and buy time against Ancient God Profound Devil’s team.


A hazy belt of light approached Zhao Feng from an extremely crafty angle. Zhao Feng noticed this and used Spatial Blink to dodge, but the belt was already waiting for him when he next reappeared.

“Zhao Feng, obediently be captured. Come together with your pet!” Ancient God Black Extreme coldly laughed.

The one controlling the belt of light to capture Zhao Feng was none other than Ancient God Black Extreme.

“The reason I didn’t hand you over to the Blazing Gold Race is that you are one of our primary objectives. We can’t have you dying here….” Ancient God Black Extreme added.

“Why do you want to capture me? I’m not a God Eye descendant,” Zhao Feng inquired.

Zhao Feng could think of a few reasons for why they wanted to capture God Eye descendants, but none for why they wanted to capture him.

“You’re not a God Eye descendant, yet you’ve cultivated your eye to the Quasi God Eye level. Moreover, you’re the master of the Heaven’s Legacy Cat. Your value is not one bit less than these God Eye descendants.” Confident in success, Ancient God Black Extreme seemed to not mind divulging this information.

“What? Quasi God Eye?” The other God Eye descendants present were stunned by this news.

“That’s impossible!” Lin Chengwu and the beautiful girl shook their heads in disbelief.

Zhao Feng was far too young, and he wasn’t even a descendant of one of the Eight Great God Eyes, so how could he have cultivated his ordinary eye-bloodline to the Quasi God Eye level? Moreover, they had been in the same team as Zhao Feng but weren’t able to sense this level of power from Zhao Feng’s eyes.

“Quasi God Eye level eye?” Zhao Feng’s expression slightly froze.

At this moment, he suddenly remembered how the God Eye Fusion Art used by Sacred King Samsara and the others had experienced a massive shift due to the sudden participation of his God’s Spiritual Eye. Perhaps his God’s Spiritual Eye would be able to do something at a moment like this.


The seal around his dreamy silver ball within the God Eye Dimension was immediately torn away. At this moment, Zhao Feng’s eye regained its bright luster, overflowing with light, while his hair regained its dreamy silver color, dancing in the air.

“He sealed his eye’s power!?” Lin Chengwu was blown away.

Previously, Zhao Feng’s eye was around the same power as his, so he had never even imagined that Zhao Feng had actually sealed a portion of his eye’s abilities.

“It’s really a Quasi God Eye?” The other God Eye descendants all focused on Zhao Feng’s left eye, as did Ancient God Profound Devil’s group of six.

They might have seen individuals with Quasi God Eyes before, but they had never seen any eye beyond those belonging to descendants of the Eight Great God Eyes at a Quasi God Eye level.

At this moment:

“Ah…!” A God Eye descendant was careless and captured by a belt of light.

This hazy belt of light swiftly transformed into liquid that completely shrouded the God Eye descendant. Unable to move or do anything, the God Eye descendant was dragged away.

“Damn!” the azure-robed elder cursed.

The moment they let down their guard, they would be captured by the belts of light and be unable to escape. As for the Blazing Gold Race party, two of their members had already been obliterated.

“Zhao Feng, just let yourself be captured. Even if you use your eye’s true power now, what good will it do?” Ancient God Black Extreme sneered.


Despite his words, Ancient God Black Extreme never let down his guard, constantly controlling his belt of light to try to capture Zhao Feng. However, Zhao Feng had an extremely high-level movement technique that made his belt of light unable to catch Zhao Feng.

“Perhaps it could work?” Zhao Feng muttered. He planned to try. After all, he wouldn’t lose anything with the attempt.

“Hmph, ignorant!” Ancient God Black Extreme coldly laughed.

Ever since they began using the God Eye Fusion Art, no other force had ever been able to defeat it, not unless they were facing an expert many levels above them.

“Lend me your power!” Ancient God Black Extreme spoke to a comrade of his who had the Eye of Spacetime. Ancient God Black Extreme immediately sensed that his belt of light was now suffused with profound Spacetime Intent.

“Haha, let’s see where you run off to this time!” Ancient God Black Extreme’s eyes focused.


The hazy belt of light suddenly accelerated and even melded into space, piercing through it to immediately appeared in front of Zhao Feng.

“That brat Zhao Feng is done for!” the yellow-clothed youth from the Life Sacred Land called out. The enemy was only controlling three belts of light to capture God Eye descendants, so he was being ignored for the time being.

Just when it seemed like the belt was about to bind Zhao Feng, Zhao Feng’s left eye finished building up its eye-bloodline technique.

“Origin Eye Flame!” Zhao Feng’s left eye locked onto the belt of light and unleashed a gout of violet-and-silver flame.

“Haha, how foolish! Your powers are useless here!” Ancient God Black Extreme found Zhao Feng’s actions to be extremely idiotic.

But a moment later, his face froze in shock.


The violet-and-silver lightning flame exploded against the belt of light. The belt began to twist and swell before ultimately scattering into various powerful Intent energies and completely dissipating.

“It really did work!” Zhao Feng’s eyes brightened.

He knew that normal attacks would be useless against this indistinct and mysterious energy, so after undoing the seal, Zhao Feng took some Origin energy and fused it with his eye-bloodline technique.

Back in the Continent Zone, the moment the Origin energy of his God’s Spiritual Eye appeared, it immediately suppressed the Origin energy of the other God Eye descendants and became the director of that powerful force. And this time, the eye-bloodline technique fused with his God’s Spiritual Eye’s Origin energy clearly had the same effect against this mysterious and indistinct power.

“How could this be!?” Ancient God Black Extreme blurted out in shock. How could the energy created through their God Eye Fusion Art be obliterated?

“A God Eye’s aura…!” Ancient God Profound Devil and the others were also dumbfounded.

This was truly the first time they had ever seen such a thing. One of the energies Zhao Feng had unleashed in his attack was completely identical to the energy hanging over their heads.

The God Eye descendants and Blazing Gold Race members saw that Zhao Feng’s attack was effective against that indistinct energy and immediately rejoiced. They had all believed that there was no hope, but at the crucial moment, a ray of light appeared.

“Zhao Feng, your eye-bloodline is actually effective against their secret art!?”

“Zhao Feng, help us!”

Many of them immediately began to plead for Zhao Feng’s help. Zhao Feng had become their last and only hope of surviving.


Zhao Feng slightly leaned forward and then suddenly fired off another eye-bloodline technique. Nearby, the beautiful girl, who was on the verge of being captured by a belt of light, was able to use this chance to escape.

In truth, Zhao Feng wasn’t very willing to save these people. After all, it brought him no benefit, and these people would probably leak his secrets. There was the matter of the Heaven’s Legacy Cat, the treasures the cat had given Zhao Feng before being captured, and the secret of his God’s Spiritual Eye. However, surviving was the first priority, so Zhao Feng still saved these people to increase the strength of his own side.

“Thank you!” The beautiful girl immediately got close to Zhao Feng to be safe.

This time, everyone had seen with their own eyes Zhao Feng destroy that indistinct energy.

“God Eye aura…” The expressions of all the God Eye descendants turned solemn.

The major peril they were all in and the chaotic situation meant that they failed to notice this detail earlier. But now, as all of them stared at Zhao Feng, they could clearly sense the God Eye aura he exuded when unleashing his eye-bloodline techniques.

However, it did not matter how dissatisfied they were with Zhao Feng or how much they lusted for his treasures or how curious they were about his eye. At this moment, they all needed to rely on his power to survive.

Gradually, they all began to gather around Zhao Feng. But at this point, there were only five God Eye descendants left while the Blazing Gold Race only had four members.

“Change plans. First, capture Zhao Feng!” Ancient God Profound Devil’s face was ashen as he stared at Zhao Feng with cold and sharp eyes.

“Mm!” The others all nodded.

Too many incidents had taken place over this mission that they never expected. Even so, they would not fail, nor were they permitted to fail!

 Bzzz! Hwoom!

The two belts of light that Zhao Feng had destroyed were recreated. The three belts of light now rapidly assaulted Zhao Feng from three different directions.