King Of Gods Chapter 1319

Chapter 1319 Paying A Visit

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Chapter 1319 – Paying a Visit

When Zhao Feng saw Kun Yun, he couldn’t help but think about the thirty-year agreement he made with him back in the Continent Zone.

“Forty years have passed since then!” Zhao Feng couldn’t help but reminisce.

Although forty years was practically insignificant to others, to Zhao Feng, these forty years were extremely long.

“I didn’t think that both of them would be here.” Zhao Feng felt that the ways of the world were truly inexplicable.

In the Continent Zone, Kun Yun and True God Cloudbreaker belonged to opposing dynasties. Now that both of them were in Black Devil Peak, they naturally couldn’t be friends.

Whether it was in strength or status, True God Cloudbreaker was far superior to Kun Yun. He could easily play around with Kun Yun until he was dead. There was no need to even think in order to know that Kun Yun was probably being suffocated to death.

The relationship between Zhao Feng and Kun Yun could be described as purely transactional in nature. However, the two had known each other for so many years, and without Kun Yun, Zhao Feng would have never reached his current state. Besides, Zhao Feng did not have any good impression of True God Cloudbreaker and actually rather detested him.

So, Zhao Feng decided to lend a hand.


The blue and white warship shuttled through the black mist and soon arrived at the most central of the five black peaks. Several members of Black Devil Peak’s upper echelon were already waiting at the summit.

“Guests from the Spiritual Race, welcome! Black Devil Peak has been rude in not coming out to greet you.” A large black-robed elder immediately stepped forward, his powerful aura immediately oppressing Zhao Hui.

“Elder Tao is too polite!” The silver-haired old lady from the Spiritual Race immediately stepped forward.

All the members of the Spiritual Race disembarked from the warship and were led by the upper echelon of Black Devil Peak into the central mountain.

“And who is this young man?” An elder with a demonic face and white-and-black tattoos across his body looked with surprise and disdain at Zhao Hui.

“He is a Spiritual Race disciple that caught my eye. I decided to bring him along so that he could gain some experience,” Ancient God Floating Spirit said.

Ancient God Floating Spirit was a Rank Eight Ancient God of the Spiritual Race’s senior generation, and he had come to Black Devil Peak several times, so he was extremely familiar with the elders of this faction.

“Oh?” The elders of Black Devil Peak all sized up Zhao Hui, but since they didn’t notice anything special about him, they paid him no more attention.

Besides, he was just a Rank Three True God. Even if there was something special about him, he wasn’t worth their attention.

Zhao Feng noticed while they were walking that three elders, including Elder Tao, were extremely friendly, while the demon-faced elder and another elder treated the Spiritual Race rather coldly.

The upper echelons of the two five-star factions chatted as they came to the main hall.

“This junior will not involve himself with the matters of the seniors.” Before entering the main hall, Zhao Hui decided to bid farewell.

Both sides found Zhao Hui’s words to be a sign of his tactfulness.

After bidding farewell, Zhao Hui prepared to go to the black peak where Kun Yun was.

Not long after he left, Zhao Hui took out the bronze coin.

“What a powerful starlight!” Zhao Hui was shocked.

The light emitted by the bronze coin almost made Zhao Feng think that the little thieving cat was hidden here. But after testing the reaction of the bronze coin some more, Zhao Hui confirmed that it wasn’t here.

“But it’s not far!” A gleeful look appeared on Zhao Hui’s face as he put the bronze coin away.

He could not be rash on this mission to pick up the little thieving cat. At the very least, he first had to gather information before cautiously infiltrating the enemy.


Zhao Hui flew into the black mist, away from the central peak.

As he was passing by the second peak, by sheer coincidence, he ran into True God Cloudbreaker. Zhao Hui couldn’t expose his identity at this time, and True God Cloudbreaker was a disciple of Black Devil Peak. Zhao Feng would need a reason before he could take care of him. Thus, Zhao Feng decided to ignore True God Cloudbreaker and find Kun Yun first.

“How is it that I’ve never seen you before? Don’t you know that only inner peak disciples can enter this mountain?” Seeing that Zhao Hui hadn’t even greeted him, True God Cloudbreaker called on Zhao Hui to stop.

It had to be known that even a few highly-ranked inner peak disciples would greet True God Cloudbreaker when they saw him, and yet this ordinary youth of mediocre strength only gave True God Cloudbreaker a cold glance of indifference?

“I’m not an inner peak disciple, but so what if I go in?” Zhao Hui rudely replied. He was an honored guest from the Spiritual Race; what could True God Cloudbreaker do to him?

“You… are you talking like that to me?” True God Cloudbreaker’s face froze in surprise, and then he spoke in a grim tone.

Since Zhao Hui wasn’t an inner peak disciple but still dared to butt heads with him, no one would complain if True God Cloudbreaker struck back and beat Zhao Hui until he was half-dead.

“Is this how Black Devil Peak treats its guests?” Zhao Hui couldn’t help but sneer.

“You’re… a Spiritual Race disciple?” True God Cloudbreaker was startled, and his gloomy expression instantly vanished.

From Zhao Hui’s words, he was able to guess who this person was. But from what he knew, the commercial dealings between the Spiritual Race and Black Devil Peak had always been carried out between the upper echelons.

But this time, the Spiritual Race had actually brought a Rank Three True God? This was proof that Zhao Hui possessed unusual status. Moreover, the Spiritual Race was a far more flourishing five-star faction than Black Devil Peak.

“My apologies. This one’s eyesight is poor and did not think that Good Sir was a talent of the Spiritual Race!” True God Cloudbreaker immediately squeezed out a smile

“Hmph!” Zhao Hui coldly snorted in disdain and left.

This act had True God Cloudbreaker’s lips twitching, his heart burning with rage. However, Zhao Hui was a guest from afar. If he provoked Zhao Hui, he would end up harming the relationship between the Spiritual Race and Black Devil Peak.

“Why don’t I take Good Sir on a tour of this place!” True God Cloudbreaker proposed.

He began to act friendly, taking on the role of a host. If he had a chance, he could take care of Zhao Hui, and even if that caused him some problems, they wouldn’t be too serious.

“That’s fine.” Zhao Hui thought for a few moments before agreeing.

Black Devil Peak could be considered a Devil Dao faction. It was a place where fish and dragons mixed together, and disciples frequently vied against each other in the daylight and schemed against each other in the shadows, even challenging each other to duels at the drop of a hat.

Zhao Hui appeared to be weak, which would inevitably lead to some problems. If he could travel together with True God Cloudbreaker, he could avoid these conflicts while also ordering around this rascal.

Guided by True God Cloudbreaker, Zhao Hui traveled from the inner disciple peak to the outer peak. On the journey, many disciples were extremely curious about the weak youth next to True God Cloudbreaker.

“Brother Zhao, this place is for outer peak disciples. There’s nothing to see here.” True God Cloudbreaker faintly smiled.

“That’s fine. When I arrived, I saw an acquaintance, so I’m planning to pay him a visit.” Zhao Hui showed little fear.

“Oh? I didn’t think that Brother Zhao knew someone of Black Devil Peak. Who is this person? Perhaps I know them.” True God Cloudbreaker was dazed for a few moments before he finally managed to speak up.

In truth, True God Cloudbreaker was wondering how someone of Zhao Hui’s status managed to become acquainted with an outer peak disciple of Black Devil Peak.

“Kun Yun!” Zhao Hui smiled as he stared at True God Cloudbreaker.

“Kun… Yun?” A strange look appeared on True God Cloudbreaker’s face.

He truly couldn’t understand how Kun Yun could have any sort of connection with a disciple of the Spiritual Race. Kun Yun had only been in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods for a very short time, and he had never even been to the Ziling Zone. If Zhao Hui didn’t appear to be a complete stranger, he would have even suspected Zhao Hui of being from the Continent Zone. How else would he know Kun Yun?

When he thought about his own relationship with Kun Yun, True God Cloudbreaker really didn’t want to take Zhao Hui to him, but his expression just now clearly showed that he knew Kun Yun.

“True God Cloudbreaker, good day!”

“For what reason has True God Cloudbreaker honored us with his presence?”

Almost all of the outer peak disciples called out to True God Cloudbreaker in greeting when he arrived. True God Cloudbreaker seemed to enjoy it, a proud look on his face as he walked past the countless outer peak disciples.

“Brother Zhao, this way!” True God Cloudbreaker faintly smiled.

“Who is that next to True God Cloudbreaker? How is it that I’ve never seen him before?”

“From the look of it, he probably has some high status!”

All of them had initially taken Zhao Hui to be someone trying to get in True God Cloudbreaker’s good graces, but True God Cloudbreaker’s attitude just now made their jaws drop. Out of curiosity, many outer peak disciples decided to follow the pair.

Zhao Hui and True God Cloudbreaker soon arrived at Kun Yun’s residence.

“They came to find Kun Yun!”

“Haaa, Kun Yun has already been taught a lesson today. With True God Cloudbreaker personally paying him a visit, he’s doomed!”

Quite a few outer peak disciples chuckled in anticipation of the show they were about to witness. All of them knew that True God Cloudbreaker had been targeting outer peak disciple True God Kun Yun, but True God Cloudbreaker rarely went to see Kun Yun personally. It seemed like all of them were about to witness quite a show.

Gradually, more and more outer peak disciples began to gather. Within his residence, Kun Yun noticed something strange.

“True God Cloudbreaker, just what are you up to?” Kun Yun charged out and viciously glared at True God Cloudbreaker.

It was True God Cloudbreaker that caused him to be humiliated and beaten up every few days. Kun Yun only endured by imagining a day in the future where he could surpass True God Cloudbreaker and wash away all his past disgraces.

“Brother Zhao, pay this no mind. There exists a small misunderstanding between me and Kun Yun,” True God Cloudbreaker casually said. With his status in Black Devil Peak, even if Zhao Hui had some relationship with Kun Yun, he wouldn’t be able to do anything to him.

 Just what is this scoundrel trying to do?  Kun Yun became wary. True God Cloudbreaker definitely hadn’t come to visit him for anything good.

Kun Yun also began to take stock of the youth standing next to True God Cloudbreaker.

He appeared to be an ordinary youth, simply incapable of comparing to True God Cloudbreaker’s status. But since he was together with True God Cloudbreaker, he definitely wasn’t a good person. In fact, it appeared like Kun Yun had yet another enemy.

But to Kun Yun’s surprise, Zhao Hui spread apart his arms and walked toward him.

“Kun Yun, long time no see! How did you end up like this?” Zhao Hui appeared ready to embrace Kun Yun in a hug.

Kun Yun couldn’t help but take two steps back as he stared at Zhao Hui in surprise.

This sight also left the outer peak disciples dumbfounded. Wasn’t Kun Yun the person that was constantly being targeted by True God Cloudbreaker? Why was it that someone who was together with True God Cloudbreaker was being so friendly toward Kun Yun?

Although they couldn’t understand what was going, the majority of the crowd believed that True God Cloudbreaker was up to something. In a little while, Kun Yun was certain to suffer an even more unbearable humiliation.

“Kun Yun, I haven’t seen you in such a long time that you don’t even recognize your friend anymore?” Zhao Hui smiled as he hugged Kun Yun. At the same time, he began to exude Wood Intent.

Zhao Hui was specialized in the Medicine Dao, and the cultivation resources and profound techniques Zhao Feng had given him allowed him to reach an extremely high level in the medicinal arts.

“This is…?” Kun Yun was stunned. This strange man that had come with True God Cloudbreaker was treating him like a brother and even treating his wounds.

“Kun Yun, was the Hall of Gods still doing well when you left?” Zhao Hui’s voice suddenly rang out in Kun Yun’s mind.

Kun Yun appeared to be struck by a lightning bolt, his body turning stiff as he stared in disbelief at Zhao Hui.