King Of Gods Chapter 1320

Chapter 1320 Kun Yun Goes To Battle

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Chapter 1320 – Kun Yun Goes to Battle

Kun Yun appeared to be struck by a lightning bolt, his body turning stiff as he stared in disbelief at Zhao Hui. From Zhao Hui’s words, Kun Yun was sure that this person was someone from the Continent Zone’s Great Gan Dynasty, perhaps even connected to the Hall of Gods.

But Kun Yun couldn’t remember anyone like this in the Hall of Gods. After all, there were only a few people who had any hopes of reaching the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods.

But since this person knew him and meant no harm, Kun Yun really didn’t care about the rest. His current circumstances were unbearable, and it seemed like he would be True God Cloudbreaker’s plaything for the rest of his life. This Zhao Hui who had appeared out of nowhere had an unusual status and was extremely friendly to him. He might be able to borrow Zhao Hui’s strength to escape his wretched situation.

 Since this person messaged me privately, that means he doesn’t want anyone else to know about this.  Kun Yun’s mind was whirring, and then he looked at True God Cloudbreaker.

Although he didn’t know what Zhao Hui wanted, Zhao Hui probably wanted to help him, so Kun Yun decided to work with him instead of exposing him.

“You finally know how to pay me a visit…?” After a while, Kun Yun laughed and replied.

The surrounding outer peak disciples watched this strange scene in confusion, not knowing how it would develop. Why did someone who had come with True God Cloudbreaker appear to treat Kun Yun so kindly?

“How could your injuries be so heavy? Here! This is a sacred medicine for treating wounds.” Zhao Hui had already healed Kun Yun’s injuries, but he still said such words.

Zhao Hui turned his hand over, revealing ten-some kinds of precious herbs and medicines.

Two of these truly were meant for healing wounds, and would even have great effect on the injuries of Rank Four or Rank Five True Gods. The rest were cultivation resources.

“Am I seeing things? That’s Red Lotus Fruit, and also True Dragon Leaves, and even Yin Yang Origin Life Pills….”

The precious objects that Zhao Hui took out had all the Devil Dao disciples nearby greedily eyeing him. The strongest of the outer peak disciples were only Rank Three True Gods, so the items that Zhao Hui had taken out were all incredibly valuable to them.

 This kid definitely has some kind of special status in the Spiritual Race!  True God Cloudbreaker was also rather excited as he looked at those treasures. He didn’t have any good impression of Zhao Hui, especially since Zhao Hui was acquainted with Kun Yun.

Meanwhile, Kun Yun was utterly dumbfounded. This stranger was not only treating him like a brother and treating his wounds, but he was also even offering him many precious treasures.

Kun Yun was wondering if he was dreaming. How could the heavens be raining down so much fortune on him?

But even though he was confused, he wouldn’t refuse to take these items. Kun Yun immediately took all these items.

 With these precious resources, I can break through into Rank Three soon…!  Kun Yun was extremely excited.

With Zhao Feng’s help, he was able to get into the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods while being just a Demigod. Moreover, he had been re-cultivating from just a drop of blood, and in those thirty years after Zhao Feng left, he constantly firmed up his foundations and built up energy.

For those reasons, in the fifth year after he arrived at the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, he directly broke through into Rank Two of the Heavenly Divine Realm. But by coincidence, he ended up in the five-star faction that was Black Devil Peak, where True God Cloudbreaker hindered him so much that he failed to advance any further.

All of the outer disciples watched in agitation as Kun Yun received these treasures, but none of them dared to try anything.

“Brother Zhao has countless treasures, so I’m sure that your strength is just as abnormal!” True God Cloudbreaker suddenly said in a sinister tone.

The outer peak disciples shot glances at True God Cloudbreaker, wondering what he was up to.

“Average,” Zhao Hui simply replied.

“Brother Zhao is too humble. The Spiritual Race is more powerful than Black Devil Peak, so I’m sure the majority of Black Devil Peak’s Rank Three True Gods should all be no match for you!” True God Cloudbreaker embellished Zhao Hui’s strength.

“He’s from the Spiritual Race!? He must have come on that warship!”

At this moment, Zhao Hui’s identity was finally made clear. Everyone finally understood that Zhao Hui was not one of True God Cloudbreaker’s companions.

But now they couldn’t understand how the Kun Yun that they had bullied around could know someone from the Spiritual Race, and someone with a rather unusual status as well.

“Spiritual Race…?” Kun Yun muttered.

These two words made him think of Zhao Yufei, but not even Zhao Yufei could possibly know his exact location.

“This True God Hei Ku wishes to receive instruction from a genius of the Spiritual Race!” A skeletal youth stepped forward.

As one of True God Cloudbreaker’s companions, True God Hei Ku understood his thinking very well.

These words immediately had the crowd buzzing with excitement. It was evident that Zhao Hui’s relationship with Kun Yun made True God Cloudbreaker rather hostile to him.

True God Hei Ku was a Rank Three True God, the best of the outer sect disciples, and a powerful fighter.

“Brother, I’m no match for him. Why don’t you fight in my place?” Zhao Hui said to Kun Yun.

These words left everyone dumbfounded. After all, True God Hei Ku was a Rank Three True God while Kun Yun was a Rank Two True God. Despite this, the Rank Three True God Zhao Hui was asking a Rank Two True God to fight in his place?

If not for the fact that True God Cloudbreaker was clearly showing hostility to Zhao Hui, they would have all believed that Zhao Hui was working together with True God Cloudbreaker to make trouble for Kun Yun.

“This…” Kun Yun’s mind was completely blank.

The Zhao Hui that had been so friendly to him was now pushing him into a sea of fire. What was going on here?

“If Kun Yun is the one fighting, Big Bro Hei Ku has no need to go. Let me go!” a black-clothed youth in the crowd said with a wicked smile.

Kun Yun’s face turned gloomy as he stared at this person. This youth was none other than the peak Rank Two True God who had already taught him a lesson today.

“Brother Zhao, if you don’t care about your pride, you can have your friend fight on your behalf!” True God Cloudbreaker spoke with a threatening tone.

If Zhao Hui went up to fight, he had an eighty percent chance of losing to True God Hei Ku, but if he didn’t fight, then Kun Yun would have to fight. If that happened, the relationship between the two would naturally fall apart.

“I’m a doctor! I’m not skilled in fighting!” Zhao Hui stated his occupation, much to the surprise of the crowd.

Not even True God Cloudbreaker had expected for Zhao Hui to be a doctor. If that was the case, then his words just now were rather inappropriate. Challenging a doctor was already rather embarrassing, not even accounting for the fact that Zhao Hui was a guest.

But it was impossible to take back his words now.

“Since that’s the case, Kun Yun, let’s play around a bit!” The black-clothed youth stepped onto the fighting stage, as he looked tauntingly at Kun Yun.

“You…!” Kun Yun’s face instantly went red.

This youth had just given him a savage beating earlier, leaving his body covered with wounds. Even though these injuries were all healed now, he was still no match for this black-clothed youth.

“Kun Yun, when I arrived, I happened to see your fight. I noticed that you didn’t have any proper divine weapon. Why don’t you borrow a few weapons from me and then go and fight him?” Zhao Hui asked with a smile.

The black-clothed youth was unperturbed. Even if Kun Yun had a divine weapon, he would still be no match for him.

Kun Yun remained silent and stared at Zhao Hui, wondering what he was thinking. But a moment later, Zhao Hui opened his hand, revealing three dazzling divine artifacts.

These three treasures were a large black hammer, a suit of golden dragon armor, and a red cloud cape. These three divine artifacts exuded an astonishing aura that drew in the stares of the entire crowd.

“These are… three average-quality divine artifacts!” The black-clothed youth on the stage swallowed as he stared in shock.

“He actually took out three average-quality divine artifacts at once!?”

The others also sighed in wonder, their eyes shining with greed.

“This…! Then I’ll have another fight with you!” Kun Yun was stunned at first, but then his face revealed an ecstatic expression.

Average-quality divine artifacts were meant for Rank Four to Rank Six True Gods. These were divine artifacts that he normally didn’t even have a chance of seeing. With three of them, he really did have a chance of victory.


With these three divine artifacts, Kun Yun jumped onto the stage. Barely activating these divine artifacts, Kun Yun already felt an invincible power bolstering his strength. With a terrifying momentum, he thundered toward the black-clothed youth.

“These three divine artifacts sit at the peak of average-quality divine artifacts! Only a Rank Five True God can fully control them!” True God Cloudbreaker’s expression darkened.

These three divine artifacts were divided between attack, defense, and support, and they made Kun Yun practically invincible among Rank Two True Gods, even allowing him challenge Rank Three True Gods.

 Boom! Bang!

Just as expected, the two exchanged only five moves before Kun Yun sent the youth flying off the stage with a blow of his hammer. The youth vomited blood several times before finally clambering off the ground.

“Haha!” Kun Yun heartily laughed as he walked off the stage.

Not since he came to Black Devil Peak had ever felt so refreshed. He had obtained so many resources, could use average-quality divine artifacts, had defeated his foe…

“Kun Yun, these divine artifacts suit you so well! I’ll just give them to you!” Zhao Hui said with a smile.

Kun Yun almost tripped in shock. These were three average-quality divine artifacts that Zhao Hui was giving him.

Although he was extremely reluctant to give them up, they were truly too valuable to just take. But after Zhao Hui’s fierce insistence, Kun Yun eventually accepted them.

The outer peak disciples were all dazed and dumbfounded by what they were seeing. With those cultivation resources and three average-quality divine artifacts, Kun Yun was invincible in the outer peak and could probably enter the inner peak.

“But…” Kun Yun became rather dejected.

Even a guiltless man with treasure would invite disaster upon themselves, not to mention someone who already had many enemies. Once Zhao Hui left, True God Cloudbreaker would definitely target him and try to seize all these items.

At this moment, a voice rang out in Kun Yun’s mind; “When the people from the Spiritual Race are about to leave, go with them to the Spiritual Race!”

“Haha, Brother Zhao, let me show you some other places!” True God Cloudbreaker gave a sinister smile.

While Zhao Hui was here, Kun Yun would be fine, but once Zhao Hui was gone, things wouldn’t be so certain. These cultivation resources and divine artifacts would all be his.

“Okay.” Zhao Hui nodded and prepared to leave.

“Good Sir, who are you? Why are you helping me?” Kun Yun was bursting with gratitude, but once he calmed down, he messaged Zhao Hui. He did not believe that someone who had no relationship with him would do all these things for him.

“Little Kun Yun, your memory is truly awful. You’ve even forgotten who I am?” With these words, Zhao Hui left with True God Cloudbreaker.

Kun Yun’s soul was given a shock, and he stood where he was and stared at the departing Zhao Hui. In his life, only one person had ever called him Little Kun Yun, and that person was the one who had helped revive him from a drop of blood – Zhao Feng!