King Of Gods Chapter 1324

Chapter 1324 Subduing

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Chapter 1324 – Subduing

“I had someone capture him for me,” Ancient God Profound Devil announced, after which he grabbed Zhao Hui and left.

After leaving that gloomy space, Ancient God Profound Devil appeared in a wide and round metal corridor. Corridors went off in all directions, and there were some that even required identity verification to enter.

It didn’t take long before Ancient God Profound Devil entered a secret chamber and threw Zhao Hui to the ground.

“Don’t tell me that you don’t know Zhao Feng!” Ancient God Profound Devil’s eyes were tinged with rage as he began to exert his Ancient God pressure on Zhao Hui.

Zhao Hui was just a Rank Three True God, and this immense power rendered him almost incapable of moving.

“I… know… him!” Zhao Hui trembled as he spoke, his face stricken with terror.

Ancient God Profound Devil’s eyes flashed, a pleased look on his face.

“Then obediently tell me everything!” Ancient God Profound Devil’s energy surged.

 Bzzz! Hwoom!

A savage black demon head began to condense in his hand. This demon head had a life of its own; once it finished manifesting, it rushed at Zhao Hui’s head.

This was a unique memory extraction technique. Once this demon head entered Zhao Hui’s body, it would devour his soul and obtain all he knew.

Ancient God Profound Devil smiled as he stared at this low-level True God that he was free to do whatever he wanted with.

“If you want someone to blame, blame Zhao Feng for knowing you.” Ancient God Profound Devil coldly snorted. All he wanted right now was to capture Zhao Feng as soon as possible, take everything he owned, and then make his life a living hell.

 Whoosh! Whoosh!

The black and savage demon head was just about to enter Zhao Hui’s head.

“You want to see me that badly?” At this moment, a third voice resounded through the room.

This voice made Ancient God Profound Devil’s entire body tremble. Emotions of disgust and loathing immediately surged through his heart.

“Zhao Feng!” Ancient God Profound Devil paled as he recognized the voice.

He ardently wished to capture Zhao Feng, but he had never imagined that Zhao Feng would appear here right now.


Zhao Feng suddenly appeared next to Zhao Hui and lunged at Ancient God Profound Devil. As he passed the black demon head, he unleashed a massive wave of energy that pulverized it.

“Chaos Origin Divine Fist!” With thunderous momentum, Zhao Feng circulated Chaos Origin Divine Power and used a combat skill of the Chaos Heaven Void Origin Technique.

 Boom! Bang!

A gloomy and chaotic light shot forward like a giant mountain.

Ancient God Profound Devil was surprised and completely caught off guard, so he took the full brunt of the attack.


He vomited blood as his body was sent flying backward by the gloomy mountain of light.

Now that Zhao Feng had reached the second level of the Chaos Heaven Void Origin Technique and cultivated to the peak of Rank Seven, he was much stronger than he was in their last meeting.

After being struck by this fist, Ancient God Profound Devil could do nothing except retreat.

But before Ancient God Profound Devil could even hit the ground, Zhao Feng appeared at his side. With a wave of his silver robe, Ancient God Profound Devil and Zhao Feng vanished.

In the Spacetime Robe’s dimension, Ancient God Profound Devil vomited several mouthfuls of blood before finally stabilizing himself.

“Zhao Feng… why did you come here? Your strength…” Ancient God Profound Devil was far too shocked, and he had far too much to say.

He had never imagined that Zhao Feng would risk himself by infiltrating their faction. Although he determined that Zhao Feng wouldn’t be able to leave this place alive, his foremost concern at this time was his own survival since Zhao Feng was even stronger than he was last time.

“This place is the Spacetime Robe’s internal dimension. You can’t escape, so just submit to me.” Zhao Feng indifferently stood before him.

Meanwhile, Zhao Wang and the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon rushed forward.

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s body seethed with black flames, and it fully unleashed the energy of its bloodline, exuding a Destructive energy that could destroy all. As for Zhao Wang, he was only a peak Rank Five, but he was an Eye of Death descendant.

What drew Ancient God Profound Devil’s attention the most was the pitch-black claw-headed staff in Zhao Wang’s hands. The sinister and dreadful aura it exuded was even more dangerous than the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s energy.

“Destruction Dragon Race… supreme-quality divine artifact!” Ancient God Profound Devil was immediately filled with despair.

Zhao Feng alone was very difficult for him to deal with, let alone an Ancient God of the Destruction Dragon Race and a wielder of a supreme-quality Death-type divine artifact. Moreover, Ancient God Profound Devil knew that Zhao Feng still had other trump cards.

Ancient God Profound Devil had never imagined that he would die because he captured a Rank Three True God.

“I may die, but I’ll take you with me!” In these dire circumstances, Ancient God Profound Devil actually broke into a wicked smile.

 Buzz! Bzzz!

A vast energy began to surge and gather in his body, instilling fear in all who sensed it.

“You want to self-detonate?” Zhao Feng apparently expected this, and he appeared mostly unperturbed. He suddenly vanished, and when he next appeared, he was even closer to Ancient God Profound Devil.

“You… what are you up to?” Ancient God Profound Devil was taken aback.

He truly was planning on self-detonating, but he knew that Zhao Feng was very fast and perfectly capable of getting out of range of the explosion. The true reason for his self-detonation was not to kill Zhao Feng, but to have the Heavenly Demon Hall notice his death. The Heavenly Demon Hall was certain to rigorously investigate the matter, making escape for Zhao Feng nigh impossible.

But to his surprise, Zhao Feng didn’t flee from his self-detonation, but actually got even closer.

“You want to stop my self-detonation? Ridiculous!” Ancient God Profound Devil scornfully laughed.

Not even a Rank Eight Ancient God was capable of completely suppressing him, so it was simply impossible for Zhao Feng to stop his self-detonation. If Zhao Feng got too close, his self-detonation would instantly annihilate him. Thus, Ancient God Profound Devil was laughing at Zhao Feng’s stupidity.


Zhao Feng immediately appeared at Ancient God Profound Devil’s side, and his eye of dreamy silver focused on Ancient God Profound Devil and began to spin.

“This is…?”

A moment later, Ancient God Profound Devil sensed the spatial energy from a strange and ancient dimension, clearly intending to teleport him to another place.

He was just preparing to resist when the Spacetime energy of this dimension suddenly restrained his body. At the same time, Zhao Feng’s left eye unleashed powerful Illusion energy to affect his state of mind.

Ancient God Profound Devil’s Soul Intent had always been inferior to Zhao Feng’s while his Eye of Myriad Forms could not compare to Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye.


Zhao Feng pulled Ancient God Profound Devil into the Ancient Dream Realm.

In the Ancient Dream Realm, in the core area of the Blood Flame Qilin Race, three Rank Eight Ancient Gods and the Blood Flame Qilin Race Patriarch were seated in a circle, each one positioned in one of the four directions.

Suddenly, Ancient God Profound Devil appeared in the middle of the four. A moment later, the four Ancient God experts immediately unleashed all their energy onto the center.

Ancient God Profound Devil only just appeared, and before he had time to do anything, he was completely suppressed and controlled by this invincible energy. The explosive strength that had been gathering in his body ceased flowing and slowly began to disperse.

“What… place… is this?” Ancient God Profound Devil barely managed to squeeze out these words.

This was clearly a different dimension, and this dimension concealed several supreme experts.

A moment later, Zhao Feng appeared.

“Your Excellency!” the Blood Flame Qilins all softly called out.

“Dark Heart Seal!”

Without another word, Zhao Feng began to condense a seal of dreamy silver in his left eye, which he then sent into the depths of Ancient God Profound Devil’s soul. Suppressed by four Ancient God experts, Ancient God Profound Devil was in no state to resist, and his soul was easily branded. Only then did the Blood Flame Qilins let him go.

Zhao Feng knew that he was heading into an extremely dangerous area, so he had begun making preparations long ago. The mysterious and secretive faction behind Ancient God Profound Devil was undoubtedly extremely cautious, so it probably had all its members being looked after by a Soul Jade.

Soul Jades contained a sliver of their owner’s souls. When the owner died, the Soul Jade would shatter. Thus, while infiltrating this place, it was best if Zhao Feng didn’t kill anyone, as he would just be exposing himself by doing so.

“Master, what are your orders?” The extremely weak Ancient God Profound Devil kneeled in front of Zhao Feng.

“Tell me how the Heaven’s Legacy Cat is currently doing and everything you know about your faction!”

Zhao Feng was a little excited. He had always been wondering about the faction Ancient God Profound Devil belonged to. These were God Eye descendants who were somehow able to operate the machinery left behind by the Heaven’s Legacy Race.

After infiltrating this place, Zhao Feng realized that the faction behind Ancient God Profound Devil was even more mysterious and powerful than he imagined, and it even controlled many technologies left behind by the Heaven’s Legacy Race. If not for the fact that it was mostly God Eye descendants here, Zhao Feng would have suspected this to be a faction of the Heaven’s Legacy Race.

“Master, your subordinate finds this very difficult!” Ancient God Profound Devil had a struggling look on his face.

Zhao Feng was dumbfounded. With the Dark Heart Seal, even Ancient God Profound Devil’s thoughts and mind were under his control, and yet Ancient God Profound Devil was resisting his request?

“Master, I signed a contract. Once I divulge any information on the Heavenly Demon Hall, my soul will immediately be destroyed,” Ancient God Profound Devil truthfully replied.

Zhao Feng instantly understood. Only death could make someone imprinted with the Dark Heart Seal resist his orders. Presumably, the moment Ancient God Profound Devil was about to reveal any information, he would immediately die and thus be of no use to Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng once more realized just how cautious the Heavenly Demon Hall was. He had to be extremely cautious in his actions.

After successfully imprinting the Dark Heart Seal, Zhao Hui returned to the outside world with Ancient God Profound Devil.

Although Ancient God Profound Devil couldn’t reveal any information, he did know where the little thieving cat was and could lead Zhao Feng there. There were also many points on this route that required identity verification.

But first, Ancient God Profound Devil had to recover his strength, or else the truth might come out. The two decided to remain in the secret chamber for the time being to cultivate.

But Ancient God Profound Devil didn’t cultivate for long before he opened his eyes and took out a round metal token. The token was flashing with a faint red light.

“What’s going on?” Zhao Feng immediately asked.

“Someone has triggered the warning system. Right now, the entire region for one hundred thousand li around the Heavenly Demon Hall has been completely locked down,” Ancient God Profound Devil truthfully replied.

“I’ve been discovered?” Zhao Feng was shocked.

“No, it should be someone else….” Ancient God Profound Devil’s expression dimmed.

Zhao Feng was slightly relieved to hear Ancient God Profound Devil’s words. However, now that someone else had triggered the warning system, the security around this area would increase. This was bad news for Zhao Feng.

But there was a positive aspect to this news; the Heavenly Demon Hall’s attention was probably focused on the person who had triggered the warning system, presenting an excellent opportunity for Zhao Feng.

“We have to get moving soon!” Zhao Feng ordered, after which he began to personally assist with Ancient God Profound Devil’s recovery.

 Buzz! Bzzz!

Suddenly, the secret chamber began to flash with weak light.

“Someone is here!” Ancient God Profound Devil said.

Zhao Feng used his left eye’s see-through ability to peer through the unique metal walls of the room. Outside a certain corridor, two figures were standing. They were currently interacting with the array around Ancient God Profound Devil’s residence.