King Of Gods Chapter 1326

Chapter 1326 Fighting A Rank Eight

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Chapter 1326 – Fighting a Rank Eight

“It’s Scarlet Firmament? I hear that he’s already a half-step God Lord. Let me deal with him!” The gray-scaled elder had a calm and leisurely expression.

He had barely finished speaking when he suddenly vanished.

“His Excellency has left, but this place should probably be fine.” An elder of the Heavenly Demon Hall with dark blue hair who was responsible for monitoring this area appeared slightly concerned.

The other operators in this concealed hall were also rather worried. They weren’t very strong at fighting and didn’t have the ability to protect themselves.

Moreover, their visitor this time was someone from the Spacetime Sacred Land. In the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, Sacred Lands were the vast and mighty overlord factions!

“Hmph! With me here, what do you have to be afraid of?” At this moment, a cold and sinister voice issued out from the shadows.

A man with a straight back and the dark and turbid eyes of a ghost floated out.

“Ancient God Nether Spring!”

All of them couldn’t help but shiver.

“With Ancient God Nether Spring here, there will naturally be no problem!” The elder with dark blue hair faintly smiled.

At this moment, a red dot flashed on the massive screen in front of him.

“There’s an intruder!” the elder immediately called out.

“Their target is our location!” the people next to him looked over and noted.

“Just sending themselves to their deaths.” Ancient God Nether Spring coldly sneered, his eyes beginning to spin.

The gloomy mist of a spring gushed out from his eyes. If a normal person saw this, they would feel as if they had walked into the Yellow Springs of the underworld.

 Whoosh! Whoosh!

A man and a woman suddenly charged out of the mist. One was a dark black man exuding the sinister aura of the Ghost Dao. The woman, on the other hand, was sacred and upright, a pure fairy.

The moment the two emerged, they shot off into the air.

“Wasn’t that the Devil Saint God Duo renowned throughout the Antian Zone? It was rumored that they were both at the peak of Rank Eight. I didn’t think that Lord Nether Spring had already made them into Samsara Immortal Bodies!”

The corridors through the Heavenly Demon Hall were complex and intertwining. If Zhao Feng didn’t have the guidance of Ancient God Profound Devil and the others, he would have needed a great deal of time to find out where the little thieving cat was being kept.

 Swoosh! Swoosh!

One or two figures would occasionally rush out from a nearby corridor, but as they progressed farther, they ran into fewer and fewer people.

At this moment, a short-haired middle-aged man flew over. He had the cultivation of a Rank Seven Ancient God.

“Ancient God Profound Devil, where are you going?” The middle-aged man was on friendly terms with Ancient God Profound Devil.

“Capture him!” Zhao Feng ordered.

He needed to search this person’s soul to understand the current situation. If all of them attacked together, they could definitely subdue this person in an instant.

Ancient God Profound Devil didn’t reply to the middle-aged man and instead immediately attacked. The other four God Eye descendants struck as well, all of them activating their eye-bloodlines.

“What are you doing!?” The middle-aged man was terrified.

At this moment, nearby:


A dreamy silver eye about the size of a head suddenly appeared.

“Soul Prison!” The silver eye embedded in the air instantly unleashed an eye-bloodline technique.

A moment later, the middle-aged man’s soul was bound by countless soul chains. At the same time, black metal thorns stabbed into his soul.

The Soul Prison plunged the man’s soul into illusory torture. A second on the outside world was several months within the illusion.

At this moment, the attacks of Ancient God Profound Devil’s group landed.


The middle-aged was instantly seriously wounded and dropped to the floor.


A vortex of Eye Intent engulfed the man. A moment later, he was sucked into Zhao Feng’s God Eye Dimension.

This capture operation only lasted a few seconds, but right at this moment:


A spatial ripple appeared, and a black figure arrived at this place.

“What are you doing!?” This figure was short, thin, and pitch-black, practically fused with his black robe. He stared at Ancient God Profound Devil’s group as he bellowed.

Although he didn’t see what happened, he sensed the ripples of various Eye Intents. There was clearly some sort of battle here, but by the time he arrived, one of the auras had vanished.

Within the Spacetime Robe, Zhao Feng was slightly taken aback.

One of the effects of being in the Spacetime Robe was that the abilities of Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye were greatly limited. Moreover, these buildings were made of some unique material that restricted Zhao Feng’s perception, so much so that he had not noticed this high-level Eye of Spacetime descendant.

“Ancient God Asura Gate, a member was trying to steal the Heavenly Demon Hall’s research. We discovered it and acted together just now to eliminate him,” Ancient God Profound Devil offered an explanation.

Within the Spacetime Robe, Zhao Feng could sense through the Dark Heart Seal’s connection that Ancient God Asura Gate was a Rank Eight Ancient God, and he was one of those Rank Eight Ancient Gods with extremely stable foundations.

“Let him out! I will see what the truth is!” Ancient God Asura Gate’s expression was stern and harsh.

These words immediately caused Ancient God Profound Devil’s group to appear hesitant and hard-pressed.

“Ancient God Asura Gate, in truth, we had a private grudge against that member. We couldn’t hold back just now, so…!” Ancient God Profound Devil’s expression suddenly changed.

“Ancient God Asura Gate, if you trouble yourself to keep this matter a secret, the five of us are willing to offer you many contribution points!” Ancient God Black Extreme pleaded.

“Okay.” Ancient God Asura Gate coldly snorted.

Ancient God Profound Devil’s team of six had captured a Heaven’s Legacy Cat on their last mission and obtained an incredible sum of contribution points. Even Ancient God Asura Gate found himself incredibly tempted by such a sum.

In the Heavenly Demon Hall, contribution points could be exchanged for all sorts of divine artifacts or items. These included powerful automatons, unique tools, and even medicines to improve one’s eye-bloodline.

“Ancient God Asura Gate, let’s discuss this elsewhere,” Ancient God Profound Devil messaged.

At this moment, a figure passed through an extremely far away corridor.

“Mm. This place truly isn’t a good place to talk.” Ancient God Asura Gate nodded.

Within the Spacetime Robe, Zhao Feng was rather taken aback.

“This person trusts you so much! Isn’t he afraid that you’re trying to trick him?” Zhao Feng immediately asked.

It had to be said that Ancient God Profound Devil was a peak Rank Seven, and with the help of the other four, he could heavily injure and even kill a Rank Eight Ancient God without a problem.

“Master, you are too greatly underestimating the high-level fighting powers of the Heavenly Demon Hall.” Ancient God Profound Devil couldn’t reveal any secrets, so this was all he could say.

But Zhao Feng didn’t find it hard to conjecture. Although the Heavenly Demon Hall wasn’t very large, it could control the technology left behind by the Heaven’s Legacy Race and possessed many powerful mechanical tools, automatons, as well as incredibly rare secret arts and cultivation methods.

These things could probably all be obtained by using contribution points, and Ancient God Asura Gate was almost certainly an Ancient God with rather high seniority. Thus, he would be incredibly formidable in various aspects.

Ancient God Profound Devil’s group could use the God Eye Fusion Art, but this secret art required time to activate. In addition, Ancient God Asura Gate probably understood the art as well and would not give Ancient God Profound Devil the time to use it.

For this reason, even though there were five people in Ancient God Profound Devil’s group, Ancient God Asura Gate wasn’t worried that they might be up to something.

But Ancient God Asura Gate had not taken into account the factor of Zhao Feng.

The group quickly entered a room. The moment they entered, everyone felt a powerful weight on their bodies. This was clearly a special training room; the gravity of this room was probably adjustable.

“Killing a member of the Heavenly Demon Hall is a grave crime.” Ancient God Asura Gate casually strolled into the room and then gave a wicked smile.

The five people in front of him all had many contribution points, so he naturally hoped to squeeze as much out of them as possible.

“I have an item here that Ancient God Asura Gate might be interested in!” Ancient God Profound Devil squinted his eyes and smiled.

“Let me see.” Ancient God Asura Gate was surprised.

In truth, he was more interested in contribution points. In the Heavenly Demon Hall, with contribution points, one could get their hands on anything. But Ancient God Profound Devil also knew this, so he definitely wouldn’t offer any ordinary item.

Ancient God Profound Devil faintly smiled, and with a wave of his hand, he activated his interspatial dimension.


A silver robe emerged, glistening with runes and characters. It appeared to be suffused with the principles of the world, and just a glance would bring enlightenment.

“The Spacetime Robe!” Ancient God Asura Gate’s eyes went round, and his body shivered.

It was actually the supreme-quality spacetime divine artifact endowed with support, defense, and escape abilities, the Spacetime Robe!

But the Spacetime Robe was far too precious for Ancient God Profound Devil’s group to just hand it to him, and he was also incapable of instantly annihilating the five people before him.

“What is it that you want?” Ancient God Asura Gate asked. If he could get the Spacetime Robe, he was willing to offer anything.

“Your life!” At this moment, a figure suddenly emerged from the Spacetime Robe.

“Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame!”

Zhao Feng had already gathered a great quantity of Tribulation Lightning within the Spacetime Robe, and the moment he appeared, he unleashed it all.

“You…!” Ancient God Asura Gate’s face twisted in alarm. He didn’t know what was going on, but the danger he felt made him immediately react.


Ancient God Asura Gate shot to the side in a streak of dark light. But before he could get very far, he was forced to reappear, howling in pain.

Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline technique was unleashed almost instantly, and it was very accurate. Despite Ancient God Asura Gate’s extremely quick reaction, his soul was still struck by eighty percent of the Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame’s power.

At this moment, Ancient God Profound Devil and the other four used their own eye-bloodline techniques while summoning their automatons to fiercely attack Ancient God Asura Gate.

Zhao Feng had numbers on his side, and he wouldn’t give Ancient God Asura Gate any time to catch his breath. The moment Ancient God Asura Gate chose to send a message, he would be immediately struck by the powerful eye-bloodline techniques of all five and was highly likely to die on the spot.

“Space Origin Divine Shield!” Ancient God Asura Gate forcefully stabilized the injuries to his soul and used his Eyes of Spacetime to unleash a shroud of white light.

 Boom! Bang! Crash!

All the eye-bloodline techniques were weakened as they struck this barrier. However, because Ancient God Profound Devil’s group outnumbered him, Ancient God Asura Gate was the first to break and began using defensive skills. But Ancient God Asura Gate didn’t have time for this, as five automatons were already attacking him.

“Come out!” Ancient God Asura Gate summoned his own automaton, also at peak Rank Eight. After doing this, Ancient God Asura Gate sent his mind into his interspatial dimension and prepared to send a message.

But at this moment, he sensed a dreadful pulse of energy.

“Earthshaking Nova!” Zhao Feng unleashed yet another eye-bloodline technique.

Earthshaking Nova derived its power from colliding different kinds of energy against each other. In order to reach the second level of the Chaos Heaven Void Origin Technique, Zhao Feng had raised almost all his Intents by one level, and this also increased the power of his eye-bloodline technique.

 Boom! Bang!

In a flash, a chaotic burst of energy exploded inside Ancient God Asura Gate’s body.

The Earthshaking Nova attacked both the body and soul, temporarily preventing Ancient God Asura Gate from sending a message.

At this moment, Zhao Feng blinked forward and appeared at Ancient God Asura Gate’s side.


With a wave of his robe, Zhao Feng took Ancient God Asura Gate into the robe’s internal dimension.

“Damn!” When Ancient God Asura Gate recovered, he immediately knew what had happened.

“Die!” Zhao Feng and Ancient God Profound Devil’s group also appeared.

Zhao Feng was no longer worried that Ancient God Asura Gate would send a message. The Spacetime Robe was a supreme-quality divine artifact, and with Zhao Feng’s assistance, it could completely cut off any connection to the outside world. Unless he had Zhao Feng’s permission, Ancient God Asura Gate would not be able to send a single bit of information out of this dimension.