King Of Gods Chapter 1328

Chapter 1328 Devil Saint God Duo

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Chapter 1328 – Devil Saint God Duo

“Hold on! We’re also infiltrators! We’re on the same side!” At this moment, Ancient God Profound Devil called out according to Zhao Feng’s orders.

The silver-clothed woman had attacked Ancient God Profound Devil’s group the moment she spotted them, and Ancient God Profound Devil’s group confirmed that she did not belong to the Heavenly Demon Hall. Thus, this person was obviously an infiltrator.

The Spacetime Sacred Land had dispatched someone on the outside to hold down the majority of the Heavenly Demon Hall’s forces while they sent this silver-clothed woman to sneak in. This forbidden zone was obviously bereft of guards because she had killed them all.

“Infiltrators? On the same side?” The ripples of Eye Intent in the woman’s eyes began to slacken.

She had infiltrated this place and killed many members of the Heavenly Demon Hall, but this was the first time she had heard such things from someone she was trying to kill. Moreover, the other party had noticed her ahead of time, or else they wouldn’t have even had a chance to chat.

“What proof do you have?” The woman’s killing intent did not decrease, and the energy of her eye-bloodline technique remained in her eyes. If Ancient God Profound Devil’s group tried anything, she would immediately kill them.


At this moment, an eye of dreamy silver appeared over Ancient God Profound Devil’s head, exuding a suffocating pressure. The sight of this dreamy silver caused even the woman’s Eyes of Spacetime to inexplicably pulse.

At the same time, the Dark Heart Seals on Ancient God Profound Devil’s group revealed the energy of Zhao Feng’s soul.

“This should be enough,” Zhao Feng’s voice resounded in the air.

“We were once members of this place, but we now serve Master!” Ancient God Profound Devil said.

The silver-clothed woman became pensive. She soon guessed at what was going on, and the killing intent in her eyes began to fade, though not completely.

“So you were an Ancient God skilled with the soul,” the silver-clothed woman indifferently said.

From what she saw just now, the person hidden in the shadows had an eye-bloodline and was skilled in soul techniques. These members of the Heavenly Demon Hall were currently under the control of this hidden person.

“What is your objective?” the woman directly asked.

Anyone who could sneak into this place was no normal person, so she did not underestimate this person in the shadows. In addition, anyone who infiltrated such a dangerous place could not have any ordinary goal.

“And what is your objective?” Zhao Feng asked in return.

The woman’s slender brows rose, and then she fearlessly replied, “To save someone! My younger brother was captured and brought to this place!”

After saying this, the silver-clothed woman swept her chilling eyes over Ancient God Profound Devil’s group, causing all of them to shiver.

“I’ve said my piece. What’s your objective?” the woman coldly asked.

“To save a cat. My pet was captured by them!” Zhao Feng didn’t hide his goal.

The woman’s expression grew even colder. It appeared that she did not entirely believe this reason. Just who would do something as absurd as sneaking into the Heavenly Demon Hall to rescue a pet?

“The secret hall of the Heavenly Demon Hall is undoubtedly guarded by experts. Only by working together can we get in,” Zhao Feng said, not caring if the woman believed his reason or not.

The silver-clothed woman also did not continue to press Zhao Feng on his goal. After all, it had little to do with her.

“Let’s move out!” The silver-clothed woman was clearly rather anxious.

Her body vanished into the void and began to slowly advance. Ancient God Profound Devil’s group of five followed behind, even giving out many directions.

Although the woman was a Spacetime God Eye descendant with high-level movement techniques, she would inevitably run into some kind of trap or mechanism.

“What a high-level spatial concealment technique!” Zhao Feng couldn’t help but observe the silver-clothed woman’s spatial concealment technique.

Anyone skilled in Space Intent could conceal their body in the void, but they could only hide. If they made any large movements, they would create disturbances that would cause them to be easily discovered.

However, this woman could not only conceal herself in the void, but also move at high speeds while making her ripples of energy nigh undetectable.

“I should be able to do it as well.” Zhao Feng couldn’t help but activate his left eye.

The primary Intent of his Chaos Heaven Void Origin Technique was Space Intent. If he could increase his proficiency in Space Intent, he would definitely strengthen the power of his Chaos Origin Divine Power as well.

Zhao Feng also had the assistance of the Spacetime Robe, so it most likely wasn’t that difficult to accomplish this feat.


An eye of dreamy silver slowly emerged in the outside world, moving together with the party. The eye locked onto the silver-clothed woman and began to exude a dreamy luster.

“Mm?” The silver-clothed woman raised her brow, a wary look appearing on her face. She suddenly felt like she had been stripped naked, everything about her clearly exposed for others to see.

 That eye is rather unusual!  the silver-clothed woman said to herself before proceeding to ignore it.

Other than the eye-bloodlines of the Eight Great God Eye descendants, there were also a few eye-bloodlines that approached their level. Some of these eye-bloodlines would even evolve, developing extremely unique abilities that put them on par with descendants of the Eight Great God Eyes. However, they had slightly less room to develop.


Two silver streaks flitted through the air, cutting in half two guards before they had time to react. This spatial attack even annihilated their souls.

 Killing a Rank Seven Ancient God in a single strike! This woman is even stronger than I imagined!  Zhao Feng became a little warier.

After a little while, Zhao Feng succeeded in completely copying the silver-clothed woman’s spatial concealment technique. However, he didn’t have the chance to try it out at this time.

After duplicating the technique, the eye of dreamy silver did not vanish from the outside world. He was working with the woman to kill any guards they encountered, so he wasn’t worried about being exposed. Moreover, in this way, he could better observe what the enemy was doing and keep a close watch on the surroundings.

“Found it! That’s the secret hall!” Zhao Feng’s left eye pierced through various barriers to spot a secret hall guarded by several Rank Seven Ancient Gods.

This secret hall was rather special; Zhao Feng could only barely make out a few figures within it.

“Not good! Someone is coming!” Zhao Feng suddenly saw two figures flying toward their location.


The eye of dreamy silver in the air suddenly vanished. Ancient God Profound Devil’s group of five immediately made some distance between themselves and the silver-clothed woman, also displaying hostile looks on their faces.

The woman stared at Ancient God Profound Devil’s group in surprise. These people talked about working together, so why were they now backing away and appearing hostile? Was everything before feigned? A trick?

“You deceived me?” The silver-clothed woman’s face became a sheet of ice, her killing intent almost tangible.

“Someone is coming.” At this moment, Zhao Feng’s voice resounded in her mind.

“I still need to use these five, so in front of members of the Heavenly Demon Hall, we are enemies!” Zhao Feng further explained.

The woman was confused, but she quickly sensed two powerful auras approaching.

 Swoosh! Swoosh!

A man and woman swiftly arrived.

“Found them! I didn’t think that it would be Ancient God Luo Ling that infiltrated this place!” Bizarrely, the two of them spoke in unison.

But in reality, these two Samsara Immortal Bodies were linked with Ancient God Nether Spring’s mind, and Ancient God Nether Spring was the one who spoke these words from his position in the secret hall. Ancient God Nether Spring immediately recognized this silver-clothed woman, evidence of her renown.

Ancient God Luo Ling’s expression darkened. It was clear that these two were beyond her ability to cope with.

“Why are you here?” The Devil Saint God Duo stared at Ancient God Profound Devil’s group.

“And just who are you?” Ancient God Profound Devil shot back.

Normally, the only people who would appear here would be authoritative figures of the Heavenly Demon Hall, and he would never dare to ask a question in this manner. However, the situation now was different, and besides, these two were Samsara Immortal Bodies that they had never seen before.

“Ancient God Nether Spring!” the Devil Saint God Duo replied as one, visibly angered.

“So it was Elder Nether Spring!” Ancient God Profound Devil’s group of five immediately adopted expressions of respect.

“Reporting to Elder Nether Spring, there was a large explosion in the gravity training room. The five of us followed the trail to this place and found this infiltrator. We were prepared to capture her and report the matter to the Elders!” Ancient God Profound Devil gave the explanation Zhao Feng had provided.

“Hmph! What ambition! Is this person someone that you lot can deal with?” The Devil Saint God Duo coldly snorted, but their suspicion toward Ancient God Profound Devil’s group slightly decreased.

It was a common sight for someone to not report a matter to their superiors and act on their own for personal gain. He had also received word on the explosion in the gravity training room. He should have been the one to go over and use his Eye of Samsara to revive the deceased, but he needed to guard the secret hall, so he could not leave.

“Elder Nether Spring is correct, but now that your Samsara Immortal Bodies are here, this woman can be captured alive!” Ancient God Profound Devil proposed.

“Hmph!” The Devil Saint God Duo coldly snorted again, and then they immediately attacked Ancient God Luo Ling.


The pressure erupting from the pair made the Divine Power and blood in Ancient God Profound Devil’s group practically freeze, and all of them began to back away.

The tall and muscular man shrouded in a gloomy dark mist was wielding a demon-headed saber. He immediately slashed down, unleashing a sinister and demonic strike. On the other side, the white-clothed holy maiden grasped a sword of white crystal and unleashed several waves of holy light.

“Heaven Earth Void Domain!” Ancient God Luo Ling activated her Eyes of Spacetime. The air around her immediately began to flicker with spatial blurs.


After using this move, Ancient God Luo Ling began to move through this space like a fish through water, her movements impossible to grasp.

At some point, a small silver scimitar had appeared in her hand.


With a light wave, she unleashed a sharp and swift ray of light.

But the Devil Saint God Duo were Samsara Immortal Bodies; even if ordinary attacks could injure them, they would immediately recover from their injuries.

“Devil Execution!”

“Holy Light Fairy Spirit Sword!”

As Samsara Immortal Bodies, the Devil Saint God Duo feared nothing and madly attacked.

 All three of them are peak Rank Eight!

Through the battle, Zhao Feng was able to determine the cultivation levels of all three.

In a one-on-one duel, neither of the Devil Saint God Duo was any match for Ancient God Luo Ling. But they were currently fighting together, and they were both Samsara Immortal Bodies that feared no injury, so they were the ones with the upper hand.

“I will help you!” Zhao Feng secretly messaged Ancient God Luo Ling.

He required Ancient God Luo Ling’s strength, or else he would find it very difficult to enter the secret hall and rescue the little thieving cat.