King Of Gods Chapter 1330

Chapter 1330 The Thieving Cat Breaks Free

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Chapter 1330 – The Thieving Cat Breaks Free

The moment Ancient God Profound Devil’s group entered the secret hall, Zhao Feng could see everything through their eyes.

 Rank Nine Ancient God!  Zhao Feng could sense Ancient God Nether Spring’s true cultivation level, and his body involuntarily trembled. If he carelessly forced his way in, he would immediately be taken care of.

 It seems like now is not the time to strike.  Zhao Feng’s eyes dimmed, and he decided to keep Ancient God Profound Devil’s group on standby for now.

Ancient God Nether Spring was an Eye of Samsara descendant, so he probably had a Rank Nine Ancient God Samsara Immortal Body on him. If Zhao Feng acted recklessly, not only would he have a hard time saving the little thieving cat, he would expose himself and lose the trump card of Ancient God Profound Devil’s group. Thus, Zhao Feng needed to wait for the right time.

“Sacred Spirit Heaven-Piercing Sword!”

“Wicked Devil Earth-Sundering Slash!”

The Devil Saint God Duo’s bodies quickly recovered, and they once more began to viciously assault Ancient God Luo Ling.

The surging tide of celestial and demonic energy forced even the distant Zhao Feng to take several steps back. The full force of a peak Rank Eight Ancient God could definitely cause the entire world to weep in despair.

“Void Instant Movement!” Ancient God Luo Ling immediately used another high-level spacetime movement technique. Her body moved back and forth through space, her movements unpredictable.

Every time she moved, Ancient God Little Ling would use the silver scimitar in her hands to unleash a spacetime attack.

“Little girl, although we can’t do anything to you now, your spacetime attacks also have no effect on us.” The Devil Saint God Duo chuckled.

The only attack that could inflict any damage to them would be Zhao Feng’s Tribulation Lightning energy, but Zhao Feng’s cultivation level was too low, the Tribulation Lightning energy too weak, so they didn’t really care about him.

“Is that so? It seems like you two really are idiots!” Ancient God Luo Ling coldly chuckled as she unleashed another sharp ray of spatial light.

“Mm?” The Devil Saint God Duo slightly creased their brows.

They actually had noticed something strange, but they didn’t really pay it much attention. After all, as Samsara Immortal Bodies, they had long ago stopped caring about the sensations from their bodies. They would even often use their bodies as shields to block lethal attacks aimed at Ancient God Nether Spring.


This sharp ray of spatial light struck the muscular man, leaving a large wound on his chest, but this wound was quickly healed.

 Wait! Their bodies didn’t completely recover!  Shock appeared in Zhao Feng’s eyes.

In truth, when Ancient God Luo Ling attacked these Samsara Immortal Bodies, she would use spatial energy to transport a portion of the damaged body to another space. Although it seemed like they had recovered, it was not complete.

The Devil Saint God Duo also realized what was going on. Every time Ancient God Luo Ling attacked them, they would lose a part of their Samsara Immortal Bodies.

“No wonder I felt like I couldn’t exert the full power of this body. So that’s what’s going on!” The muscular man’s expression darkened.

Although Ancient God Nether Spring didn’t really care about this particular body, if these two bodies working together lost to Ancient God Luo Ling, it would be far too embarrassing.

 Great! I didn’t think that Ancient God Luo Ling would have a chance of defeating these two Samsara Immortal Bodies!  Zhao Feng inwardly cheered.

After all, these two Samsara Immortal Bodies were peak Rank Eight and nigh unkillable. From this, one could see just how powerful the Spacetime Sacred Land’s Ancient God Luo Ling was.

 She will be the key to rescuing the little thieving cat.

Zhao Feng focused his eyes and began to circulate Spacetime Intent.

 Buzz! Swish!

His Spacetime Robe suddenly waved, unleashing layers of translucent light that engulfed the Devil Saint God Duo.

“Spacetime Barrier!”

The Spacetime Barrier was a defensive skill of the Spacetime Robe. Any foe or attack that approached would be affected by Spacetime Intent, their power decreasing and their speed slowing. But the Spacetime Barrier could also be used to engulf someone, imprisoning them in a way similar to the Spacetime Seal.

“A good move!” Ancient God Luo Ling immediately began to work with Zhao Feng, strengthening the power of his technique. At the same time, her silver scimitar unleashed a chain of attacks.

 Swoosh! Swish!

Dazzling spatial blades of energy filled the sky and surrounded the Devil Saint God Duo.

When these spatial blades dissipated, Zhao Feng saw that the Devil Saint God Duo’s bodies were in such tatters that they could no longer recover. This was because parts of their bodies had been transported elsewhere by Ancient God Luo Ling.

An Eye of Samsara would have to exert tremendous might to recover these pieces. However, it was clear that this was not what Ancient God Nether Spring planned to do.

“Good, good! You actually broke two of my Samsara Immortal Bodies! You brought this on yourself!” A roar came from the mouths of the Devil Saint God Duo. These were clearly Ancient God Nether Spring’s words.

“You had a chance to escape earlier, but now, I will bury you in this place!” the Devil Saint God Duo spat out.

Within the secret hall, Ancient God Nether Spring’s Eyes of Samsara began to turn. A gloomy circle of light that seemed to lead to the underworld formed in the air.


A red figure with the body of a human and the head of a dragon charged out. It had two wings on its back and the tail of a dragon.

 Rank Nine Samsara Immortal Body!  Through the eye of Ancient God Profound Devil, Zhao Feng could see everything.

But Zhao Feng didn’t shrink back at this sight. On the contrary, he was rather excited.


The Rank Nine Samsara Immortal Body charged out of the secret hall.

 A chance!

Zhao Feng’s left eye immediately began to thrum with Eye Intent. At this moment, the seal on the dreamy silver ball in his God Eye Dimension was completely undone.

The Origin energy in the dreamy silver ball, suffused with the aura of a God Eye, could be easily noticed by others. Thus, Zhao Feng normally kept this Origin energy sealed.

 This energy…!  Ancient God Luo Ling was stunned.

Her Eyes of Spacetime fiercely shuddered just now. This energy that made her Eyes of Spacetime shudder was extremely familiar to her; it was very similar to the energy she felt when in front of the Spacetime God’s projection.

At this moment, in the secret hall:

“Mm?” Ancient God Nether Spring suddenly felt like some god high above was looking down on him. This energy made his Eyes of Samsara shiver.

“What’s going on?” Ancient God Nether Spring turned his head around in shock.

In the upper reaches of the secret hall, a silver eye flowing with thousands of different colors had appeared. This eye of dreamy silver was utterly enormous like it had become the ceiling of the hall, and it exuded a dominating and ancient aura.

“Heavens! What’s that?”

“That eye is very strange!”

The operators on the ground couldn’t help but tremble in fear. They were extremely familiar with the bloodlines of the Eight Great God Eyes, and this was precisely the reason they were so surprised when they saw that enormous eye of dreamy silver.

“Who is it!?” Ancient God Nether Spring’s mind trembled in shock. This eye of dreamy silver made his Eyes of Samsara tremble in instinctive fear.

He could even sense the aura of a God Eye. Ancient God Nether Spring even believed for a moment that the power of a God Eye Deity had transcended space to descend on this hall.

But this eye of dreamy silver was not any of the Eight Great God Eyes that he knew.


The moment the eye appeared, it began to gather countless multicolored lightning bolts.

“Hmph, what a weak attack! Shatter!” Ancient God Nether Spring shook off his shock. Sneering, he immediately attacked.

Although this dreamy silver eye had an astonishing aura, the Eye Intent it exuded wasn’t very strong at all, and the power of this eye-bloodline technique seemed rather mediocre. Ancient God Nether Spring’s two eyes gathered Eye Intent and unleashed a ball of gloomy energy.

“Oh no!” Suddenly, Ancient God Nether Spring grimaced.

He finally realized that the eye of dreamy silver had not been aiming at him, but the crystal box filled with gold and silver liquid behind him.


The little thieving cat opened its deep black eyes and revealed a smug smile.

A vortex of Eye Intent appeared over the crystal box.


A moment later, a blade of lightning shot out. Tribulation Lightning energy mixed with the Origin energy of the God’s Spiritual Eye easily cut an opening in the crystal box.

After unleashing this attack, the eye of dreamy silver disappeared.


In a flash, the little thieving cat disappeared from the crystal box. The lithe and slender body of the little thieving cat began to jump around within the hall.

“The Heaven’s Legacy Cat!” Ancient God Nether Spring was stunned.

The matter of the Heaven’s Legacy Cat had already been reported to his superiors. If he allowed the Heaven’s Legacy Cat to escape now, he would receive a great deal of the blame.

“Elder Nether Spring, the bloodline factor in this Heaven’s Legacy Cat has already been activated….” an operator immediately said.

“Even so, it still won’t escape!” Ancient God Nether Spring was taken aback, and then he coldly snorted.

The Eye of Samsara was rather lacking in speed and combat prowess, and given the legendary abilities of the Heaven’s Legacy Cat, Ancient God Nether Spring felt that it was better to be safe than sorry and summoned his automaton.


A pitch-black automaton wielding two golden swords immediately appeared.

Ancient God Nether Spring’s automaton also had the strength of a Rank Nine Ancient God. With himself and the automaton working together, not even the crafty and shrewd Heaven’s Legacy Cat would be able to escape.

At this moment, Ancient God Nether Spring suddenly sensed an astonishing strength as well as the aura of a God Eye. He immediately turned his head in shock.

He saw that Ancient God Profound Devil’s group had already activated the God Eye Fusion Art.

“The five of you have done well. Help me capture the Heaven’s Legacy Cat!” Ancient God Nether Spring immediately yelled.

The eye of dreamy silver had abruptly appeared and caused the Heaven’s Legacy Cat to escape. This caused Ancient God Nether Spring to momentarily forget about Ancient God Profound Devil’s group.

He was now delighted to see that they had already activated the God Eye Fusion Art. The power of this secret art was perfect for restraining the little thieving cat.

“Yes!” Ancient God Profound Devil’s group of five immediately replied.

The hazy ball of energy over their heads produced two enormous chains. These chains were more than ten times thicker than the chains they used back in the Heaven’s Legacy Race ruins.

The moment these two chains appeared, they shot toward Ancient God Nether Spring.

“What!? You…!” Ancient God Nether Spring never would’ve imagined that members of his Heavenly Demon Hall would suddenly attack him. Even though he was a Rank Nine Ancient God, he was caught off guard and snared by the two chains.

The places where the chains touched his body showed cracks and seemed like they were about to shatter.

“What’s going on? They’re…!” The operators in the hall all paled.

“Catch the Heaven’s Legacy Cat!” Ancient God Nether Spring roared.

Although he was being temporarily held down by the God Eye Fusion Art, he could still command his automaton.


The Rank Nine automaton gripped its two golden swords and shot toward the little thieving cat as a black streak.