King Of Gods Chapter 1331

Chapter 1331 The Little Thieving Cat Returns

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Chapter 1331 – The Little Thieving Cat Returns

The Rank Nine automaton transformed into a black streak of light as it shot toward the little thieving cat.

This automaton had its own soul, but it was a slave to the controller, similar to the relationship between Zhao Feng and Ancient God Profound Devil. As long as Ancient God Nether Spring gave an order, the automaton had to execute it.


The automaton exploded with the pressure of a Rank Nine Ancient God and rumbled toward the little thieving cat.


Unpanicked, the little thieving cat extended a claw. The silver runes on the claw immediately unleashed the energy of an ancient bloodline.

This supreme ancient bloodline made everyone’s blood almost freeze, their bodies instinctively trembling in fear. Even Ancient God Nether Spring was startled.


The pressure being exuded by the automaton was instantly dispelled. At the same time, the little thieving cat unleashed a strange white halo from its claws that engulfed the automaton.

“This is a sealing method of the God Sealing Race!” an operator cried out in alarm.

The automaton ran up against the white shroud of light, and as it did, its aura began to fade while its speed began to slow.

This automaton was still a Rank Nine though; it immediately exploded with dazzling Divine Power that scattered the Sealing power.

But at this moment, the little thieving cat opened its mouth wide and began to inhale. A half-transparent black hole appeared above the automaton, emitting a terrifying suction power.


A part of the surging Divine Power the automaton unleashed was immediately sucked into the black hole.

“A skill of the Heaven Devouring Race!” Ancient God Nether Spring, who was still in the middle of trying to escape his binds, was stunned by this sight. If he was not seeing it with his own eyes, he would have never dared to believe that all this was real.


The little thieving cat closed its mouth and burped. The black hole above the automaton thusly vanished.

“Kill!” Under the command of Ancient God Nether Spring, the automaton began to attack the little thieving cat more fiercely.

This Heaven’s Legacy Cat was simply too powerful. Capturing it without injuring it was simply impossible.


Several golden rays of extremely condensed sword light shot like lightning bolts toward the little thieving cat.

But at this moment, the little thieving cat became a black flash of energy, dispersing into countless dark wisps that scattered in every direction.

 Boom! Bang! Crash!

The automaton’s sword technique missed, pulverizing the protective barrier of the machine that the little thieving cat had been standing on just moments ago.

Its attack having missed, the automaton began to scan the black wisps of energy around it, but it couldn’t determine which one was the actual little thieving cat.

“And what sort of skill is that!?” Ancient God Profound Devil watched this all in shock.

Through his eye, Zhao Feng could also see what was going on.

“Damn! The five of you, for daring to attack me, I will refine you all into Samsara Immortal Bodies to serve me for eternity in unending suffering!” Ancient God Nether Spring furiously roared at Ancient God Profound Devil’s group of five.

“The power is almost used up!” Ancient God Black Extreme feebly said.

Not long ago, in the battle within the Heaven’s Legacy Race ruins, they used far too much of their God Eye Origin energy, and even now, they had still not completely recovered. On top of that, the one they were binding this time was Ancient God Nether Spring. The two enormous chains were consuming a vast amount of energy and wouldn’t be able to last for long.

“Over there!” Ancient God Nether Spring suddenly stared in shock at a black wisp of energy near the entrance to the secret hall.

“Not good! The Heaven’s Legacy Cat is about to escape!”

“Catch it!”

The operators in the secret hall began to yell.

They had consumed many resources and a great deal of energy to allow this Heaven’s Legacy Cat to evolve. Now that they succeeded, how could they allow the Heaven’s Legacy Cat to escape?


The automaton swiftly flew toward the entrance.


That black wisp of energy immediately transformed into the little thieving cat. The little thieving cat flew up to the doors and stretched out its front claws.


The gates suddenly flew open. Before leaving, the little thieving cat gave a slight bow to Ancient God Nether Spring and the members of the Heavenly Demon Hall, as if it was thanking them.

The automaton was far slower than the little thieving cat. By the time it arrived, the cat had vanished without a trace.

“Damn! That Heaven’s Legacy Cat was actually able to open the mechanical gate!”

“It didn’t just awaken its abilities and bloodline, but also its memories….”

 Success!  Zhao Feng had a joyful look on his face.

“Was it someone on your side that rescued the Heaven’s Legacy Cat!?” the Devil Saint God Duo stared at Ancient God Luo Ling and Zhao Feng and furiously bellowed. This was naturally Ancient God Nether Spring’s suspicion.

“What do they mean?” Ancient God Luo Ling appeared confused. What is a Heaven’s Legacy Cat?

“Let’s go! The enemy’s Rank Nine Samsara Immortal Body is coming over!” Zhao Feng immediately messaged Ancient God Luo Ling.

After saying that, Zhao Feng began to flee.

The Devil Saint God Duo paid no attention to Zhao Feng. Ancient God Luo Ling was their true opponent.

Ancient God Luo Ling was stunned. She did not immediately retreat, and there was hesitation in her eyes.

“Escape first. Samsara Immortal Bodies can’t catch up to you. There will be another chance to save your little brother!” Zhao Feng saw that Ancient God Luo Ling was standing still and began to persuade her. After all, he owed much of his success in saving the little thieving cat to Ancient God Luo Ling.

Moreover, Ancient God Luo Ling’s hesitation told Zhao Feng that she possibly had the ability to contend against a Rank Nine Ancient God. Otherwise, she would have immediately escaped once she heard that a Rank Nine Samsara Immortal Body was coming.


Zhao Feng couldn’t afford to care that much though. Concealing himself in space, he fled.

The little thieving cat had experienced a major evolution in this place, and its strength made a large leap. The moment it escaped, the two of them became capable of sensing where each other approximately was.

In addition, now that the little thieving cat had escaped, Zhao Feng was able to put all his focus into controlling Ancient God Profound Devil’s group to hold down Ancient God Nether Spring. They were the ones to capture the little thieving cat, and now, Zhao Feng was using them to save the little thieving cat.

On the perimeter of the Arctic Abyss, explosions constantly resounded through the air.


The world was gloomy, ice and rocks flying about.

Four experts of the Spacetime Sacred Land were in fierce combat with some of the upper echelon members of the Heavenly Demon Hall.

“The members of this faction are all God Eye descendants!”

“And they can use eye-bloodlines just as well as us. But it seems like they aren’t perfectly integrated with their eyes.”

The Spacetime Sacred Land experts began to assess their opponents.

Although they weren’t very integrated with their eyes, the members of the Heavenly Demon Hall were extremely proficient in the use of their eye-bloodlines. They knew all kinds of bizarre eye-bloodline techniques and possessed numerous strange divine artifacts and tools. For this reason, the people of the Spacetime Sacred Land didn’t have that much of an advantage.

 Boom! Bang! Crash!

Above them, destructive waves of energy shook the heavens.

“How terrifying!”

A peak Rank Eight Ancient God in the middle of battle couldn’t help but tremble and look up. However, that place was obscured by furious storms of various kinds of energy.

“As expected of the Spacetime Sacred Land’s Ancient God Scarlet Firmament. Although you’ve only just become a half-step God Lord, you’re actually a little stronger than this old man!” The gray-scaled old man heartily laughed.

In front of the old man was an indistinct figure with a hazy and blurred face.

“Hmph, you lot are truly bold! How dare you strike core members of the Spacetime Sacred Land!?” the dissatisfied voice of a middle-aged man rang out.

“We also only realized that they were members of the Spacetime Sacred Land after the fact. This old man apologizes to you and is willing to pay compensation.”

The gray-scaled old man expressed a desire to compromise. If he could pay a price to cover up this matter, he would naturally take it.

“Hmph, besides compensation, you must publicly apologize to the Spacetime Sacred Land, or else this matter cannot be brought to a close!” Ancient God Scarlet Firmament growled.

Originally, they planned to save their two disciples first and then seek out compensation. But upon finding this place, they discovered that this faction had extremely deep reserves and was thronging with experts, and many of them were God Eye descendants. There was undoubtedly something abnormal about this faction.

Thus, they felt a great desire to learn the purpose for which this faction existed. His only desire at this point was to hold down the gray-scaled elder and the rest, confident that Ancient God Luo Ling would be able to find something.

“Your Spacetime Sacred Land bullies people too much! Do not blame this old man!” The gray-scaled elder’s expression suddenly turned cold and sinister.

A public apology to the Spacetime Sacred Land would essentially expose their entire operation.

Black mists began to surge in the elder’s eyes, and a heaven-shaking Death Eye energy began to pulse.

But suddenly, the gray-scaled elder stopped his eye-bloodline technique.

“You actually sent an infiltrator…!” The elder was immediately infuriated.

The Spacetime Sacred Land had someone wreaking havoc in secret, freeing the Heaven’s Legacy Cat. This was the Heaven’s Legacy Cat that they had very carefully prepared, and now it had escaped. This was an unprecedented loss for the Heavenly Demon Hall. Crucially, they had already reported this matter to their superiors.

 Not good! Was Ancient God Luo Ling discovered?  Ancient God Scarlet Firmament’s expression flickered.

From the expression on the gray-scaled elder’s face, Ancient God Luo Ling was seemingly still alive. No matter what, he had to hold down the elder, or else Ancient God Luo Ling would be in even greater danger.

The gray-scaled elder immediately turned his eyes to some nearby members of the Heavenly Demon Hall. He messaged, “Quickly return to the Heavenly Demon Hall and remove the infiltrator from the Spacetime Sacred Land. In addition, capture the Heaven’s Legacy Cat!”

The most important priority for the Heavenly Demon Hall was secrecy. So, when the Spacetime Sacred Land attacked, the Heavenly Demon Hall mobilized many of its members to set up defensive arrays around its perimeter. Now, upon receiving the elder’s message, several formidable Ancient Gods immediately departed.

Inside the Heavenly Demon Hall, Zhao Feng, wearing the Spacetime Robe, was in hiding. The God’s Spiritual Eye allowed him to notice when anyone was approaching his location.


A silver streak of light suddenly appeared in front of Zhao Feng. Afterward, a silver-gray cat covered in mysterious runes appeared before him.

“Little thieving cat!” Zhao Feng had a joyful look on his face.


The little thieving cat jumped onto Zhao Feng’s shoulder and began to gesture at him.

“There’s no need to thank me. Let’s go!” Zhao Feng had accomplished his goal, so now he needed to think about how he was going to get out of here.


The little thieving cat immediately yowled, jumping in front of Zhao Feng before beginning to gesture once more.

“You want to take me to a good place?” Zhao Feng had a dubious look on his face.

The little thieving cat could perform divinations. It could guide Zhao Feng, but it oftentimes led him to extremely dangerous areas.