King Of Gods Chapter 1335

Chapter 1335 Soul Grinding Plate

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Chapter 1335 – Soul Grinding Plate

After killing a Rank Eight Ancient God, Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat continued their escape.

As the two of them fled, they still needed to pick their route and disarm the traps. However, the Devil Saint God Duo did not have such concerns and could put their entire minds into the pursuit.

“Caught up!” The Devil Saint God Duo savagely smiled.

“Scoundrel, just stay there and be captured!”

“Heaven’s Legacy Cat, hurry and come back!”

The red-haired man and his team also arrived.

“It really is the Illusion God.” The Devil Saint God Duo stared at the ball of multicolored mist.

Although they couldn’t see what was going on inside the mist, they could sense the cultivation of the person hidden within. Thus, they were sure that the person inside was the brat wearing the Spacetime Robe.

Although they didn’t know how he came to be together with the Heaven’s Legacy Cat, it was fine this way. They could catch them both in one fell swoop. If the Heaven’s Legacy Cat was with Ancient God Luo Ling, that would have made the situation more problematic.

As if sensing the Devil Saint God Duo’s eyes, the little thieving cat suddenly smiled at the Devil Saint God Duo and revealed the silver rune-covered dagger in its paw.

“The Celestial Pendant Secret Dagger!” The eyes of the Devil Saint God Duo almost popped out of their sockets.

Besides Ancient God Nether Spring, no one present recognized this divine artifact.

The Celestial Pendant Secret Dagger was an imitation of the Ancient Era supreme-quality divine artifact, the Celestial Pendant Dagger, and it was created by the Heaven’s Legacy Race. The power of the imitation naturally could not compare to the real deal, but during its construction, the Heaven’s Legacy Race had added a few more abilities. This divine artifact was no longer purely offensive, but was also equipped with some special traits.

This divine artifact was the greatest harvest from the Heavenly Demon Hall’s exploration of a certain Heaven’s Legacy Race ruin. It was even more valuable than the Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror and could be considered the most valuable item in the eastern treasury.

He couldn’t help but admire the Heaven’s Legacy Cat’s insight.

“As long as we can capture them, each of you will obtain a portion of Heavenly God Liquid!” the Devil Saint God Duo immediately said. Of course, this was Ancient God Nether Spring’s will.

The brat with the Spacetime Robe was rather unusual, and together with the unfathomable Heaven’s Legacy Cat, it was difficult to discount the possibility of there being some accident. This was why Ancient God Nether Spring made such a promise. As long as they could capture Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat, the value of the Heavenly God Liquid offered up would be insignificant.

“Heavenly God Liquid!?” The three Rank Eight Ancient Gods were stunned.

They had only heard about the Celestial Pendant Secret Dagger that the Devil Saint God Duo spoke of, but they were keenly aware of the Heavenly God Liquid’s value.

Heavenly God Liquid was a treasure that all experts beneath Rank Nine longed for. It was rumored that, when taking the Heavenly God Liquid for the first time, one had an extremely high chance of breaking into the next rank. The lower one’s rank, the higher one’s chance. At Rank Six and below, it was a fifty percent chance, while for Rank Eight Ancient Gods, it was around a twenty percent chance.

One had to realize that, for some True Gods and Ancient Gods, breaking into the next rank directly would save millions of years of cultivation time, even tens of millions. Although it was only a chance, even if they didn’t succeed, they would still have an increase in their strength and wouldn’t be far off from reaching the next rank with their own power.

“Death Extreme Light!”

“Destruction Flame God!”

The three Rank Eight Ancient Gods activated their eye-bloodlines and attacked with long-range eye-bloodline techniques.

“Chaos Origin Shield!” Zhao Feng immediately circulated his Chaos Origin Divine Power, forming a shield of distorted and gloomy light on his back.

In terms of attack power, Chaos Origin Divine Power was slightly superior to the attack power of a Rank Eight Ancient God’s Divine Power. But in terms of defense, it was even more effective.

Alas, Zhao Feng was facing God Eye descendants. The strength they had was extremely strange and abnormal.

 Boom! Bang! Crash!

After taking several attacks, Zhao Feng’s Chaos Origin Shield shattered.

At this moment, a metal triangle appeared in Zhao Feng’s hand.


  This triangular piece of metal instantly transformed into a black metal board that protected Zhao Feng’s back.

The Ancient God Seal had evolved into a high-quality divine artifact. It could take on all sorts of forms, but its offensive abilities were rather average among high-quality divine artifacts. Bizarrely, the Ancient God Seal’s defensive abilities were top-class among high-quality divine artifacts, and it was almost indestructible.

“An object developed by the Heaven’s Legacy Race!” Through the eyes of the Devil Saint God Duo, Ancient God Nether Spring was able to see a few unique traits on the Ancient God Seal.

His knowledge told him that the Ancient God Seal was extremely unusual. As for exactly what was unusual about it, he would only be able to find out after carefully researching it.

“I have to catch that brat!” Ancient God Nether Spring partitioned off most of his mind into controlling the Devil Saint God Duo.

Only by capturing Zhao Feng could he recover from all that had been lost. Moreover, Zhao Feng had supreme-quality divine artifacts in both the Spacetime Robe as well as the Ancient God Seal. Perhaps by the end, not only would he not be guilty of anything, he would have made a great contribution.

At this moment:

“Blood Demon Escape!” The red-haired man clenched his teeth and used some mysterious secret art.


A bloody mist surged out of his body. His body concentrated into a drop of blood and vanished.

This astonishing speed was equivalent to Instant Movement. However, Instant Movement required stable space and time to activate. The red-haired man’s secret art did not have the same limitations.

“Stop!” When the red-haired man reappeared, his complexion instantly paled, but the thought of the Heavenly God Liquid made him excitedly smile.


The red-haired man activated his Eye of Myriad Forms, causing natural energy to surge. The area around Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat became extremely heavy, and flying through it became extremely exhausting. Afterward, a chilling energy descended. And from down below, countless vines shot up from the ground to wrap around Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat.

For a moment, Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat were engulfed in the natural energy of Myriad Forms, and they were forced to slow down.

“Okay!” The Devil Saint God Duo coldly smiled and hastened to catch up to Zhao Feng and the Heaven’s Legacy Cat.

“Little thieving cat, do something!” Zhao Feng urged.

Just a moment ago, the little thieving cat told Zhao Feng that it had a trump card that could deal with the Devil Saint God Duo. If all the opponents gathered together, this trump card would be even more effective.


At this moment, a mysterious metal plate appeared in the little thieving cat’s paw.

Zhao Feng was slightly taken aback. Was this the trump card that the little thieving cat was talking about?

He recalled that this metal plate was one of the objects in the eastern treasury. After the little thieving cat helped Zhao Feng obtain the Illusion God, it removed this other object from the protective barrier before leaving with Zhao Feng. As for what effect the round metal plate had, Zhao Feng didn’t know.

“The Soul Grinding Plate!” The Devil Saint God Duo stared at the round metal plate in consternation.

 Whoosh! Whoosh!

The Devil Saint God Duo immediately came to a stop, but it was already too late. The little thieving cat had already thrown out the round plate.

The metal plate landed in between the red-haired man and the Devil Saint God Duo.


A stream of light began to spin on the plate. A gray fog gushed out, spinning around as the metal plate spun. This created a dark gray tornado that engulfed everyone except Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat.

“This is…? A soul attack!” Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye discovered that the gray fog was a product of the soul.

“Ah…!” The red-haired man, who was closest to Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat, began to scream.

Meanwhile, the Devil Saint God Duo and the other Ancient Gods seemed to lose their balance, their faces twisting. The Devil Saint God Duo endured the fierce pain in their souls and slowly retreated, attempting to leave the range of the tornado.

“The Soul Grinding Plate…!” In the secret hall, even Ancient God Nether Spring felt a sharp pain in his soul that originated from his connection to the souls of the Devil Saint God Duo.

“This Heaven’s Legacy Cat…! To think that it would take out that item!” A cold and ruthless look appeared on Ancient God Nether Spring’s face.

As the name implied, once this tool was activated, it would make all people in the area feel like their souls were on a grindstone, constantly being squeezed and crushed, in so much pain that death seemed preferable.

But this tool also had many flaws. The range of the attack would only be around the tool; it could not be used for long-range attacks, and the scope of the attack wasn’t very large. In addition, this item could only be used once.

“Damn! Such a precious tool!” Ancient God Nether Spring felt like his heart was convulsing.

The effects of the Soul Grinding Plate quickly disappeared. Besides a peak Rank Seven Ancient God whose soul had been severely injured, everyone else was not that badly wounded.

However, they had now lost complete track of Zhao Feng and the Heaven’s Legacy Cat.

“They should have fled the core area,” Ancient God Nether Spring pensively said.

The two of them had already obtained a significant harvest, and they were just forced to use the Soul Grinding Plate to escape their predicament. They were probably thinking about a way to escape this place at this point. It was unreasonable for them to remain in the core region.

For this reason, Ancient God Nether Spring ordered the Devil Saint God Duo and the others to search outside the core region.

“Immediately report any abnormalities to me!” Ancient God Nether Spring ordered the operators in the secret hall.

After doing all this, Ancient God Nether Spring was still uneasy. He immediately released four Samsara Immortal Bodies and ordered them to head toward the other treasuries in the core area.

The core area had four treasuries in total.

The eastern treasury stored divine weapons, tools, and instruments.

The western treasury held precious resources, medicines, and pills.

The southern treasury contained the results from the experiments on God Eye descendants.

The northern treasury was where the automatons were stored.

These treasuries were treated with the same level of secrecy as the secret hall, and their protective measures exceeded it. Even a Rank Nine Ancient God would be seeking death if they tried to force their way into these treasuries, so they simply didn’t need any experts to guard them. But now there was an unexpected variable: the Heaven’s Legacy Cat. Ancient God Nether Spring was forced to be cautious.

In a remote chamber in the core region, Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat were hiding in the Spacetime Robe.

“Thieving cat, you still don’t want to leave?” Zhao Feng asked in confusion.

From the path the thieving cat had taken, he could tell that the thieving cat had no intention of leaving this place.


The thieving cat gestured at Zhao Feng and then gave a disdainful smile. It was clearly saying that Zhao Feng was too afraid of death.

“So you’re saying that it’s very difficult for us to leave right now, and even if we leave the Heavenly Demon Hall, we’ll immediately be targeted by all those people fighting outside. Thus, remaining here is actually safer…” Zhao Feng roughly understood what the little thieving cat was trying to say.

Outside, the experts of the Heavenly Demon Hall were in the middle of a fierce battle with the Spacetime Sacred Land’s Ancient God Scarlet Firmament. If Zhao Feng went out at this time, he would just be seeking his own death.

But remaining in the core area also felt a little inappropriate.


The little thieving cat continued to gesture, and then it proceeded to ignore Zhao Feng and focus on refining the Celestial Pendant Secret Dagger.

Zhao Feng understood the little thieving cat’s meaning and began to refine the Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror.

Three days passed inside the Spacetime Robe. Zhao Feng reached seventy percent in his refinement of the Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror.

At this moment, the little thieving cat jumped out of the Spacetime Robe. Zhao Feng understood that it was time to move out.

After flying along with the little thieving cat for a little while, Zhao Feng spotted a palace made of blue crystal.

“Another treasury!?” Zhao Feng froze in shock as he blurted out.

There was still a second treasury. No wonder the little thieving cat, after gaining so much, was still unwilling to leave!