King Of Gods Chapter 1345

Chapter 1345 Secretive Plan

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Chapter 1345 – Secretive Plan

Ancient God Luo Ling abruptly appeared and shattered Ancient God Nether Spring’s eye-bloodline technique with a single move. At the same time, a worldly energy belonging to a Rank Nine Ancient God swept through the area. This energy caused the attacks from the Rank Eight and Rank Seven Ancient Gods in the area to momentarily slow down.

 Rank Nine Ancient God!?  Ancient God Nether Spring stared in shock at Ancient God Luo Ling.

Ancient God Luo Ling clearly met up with Zhao Feng, but she never showed herself. This made him rather uneasy. He now finally understood; Ancient God Luo Ling had been in the Spacetime Robe Dimension, attempting to break through after taking Heavenly God Liquid.

Zhao Feng’s group was abnormally strong, but with two Rank Nine Ancient Gods of the Heavenly Demon Hall present, the Heavenly Demon Hall had the upper hand. But now, Zhao Feng had a Rank Nine Ancient God, causing the balance of power to slightly tilt.

“You actually broke into Rank Nine!?” The Thunderflame Ancient Dragon stared at Ancient God Luo Ling, its expression dark.

It had exchanged blows with Ancient God Luo Ling earlier. Although Ancient God Luo Ling was not able to fight in a direct confrontation with it, the Thunderflame Ancient Dragon could do nothing to her if she put all her mind into fleeing. Now that Ancient God Luo Ling had reached Rank Nine, she would be even more troublesome.


Ancient God Luo Ling barely finished blocking Ancient God Nether Spring’s attack when all the other attacks finally landed.

“Spacetime Barrier!” Zhao Feng used the Spacetime Robe to unleash layers of spatial blurs.

At the same moment, Ancient God Luo Ling used her Eyes of Spacetime to unleash a white sphere of light. This sphere of light fused with Zhao Feng’s Spacetime Barrier, and the result enclosed the both of them.

Already having worked together once, the two were even more in tune with each other this time.


The moment the attacks of the Heavenly Demon Hall members touched this indistinct ball of light, they were affected by Spacetime Intent. Not only were the attacks weakened, but they were also slowed to a crawl.

Zhao Feng and Ancient God Luo Ling seized this interval to destroy the attacks, one by one.

The tacit understanding the two shared as they worked together alarmed everyone else. They became even more certain that these two were from the Spacetime Sacred Land, and they were members with an extremely close relationship as well.

“Many thanks for your Heavenly God Liquid!” Ancient God Luo Ling gratefully said.

She was originally a peak Rank Eight, so her chance of success was very large. Moreover, after breaking through with the help of the Heavenly God Liquid, she would not have the problem of her foundation being unstable.

Crucially, now that she was Rank Nine, she no longer needed to patiently endure. She even had the power to pay another visit to the secret hall.

“It was just a trade. It’s not like I helped you unconditionally,” Zhao Feng casually replied.

In exchange for helping Ancient God Luo Ling break into Rank Nine, Zhao Feng requested of Ancient God Luo Ling that she work together with Zhao Feng to kill his enemies.

After running around and hiding for so long, Zhao Feng could finally vent his spleen.

The two of them conversing as if no one was around caused the surrounding members of the Heavenly Demon Hall to grimace.

“Heh, even if you’ve broken into Rank Nine, do you really think that you can escape this place alive?” Ancient God Nether Spring began to coldly chuckle.

 The people of the Spacetime Sacred Land are still just as arrogant and disdainful of others as always.

At this moment, Zhao Feng’s scheme was finally exposed, but it would have little effect on the overarching situation, so Ancient God Nether Spring did not really care.

“Surround them!” Ancient God Nether Spring immediately ordered.


Powerful energies surged up around Zhao Feng and Ancient God Luo Ling, and the entire Heavenly Demon Hall seemed to be quaking. A moment later, several Divine Power attacks appeared around the pair.

“You guys come out as well!” Zhao Feng called out.


The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon, Zhao Wang, and the little thieving cat appeared.

After taking the Heavenly God Liquid, Zhao Wang smoothly reached Rank Seven, granting him the right to take part in Zhao Feng’s battle.

“There’s still one more?” Ancient God Nether Spring’s brow creased.

Although he had never seen Zhao Wang, Zhao Wang was only a Rank Seven Ancient God, so Ancient God Nether Spring did not place too much attention on him.


The Thunderflame Ancient Dragon charged at Ancient God Luo Ling, wreathed in lightning and fire.

“Let me see if you’ve gotten any stronger after breaking into Rank Nine!” The Thunderflame Ancient Dragon was like a cloud of lightning and fire as it attacked.

This energy was so terrifying that even Ancient God Luo Ling could only focus and dodge.

Zhao Feng left the Thunderflame Ancient Dragon to Ancient God Luo Ling and sought his own opponent.

“Kill!” With agility and speed, Zhao Feng rushed at a Rank Eight Ancient God.

He activated the Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror in his hand, creating seven chains of lightning that wrapped around his opponent’s soul.

“Chaos Origin Divine Fist! Wind Lightning Eye Flame!” At the same time, Zhao Feng used his other hand to fire off a fist of dark energy while his left eye spat out lightning-fire.

After struggling for a few moments, the Rank Eight Ancient God was defeated, his battered soul dragged into the Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror.

“How could this be? He instantly killed a Rank Eight Ancient God!?”

“Didn’t he only just break into Rank Eight? How could he be this powerful!?”

Several nearby Ancient God experts blurted out in shock and immediately began to put some distance between themselves and Zhao Feng.

The strength Zhao Feng displayed was simply terrifying. Other than Ancient God Nether Spring, the Devil Saint God Duo, and the Thunderflame Ancient Dragon, no one else could deal with him.

At this moment, a Rank Seven Ancient God gave a miserable scream. A black hole suffused with Death energy had appeared over the Rank Seven Ancient God, and it was constantly draining away at his life.

“Death Curse Art!” Zhao Wang waved around the Staff of Death Curse and unleashed powerful Curse energy.

The Rank Seven Ancient God was immediately engulfed by wailing ghosts, and his condition continued to worsen. The Death Curse Art together with the Black Hole of Death allowed Zhao Wang to swiftly dispatch this Rank Seven Ancient God.

“This Death God Eye descendant… so strong!”

“The divine artifact in his hand seems to be the supreme-quality divine artifact, the Staff of Death Curse!” a Death God Eye descendant yelped in fear.

The Staff of Death Curse was a supreme-quality offensive divine weapon that Death God Eye descendants could only dream about. It could be used together with the Eye of Death, and it also contained Curse power that, when combined with Death Intent, produced unparalleled might.

“Another supreme-quality divine artifact!?” Ancient God Nether Spring’s eyes flashed, and he once more felt that Zhao Feng was somewhat unfathomable.

 Boom! Bang! Crash!

On the other end, a heaven-shaking and Destructive energy swept out as the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon became slightly larger and transformed into a wicked serpent dragon. Its every movement exuded dreadful power.

“Each Ancient God is so powerful!” The Devil Saint God Duo were somewhat stunned.

Besides Zhao Wang and the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon, there was also the even more mysterious little thieving cat, its techniques of such high level that no one could block them.

“Let me deal with the Heaven’s Legacy Cat. You take care of that brat!” Ancient God Nether Spring immediately called out.

Although he hated Zhao Feng down to his bones, it was far more important to capture the Heaven’s Legacy Cat. The Devil Saint God Duo were powerful, but they had too few techniques to deal with the Heaven’s Legacy Cat.

“Brat, obediently accept your death!” Now that they knew their target, the Devil Saint God Duo immediately took action.

But Zhao Feng completely ignored them.

 Swish! Swish!

When he combined his Metal Lightning Radiance Wings and Spatial Blink, he could move at almost the same speed as the little thieving cat.

After making his getaway, Zhao Feng leaped upon a Rank Seven Ancient God.

“Nine Lightning Soul Refinement!” Activating the Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror, Zhao Feng didn’t even need two seconds to devour the Ancient God’s soul.

This place was the Heavenly Demon Hall. The longer he delayed, the more people would show up. Thus, Zhao Feng’s plan was to pick off the weaklings first.

“Damn! This brat has the Spacetime Robe! How can we catch him…?” The Devil Saint God Duo grimaced and began to find excuses for themselves.

At this moment, Zhao Feng rushed at another person.

“Hurry and stop him!” the Devil Saint God Duo cried out in alarm.

But no one was capable of stopping Zhao Feng. By the time the Devil Saint God Duo arrived, another member had died at Zhao Feng’s hand.

“Great!” Ancient God Luo Ling, who was battling with the Thunderflame Ancient Dragon, called out in joy.

Originally, they were the weaker side, but the tides were slowly being reversed.

On the other end, Ancient God Nether Spring, who was pursuing the Heaven’s Legacy Cat, was finding himself in a very thorny situation.

“This way is no solution.” Ancient God Nether Spring’s expression darkened.

He had not imagined that Ancient God Luo Ling would break into Rank Nine, nor that Zhao Feng would have the assistance of a Death God Eye descendant.

Now that the two sides were fighting, Zhao Feng was relying on his peerless speed to kill off the weaklings. If this continued, the Heavenly Demon Hall’s advantage would gradually fade until, finally, they were the weaker party.

“Master….” The Devil Saint God Duo had looks of suffering on their faces.

They were both peak Rank Eight, but in terms of speed, they were inferior to Zhao Feng and were just being led around in circles. Moreover, Zhao Feng had a Rank Nine on his side, meaning that any spatial sealing arrays would be broken.

“There’s no rush. I have a plan!” Ancient God Nether Spring messaged.

The Heavenly Demon Hall was a peak four-star faction, but the strength of its upper echelon members was comparable to a five-star faction. It could be considered a hegemon among peak four-star factions.

In addition, there was one thing that served as the Heavenly Demon Hall’s greatest support – the God Eye Fusion Art!

However, the God Eye Fusion Art required time to use and could not be interrupted midway. Ancient God Nether Spring had long ago taken notice of Zhao Feng’s powerful observation abilities. Thus, this plan had to be carried out secretly. Zhao Feng could not be allowed to notice.

The Heavenly Demon Hall had many members, so gathering together eight God Eye descendants was no problem at all. When the time came, that mysterious energy that lorded over all could instantly kill Zhao Feng and Ancient God Luo Ling.

One had to remember that when Ancient God Profound Devil’s group of five used the God Eye Fusion Art, they were able to temporarily bind a Rank Nine Ancient God. If eight God Eye descendants used the same art, the power would be simply unimaginable.

By now, Ancient God Nether Spring had already begun to implement his secret plan.

The little thieving cat that was rushing about suddenly turned its eyes and threw out several bronze coins.


The little thieving cat immediately turned to Zhao Feng and made a few gestures.

“Take that silver pill?” Zhao Feng froze for a moment, but a moment later, he understood what the little thieving cat meant.

When plundering the western treasury, Zhao Feng stole three items in all. The first was a reverse scale of the Destruction Dragon Race, the second was the Heavenly God Liquid, and the third was a translucent pill densely covered in silver runes.

The little thieving cat never explained what the pill was for, but now, the little thieving cat was telling Zhao Feng to take the pill. There had to be a reason for this, and it wouldn’t choose a crucial moment like this to hoodwink its master.


Zhao Feng immediately took the silver pill from his interspatial dimension.

This pill did not exude any sort of unique aura or glow, but by just looking at it, one felt it was extremely unique and mysterious.