King Of Gods Chapter 1348

Chapter 1348 God Lord

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Chapter 1348 – God Lord

Outside the Heavenly Demon Hall, above the Arctic Abyss, the Spacetime Sacred Land’s forces were in a stalemate with the upper echelon members of the Heavenly Demon Hall.

“What was that just now?” The gray-scaled elder’s pitch-black eyes twinkled as he glanced at the Heavenly Demon Hall down below.

Just now, an inexplicable power erupted from the Heavenly Demon Hall. He even wondered if it was a trump card prepared by the Spacetime Sacred Land.

“What happened? Ancient God Scarlet Firmament’s face darkened.

When sensing that unknown strength just now, even his Eye of Spacetime trembled.

He knew nothing of the specific situation, but he was sure that Ancient God Luo Ling wasn’t the one to unleash that mysterious energy. For this reason, Ancient God Scarlet Firmament was somewhat worried about Ancient God Luo Ling’s safety.

Within the Heavenly Demon Hall, Ancient God Nether Spring was staring hard at Zhao Feng, the loathing in his heart indescribable.

This intruder had left the Heavenly Demon Hall in shambles and ruined all of Ancient God Nether Spring’s plans. He had been defeated – defeated by Zhao Feng.

After breaking the God Eye Fusion Art, Zhao Feng began to see how the God’s Spiritual Eye was doing. Just now, he used up an enormous amount of Origin energy.

The Origin energy within the dreamy silver ball had slightly stabilized and was no longer pulsing as fiercely as it was before. From what he could see, the dreamy silver ball wouldn’t need long to return to normal.

But Zhao Feng had a feeling that taking the Divine Ancient Pill had caused the God’s Spiritual Eye to change something else about him, though he had yet to notice what this was.

“Kill!” Zhao Feng put the matter aside for now. He needed to deal with the present situation first.

Ancient God Luo Ling, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon, Zhao Wang, and the little thieving cat simultaneously attacked. Following Zhao Feng’s orders, they killed the weaker ones first.


Zhao Feng blinked toward a Rank Eight Ancient God, the Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror in his hand crackling with electricity. Seven chains of lightning shot out and moved to ensnare the Ancient God’s soul.

“Death Corrosion!” This Rank Eight Ancient God was a Death God Eye descendant. He immediately used a Death eye-bloodline technique to resist the power of the Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror.

But Zhao Feng would not give him the chance.

“Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame!”

The Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame instantly finished forming in his left eye and shot forward.

At this moment, with Zhao Feng’s Origin energy unsealed, his Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame had far more power than normal.


The Rank Eight Ancient God’s soul was engulfed in boundless lightning. If not for the fact that Zhao Feng used the Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror to reduce the power of his attack, the Rank Eight Ancient God would have been instantly slain.


The chains pulled the Ancient God’s soul into the Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror.

On the other side, Ancient God Luo Ling was much faster than the Thunderflame Ancient Dragon, so while she was fighting with it, she had time to attack other lower-level Ancient Gods.

And the little thieving cat was even more inexplicable in its movements. Even Ancient God Nether Spring found it impossible to defend himself.

In just a few moments, many members of the Heavenly Demon Hall were killed, leaving only a few people. The weaker ones had panicked expressions as they warily looked around them.

“Gather together!” Ancient God Nether Spring ordered.

In a direct confrontation, they were no match for Zhao Feng’s group. Moreover, Zhao Feng’s group was operating on a strategy of killing the weak first.

In addition, they could no longer use the God Eye Fusion Art. Everyone had seen that those eight who used the God Eye Fusion Art had lost control of the secret art and were wiped out of existence.

 Whoosh! Whoosh!

The remaining members gathered around Ancient God Nether Spring.

“Damn!” the Devil Saint God Duo shouted in reluctance and resentment. Ever since they became Ancient God Nether Spring’s Samsara Immortal Bodies, they had never been humiliated so badly.

The remaining members of the Heavenly Demon Hall were also depressed and infuriated.

“Retreat to the core area!” Ancient God Nether Spring led the remaining members in a fighting retreat.

The core area was an important area of the Heavenly Demon Hall and contained many traps. There were also many forbidden mechanical weapons around the core area’s secret hall that were capable of killing Rank Nine Ancient Gods. As long as they returned to the secret hall, they would be safe.

“Gathering together? Is it so I can more easily kill all of you?” Zhao Feng sneered.

His Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame could be fired off the moment it locked onto its target, and it had no trajectory. These people gathering together made it more difficult for them to move around and easier for Zhao Feng to lock onto them.

“Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame!” Zhao Feng immediately set eyes on a person and fired off his Tribulation Lightning eye-bloodline technique.


This Ancient God, incapable of resisting, was immediately slayed.

This sight had the other Ancient Gods trembling in fear.

“Void Spirit Slash!” Ancient God Luo Ling’s icy face showed a faint hint of excitement.

Earlier, she was forced to run around and hide as she was hunted down, but now, she had the chance to hunt down the members of the Heavenly Demon Hall.

Ancient God Luo Ling’s attacks were also extremely powerful, with only Ancient God Nether Spring and the Thunderflame Ancient Dragon capable of stopping them.

This area was rather far from the core area’s secret hall. By the time the group had gone halfway, all the other members of the Heavenly Demon Hall were killed. The only ones left were Ancient God Nether Spring, the Thunderflame Ancient Dragon, and the Devil Saint God Duo. One could also say that only Ancient God Nether Spring was left, because the other three were all his Samsara Immortal Bodies.

But Zhao Feng, Ancient God Luo Ling, and the others had also greatly taxed themselves. Zhao Feng was using his Origin energy this entire time, and his Eye Intent had also been almost completely exhausted after repeatedly using so many eye-bloodline techniques. Ancient God Luo Ling had only just broken into Rank Nine, and her reserves were not as firm or as deep as the Thunderflame Ancient Dragon and Ancient God Nether Spring.

“You should forgive people whenever possible, and besides, you’ve already obtained so much from the Heavenly Demon Hall…!” Ancient God Nether Spring hatefully glared at Zhao Feng.

Although Ancient God Luo Ling had the highest cultivation of the two intruders, Zhao Feng was the most terrifying one, and he was also the archcriminal behind their current situation.

“I got those with my own strength.” Zhao Feng was unmoved.

In the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, strength decided all. The weak had no authority to speak. If Zhao Feng did not have his current strength and was surrounded by the Heavenly Demon Hall, would they have let him go? Thus, Zhao Feng’s killing intent toward these people was unchanged.

“I’ll kill you two first!” Zhao Feng stared at the Devil Saint God Duo.

“Nine Lightning Soul Refinement!” Seven chains of lightning shot out of the Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror.

“Nooo…!” the Devil Saint God Duo cried out in alarm. The Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror was a divine artifact that countered Samsara Immortal Bodies. Once their souls were extracted, they would truly be finished.

“Stop!” Ancient God Nether Spring and the Thunderflame Ancient Dragon both attempted to intervene.

Although the Devil Saint God Duo were both peak Rank Eight, when they worked together, they had the power to contend against a Rank Nine. They could be considered one of the most powerful fighting forces under Ancient God Nether Spring’s command.

“Celestial Wind Void Spirit Slash!” Ancient God Luo Ling immediately took action, engulfing the Thunderflame Ancient Dragon with rapidly spinning silver blades.

The little thieving cat used its rune-covered silver dagger, aiming powerful Sealing energy to stop Ancient God Nether Spring.


The seven chains bound the Devil Saint God Duo together.

At this moment, Zhao Feng fired a Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame at the pair. The Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame fused with his Origin energy was extremely powerful. Even though the two of them took the blow together, they found it difficult to resist this might.

“Collect!” Zhao Feng fully activated the Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror, dragging the weakened souls of the Devil Saint God Duo into it.

In doing all this, Zhao Feng used up the last of his Eye Intent.

The only ones left were the Thunderflame Ancient Dragon and Ancient God Nether Spring. Both of them were Rank Nine Ancient Gods as well as Samsara Immortal Bodies, making them rather difficult to kill.

But even if they couldn’t be killed, they couldn’t be allowed to have a good time. Zhao Feng’s group pursued these last two Ancient Gods, launching powerful attack after attack.

Even though they both had Samsara Immortal Bodies, they could still feel the pain of their bodies being torn apart. The attacks of Zhao Feng’s group again and again tore at their bodies, and their screams echoed through the corridors.

Over the Arctic Abyss, the battle between Ancient God Scarlet Firmament and the gray-scaled elder had intensified.

At a certain moment, the gray-scaled elder received a message from Ancient God Nether Spring. His face immediately contorted in rage. Black clouds surged and roared, expressing his fierce emotions.

“To think that it would turn out like this,” the gray-scaled elder indifferently spoke.

The Heaven’s Legacy Cat had fled, the treasuries had been plundered, and the Heavenly Demon Hall was in shambles. Ancient God Nether Spring failed to deal with two intruders! From Ancient God Nether Spring’s description, the gray-scaled elder naturally assumed that these two intruders were members of the Spacetime Sacred Land.

“Mm?” Ancient God Scarlet Firmament’s expression flickered.

His opponent had turned strange and appeared extremely unhappy. From the elder’s rage, Ancient God Scarlet Firmament could guess that Ancient God Luo Ling was probably fine.

“Don’t think that just because you belong to the Spacetime Sacred Land, you can do what you want!” the gray-scaled old man coldly said.

Ancient God Nether Spring’s report made him furious, but this would not change the ultimate result.

“It’s you who thinks that you can do whatever you want!” Ancient God Scarlet Firmament furiously retorted.

“I truly did underestimate you. I didn’t think your Spacetime Sacred Land had someone this formidable!” The gray-scaled elder gave a sinister smile. The person he was referring to was naturally Zhao Feng.

Ancient God Scarlet Firmament put on a strange expression. He was under the impression that the Heavenly Demon Hall still had an expert standing guard inside, preventing Ancient God Luo Ling from performing her mission smoothly, but the gray-scaled elder seemed to be implying that the Heavenly Demon Hall had suffered a major loss.

“But it’s all over. All of you will die here!” the gray-scaled old man continued.

After saying this, the elder began to rapidly retreat, ceasing to battle with Ancient God Scarlet Firmament.

“What do you mean?” Ancient God Scarlet Firmament looked around, a bad feeling surging up in his mind. Suddenly, he sensed lethal danger.

He turned around and looked behind him. He saw that the distant sky had turned pitch-black, awash with Death energy and devoid of life. In the middle of these endless black clouds was a rather inconspicuous figure.

The moment he saw this figure, Ancient God Scarlet Firmament’s soul trembled, and his face was stricken with fear.


A moment later, the black figure appeared above the Arctic Abyss, right between the upper echelon members of the two factions.

At this moment, everyone present felt like the world was shuddering. A divine might that could not be defied was sweeping over the world. All of them vomited blood, their souls uncontrollably trembling in fear.

The world became pitch-black, and in this world of black fog, everyone felt like they were no longer in control of their own destinies.

“God Lord!” Ancient God Scarlet Firmament turned ghastly pale as he stared fearfully at the black figure in the center of this world of darkness.