King Of Gods Chapter 1352

Chapter 1352 The Person Being Sought

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Chapter 1352 – The Person Being Sought

Inside his room, Kun Yun heard that the skeletal youth was about to break down his door and shivered.

As they were both outer peak disciples, the skeletal youth would be punished for forcing his way into the room of a fellow disciple. However, the skeletal youth’s actions were all on the order of True God Cloudbreaker, and True God Cloudbreaker was now a noble and esteemed core disciple. The attendant in charge of the outer peak disciples did not want to offend True God Cloudbreaker, so he turned a blind eye.

Knowing that he couldn’t avoid this fight, Kun Yun opened his door.

But suddenly, a figure descended in front of him. At the same moment, a shocking pressure spread outward.

The skeletal youth was immediately blown back into the ground, unable to get back up for some time. The others in the area immediately felt like there was a mountain on their shoulders, and they found even standing up extremely difficult.

“This- who…? Senior Brother…?” The skeletal youth stared in fear at Zhao Feng.

The power of this person far exceeded his imagination. Only a core disciple could possess such dreadful strength, but the skeletal youth didn’t remember a person like this in Black Devil Peak.


All the other outer peak disciples got down on their knees.

“Kun Yun, why are you still here?” Zhao Feng suddenly turned around and asked.

Kun Yun was staring at this expert in shock, wishing to know which senior brother or venerable elder had decided to help him out this time, but when he saw Zhao Feng’s face, he froze.

“You’re… Zhao Feng!” Kun Yun cried out in alarm.

Although the color of his eye and hair had changed, the face wasn’t that different. Kun Yun also knew that Zhao Feng’s left was constantly evolving.

When Kun Yun called out Zhao Feng’s name, one or two of Black Devil Peak’s outer disciples grimaced. One of them was the skeletal youth.

“The Spiritual Race’s Zhao Feng?” The skeletal youth immediately got up, no more respect on his face.

He originally believed that this was some senior brother or Elder of Black Devil Peak, but it was actually Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng was a member of the Spiritual Race, so it was inherently wrong for him to attack the disciples of Black Devil Peak. Moreover, he had not even done anything to Zhao Feng, but Zhao Feng struck first. In addition, the person backing the skeletal youth, True God Cloudbreaker, was also a core disciple, of similar status to Zhao Feng.

“Zhao Feng, you dare to intrude into Black Devil Peak and attack a disciple!? Just wait here to be punished!” the skeletal youth coldly said.

Zhao Feng showed no fear, not even glancing at the youth.

“It’s like this…” Kun Yun was already about to reach his breaking point, so he immediately explained what was going on.

Originally, when Zhao Hui went missing, Black Devil Peak dispatched many people to search for him, but nothing was found. Thus, Kun Yun could only tell the Spiritual Race Elders about everything himself in the hopes of escaping this place. Alas, True God Cloudbreaker secretly sent people to imprison Kun Yun in his residence, causing him to miss the opportunity.

Afterward, Kun Yun was targeted again and again by True God Cloudbreaker with the goal of plundering him of all his treasures and divine artifacts.

Not long ago, Kun Yun was forced to accept a match. He believed that, with his three average-quality divine artifacts, he could fight against the skeletal youth. But to his surprise, the skeletal youth had received an average-quality divine artifact from True God Cloudbreaker. This divine artifact, combined with his own extremely formidable strength, resulted in Kun Yun’s loss, and he was forced to give up one of his divine artifacts.

“I will take you from here,” Zhao Feng straightforwardly said.

He then turned around and gave the skeletal youth a chilling stare.

In a flash, the skeletal youth felt like the sky was falling, his body under so much pressure that he couldn’t move a muscle.

“Die!” Zhao Feng barked.

The skeletal youth’s soul was instantly pulverized by a mighty force.


His body dropped to the ground. An interspatial dimension floated out of his body and to Kun Yun’s side.

As he took the interspatial dimension, Kun Yun became extremely excited. This was power! Killing as one pleased, slaughtering True Gods like ants!

At this moment:

 Boom! Boom!

Two devilish energies suddenly shot out from the outer peak.

“Who goes there that intrudes upon Black Devil Peak!?” Two Ancient Gods of the Evil Dao rushed toward Zhao Feng’s location.

Zhao Feng had passed straight through Black Devil Peak’s sensory array. Even if he was not intentionally exuding his aura, Black Devil Peak would have still known about his arrival.

 Swoosh! Swoosh!

Two figures swiftly appeared. They scanned the area, and when they saw the skeletal youth, their expressions darkened.

“Elder!” The outer peak disciples all bowed.

“Zhao Feng, you’ve brazenly intruded upon Black Devil Peak and killed one of its disciples! Have you no regard for Black Devil Peak?” one of the Elders coldly asked.

“I was helping you clean house.” Zhao Feng’s expression turned grim as he scanned the two Ancient Gods, his body exuding an invisible pressure.

The two Ancient God Elders supervised the outer peak, so they were only Rank Seven. Zhao Feng could kill a person of this level of strength with just a glance.

“Rank Eight….” The expressions on the two Elders’ faces immediately relaxed.

It was just the death of an outer peak disciple. They felt that a junior acting so brazenly needed a harsh lesson, but they hadn’t expected for Zhao Feng to be a Rank Eight Ancient God. Based on what they knew, Zhao Feng had only recently broken into Rank Seven. How did he so quickly reach Rank Eight?!

“Zhao Feng, since you have killed a disciple of Black Devil Peak, you can’t just simply leave. You must give an explanation to our superiors,” the two Elders spoke in a softer tone, deciding to leave this matter for the upper echelon members to handle.

“Okay.” Zhao Feng nodded.

Killing an outer peak disciple was not any big deal, but Zhao Feng also wanted to take away an outer peak disciple as well. These two actions added together truly made Zhao Feng seem to brash and arrogant, showing no regard for Black Devil Peak whatsoever.

In the conference hall:

“This is Zhao Feng?” Elder Tao carefully examined Zhao Feng and gave a slight nod.

He truly deserved his reputation as the Spiritual Race’s most dazzling genius. He had directly broken into Rank Six, recently broke into Rank Seven, and was now Rank Eight. Such cultivation talent was something that not even the Spiritual Race members with the thickest of bloodlines could compare to.

On the other side, the demon-faced Elder’s eyes twinkled.

Black Devil Peak was divided into two parties. The party that Elder Tao belonged to wanted a good relationship with the Spiritual Race while the demon-faced Elder’s party wanted to worsen relations with the Spiritual Race and build a relationship with a different faction.

“Zhao Feng, for you to casually kill a disciple of my Black Devil Peak is too presumptuous of you!” The demon-faced Elder suddenly criticized Zhao Feng, a powerful energy rising from his body.

Sometime earlier, when the Spiritual Race party first arrived, he had proposed a bout in an attempt to worsen the relationship between Elder Tao’s party and the Spiritual Race. However, in the end, Zhao Hui came out of nowhere and ruined his plans. He now wanted to use this chance to harshly punish Zhao Feng, thus earning the extreme displeasure of the Spiritual Race and achieving his goal all the same.

“Elder, I will first speak of another matter. I am extremely good brothers with Zhao Hui, and while I was traveling through the Antian Zone, I heard that he had gone missing, so I began to search for him….” Zhao Feng changed the subject.

“Zhao Hui…?” The demon-faced Elder was startled, and then he adopted an extremely sympathetic tone. “Although he did not go missing at Black Devil Peak, we are still extremely apologetic. Were you able to find anything?”

He had barely finished speaking when Zhao Feng summoned Zhao Hui with a wave of his hand.

This sight gave the demon-faced Elder a rather bad fright. How could anyone who was sent to the Heavenly Demon Hall emerge alive?

“I was kidnapped by disciples of Black Devil Peak!” Zhao Hui immediately said.

“There was something like that?” Elder Tao immediately grimaced.

He never would’ve imagined that Black Devil Peak was involved in making Zhao Hui go missing. He had to thoroughly investigate this matter.

A moment later, Zhao Hui released his memory image, revealing how he was kidnapped on that day.

“Be at ease. Black Devil Peak will personally handle these two and also compensate the Spiritual Race!” the demon-faced elder righteously declared.

It just two ordinary inner peak disciples. He would send people to finish them off and get rid of the evidence.

“In addition, do Elders know of the Heavenly Demon Hall?” Zhao Feng suddenly said with a smile.

“The Heavenly Demon Hall!?” both Elders blurted out in unison.

The Heavenly Demon Hall was a faction that the demon-faced Elder’s party had formed a relationship with in secret. He naturally knew of it, but he hadn’t imagined that Zhao Feng would also find out about the Heavenly Demon Hall in his investigation.

Elder Tao was stunned because he had only recently discovered that the demon-faced Elder’s party was communicating with some mysterious faction known as the Heavenly Demon Hall. The fact that the demon-faced Elder’s party had recently gotten so much stronger was almost certainly because this Heavenly Demon Hall was secretly supporting them, but Elder Tao had yet to turn up any specific information on this faction.

“A while ago, while searching for Zhao Hui, I happened to come across a battlefield. The two sides of this battle were the Heavenly Demon Hall and the Spacetime Sacred Land.” Zhao Feng looked at the demon-faced Elder as he slowly spoke.

The demon-faced Elder had an extremely grim expression. They had been working with the Heavenly Demon Hall for some time, so he naturally understood how this faction conducted itself.

 Those scoundrels actually dared to seize God Eye descendants from the Spacetime Sacred Land and ended up being discovered…?  The demon-faced Elder silently cursed.

They had just started a trade with the Heavenly Demon Hall. In the next few months, the Heavenly Demon Hall would be handing over the resources they promised, but now, the Heavenly Demon Hall had obviously run into difficulties.

“Elder, you seem to be very concerned about this faction?” Zhao Feng faintly smiled at the demon-faced Elder.

Before he got a reply, Zhao Feng continued, “The Heavenly Demon Hall is extremely abnormal and has many experts, but in the end, the Spacetime God sent his power through space to descend, bringing everything to an end. At the moment, the Heavenly Demon Hall has vanished!”

Both of the Elders trembled at these words.

“I didn’t think that this Heavenly Demon Hall would actually offend the Spacetime Sacred Land and even cause the Spacetime God to act.” Elder Tao was filled with disbelief, but he was internally overjoyed.

The disappearance of the Heavenly Demon Hall was the best result for him.

On the other hand, the demon-faced Elder had a dour expression and said not a word. The Spacetime God had intervened and the Heavenly Demon Hall had disappeared!? In his view, the Heavenly Demon Hall was definitely pulverized until only dregs remained.

“Elders, I have other matters to attend to and must bid farewell.” Zhao Feng looked at the demon-faced Elder and sneered before bidding farewell.

The demon-faced Elder had received a severe mental blow and was in no mood to argue with Zhao Feng about his actions in Black Devil Peak.

“Zhao Feng, if you have the chance to come again, Black Devil Peak will treat you with utmost cordiality!” Elder Tao gleefully said.

Zhao Feng’s appearance had brought him most wonderful news.

“Kun Yun, let’s go.” After leaving the hall, Zhao Feng spoke to the worried and anxious Kun Yun.

“We can go?” Kun Yun found it somewhat difficult to believe that he could finally escape Black Devil Peak.

Kun Yun’s cultivation was too low, so for the sake of saving time, Zhao Feng placed him in the Spacetime Robe’s internal dimension. Even if Kun Yun had any designs on the Spacetime Robe, he was too weak to act on them, so Zhao Feng was not concerned.

Once Zhao Feng left Black Devil Peak, he immediately turned around.

“The two of you can’t be allowed to escape!” Zhao Feng activated his left eye and began to search Black Devil Peak.

He quickly found True God Cloudbreaker and Young Master Hai. Zhao Feng used his left eye to secretively leave a mark on their bodies.

One had to realize that Zhao Feng’s Soul Intent had reached peak Rank Eight, so the two of them failed to notice anything strange.

After doing this, Zhao Feng prepared to leave, but his God’s Spiritual Eye suddenly sensed that two Ancient Gods were approaching Black Devil Peak, and their target was apparently him.

“It’s him?” A tall and muscular middle-aged man, his face a little pale, gazed at the nearby Zhao Feng.

“He is the Zhao Feng that Lord Wuheng seeks?” The other individual, a buxom woman dressed in light green, carefully examined Zhao Feng.