King Of Gods Chapter 1353

Chapter 1353 Giant God Hall

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Chapter 1353 – Giant God Hall

Just as Zhao Feng expected, the two Ancient Gods began to approach him. The two sides stared at each other, the large man and the buxom woman carefully examining Zhao Feng.

“On what honorable task have the two of you come?” Zhao Feng went straight to the point.

These two didn’t seem to know him very well, but he was the person they were looking for. This left Zhao Feng very confused.

“Good Sir is Zhao Feng?” the muscular man asked.

“Yes,” Zhao Feng affirmed.

The two of them knew his name but didn’t recognize him. This probably meant that they weren’t from the Ziling Zone or Antian Zone.

“The Ancient God Seal should be in your possession. Hand it over to us!” the muscular man said. At the same time, a heaven-shaking bloodline pressure erupted from his body.

Even Zhao Feng had not predicted this development, and his body faintly trembled.

 What a powerful ancient bloodline!  Zhao Feng was alarmed. This man’s ancient bloodline was definitely ranked very high.

Zhao Feng wasn’t able to determine from the man’s external traits which bloodline it was. However, for some reason, Zhao Feng found this bloodline extremely familiar, as if he had encountered it before.

“That object belongs to me!” Zhao Feng’s face chilled as he exuded his own steady and composed aura.

Up until now, only Ancient God Black Heaven knew the name of the Ancient God Seal, and he was obsessed with trying to get it back. These two had also come to obtain the Ancient God Seal, which made Zhao Feng speculate that they might belong to Ancient God Black Heaven’s faction. Moreover, the two of them were Rank Eight Ancient Gods with powerful bloodlines and abnormal strength.

But Zhao Feng had also undergone an immense transformation. Even if these two attacked him together, he would be unafraid. In addition, these two weren’t like Ancient God Black Heaven, who immediately attacked Zhao Feng, so Zhao Feng decided to stay his hand for now. But if they began to attack him, he would not be polite.


Zhao Feng exuded an energy not one bit weaker than the muscular man’s. This was because he cultivated the Chaos Heaven Void Origin Technique and had comprehended many different kinds of Intent energy. It was also because Zhao Feng had personally witnessed the divine might of a half-step God Lord, God Lord, and a God. Zhao Feng’s heart had been honed and his mind had been widened. He was now fearless and capable of advancing courageously.

Zhao Feng’s aura and attitude startled the pair.

This person isn’t simple!  the muscular man silently noted. He was wounded at the moment, so in a duel, he might not be able to win.

“I advise you to return it to us. This divine artifact has no use for you and might even bring a lethal calamity down on your head. Moreover, if you have any demands, you may state them.” the muscular man relaxed his stance and restrained his energy.

“Why do you want the Ancient God Seal?” Zhao Feng voiced his question.

In truth, the Ancient God Seal really wasn’t that useful for Zhao Feng. Moreover, Ancient God Black Heaven’s faction desired the Ancient God Seal.

In the past, in this situation, Zhao Feng would have probably handed it over in exchange for some other benefit. But now that Zhao Feng had entered the Spiritual Race and reached the level of Rank Eight Ancient God, there was not much that he feared. Thus, Zhao Feng found himself more interested in the secret of the Ancient God Seal.

“This…” The muscular man was somewhat hesitant. He knew a little about the Ancient God Seal, but he could never give this information to an outsider.

“Enough. Zhao Feng, come with us to Giant God Hall. You can make your decision once you get there.” At this moment, the beaming and buxom woman finally spoke.

“If I go with you to Giant God Hall, I would have to do everything you asked of me.” Zhao Feng sneered.

He had never heard of Giant God Hall, but it had to at least be a peak four-star faction. Zhao Feng going in alone was far too dangerous.

“I have come on the order of Lord Wuheng to invite you there. I can guarantee that you will not have to worry about your life if you go to Giant God Hall!” The buxom woman’s expression turned solemn.

“Lord Wuheng?” Zhao Feng blurted out in surprise.

This name naturally made him think of Xin Wuheng. Zhao Feng knew that the appearance of the God Corpse in the Continent Zone was intricately linked to Xin Wuheng. And to a certain degree, one could say that Zhao Feng obtained the Ancient God Seal from Xin Wuheng.

At this time, the buxom woman took out a square jade token, which immediately began to shine with white light. This light condensed into a translucent screen, and a large and mighty figure gradually emerged on the screen.

Although his bearing had changed somewhat, his appearance was still extremely similar to the Xin Wuheng that Zhao Feng once new.

“Zhao Feng, if you are willing, come and visit Giant God Hall.” The Xin Wuheng on the screen suddenly said these words, and then the screen vanished.

Although this was all he said, Zhao Feng could sense that Xin Wuheng wanted to say more, but it was inconvenient for him to do so.

At this moment, Zhao Feng once more sized up the pair. Both of them probably belonged to Giant God Hall, but their attitudes to Zhao Feng were somewhat different from each other. The buxom woman had come on Xin Wuheng’s order, but he didn’t know what the situation was with the man.

 These two have different attitudes, but they’re both here for the Ancient God Seal. If I don’t go, they will continue to pester me. Moreover, they seem to have some connection with Xin Wuheng….

After thinking things over, Zhao Feng decided to go to Giant God Hall.

After all, before leaving the Continent Zone, Xin Wuheng had given him the extremely precious Tribulation Lightning God Crystals and had also offered Zhao Feng a clue to finding Liu Qinxin’s whereabouts. In short, Xin Wuheng treated Zhao Feng kindly.

Moreover, to see an acquaintance from the Continent Zone in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods was a matter worth being happy about.

“Okay. I will go with you.” Zhao Feng agreed.

“Then let’s set out immediately!” The buxom woman faintly smiled.

“Please wait a moment. I have another matter to attend to,” Zhao Feng glanced at Black Devil Peak and said.

“What are you planning? We can only bring you to Giant God Hall, no one else!” The muscular man grimaced.

He believed that Zhao Feng was a member of Black Devil Peak and, worried for his own safety, was planning to bring a few friends with him.

“No… let me kill two people first!” Zhao Feng suddenly chuckled, causing the two of them to shiver.

 Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Zhao Feng and the pair of Ancient Gods then left Black Devil Peak.

Within Black Devil Peak:

“They left?” Elder Tao softly muttered.

Three Ancient Gods holding a meeting on the perimeter of Black Devil Peak had naturally earned the attention of its Elders. Fortunately, these three Ancient Gods apparently had other affairs and left after exchanging a few words, allowing the upper echelon members of Black Devil Peak to breathe easy.

“The bloodline energy of the Ancient God just now seemed to be of the Giant God Race!” a white-haired Elder said.

“The Giant God Race? Weren’t they extinct?” Elder Tao asked in shock.

“It’s not that easy to wipe out a race, especially one as powerful as that one!”

After getting a certain distance from Black Devil Peak, the three Ancients Gods concealed themselves in a gloomy valley.

“The people you want to kill should be members of Black Devil Peak, but what’s the purpose in hiding here?” the muscular man asked.

Zhao Feng didn’t answer, but his left eye began to pulse with powerful Soul energy. A moment later, he was able to vaguely sense through the mark he had placed on True God Cloudbreaker’s body what his current surroundings were.

“What a powerful Soul energy!” The muscular man was rather taken aback.

Zhao Feng’s cultivation was clearly weaker than theirs, but his Soul intent was far stronger. Paired with his mysterious eye-bloodline, he was probably a formidable fighter.


At this moment, the little thieving cat jumped out of the interspatial dimension and onto Zhao Feng’s shoulder.

“What a unique cat!” The buxom woman immediately stared at the little thieving cat.

The little thieving cat’s external appearance was extremely different from that of an ordinary cat. Its body was healthy and well-proportioned, giving off the impression that its body was perfectly formed. Meanwhile, its slender ears and tail made it seem like a spirit. Most unusual of all were the various complicated silver runes and characters on the little thieving cat’s body, incomprehensible to the normal person.

The little thieving cat warily stared at the two members of Giant God Hall.

A moment later, the Soul energy coming from Zhao Feng’s body suddenly vanished as if he had died. Only the little thieving cat understood that Zhao Feng’s vision was now very far away.

In True God Cloudbreaker’s residence:

“Now that I’m a core disciple, the treatment really is different. This Seven Reincarnation Blood Essence Pill can help me stabilize my cultivation and advance my vitality.” True God Cloudbreaker consumed the translucent red pill in his hand.

But at this moment, a dreamy silver eye the size of a fist appeared over his head, floating in the air. Suddenly, an icy blue ray of light shot out from it.

 Whoosh! Whoosh!

This blue ray of light pierced through True God Cloudbreaker’s soul, immediately freezing his thought processes. A moment later, it annihilated his soul.

After doing this, the dreamy silver eye vanished.

Zhao Feng used very little strength in killing True God Cloudbreaker, and he did it very furtively, ensuring that he would not be discovered.

 Killing True God Cloudbreaker was extremely simple, but if I try to directly kill Young Master Hai, I might be discovered. However, he should be in the middle of cultivating….

In another house, Young Master Hai was in the middle of trying to understand a very high-level Star eye-bloodline technique. His eyes twinkled with faint light, clearly in the middle of simulating this eye-bloodline technique However, his face was extremely unsightly. Cultivation of this eye-bloodline technique was probably not going very smoothly, and he had encountered some kind of difficulty.


A dreamy silver eye emerged behind him. Young Master Hai would have normally noticed it, but he was in the middle of cultivating an eye-bloodline technique, and his mind was extremely unsettled.

 Flame Soul Devil Eye!

A scorching hot Illusion energy descended. In a flash, Young Master Hai’s face became savage and dreadful, and trickles of blood began to seep from his eyes.

The dreamy silver eye then vanished.

In a cave, a dreamy silver luster appeared on Zhao Feng’s gray left eye.

“What’s going on?” The muscular man was extremely confused as he observed Zhao Feng’s condition.

“He’s proficient in the Soul Dao and can have his soul leave his body….” The buxom woman’s eyes flashed with a strange light.

“We can leave now,” Zhao Feng said.

Although he had not given Young Master Hai a directly lethal blow, Zhao Feng had used his most dangerous Illusion eye-bloodline technique.

The Flame Soul Devil Eye was both an offensive and befuddling illusion technique. Zhao Feng had also fused in energy that could seek out and attack the weaknesses in one’s mind. In the best case, being struck by this eye-bloodline technique while cultivating would cause one to be plagued by heart demons for the rest of their life and be forever incapable of advancing any further in cultivation. In the worst case, the soul would be annihilated.

The muscular man and buxom woman gazed profoundly at Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng had said a moment ago that he needed to kill two people of Black Devil Peak before leaving. Now that he was saying they could leave, didn’t that mean that he had already killed those two?!

Although it was rather hard to believe, this matter caused the pair to regard Zhao Feng with caution.

Not long after the trio left, news came from Black Devil Peak that, while Young Master Hai was cultivating, his soul had detonated, resulting in his death.