King Of Gods Chapter 1356

Chapter 1356 The Secret Of The Giant God Race

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Chapter 1356 – The Secret of the Giant God Race

“We’re about to arrive?” Within the Spacetime Robe, Zhao Feng had a rough understanding of the flying ship’s situation.

He had spent the last three years in seclusion, and the vast majority of that time in the Spacetime Robe Dimension. In these three years, he had completely stabilized his foundations as a Rank Eight Ancient God, and his Space Intent had reached Level Seven. His Chaos Heaven Void Origin Technique had also been cultivated to the third level.

Besides that, he had finished advancing the fourth level of the Soul Splitting Technique, though he had not split his soul yet. After all, splitting the soul was extremely dangerous and required no interruption. Moreover, after splitting his soul, he would be weak for a period of time.

In addition, Zhao Feng had modified his various eye-bloodline techniques, using the arts he had cultivated and his own experiences to develop new eye-bloodline techniques.

On the other end, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon had also gained much. With the help of the Destruction Dragon Race reverse scales that Zhao Feng had duplicated, it had long ago become a Rank Eight Ancient God. Moreover, its serpent dragon body was in the middle of evolving into a true dragon. Its Destruction Dragon Race bloodline had also gotten thicker.

It was the one who had matured the fastest in the last three years, and it had gained even more strength than Zhao Feng. Of course, this was due to its outstanding bloodline. One could easily see just how terrifying the bloodline of the supreme race of the Ancient Era – the Destruction Dragon Race, the stubborn foe of the Golden Crow – was.

But after repeated use of the reverse scales, they had lost their original effect. If the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon wanted to advance further, it needed to seek other means.

“Master, at my current level of strength, not even peak Rank Eight Ancient Gods are a match for me!” the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon saw that Zhao Feng had ended his seclusion and immediately said.

It was entirely due to Zhao Feng that it was able to possess its current level of cultivation. The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon even sometimes thought that it was very fortunate that it had submitted to Zhao Feng back then.

However, Zhao Feng had made too much progress and exerted too much pressure. The moment the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon couldn’t keep up and was left in his dust, it would feel extremely unsafe.

“This Black Serpent Dragon…” On the side, Kun Yun somewhat enviously sighed.

In these three years, under Zhao Feng’s instruction, he had long ago become a Rank Three True God, and his strength had advanced by leaps and bounds such that he was now at the peak of Rank Three.

This cultivation speed would be something to be very proud of in any ordinary five-star faction, but while spending time together with Zhao Feng’s group, he was unable to feel any sense of accomplishment whatsoever. He had even heard that one of Zhao Feng’s good friends, Xin Wuheng, was already the Hall Master of the Giant God Race’s faction. Kun Yun had almost died from the shock.


Zhao Feng left the Spacetime Robe Dimension.

“Brother Zhao, your aura is completely restrained. It seems like you’ve already solidified your cultivation!” Ancient God Sundermount said in surprise.

In the ranks of Ancient Gods, many people had already reached the end of their potential, requiring incredible effort to barely break through into the next rank. For this reason, completely solidifying their cultivation was even more excruciatingly difficult.

“We’ve almost arrived?” Zhao Feng asked.

Earlier, he sensed the flying ship slowing down and the two members of Giant God Hall exiting their seclusion, so he was sure that they were almost there. However, he couldn’t see anything unusual around them.

“It’s in the middle of that sea ahead of us,” Ancient God Stillmoon said with a smile.

“In the sea?” Zhao Feng was astonished.


The flying ship plunged into the sea. It traveled forward, circling around a few enormous whirlpools, before finally stopping in a forest of blood-colored coral.

After getting off the ship, the group headed to a certain part of the forest of blood coral, where the two members of Giant God Hall formed a spell.

A gloomy path instantly appeared before them. The trio traveled through the path and emerged in a vast area.

There were no clouds to be seen, and massive towering mountains could be seen all around. Countless palaces could be seen atop these high mountains.

“So well-hidden!” Zhao Feng was dazed. It was no wonder he had never heard of Giant God Hall.

One had to realize just how noticeable being ranked 15th among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races made the Giant God Race, and yet this faction was so well-hidden that almost nobody knew about it.

“There’s a reason for this that you’ll learn about soon.” Ancient God Stillmoon sighed and said no more.

At this moment, Divine Senses swept out from several of the nearby mountains. Afterward, several figures immediately flew out from a palace.

An Ancient God expert wearing golden armor flew out from the distance.

“Ancient God Sundermount, Ancient God Stillmoon, you’ve returned. Who is this?” The golden-armored Ancient God gave Zhao Feng an unpleasant stare.

“The possessor of the Ancient God Seal,” Ancient God Sundermount directly said.

The golden-armored Ancient God immediately replied, “Then why did you bring him here?”

His meaning was obvious; bringing back the Ancient God Seal was enough. They should not have brought back Zhao Feng.

“He was invited by Lord Wuheng!” Ancient God Stillmoon coldly said.

In the three years they had spent together after the battle with Ancient God Nethertooth, their relationship was rather good, and Ancient God Stillmoon gradually began to warm up to Zhao Feng.

The name “Lord Wuheng” immediately had the golden-armored Ancient God bowing his head in silence.

At this moment, a loud and bright voice came from the mountains; “Stillmoon, bring our guest to me!”

The world instantly fell silent as everyone lowered their heads and bowed.

Zhao Feng determined that this person was none other than Xin Wuheng, but he could not determine exactly which mountain the voice had come from.

“Let’s go!” Ancient God Stillmoon led Zhao Feng through the mountains to an enormous yellow and ancient mountain.

At the peak of this mountain was a simple and unsophisticated palace, and in front of this palace stood an erect figure. His appearance was ordinary, but his every movement exuded an extremely abnormal air. Just by standing there, he seemed to be fused with the entire mountain. He was vast and imposing, making others feel inferior.

“Zhao Feng, long time no see! Let us go in and talk.” Xin Wuheng casually smiled.

“You truly are unfathomable!” Zhao Feng gave an emotional sigh and entered the palace.

Even though he knew that Xin Wuheng was unusual by the end of his time in the Continent Zone, the actual situation was still beyond his expectations.

Ever since coming to the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, Zhao Feng had encountered all kinds of opportunities and fortunes, and he had even managed to directly become a Rank Seven Ancient God when he broke through. Despite all that, he was still far inferior to Xin Wuheng.

Zhao Feng could sense that Xin Wuheng was, at the very least, a Rank Nine Ancient God, but he was even more unfathomable and inestimable than any other Rank Nine Ancient God he had ever seen.

“I originally thought that you would need at least five hundred years to be able to see me. I didn’t think that would advance so quickly!” After seating themselves, Xin Wuheng began to carefully inspect Zhao Feng.

“Five hundred years?” Zhao Feng faintly smiled. Any other True God that came from an outer zone to the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods could be given one thousand years and still not reach Zhao Feng’s current level, and yet Xin Wuheng had predicted five hundred years? He clearly knew that Zhao Feng’s left eye was unusual.

“I’m returning this.” Zhao Feng took out the Ancient God Seal. After all, this object originally belonged to Xin Wuheng.

Over the last three years, he studied the Ancient God Seal many times. The more he studied it, the more he realized that the Ancient God Seal was not simple. In the end, he understood one thing: he had never completely refined the Ancient God Seal, because the Ancient God Seal still had a master. That person was none other than Xin Wuheng.


The Ancient God Seal flew on its own to Xin Wuheng’s side. Gradually, it began to exude powerful energy, and white streams of light began to circle around its surface.

With another layer of seals undone, the Ancient God Seal now exuded the energy of a supreme-quality divine artifact.

“So you already know. Correct! The Ancient God Seal is a verification object belonging to the Hall Master of Ancient God Hall!” Xin Wuheng was clearly surprised as he put away the Ancient God Seal.

“Ancient God Hall?”

Wasn’t Xin Wuheng’s faction Giant God Hall? What connection did it have with Ancient God Hall?

“Three hundred million years ago, there was an elite five-star faction in the Chixing Zone known as Ancient God Hall, well-known even across the entire Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods. Ancient God Hall was controlled by two major races: the Giant God Race and the Ancient Soul Race….” A nostalgic look appeared on Xin Wuheng’s face as he slowly spoke.

As it turned out, the Chixing Zone had not started out with a Giant God Hall and an Ancient Soul Hall, but only a supreme five-star faction known as Ancient God Hall.

The highest ruler of Ancient God Hall was the Giant God Race, but the Giant God Race’s special trait was that the chances of their bloodline being passed on was rather low and their blood was rather thin. These two factors caused the power of the Giant God Race to gradually wane.

In comparison, the Ancient Soul Race had more people, and though it was ranked lower than the Giant God Race, its bloodline was thicker and its techniques were bizarre. They were not satisfied with the situation, and after many years of scheming, they finally succeeded in seizing power and overthrowing the Giant God Race.

From that moment on, Ancient God Hall became Ancient Soul Hall!

It had been many, many years since that incident, and only a few old monsters in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods knew these secrets.

“To think that it would be like that!” Zhao Feng listened to all this in complete shock.

He finally understood why Giant God Hall was so well-hidden. Giant God Hall was still much weaker than Ancient Soul Hall, and Ancient Soul Hall would not let Giant God Hall escape.

“Back then, I was surrounded by the Ancient Soul Race. Before my soul was destroyed, I barely managed to open a path to the outside. In the end, my body fell to the Continent Zone. Even though my soul was destroyed and I could not be reborn from a drop of blood, as a God Lord, I could reincarnate through an Origin Seal….” Xin Wuheng spoke with a complicated expression.

Zhao Feng had already expected this kind of explanation. The only thing he hadn’t expected was that, in his last life, Xin Wuheng was actually one of the strongest members of the Giant God Race, a God Lord.

Because of that, when Xin Wuheng came to the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods and inherited the position of Hall Master, nobody objected.

“Why did you give something as valuable as the Ancient God Seal to me?” Zhao Feng voiced one of the questions on his mind.

The Ancient God Seal was originally a supreme-quality divine artifact and apparently still had other secrets, and yet, back in the Continent Zone, Xin Wuheng gave such an important object to Zhao Feng. He found this rather hard to believe.

“When I inherited the blood and body of my previous life, Ancient Soul Hall noticed my existence. I predicted that a True God would descend to the Continent Zone, bringing with them a destructive storm. Thus, I took every object that I owned in my last life and made them into legacies, from which all of you could inherit. This was to compensate you but also to increase your strength so that you could deal with the coming crisis. As for the Ancient God Seal, you took it after passing the trial.” Xin Wuheng chuckled. He didn’t give the Ancient God Seal to Zhao Feng. Rather, Zhao Feng obtained it with his own ability.

Besides, after inheriting his past life’s strength and entering the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, Xin Wuheng knew he would be hunted down and pursued by Ancient Soul Hall. The Ancient God Seal was of such importance that it could not be allowed to fall into the hands of Ancient Soul Hall. For this reason, he decided to hand it over to someone else to protect it. But protecting the Ancient God Seal was also dangerous. A normal person would not be capable of doing so.

“Do you want to know the secret of the Ancient God Seal?” Xin Wuheng suddenly asked.

Zhao Feng froze. He naturally knew that the secret of the Ancient God Seal was probably extremely important, but it seemed Xin Wuheng didn’t intend to hide this secret from Zhao Feng.

“After all, you’ve been of enormous help to me and could be considered a half-owner of the Ancient God Seal. It’s only proper that you know about it….” Xin Wuheng prepared to reveal the secret.

But at this moment, an extremely heavy and oppressive energy descended on the palace.

One had to realize that, when Zhao Feng entered this palace, a defensive array was erected around it. Despite that, the energy of that mysterious expert completely ignored the defensive array.

This energy was as heavy as a mountain, and even through the array, it made Zhao Feng incapable of moving. He felt like he was an insignificant ant, his life in the hands of another.

He had experienced this sensation once before.

“God Lord!” Zhao Feng was mentally alarmed. After experiencing the power of God Lord Heavenly Solitude, he was able to determine the cultivation of this person through their energy.

“Wuheng, you plan to reveal the secret of the Giant God Race to an outsider?” An elderly and dignified voice echoed through the palace.