King Of Gods Chapter 1357

Chapter 1357 Displaying Ones Prowess

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Chapter 1357 – Displaying One’s Prowess

“Wuheng, you plan to reveal the secret of the Giant God Race to an outsider?” An elderly and dignified voice echoed through the palace.

“He has been helping me protect the Ancient God Seal all this time, and now he’s come to personally return it to me, so I believe in him!” Xin Wuheng had a composed expression.

Zhao Feng clearly understood that the Ancient God Seal held a major secret, yet he still came here and handed it over on his own accord. Thus, there was nothing wrong with telling Zhao Feng the secret of the Ancient God Seal.

“Back then, my Giant God Race also deeply trusted the Ancient Soul Race, but the result?” The elderly voice spoke once more, tinged with helplessness and rage.

“Those not of my race are certain to harbor different ideals!” Before Xin Wuheng could reply, the elderly voice, suffused with boundless majesty, resounded throughout the world.

At this moment, almost everyone in Giant God Hall walked out of their residences and gazed fearfully at the sky.

“Zhao Feng, don’t take it personally. The Grand Elder is not targeting you.” Xin Wuheng knew that the Grand Elder’s hatred for the Ancient Soul Race ran too deeply, and instead of arguing, he decided to speak with Zhao Feng.

In his view, the Giant God Race was in this situation because they relied too much on their bloodline, and they also regarded their bloodline far too highly, scornfully looking upon the weaker ancient races. They were too confident in their power and secure in their position, resulting in that tragedy.

The Giant God Race had learned their lessons. Once they revived, they would rise with an unstoppable momentum. But since the Giant God Race was still threatened by the Ancient Soul Race, they needed an opportunity to stage their comeback.

“Wuheng, the item has been delivered. Send him out!” the Grand Elder continued.

The chance for the Giant God Race to rise again lay in the Ancient God Seal.

“I require his help,” Xin Wuheng indifferently said.

“What? You plan to have him stay here?” A furious voice resounded through the hall.

Zhao Feng felt like the sky was falling on top of him.

A moment later, an old man appeared in the hall, his body large and tall, his skin dark red, his face dignified and majestic, and his hair a timeworn white.

“He is a Rank Eight Ancient God, certain to be a top-class expert in any ordinary faction, but to our Giant God Race, he has no use!” the Grand Elder barked.

In truth, Giant God Hall was currently lacking in experts, and they would be more than happy to have another Rank Eight Ancient God in their ranks. It was just that the Grand Elder still harbored hostility toward outsiders. Moreover, the Giant God Race was at a crucial moment, and no error could be allowed.

“I spent some time with Zhao Feng after I reincarnated, so I have some understanding of him. He has the ability to help us, but we will have to ask him if he’s willing to help us!” Xin Wuheng suddenly stood up, exuding his supreme bloodline energy, reducing the pressure being placed on Zhao Feng.

“Since you regard him so highly, let me test him to see if he has such ability!” The Grand Elder’s expression did not change as he stared at Zhao Feng.

He didn’t pay much regard to Zhao Feng earlier, but he trusted in Xin Wuheng’s judgment, so he began to grow a little interested in Zhao Feng.

“If he wishes to remain here, let him have a bout with my registered disciple. Otherwise, he can leave right now!” the Grand Elder spoke.

Xin Wuheng grimaced. The Grand Elder’s registered disciple, Ancient God Cheng Yun, had reached peak Rank Eight not too long ago and possessed unusual strength. He believed that Zhao Feng was capable of winning, he was just worried that the Grand Elder’s threatening attitude would make Zhao Feng unhappy and cause him to leave.

“This junior is willing to try,” Zhao Feng calmly said.

He truly came here with the intention of helping Xin Wuheng, but this God Lord’s attitude indeed made him very unhappy. Since this was the case, he would prove his strength and give this person a vicious slap on the face.

Besides, in the last three years of seclusion, Zhao Feng had made great progress, but he never had a chance to try it out, so his hands were getting rather itchy.

Xin Wuheng faintly smiled at Zhao Feng’s reply.

“Okay!” the Grand Elder bellowed, and, exerting his enormous power, he immediately took Zhao Feng away from the hall.

At the same time, a voice resounded through the hall, “Wuheng, the Ancient God Seal is in our hands. Go and get ready. I will take care of this child!”

In a flash, Zhao Feng realized that he was standing in a spacious area covered by a protective array tens of thousands of li in circumference.

Suddenly, space rippled, and then a golden-armored man appeared.

“Master, for what matter have you sought your disciple?” Ancient God Cheng Yun respectfully bowed.

“Have a bout with this outsider until a victor is decided,” the Grand Elder coldly said.

Among his disciples, only Ancient God Cheng Yun had a similar cultivation level to Zhao Feng’s. Although Ancient God Cheng Yun was just a registered disciple, he had the bloodline of the Giant God Race, endowing with abnormal strength.

If a low-level outsider like Zhao Feng was able to defeat Ancient God Cheng Yun, he would prove that his potential and talent truly were terrifying and that he would be of use to the Giant God Race.

Zhao Feng’s eyes twinkled. Ancient God Cheng Yun was actually that golden-armored Ancient God who acted in an extremely unfriendly manner to him the moment he entered Giant God Hall.

Many people began to gather around the edge of the array.

“I hear that this outsider is going to have a bout with the Grand Elder’s registered disciple, Ancient God Cheng Yun!”

“How could a person from a low-level race be a match for Ancient God Cheng Yun?”

The crowd began to chatter.

“Please instruct me,” Ancient God Cheng Yun spoke and then immediately activated his Giant God Race bloodline.

In an explosion of light, a massive golden-armored giant appeared, exuding enormous pressure.

It was clear through Ancient God Cheng Yun immediately activating his bloodline that he wanted to bring a quick end to this battle. After all, he was also not fond of outsiders, and he was representing his master as well, so he needed to win an overwhelming victory.

 This person’s body is quite a bit larger than Ancient God Stillmoon’s!  Zhao Feng’s eyes flashed. Clearly, the Giant God Race bloodline could not be underestimated.

“Giant God Gale Palm!” The enormous Ancient God Cheng Yun swept out with a palm that blocked out the sky.

A frenzied wind began to sweep through the area as an enormous palm made of wind flew toward Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng immediately used Spatial Blink to get out of the range of Ancient God Cheng Yun’s attack.

 Boom! Bang!

The palm crashed into the ground and immediately carved out a terrifying abyss.

“Is that all? That outsider’s bloodline is low-level. There’s no way he can compare to Ancient God Cheng Yun!”

“Ancient God Cheng Yun has gotten much stronger. His Wind Intent has reached the peak of Level Six, and he also has his Giant God Race bloodline. That kid can only dodge!”

The spectators called out in alarm.

At this moment, a bewitching man with long purple-red hair appeared, his eyes fixed on Zhao Feng. This person’s arrival immediately attracted the astonished gazes of others.

“Nan Gongsheng, he’s an outsider like you that wants to remain here, but his luck isn’t as good as yours. He has to defeat Ancient God Cheng Yun!” a young Ancient God smiled and said to the bewitching man.

“He will win,” Nan Gongsheng flatly said.

But internally, Nan Gongsheng was extremely uneasy.  I didn’t think that you were already a Rank Eight Ancient God!

“My Giant God Race bloodline endows me with both strength and defense. My attacks are extremely powerful! Just where do you think you can hide?” Ancient God Cheng Yun was a majestic heaven-spanning giant, his palms surging with high-level Wind Intent.

“Fierce Gale Heavenly Dragon Strike!” As Ancient God Cheng Yun moved his palms, a storm of energy rushed out from them.

“Ancient God Cheng Yun’s supreme technique! Its range is simply massive! That kid has nowhere to hide!”

“It seems like it’s going to end. How boring!”

The crowd originally believed that the battle would last a little longer, but Ancient God Cheng Yun actually used his supreme technique.

A massive storm dragon suffused with frenzied power lunged at Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng appeared tiny in front of this enormous dragon, like a puny insect.

This time, Zhao Feng did not dodge. His body was motionless while he gathered up dazzling Divine Power.

“Chaos Origin God-Shattering Fist!” Fusing his many Intents, Zhao Feng fiercely punched.

A massive fist made of dark energy shot forward with a fearless momentum, as if nothing in the world could stop it.

 Boom! Bang! Bang!

Zhao Feng’s fist punched straight through the giant storm dragon.

One had to realize that, now that Zhao Feng had reached the third level of the Chaos Heaven Void Origin Technique, his Chaos Origin Divine Power was essentially unequalled in Rank Eight.

“How could this be?” Ancient God Cheng Yun’s expression went slack. The Divine Power attack of a Giant God Race member had actually lost to an ordinary Rank Eight Ancient God from an outsider race?

At this moment, Zhao Feng’s left eye surged with powerful Eye Intent.

 Soul attack!  Ancient God Cheng Yun grimaced.

The people outside the array also turned grim. When one mentioned soul attacks, the first thing they thought of was the Ancient Soul Race. Moreover, the soul truly was one of the Giant God Race’s weaknesses.

“Wind Lightning Illusion Prison!” Zhao Feng’s left eye exploded with lightning.

The Lightning energy continued to swell as it absorbed more and more of the surrounding Wind energy. Eventually, it took the form of an enormous Wind Lightning net that restrained Ancient God Cheng Yun.


The energy constantly exuded by this net of Wind Lightning dealt terrible damage to Ancient God Cheng Yun’s body and soul. Zhao Feng’s left eye was also sending powerful Illusion energy into the Wind Lightning net, which worked with the numbing effect of the lightning to influence Ancient God Cheng Yun’s mindset and reduce his ability to resist.

His opponent was a member of the Giant God Race, so small-scale eye-bloodline techniques would not be of any use. In his three years of seclusion, Zhao Feng had realized this issue and began to research large-scale soul attacks. This Wind Lightning Illusion Prison was one of them.

This was an extremely flexible eye-bloodline technique. The Lightning energy could also be fused with Wood, Water, or Metal Intent energy.

Ancient God Cheng Yun screamed as he was tortured by Zhao Feng’s binding eye-bloodline technique.

Zhao Feng’s Soul Intent was already on the verge of reaching Rank Nine. Even though Zhao Feng didn’t use any Origin energy, Ancient God Cheng Yun still found it hard to resist this eye-bloodline technique.

Zhao Feng’s left eye suddenly pulsed with Eye Intent. It was clear that he was planning to use another eye-bloodline technique.

“Halt!” At this moment, the Grand Elder spoke.

The entire world seemed to freeze. All energy scattered and dispersed as if it had never existed.

“The outcome is decided.” The Grand Elder spat out these words.

As a God Lord, he was capable of seeing many things from this short battle. If the battle continued, Ancient God Cheng Yun would definitely lose, so it was better to just end the battle early so that the Giant God Race could preserve some of its dignity.

“No! How could it be like this?” Ancient God Cheng Yun was extremely unwilling, but he did not dare defy the Grand Elder’s will.

The battle ended, and Zhao Feng was prepared to leave when he suddenly spotted a bewitching man with purple-red hair standing in the crowd.