King Of Gods Chapter 1360

Chapter 1360 Opening

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Chapter 1360 – Opening

In an underground space, Xin Wuheng quickly laid down a secret Heaven’s Legacy array.

The Ancient God Seal was clearly connected to the Heaven’s Legacy Race. In order to open the Ancestral Legacy Treasury, one had to have some understanding of the culture and skills of the Heaven’s Legacy Race.

The Ancient God experts of the Giant God Race all knew that the inheritance of the Giant God Race contained significant knowledge of the Heaven’s Legacy Race’s culture and arts, but one needed sufficient status to be permitted to comprehend it. But only a few of them knew that this knowledge of the Heaven’s Legacy Race’s culture was passed on specifically for the purpose of opening the Ancestral Legacy Treasury.

Once the array was complete, Xin Wuheng began to form a spell with his hands. Countless dark green characters of various sizes wriggled like tadpoles into the array.

 Buzz! Bzzz!

In a flash, an abstruse and cryptic array had formed.

“Go!” Xin Wuheng threw the Ancient God Seal into the center of the array.

A moment later, countless thin green strings flew out of the array and attached themselves to the Ancient God Seal.

Suddenly, the Ancient God Seal began to shudder, and the green strings began to glimmer with bright light.


Under Xin Wuheng’s control, the Ancient God Seal suddenly began to transform. A few moments later, it finished morphing into a black metal gate.


A straight crack appeared in the center of the gate, timeworn and mysterious light emerging from it. Gradually, the gate opened, completely enveloping the group in that blinding and mysterious light.

Engulfed in this light, Zhao Feng discovered that his Divine Sense and his sensory organs were all severely suppressed. At the same time, he found that all his movements had also gotten much slower.

“Time Intent!” Zhao Feng’s heart thumped.

This was only the light emerging from that pathway, and yet it already contained such high-level Intent. It appeared that this Ancestral Legacy Treasury was highly unusual.

The other Ancient Gods also sensed this high-level Time Intent.

“Go in!” Xin Wuheng called out. All of them had already been getting impatient, so they immediately rushed in.

After a moment of chaos, Zhao Feng suddenly felt his body get heavy as he appeared above a grassy plain. He was immediately assailed by a timeworn and ancient energy. There was no need to even think to know that this was an extremely old dimension.

Xin Wuheng and the others were all present at Zhao Feng’s side.

Their first reaction was to observe their surroundings. After all, they knew nothing at all about the Ancestral Legacy Treasury. Even Xin Wuheng was entering it for the first time.

“Mm?” Zhao Feng was rather startled.

Upon his first attempt at using it, he discovered that this area restricted his Divine Sense and other senses to ten percent of normal.

Originally, as an Ancient God, he should have been able to grasp an area for two to three hundred thousand li around him with a single sweep of his Divine Sense. But now, his Divine Sense covered only around thirty thousand li.

The looks on the others’ faces indicated that they were also rather alarmed by this powerful suppression.

But even though Zhao Feng’s vision was restrained, it was still far greater than the ordinary person’s. He had also discovered that, if he pushed his see-through ability to its absolute limit, he could also increase the range of his vision.

“This is not the extent of this place’s restrictions!” Xin Wuheng suddenly called out.

At these words, they also noticed another abnormality; Xin Wuheng had spoken these words a little slower than normal.

“Time Intent.” Zhao Feng immediately noticed what was going on. After all, he had reached the peak of Level Four in Time Intent.

“How could this be?” Ancient God Sundermount was in disbelief. At this moment, all of them were speaking a little slower than they usually did.

“Let’s not worry about this for now. Searching for the treasury is more important!” Xin Wuheng bluntly stated.

When he inherited the Ancient God Seal, he had heard from the Giant God Race God Lord of the time that the Ancestral Legacy Treasury was a place of many opportunities, but also of many dangers. Moreover, the Giant God Race had built a personal treasury in this place, within which the Giant God Race stored the precious resources it had accumulated over the years.


Xin Wuheng took out the Ancient God Seal. Only through the Ancient God Seal could he detect the rough direction of the Giant God Race’s treasury.

With a rough idea of where to go, the group traveled along while observing this dimension that had been isolated from the world.

“Look there!” Ancient God Cheng Yun pointed to the left as he cried out.

That place just so happened to be at the very limits of their Divine Senses. It was a group of small puddles, and there were several white flowers growing next to the nearest puddle, giving off a faint luster that made them rather striking.

“It’s just some ordinary Time Origin Flowers. What are you shouting and yelling about?” Ancient God Sundermount growled.

Time Intent was extremely powerful and extremely difficult to grasp. The cultivation resources associated with it were also exceedingly rare.

Time Origin Flowers were rather low-level and more commonplace Time cultivation resources. The vast majority of low-level True Gods would buy Time Origin Flowers and use them to try and comprehend Time Intent. If they found Time Intent too difficult to comprehend, they would give up, but if they managed to comprehend something, this would indicate that they had some talent in Time Intent.

“It looks to me like you didn’t try to cultivate Time Intent when you were still a True God.” Ancient God Cheng Yun faintly smiled.

Ancient God Sundermount’s expression froze. Back then, he found Time Intent to be too difficult and that it provided too little of a boost in offensive power, so he never even tried to cultivate it.

Zhao Feng was listening the entire time. He had directly become a Rank Seven Ancient God, so he didn’t experience what a low-level True God would experience.

“Time Origin Flowers aren’t that valuable, but because they have strong vitality, as they live longer and longer, they slowly gain the strength of Time Intent. And each petal indicates that it has lived for an additional one hundred million years!” Ancient God Resplendence took in a deep breath as she stared in shock.

Zhao Feng focused his gaze and saw that the vast majority of those Time Origin Flowers had more than six petals, and there was even one with twelve petals.

“1.2 billion years!” Zhao Feng muttered in shock.

This was the first time he had ever seen such an ancient cultivation resource.

 Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A moment later, all of them began to fly over to that puddle. Although Time Origin Flowers were low-level cultivation resources, even the most ordinary resource would become precious once it became more than one billion years old.

Once they had finished dividing up the Time Origin Flowers, they discovered that all the other puddles had their own precious resources. Though this array of resources was not particularly valuable for Ancient Gods, they were all extremely old.

“This really is a treasury!” Ancient God Cheng Yun sighed in wonder as he flew forward.

“Wait a moment!” Xin Wuheng suddenly called out.

The Giant God Race elder had warned him that, though the Ancestral Legacy Treasury was a place of many opportunities, it was also fraught with danger.

If they had only discovered some Time Origin Flowers, he wouldn’t have thought too deeply about the matter, but since there were many more treasures up ahead, this place could be considered a minor treasure ground with the corresponding danger. With their Divine Senses suppressed to ten percent of normal, and even further lowered by the presence of any physical obstructions, it was best to be a little more cautious.


At this moment, all of them sensed that the earth had begun to tremble. Suddenly, a Yao God in the form of a serpent dragon suddenly emerged from the ground in front of Ancient God Cheng Yun. The Yao God’s body was a glossy silver, and its white eyes stared coldly at the group.

The moment this Yao God appeared, all of them sensed an enormous aura that was seemingly linked to the world, and all of them felt as if there was an immense weight on their shoulders.

“Only peak Rank Eight, and yet it makes me feel so afraid!” Cheng Yun stared in shock at this Yao God.

“For disturbing my rest and stealing from my territory, I will make you fertilizer for this land!” the serpent dragon Yao God howled as its body writhed forward.


The Yao God charged at Ancient God Cheng Yun in a silver flash, its mouth opening wide and unleashing a wave of formidable Divine Power.

“So fast!” Ancient God Cheng Yun grimaced as he fell back.

However, he discovered that the hindrance of the powerful Time Intent made him at least two times slower than normal.


Xin Wuheng activated his bloodline power and charged forward. The formidable Giant God Race bloodline greatly reduced the effects of the Time Intent on him.

“Scorching Gale Palm!” Xin Wuheng circulated Divine Power and began to fuse the Fire and Wind energy of the world into his attack.


A massive palm of wind and fire howled forward.

The Scorching Gale Palm was supposed to be a swift and explosive attack, but it was much slower in this place.

“Hmph, a petty trick!” The serpent dragon Yao God twisted its body, exuding high-level Time Intent.

Xin Wuheng’s attack was instantly slowed down by this Time Intent. The Yao God was then able to dodge the attack by slightly shifting its body.


For a moment, everyone, including Xin Wuheng, was speechless.

“This Yao God’s Time Intent has reached Level Seven!” Zhao Feng mumbled in shock.

Although Time Intent could not directly increase the power of Divine Power attacks, there was a reason it was considered one of the strongest Intents. Not even ordinary Rank Nine Ancient Gods would be able to last a few blows against someone of Xin Wuheng’s strength, but this peak Rank Eight Yao God was still able to contend against him.

 Boom! Bang!

Ancient God Cheng Yun was forced back several li by the Yao God, but his Giant God Race blood had endowed with incredible defensive capabilities. In addition, he discovered that, though the Yao God arrived with a grandiose momentum and was equipped with powerful and astonishing Time Intent, its Divine Power attacks were only close to that of a Rank Nine Ancient God and weren’t too unreasonable.

“Attack together!” Ancient God Resplendence immediately yelled.

The group of five began to jointly attack the serpent dragon Yao God.

After battling for a while, the Yao God discovered that this group had unusual strength. Even with its Time Intent, it was incapable of defeating them.

During this battle, Zhao Feng attempted to attack with eye-bloodline techniques, but he discovered that this Yao God had an extremely tenacious Soul Intent that could fend off his soul attacks.

“Your damn race…!” The serpent dragon Yao God, its body covered with terrible wounds, attempted to flee.

“Where are you going!?” Ancient God Resplendence immediately called out as she took out a binding-type Divine artifact.

The five of them had ganged up on a single Rank Eight Yao God. If they allowed it to run, they would have no pride to speak of.

In the end, the five of them used some of their true abilities to swiftly slay the Yao God.

Upon dissecting it, they realized that this Yao God’s entire body was a treasure. For example, the Water Spirit Serpent Spine contained both Water and Time Intent, and it was the ideal material for creating binding-type divine weapons. As for the Water Origin Heart Vein, consuming it could allow one to increase their vitality and strengthen the crystal veins of their divine body, repairing hidden injuries. It could also be used to cultivate Time Intent.

Through this dissection, the group realized that this Yao God had lived for more than one billion years. The materials making up its body were so valuable precisely because it had lived for so long.

“No wonder it was so hard to deal with!” Zhao Feng said in shock.

Even the least-talented cultivator would be able to sweep over all cultivators of the same rank if they had stayed at that rank for one billion years.

This Ancestral Legacy Treasury truly was an abnormal place.