King Of Gods Chapter 1361

Chapter 1361 Arriving At The Treasury

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Chapter 1361 – Arriving at the Treasury

In the Chixing Zone, the battle between Ancient Soul Hall and the Giant God Race resulted in the utter destruction of the surrounding area.

The two sides didn’t battle for long before the Giant God Race beat a hurried retreat. Ancient Soul Hall was more worried about finding Xin Wuheng and the Ancient God Seal, so they did not pursue.

High up in the air, within a complex of black palaces, the air was somber and oppressive.

“Lord Gloomheaven, we have not been able to track down Xin Wuheng’s group!” A member of Ancient Soul Hall was half-kneeled on the ground, his entire body trembling.

“You useless idiots!” God Lord Gloomheaven bellowed from the highest reaches of the hall.

Earlier, when the Giant God Race was doing all they could to stop them, Ancient Soul Hall used their full strength to open a gap and send three Ancient Gods through, ordering them to only follow Xin Wuheng’s group. However, they weren’t even been able to complete a simple mission like that and had also lost their lives.

The upper echelon members of Ancient Soul Hall within this palace all had gloomy and nasty expressions. They had chosen the perfect moment to launch their attack, yet Xin Wuheng still managed to escape with the Ancient God Seal.

If the Giant God Race really opened up the Ancestral Legacy Treasury and obtained some enormous blessing, it would probably get stronger pretty quickly, at which point Ancient Soul Hall would be in grave peril.

“God Lord Gloomheaven, why are you so angry?” At this moment, a relaxed and elderly voice drifted into the palace.

Everyone was immediately taken aback by this voice. Someone who actually dared to act so carefreely in front of God Lord Gloomheaven at a time like this was suicidally audacious.


Two individuals, one young and one old, suddenly appeared in the palace. The old man had a tall body that was covered in ancient tattoos. He had a white beard that extended all the way to the floor, and he gripped a silver staff in his hand. His eyes were like a vast starry sky as he stared at God Lord Gloomheaven. The young man next to him had essentially the same external traits, but he appeared extremely handsome and refined.

“Who goes there?” Many of the upper echelon members in the hall grimaced.

This palace complex had many arrays protecting it, and the conference hall in particular had its own domain, but this pair had entered as if they encountered no obstruction whatsoever. Even more shocking was that they still didn’t know just how this pair managed to get in.

“God Lord Stellar Aspect, you’re finally here!” God Lord Gloomheaven suddenly calmed down and looked toward the old man.

“God Lord!?” Only when God Lord Gloomheaven spoke did they all come to know that these visitors were not enemies, but the identity of this elder gave them a fierce jolt.

“Just as you predicted, we did not get back the Ancient God Seal,” God Lord Gloomheaven added.

When Ancient Soul Hall was preparing to attack the Giant God Race, God Lord Stellar Aspect told him that they would not get the Ancient God Seal in this operation.

God Lord Gloomheaven was furious at the time. How could a faction as powerful as Ancient Soul Hall not be able to deal with the remnants of the Giant God Race? For this reason, he made up his mind to get back the Ancient God Seal no matter what. But in the end, he still failed.

“What!? This God Lord actually predicted that?” The members in the hall were once more stunned and were unable to calm back down for quite some time.

All of them solemnly inspected this pair of visitors, but they discovered that they couldn’t see anything, just like how they had failed to notice earlier that the old man was a God Lord.

“I was delayed by a few matters, but I presume that you finished the task I assigned you.” God Lord Stellar Aspect smiled.

“It was prepared long ago. Please!” God Lord Gloomheaven immediately stood up.

The Giant God Race had probably opened the Ancestral Legacy Treasury by now. Ancient Soul Hall could only rely on God Lord Stellar Aspect to salvage the situation.

The two God Lords and all the experts in the palace moved to a top-secret location.

In an independent dimension, a massive stone platform had been placed, and on top of this platform was an array drawn out with lines of gold and silver light. Over this array was a hazy diagram of light that appeared to depict the starry sky.

“When the Giant God Race was opening up the Ancestral Legacy Treasury, we followed your orders and roughly estimated the location of the Ancestral Legacy Treasury!” God Lord Gloomheaven gave a wicked chuckle.

The Ancestral Legacy Treasury was an independent dimension whose position was constantly shifting throughout the Fan Universe. When the Giant God Race began to open the Ancestral Legacy Treasury, Ancient Soul Hall used a special method to roughly estimate its location.

“Does Your Excellency have a method of opening the Ancestral Legacy Treasury?” God Lord Gloomheaven probed.

Back then, he was also one of the members of Ancient God Hall with some understanding of the Ancestral Legacy Treasury. This treasury was not only constantly shifting positions, but it could only be accessed through a path created by the Ancient God Seal.

Opening the Ancestral Legacy Treasury? The many experts of Ancient Soul Hall stared in shock at the pair.

“Although that dimension can only be opened through the Ancient God Seal, it has already existed for hundreds of millions of years, and given that it also has no master, the dimension should probably have a few cracks,” God Lord Stellar Aspect calmly said.

From these words, everyone could tell that this God Lord had the confidence to open up the Ancestral Legacy Treasury even without the Ancient God Seal!

“In terms of understanding of that dimension, not even the forefather of the Giant God Race who obtained the Ancient God Seal can compare to this old man, so there is no need for you to worry about that!” God Lord Stellar Aspect gave a confident smile.

“God Lord Stellar Aspect is too amusing. How could anyone of the Giant God Race possibly compare to you?” God Lord Gloomheaven laughed.

The Ancient God experts were more and more shocked as they listened to the conversation between these two God Lords. Just where did this God Lord Stellar Aspect come from? He even had the respect of God Lord Gloomheaven and could also construct a path to the Ancestral Legacy Treasury, and he even had a greater understanding of the Ancestral Legacy Treasury than the Giant God Race?


God Lord Stellar Aspect took out an enormous eight-pointed metal platform, on which a secret array of the Heaven’s Legacy Race had already been drawn out. One hundred and eight small holes had been made around the array, and all kinds of extremely rare gems and stones had been embedded inside them. In the center of the array was a dazzling white ball of light, the ripples of Divine Power it exuded causing everyone to glance at it in fear.

“This is a supreme-quality God Crystal, and I won’t even mention the resources I consumed to lay out this array. If Ancient Soul Hall does not follow my orders, you will be responsible for the consequences!” God Lord Stellar Aspect’s expression suddenly turned ice-cold.

“Supreme-quality God Crystal!?” God Lord Gloomheaven was stunned.

Just like the top ten ancient races, supreme-quality God Crystals were extremely rare in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods and essentially priceless. The supreme-quality God Crystal in the center of the array seemed somewhat damaged, but its price was still inestimable.

God Lord Stellar Aspect’s warning didn’t make him angry, it only filled him with extreme respect.

“This array can send about ten people beneath the God Lord level,” God Lord Stellar Aspect indifferently said.

God Lord Gloomheaven immediately began to pick out members.

All the upper echelon members present began to vie for a spot. It was rumored that the Ancestral Legacy Treasury carried the secret to advancing to God Lord, which was the greatest desire of all Ancient God experts. No matter how dangerous it was in there, they were still willing to try.

God Lord Gloomheaven first picked out the three half-step God Lords of Ancient Soul Hall. He then moved down to the Rank Nine and peak Rank Eights.

“My disciple will be the commander of this operation,” God Lord Stellar Aspect suddenly said.

Everyone glanced over. Although God Lord Stellar Aspect’s disciple was still young, he was a Rank Nine Ancient God.

God Lord Gloomheaven immediately removed one of his members. In the end, the team of ten was formed.

“Yu Heng, go!” God Lord Stellar Aspect called out.

Back in the Ancestral Legacy Treasury, Zhao Feng’s group was cautiously advancing.

They had already spent an entire month within the Ancestral Legacy Treasury. The Time Intent suppression meant that they all moved rather slowly, and skills like Instant Movement were also suppressed. Moreover, this place was fraught with danger, so they did not dare to recklessly use Instant Movement anyway. Thus, in this month, they hadn’t managed to travel very far.

“Ah…. This Ancient God Seal can only give a rough direction, but not how far away it is.” Xin Wuheng sighed.

A month had passed, but they still hadn’t found the treasury that the Giant God Race had established here.

“Look up ahead!” Ancient God Resplendence suddenly said.

Far off in the distance was a massive black mountain surrounded by thick black fog. As they approached, Zhao Feng saw that many low-level cultivation resources of extremely old age grew around the edge of this black mountain.

“The Ancient God Seal is pointing toward that mountain. The treasury left behind by the Giant God Race can’t be up there, can it?” Ancient God Cheng Yun whispered.

All of them couldn’t help but notice that, as they got closer and closer to the black mountain, the level of the cultivation resources growing around them continued to increase. There were times when they spotted one or two resources that even Rank Eight Ancient Gods would ardently desire.

But this time, they did not carelessly act. This area was clearly a treasure ground, and it was certain to come with the corresponding danger.


At this moment, the little thieving cat emerged and gestured at Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng looked ahead and activated his see-through ability. Vision could see farther than Divine Sense in this place.

“Let’s go!” Zhao Feng suddenly called out.

“What’s going on?” Xin Wuheng asked.

“A group of Yao Gods! A Yao God group has occupied this black mountain,” Zhao Feng immediately said.

These words instantly gave all of them headaches. The Yao Gods of this place were far stronger than those in the outside world, and the reason for this was Time Intent.

They had encountered quite a few Yao Gods over the last month, and almost all of them were able to use high-level Time Intent, making them extremely difficult to deal with. And now, they were approaching an entire nest of Yao Gods?

“Let’s go!” The group immediately began to flee.

Time Intent was simply too powerful. If the group of Yao Gods noticed them, they would find it very difficult to escape.

“This mountain is too dangerous! I hope the treasury isn’t there!” Xin Wuheng took in a deep breath and then led the group around the mountain and forward.

The more they experienced, the more they feared the Ancestral Legacy Treasury. Even as Ancient Gods, they needed to be cautious, or else they could easily lose their lives.

After detouring around the black mountain, the Ancient God Seal continued to point in the same direction. Delighted, the group continued forward.

Suddenly, the white halo around the Ancient God Seal expanded.

“We’re almost at the Giant God Race treasury!” Xin Wuheng excitedly said.

Although treasures could be found throughout the Ancestral Legacy Treasury, this place was far too dangerous. The treasury left here by the Giant God Race probably wouldn’t have any dangers for the members of the Giant God Race.

The group quickly arrived in front of a dark yellow fortress.

“The Giant God Race treasury!” Ancient God Resplendence rejoiced.

Surprisingly, the Giant God Race treasury wasn’t far from the black mountain.

As long as they could get everything out of the treasury, their mission would be completed, and they could go back to their race with their heads held high.

“Something’s not right,” Zhao Feng suddenly said.

With his left eye, he could see that many special marks and a mix of energies had been left around the treasury that the Giant God Race built. Once they got a little closer, Zhao Feng could make out what was going on inside, upon which he paled.

“The Giant God Race’s treasury has been occupied by a group of Yao Gods!”

This report from Zhao Feng struck the Giant God Race group like a lightning bolt.