King Of Gods Chapter 1369

Chapter 1369 Jade Nether Spirit Essence Stone

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Chapter 1369 – Jade Nether Spirit Essence Stone

“Damn! It’s a mechanical trap of the Heaven’s Legacy Race…!” Furious roars could be heard as the trio was forced to stop and put out the terrifying black flames.

“What sort of flames are these?” the peak Rank Eight Ancient God expert of Ancient Soul Hall called out in alarm.

The black flames were able to absorb the energy in their bodies to increase the intensity of the flame, and they could even affect the soul. As the weakest of the Ancient Soul Hall trio, he suffered the greatest pain.


On the other side, Ancient God Jailsea unleashed powerful Water Intent to extinguish the flames. After doing this, he immediately worked to rescue his comrades.

“That cat had this sort of ability as well?” Ancient God Jailsea was stunned.

Originally, this building was so old that all of its equipment, including the mechanical traps, had stopped operating. But just now, the little thieving cat successfully activated some of the traps. If they continued to force their way through, they would inevitably be further obstructed.

“Humans, die!” At this moment, furious roars rang out.

Several white flashes of light shot toward the Ancient Soul Hall trio. These little devils transformed into flashes of light, firing off beams of light with every sweep of their claws.

“Just what is this?” The peak Rank Eight Ancient God frowned.

This was the first time he had ever seen this sort of Yao God, and they put aside everything to heedlessly attack. They had clearly undergone demonization and lost their senses.

“Low-level idiotic beings!” Ancient God Jailsea’s expression was cold as he waved his palm, unleashing a wave of black water. The black waves covered an extremely large area, completely filling the room.

The Devil Yao Gods were fast, but their cultivation levels were rather low. They were incapable of holding out against the attacks of a half-step God Lord.


Screams filled the air, and it took only a few moments for all the Devil Yao Gods to be killed.

“Elder, what should we do?” the Rank Nine Ancient God asked. If they continued, they would keep encountering obstacles.

At this moment, he wanted to notify Yu Heng. God Lord Stellar Aspect had clearly researched the inheritance and skills of the Heaven’s Legacy Race. As his disciple, Yu Heng was probably capable of disarming these traps.

“They’re already trapped in this place. We’re in no rush. We can slowly work our way through, kill them, and complete our mission!” Ancient God Jailsea said.

If they got in touch with Yu Heng now, wouldn’t that just be telling him that he had once more run into Xin Wuheng but was caught off guard by their sneak attack?

He was a half-step God Lord, and yet he had been caught off-guard by Xin Wuheng and some Rank Eight Ancient God. This was the greatest humiliation of his life. If his mortal foe Ancient God Destruction Flow learned about this, he would be teased about the matter for millions of years. However, if he could kill Xin Wuheng’s group and get back the Ancient God Seal, none of that would happen.

“It’s perfect! We also need some time to recover from our injuries,” Ancient God Jailsea continued.

“Elder is right! When the time comes, there’s no way they’ll be able to escape!” The Rank Nine Ancient God smiled.

Everyone had their own selfish desires, and they were no exception. They wanted the credit all for themselves.

The trio from the Ancient Soul Race had been stopped by the traps of the Heaven’s Legacy Race. The Giant God Race group clearly noticed this.

“Heaven’s Legacy secret art!?” As the member bringing up the rear, Xin Wuheng had the clearest view.

Originally, because too much time had passed, all the equipment, including the traps, had stopped working, but the little thieving cat’s movements succeeded in reactivating a few traps.

One had to realize that not even someone as well-versed in the secret arts of the Heaven’s Legacy Race as Xin Wuheng was capable of activating the traps of the Heaven’s Legacy Race on such short notice. One could see just how abnormal the little thieving cat’s abilities were.

“This cat is incredible!” Ancient God Cheng Yun’s eyes were filled with shock.

Ancient God Sundermount had a somewhat better expression. He had also witnessed the little thieving cat use a bloodline skill of the Ancient Soul Race to defeat a Soul Beast.

The group quickly fled into the deepest part of the building.

“What do we do now?” Ancient God Resplendence asked.

In the previous situation, even if they fled, the Ancient Soul Hall trio would have immediately caught up. Now, they had fled into the building and were temporarily safe, but they had essentially been jailed here. The members of Ancient Soul Hall would come eventually, and then what would they do?

“At least we’re still alive and have time to think of a countermeasure. We still have a chance of getting out of this,” Xin Wuheng indifferently said.

“Stop talking. Let’s first get rid of the nearby Yao Gods!” Zhao Feng scanned the area and said.

The group worked together to exterminate all the Devil Yao Gods in the area.

“Distribute the Moonlight Sky Bamboo!” Ancient God Cheng Yun looked at the little thieving cat on Zhao Feng’s shoulder.

They agreed before that they would not interfere with anything that Zhao Feng obtained, but the Giant God Race also played no small role in obtaining the Moonlight Sky Bamboo.


The little thieving cat unwillingly took out the Moonlight Sky Bamboo.

“There are three sections to this Moonlight Sky Bamboo. I will take one section.” Zhao Feng looked at the Giant God Race members.

“Okay, we’ll divide it that way.” Ancient God Cheng Yun and the others thought about it for a few moments before immediately agreeing.

If it was distributed according to how much effort one put in, Zhao Feng and Xin Wuheng had obstructed Ancient God Jailsea while the little thieving cat personally took the Moonlight Sky Bamboo. Thus, Zhao Feng really deserved two sections. They were naturally happy to accept Zhao Feng only taking one section.

They had no idea that Zhao Feng had the God Eye Duplication ability and could duplicate this resource. On top of that, the Moonlight Sky Bamboo was far too high-quality; duplicating the entire portion would consume vast amounts of energy and even had a chance of failure. Thus, he wanted only one section anyway so as to greatly increase the chances of success.

After the Moonlight Sky Bamboo was distributed, everyone set their eyes on the precious resources growing in the small area they were currently in.

 Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

All of them began to move out. Although this area was small, the resources here were numerous and of extremely high quality.

“White Moon Grass! Not only is it a cultivation resource for Time Intent, but it can also nourish the soul and purify the heart…!” Ancient God Cheng Yun cried out in alarm as he moved a large rock aside and picked up a crescent-moon-shaped herb.

The resources of this place were primarily focused on Time Intent, but a few other kinds of resources were mixed in.

The Giant God Race members excitedly searched, picking up any precious treasures that they could see.

“Eh? Why is that kid not moving…?” Ancient God Cheng Yun shot a glance at Zhao Feng but discovered that he was still standing at his original spot.

After thinking about it, Ancient God Cheng Yun concluded that, because there were too many members of the Giant God Race, Zhao Feng had come to believe that there was no hope of getting anything too valuable, so he had decided not to try.

Suddenly, Zhao Feng moved. He came to a collapsed corner of the wall and thrust out a palm to clear away the rubble.

A moment later, a jade-green light burst out.


Zhao Feng snatched a round stone about the size of a palm. A dark-green light was flowing across its surface, and it exuded a faint and gloomy chill.

“Jade Nether Spirit Essence Stone!” Ancient God Cheng Yun immediately recognized this cold jade rock and blurted out in shock.

“Such a rare stone! This is a unique mutation of Godstone essence. It contains enormous quantities of the essence of the world. It can allow one to quickly stabilize one’s Divine Stage and strengthen an Ancient God’s Divine Power….” Ancient God Sundermount looked over in surprise.

Although they had gathered a lot, not much of what they harvested could compare to the Jade Nether Spirit Essence Stone.

After putting the stone into his interspatial dimension, Zhao Feng once more scanned the area.

For Time Intent, he already had the Moonlight Sky Bamboo, so he didn’t need to go after any other Time Intent resources unless they were of even higher quality than the Moonlight Sky Bamboo. For this reason, Zhao Feng was in no rush to move out, instead searching the area to see if there were any resources that were more appropriate for him.

The Jade Nether Spirit Essence Stone was one of these. It could purify his body, increase his cultivation, and condense his Divine Power.

A moment later, Zhao Feng moved again. He flew behind a machine and punched.

 Boom! Bang!

  The machine was punched away, exposing two fruits that were growing in a corner.

“Void Spirit Thousand Leaves Fruit!” Zhao Feng was elated.

Although Void Spirit Thousand Leaves Fruit was a Time Intent cultivation resource, it also contained Space Intent. It was a Spacetime-type resource of rather high quality. Although its value was less than the Jade Nether Spirit Essence Stone, Space Intent was something that every cultivator would try to learn, and a resource that contained the power of Spacetime Intent was naturally more valuable than Time Intent resources of similar quality.

“Damn! This kid is only choosing the good things!” Ancient God Cheng Yun finally understood what Zhao Feng was thinking: quality over quantity.

On the other end, the little thieving cat also had an extremely fruitful harvest.

It didn’t take long before this area was scoured clean of resources. Although the Giant God Race had more people and harvested much, the total value of their crop was still no match for what Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat had gathered.

Ancient God Resplendence and Ancient God Cheng Yun went over to Zhao Feng to ask what he wanted in exchange for the Void Spirit Thousand Leaves Fruit or Jade Nether Spirit Essence Stone. Zhao Feng didn’t want what they were offering, so he refused.

After plundering the area of resources, the group began to ponder other things.

“The Ancient Soul Hall trio will still need some time to get here. If all of us increase our strength a little in this time, we might be able to fight back!” After saying this, Xin Wuheng seated himself cross-legged on the floor.

“Lord Wuheng, you’re right!” Ancient God Sundermount also seated himself on the ground, took out some of the resources he had gathered, and began to cultivate.

Zhao Feng actually had the same plan.


He entered the Spacetime Robe and began to cultivate.

Meanwhile, the little thieving cat, on Zhao Feng’s orders, began to modify the traps around this area so as to delay the Ancient Soul Hall trio a little longer.

Ancient God Resplendence also began to cultivate. Only Ancient God Cheng Yun, in pursuit of more treasures, chose to keep strolling around the area.

Upon leaving the room where everyone else was, Ancient God Cheng Yun came to a room filled with enormous machines. These machines had long ago stopped working, and they were all covered in thick layers of dust.

Ancient God Cheng Yun went up to a large crystal cylinder. There were many precious resources inside the crystal cylinder, but the majority had withered away.

Suddenly, several weak rays of light came from beneath these resources. The walls of the crystal cylinder and the cover of the withered plants prevented him from seeing what was actually down there.

“Could there be another extremely valuable treasure inside there?” Ancient God Cheng Yun suddenly felt tempted.