King Of Gods Chapter 137

Chapter 137 – Awakening (2)
Chapter 137 - Awakening (2)

The line of transparent light was like a light of God that instantly shot through the heavens!

However, the members of the Broken Moon Clan didn’t see or feel the light. Only those at the True Spirit Realm or higher felt the air tremble but it was more of an illusion.

There was only a limited number of people in the Azure Continent that felt the change in the skies.

Western Continent.

An enormous ancient palace.


An ancient hundred yard stone started to ring in the depths of the hall. The stone seemed to be from the ancient era because even anyone at the True Spirit Realm wouldn’t be able to scratch it. But at this moment, it was cracking.

“Not good! The Heavenly Primal Stone is breaking!”

“Why would it break without reason? Could there be misfortune coming?”

Chaos broke out nearby.


A ray of light swept through the air and landed in front of the Heavenly Primal Stone.

“Lord, what just happened!?”

Tens of powerful aura flew towards the Heavenly Primal Stone.

In front of the stone, a figure in purple slowly extended his hand and merged it with the Heavenly Primal Stone.


The stone trembled and a few weird words appeared on the surface of the stone. The words were extremely complicated and they kept on changing.

The purple figure started to struggle as well. A terrifying aura swept out and the nearby tens of cultivators of the True Spirit Realm looked at their Lord in fear.

As time passed, more and more people of the Clan arrived. But the Lord in front of the Heavenly Primal Stone pressured them so hard that they couldn’t breath.

“What is the meaning of the Heavenly Primal Stone cracking? Even our Lord at the Origin Core Realm came!”

“There’s cultivators at the Origin Core Realm that still exist in this continent!”

After a long time, their Lord slowly loosened his grip.

“Only 2 words could be recognised from the Heavenly Primal Stone.” The Lord said softly.

“Which two?” The high level people of the Clan asked.

Their Lord suddenly glanced up at the sky and he saw an Eye of Heaven coldly looking down. It looked an illusion.

“God’s Eye.” Their Lord managed to speak out as a streak of blood appeared from his lips.


A long, long place far away in the galaxy.

A fearsome palace.


9 Dragons howled in the palace and the ‘King’ looked at the sky. In the sky, the clouds kept on turning.

“What does this mean?” The King looked coldly upwards and he ordered his dragons to move the clouds aside.

“This is the first time that this has happened since the empire was created.” An old man full of wrinkles and white hair looked up at the sky.

“Where?” The dominant voice sounded.

“Maybe nearby.” The old man answered uncertainly.

At this moment in time, all the cultivators in high realms glanced at the heavens.

The dragons were finally able to push the clouds blocking the sky away and an Eye of Heaven appeared as it looked coldly at the planet.

“What does this mean?” All the cultivators exclaimed.

“God’s Eye! It’s a God’s Eye that’s never been seen before!”

“It doesn’t seem to be one of the 8 Great God’s Eye, but it is still frightening.”

The cultivators discussed and broke into chaos.

Only the King and white haired old man were silent as they stared at the Eye of Heaven in the sky.

After a long time ,the white haired old man waved his staff into the air and 9 snakes charge at the sky, but they faded away as they reached the Eye of Heaven.

“Heaven has finally opened his eye!” The old man cried as the Eye of Heaven slowly faded into nothing.


In the blurry grey sea, a menacing black cruise boat floated.

The black cruise was gigantic and the beings below it felt like it was night.

At this moment, every existence was bowing down to the figure of the ruler. There was no light around the person, like it had all been absorbed.

The dark figure stood at the head of the cruise and looked at the limitless sea.


The grey sea suddenly trembled and an Eye of Heaven appeared in the sky.

Apart from the dark figure, the other existences all trembled in fear.

The ruler opened his pair of black eyes and glanced coldly at the Eye of Heaven. After a while, the Eye of Heaven slowly faded away, like it was just looking at the view.

“There’s an extra God’s Eye now. Summing up to a total of 9. What does this all mean? Maybe the current situation of the 8 Great God’s Eye shall be broken… ”

The pitch black eyes of the ruler faded away and the skies turned dark once again.


Zhao Feng didn’t know how much he had affected the world when he had opened his eye.

The only thing that he could confirm was that the true power of his left eye was starting to awaken. When he had opened his eye, a ancient power shot out of his eye. Zhao Feng was slightly regretful because he could feel how strong that power was, but it didn’t seem like he could control it.

“The Ancient is broken, and the Ancient Gods slain will turn into a trillion dust… Continue my bloodline and rule the world… ” A voice echoed in his mind.

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but rub his left eye. After the change, it obviously became stronger, like it was a living being.

He tried closing his eye then opening it again, but no mysterious transparent light appeared. Zhao Feng could still feel the azure blood in his body.

He didn’t know what effect it had right now but one thing could be confirmed, it could strengthen him. After making sure that he was fine, Zhao Feng carefully walked out of the cave.

He then took out the mirror again.

His hair was still azure, but his left eye had gone a transparent azure color, like it was a treasure.


Zhao Feng was still worried that he could be captured by the Clan for being a monster.

He then tried several different ways to change its color.

One thousand years later, Zhao Feng would remember this and laugh…

A while later, he finally found a way.

The azure blood he controlled could merge with his left eye and envelope it. When it did, the azure light in the pitch black dimension had been separated from his left eye.

Zhao Feng took out his mirror and the left eye had turned black, but it was dim and dark. At the same time, his left eye also lost vision.

Zhao Feng could use the azure blood to change the color of his left eye, but it spent so much energy to do so. He could only manage a few hours a day.

“At least there’s a way.” Zhao Feng let out a breath.

He then tested out the power of his left eye. Without a doubt, the power in his left eye increased greatly after he had stepped into the Ascended Realm.

Zhao Feng’s vision, reaction speed and perception all got better. For example, Zhao Feng could see up to 100 miles away and Zhao Feng found that his left eye could see through things. His eye could see through the rock nearby.

“It’s hard to believe that my eye can see through rock.”

Zhao Feng felt like he was a monster, but he felt that this wasn’t the true change in his eye.

Right at this moment, a bird flew through the canyon past Zhao Feng’s head.


Zhao Feng’s pupil contracted as he looked coldly at the bird flying in the air.

At that moment, his left eye sent a surge of mental energy which condensed into a straight line that headed towards the bird.


The bird screeched midair due to fear, it lost its balance and fell to the ground.

Zhao Feng’s left eye didn’t kill the bird, it had released an indescribable wave of mental energy, which had made the bird panic and lose control of its body.

“Killing without a trace. This could decide the final outcome in a life and death battle.” Zhao Feng thought.

He tested out all the new effects until he felt tired. Zhao Feng couldn’t fully controlled the new skills such as the Mental Energy Assassination.

Just as the sun was about to set.

Zhao Feng hurriedly covered his left eye with a piece of ribbon, then he headed towards the Outer Hall Division with his azure hair flying in the wind.

Teng! Teng! Teng… !

His figure lept in the air, passing tens of yards in one breath.

Zhao Feng circulated all his True Force and he tried to control the wind current around him. This could make him float midair for a breath before he fell down.

After reaching the Ascended Realm, one could fly a short distance in the air, but this wasn’t true flying.

A cultivator at the True Spirit Realm could fly for tens of miles without a problem.

After returning to the Outer Hall Division, Zhao Feng immediately went to Deacon Qiu to apply to become an inner disciple. According to the rules, one only needed to reach the Ascended Realm before 30 to become one.

“I’ll report this to the higher-ups and if there’s no problem, you can go to the Central Control Division tomorrow.”

Deacon Qiu’s expression was calm and he only raised his eyebrows when he saw Zhao Feng’s eyepatch and azure hair but he didn’t say anything.