King Of Gods Chapter 1392

Chapter 1392 The Outcome Decided?


Twilight Valley of the Light Race was fighting alone against three half-step God Lords of the Ancient Soul Race, but he still had the upper hand.

The three Ancient Soul Hall half-step God Lords had bitter expressions on their faces as they looked at Twilight Valley, having come out of this fight much worse for wear.

“The three of you can’t even handle something as minor as this?” Yu Heng slightly shook his head.

The three half-step God Lords had dark and gloomy expressions. They had also not expected that the difference in bloodline between the Ancient Soul Race and the Light Race would be so vast Even the three of them working together were incapable of dealing with one person.

“Useless!” Yu Heng snorted once more.

When they heard this, the three half-step God Lords grimaced. Now that they thought about it, their efforts had been almost negligible throughout this expedition. Even now, they needed Yu Heng to deal with everything. They had basically contributed nothing, which meant that if they wanted any sort of generous reward, they would have to depend entirely on what mood Yu Heng and God Lord Stellar Aspect were in.

“Can we trouble you to lay down a space-sealing array?” Ancient God Ice Jade called out.

The Light Race was innately incredibly fast, and they were unaffected by this dimension’s suppression and could use Instant Movement. Just like Zhao Feng, this Light Race expert had the advantage in speed, making him too difficult to deal with.

“No problem.” Yu Heng flipped his palm, and a miniature silver array immediately appeared.

As it turned out, while the three half-step God Lords were battling with Twilight Valley, Yu Heng had already begun to lay out the array.

“Go.” Yu Heng tossed out the array.


The miniature silver array began to expand in the air, enclosing everything within five hundred thousand li of the Tree of Time.

Near the edge of the array:

“We’re also inside the array!” Zhao Feng abruptly said.

“To be expected of the Heaven’s Legacy Race!” Xin Wuheng muttered.

Twilight Valley was simply too strong. His cultivation was profound, and he was a master of Time Intent and Space Intent. Ordinary space-sealing arrays would be ineffective against him. Thus, Yu Heng had the three half-step God Lords suppress the Light Race expert, which gave him time to secretly construct a space-sealing array.

Moreover, this space-sealing array just so happened to enclose Zhao Feng’s group as well. This meant that, if Zhao Feng wanted to use Instant Movement for a sneak attack, the array would disrupt him and make it impossible

“Heaven’s Legacy Race…!” Twilight Valley darkly glared at Yu Heng.

He naturally understood that this member of the Heaven’s Legacy Race would be the most difficult to deal with. The Ancestral Artifact fragment and Ancient God Cheng Yun had already informed him that Yu Heng could control the power of the Ancient Race.

As a member of the Light Race, he was well aware of just how terrifying the number one Ancient Race was. This was the reason Twilight Valley did not recklessly attack Yu Heng. Otherwise, he would have put everyone else aside and attacked Yu Heng from the very start.

“Help me kill these three half-step God Lords. This will increase our chances of victory!” Twilight Valley messaged the Ancestral Artifact fragment

In his current condition, he had a rather low chance of defeating Yu Heng and his Ancient Race energy in a head-on confrontation. If he had the Ancestral Artifact fragment, his chances would be greater.

As long as he could swiftly kill the Ancient Soul Hall trio, Yu Heng would find it difficult without support. Given that he could not maintain the bloodline for very long, his loss would be inevitable.

“Okay!” The Ancestral Artifact fragment continued to float in its original position.

Outside, it had consumed enormous amounts of energy to hold back the Locustmoth Race and restrain the Ancient Soul Hall group. It was currently in the middle of recovering as quickly as possible.

The space-sealing array finished enclosing the area.

“The two of you, attack! I’ll support you!” Ancient God Ice Jade messaged the other two half-step God Lords.

“Kill!” Ancient God Destruction Flow and Ancient God Jailsea nodded and charged forward.

“Double Dragon Dark Sea Strike!” Ancient God Jailsea brought his palms together, and his arms transformed into black waves that expanded until they took the form of two Darkwater Jail Dragons.


Ancient God Jailsea’s Soul Beast charged into the two black dragons, strengthening their power and allowing Ancient God Jailsea to control the dragons without expending too much of his attention.

“Destruction Whirlpool!” Ancient God Destruction Flow similarly unleashed a pitch-black whirlpool. In the center of the whirlpool, one could faintly see a savage serpent dragon, roaring as it tossed and turned within.

“Truly ignorant!” Twilight Valley called out as he waved his palms.


Two streams of white light took the forms of energy palms and shot forward. Ancient God Jailsea and Ancient God Destruction Flow were instantly suppressed by Time energy, entering a slow-motion world.

Meanwhile, those two energy palms shot forward like bolts of lightning.

“Don’t even think about it!” Ancient God Ice Jade’s face chilled as a dark purple ice pearl appeared in her hand. Countless snowflakes were dancing within.

The moment this pearl appeared, it exuded a sinister chill that bored into one’s bones.

“Icedeep Barrier!” Ancient God Ice Jade slapped the dark purple pearl with her palm, unleashing a dreadful cold energy throughout the world.

At this moment, dark gray suits of Ice Jade Armor appeared on the bodies of Ancient God Jailsea and Ancient God Destruction Flow.


This time, Twilight Valley’s attack did not instantly pierce through his foes, instead making a deafening screeching noise. The Ice Jade Armor held on for a few moments before the Time energy attacks were finally able to pierce through.

But by that time, Twilight Valley’s attacks had weakened while Ancient God Jailsea and Ancient God Destruction Flow had already activated defensive techniques, so they came away relatively unharmed.

“Oh? A supreme-quality divine artifact of the Icedeep Race, the Deep Chill Pearl.” Yu Heng smiled.

The Ancient Soul Race naturally didn’t have the ability to contend against the power of the Light Race. However, Ancient God Ice Jade had the Deep Chill Pearl, a supreme-quality divine artifact from the 16th ranked Icedeep Race. This artifact contained the power of the Icedeep Race, which was capable of blocking the power of the Light Race to a certain extent.


Twilight Valley’s eyes flashed, and he transformed into a mysterious ray of light to avoid the attacks of the Ancient Soul Hall members.

“Kill!” Ancient God Destruction Flow and Ancient God Jailsea chuckled before once more attacking Twilight Valley.

Ancient God Ice Jade was the strongest of the trio precisely because of this supreme-quality divine artifact.

“Freezing Fog!” While assisting the other two, Ancient God Ice Jade was also using the Deep Chill Pearl to launch attacks. A gray-white fog surged out from the Deep Chill Pearl, accompanied by a sea of snowflakes.


Ancient God Ice Jade’s Soul Beast rushed within, traveling with the Freezing Fog to attack Twilight Valley.

Wherever this Freezing Fog went, everything would freeze. Even Time energy was not free from its effects.


Twilight Valley was a mysterious ray of light as he rapidly moved through the world, dodging the attacks from the three half-step God Lords.

“Stop him!” Ancient God Jailsea and Ancient God Destruction Flow put their all into their attacks, hoping to cut off Twilight Valley’s lines of escape.

As long as Ancient God Ice Jade’s attack could hit Twilight Valley, it would have some effect on his speed. This would allow them to gradually gain the upper hand.

Swoosh swoosh!

Twilight Valley continued to dodge, apparently unable to muster a counterattack against the three half-step God Lords. “Haha, die!” Ancient God Jailsea savagely laughed.

The two Darkwater Jail Dragons immediately divided so that they could attack Twilight Valley from two sides. In front was Ancient God Destruction Flow’s Destruction Whirlpool while coming from behind was Ancient God Ice Jade’s Freezing Fog.

It seemed as if they were about to succeed in injuring Twilight Valley for the first time.

But at this moment, a pulse of Time Law energy came from another direction. Twilight Valley thrust out his left hand, which exuded Time energy.


In a flash of light, the Ancestral Artifact fragment appeared in Twilight Valley’s hand.

“Die!” Now that he was wielding the Ancestral Artifact fragment, Twilight Valley immediately exploded with boundless Time energy that distorted the world around him.

He had previously only been pretending to have been forced into desperate straits by the three half-step God Lords. This would cause the three half-step God Lords to slowly drop their guard, and as he fled, he began to slowly close the distance with his foes.

At this moment, with the Ancestral Artifact fragment in his hand, he would definitely be able to instantly kill one or two of these half-step God Lords.

Heheh!” A cold laugh rang out.


A tyrannical ancient energy that could dominate all erupted from the distance.

Boom! Swish!

This tyrannical bloodline energy soared into the sky, accompanied by gold and silver streams of light, and caused the entire world to tremble.

“The one who will die is you!” After saying this, Yu Heng unleashed a domineering divine light.


The gold and silver divine light shattered all the Time energy in its path, and then it shattered the attacks of the Ancient Soul Hall trio. In a flash, Yu Heng’s attack had reached Twilight Valley.

“Oh no!” Twilight Valley grimaced in shock and he immediately activated the Ancestral Artifact fragment.

Buzz! Bzzz!

A barrier of crystalline white light appeared in front of him. This was a Time-type defensive shield condensed from a Time Law. It was not only incredibly tough but was also able to weaken enemy attacks.

Boom! Bang!

The divine light immediately struck the barrier. A moment later, the crystalline white barrier shattered.


Twilight Valley was struck by the rest of the attack, and his wounded body was smashed into a deep pit in the ground.

“So strong!” The three half-step God Lords of Ancient Soul Hall were stunned.

Even when using all their strength, they could not wound Twilight Valley, but Yu Heng had shattered his defensive secret art and dealt him a savage injury in one move.

“Haha, even if it’s only a semi-finished product, it’s still not something a measly member of the Light Race can contend against” Yu Heng’s lips curled upward.

At this moment, all the Time energy in the world was being suppressed by that tyrannical ancient energy. The only person left in the world was Yu Heng, and he alone reigned supreme!

“He had us go first on purpose so he could find a weakness in this Light Race expert and strike when the time was right….’ Ancient God Ice Jade grimaced.

The Light Race was the fastest race of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races. Not even the Ancient Race could compare. Even if Yu Heng activated his Ancient Race energy, he would not be able to win in a short amount of time. Moreover, because he could not maintain the bloodline for very long, the Light Race could use that chance to turn defeat into victory. For this reason, Yu Heng had the Ancient Soul Hall trio go first while he observed the battle, secretly ready to strike at any moment

Although they knew that they had been used by Yu Heng, none of them dared to complain. Besides, Yu Heng’s plan had succeeded; after using his Ancient Race bloodline, he had wounded the Light Race member, deciding the outcome of this battle.

“Lord Twilight Valley!” Ancient God Cheng Yun rushed over in a panic. He had expended enormous amounts of energy to revive Twilight Valley, so he had spent all this time trying to recover.

“It really is… the power of the Ancient Race!” Twilight Valley slowly flew up, his face slightly pale as he stared hatefully at Yu Heng.

At the edge of the space-sealing array, the Giant God Race team was about to approach the Tree of Time to help fight back against the Ancient Soul Hall team, but the sudden shift in the battle made them come to a halt, as if they had been struck by a lightning bolt

“How could this be?” The Giant God Race members grimaced.

They hadn’t expected for Yu Heng to use this method to suddenly attack the Light Race expert. At this point, even if they went to the aid of the Light Race, the chances of winning would still be insignificant.

“Brother Zhao, what should we…?” Xin Wuheng was just prepared to ask Zhao Feng what should be done when he suddenly realized that Zhao Feng’s condition was somewhat abnormal.


Zhao Feng was covering his head with his hands and rocking back and forth, his brow tightly furrowed. Within the God Eye Dimension, the dreamy silver ball was rapidly spinning, releasing layer after layer of dreamy mist. Ripples of dreamy light appeared in Zhao Feng’s eyes, pulsing into his surroundings.

Boom! Crack!

The surrounding space seemed to be shattering like bubbles as the dreamy light struck it. This sight scared the Giant God Race members out of their wits, and the bloodlines in their bodies trembled in fear.