King Of Gods Chapter 1394

Chapter 1394 Zhao Feng Awakens


Zhao Feng’s soul had not fallen unconscious. Instead, it was immersed in the dreamy silver sphere, where it saw a series of blurry images.

It was a chaotic battlefield, gray and gloomy, an incredibly oppressive air hanging over everything.


On the end of the battlefield that he couldn’t see, he could hear countless thunderous explosions. On the battlefield, imposing figures of various shapes fought, their battles sundering the heavens, fracturing the earth, and tearing at the fabric of spacetime itself.

In this place, Zhao Feng couldn’t even tell which side was the heavens and which side was the earth.

“So powerful…! Just what sort of war is this!?” Zhao Feng’s mind trembled. All the figures in this war possessed strength far above an ordinary God Lord.

Suddenly, a heaven-shaking pulse of energy came from the center of this boundless battlefield. Zhao Feng’s mind was given a fierce jolt, and he couldn’t help but look over.


In the center of the battlefield, a gigantic God-Devil had unleashed a chaotic ball of energy. At this moment, the heavens and earth collapsed, and all the nearby figures rushed into the distance with explosive speed.


The chaotic ball of energy instantly crossed a vast distance, destroying everything in its path as it hurtled toward the other end of the battlefield.

There was yet another indistinct and gigantic figure. Suddenly, two dazzling and dreamy lights appeared on the head of this indistinct figure.


Fantastical dreamy mist began to spread outward, painting the drab and gray world in dazzling colors. Suddenly, all the color gathered on the chaotic ball of energy. A moment later, the chaotic ball of energy transformed into a ball of dreamy light

And then, with a puff of wind, the dreamy light vanished. It was as if this energy had always been an illusion, and the slightest touch would make it scatter.

“So easily done…. This energy… could it be…?” Zhao Feng’s eyes widened as his soul quivered and trembled.

His thoughts felt like they were frozen, and everything in the world seemed to have slowed down.

And Zhao Feng stared at this sight, forgetting time. This scene seemed to last for one year, ten years, one hundred years…

In this period of time, one profound and wondrous comprehension after another flowed into Zhao Feng’s soul with great difficulty.

“Time Execution!” Twilight Valley gripped the Ancestral Artifact fragment and unleashed a blade of twisted Time energy.

This blade of Time energy ignored the restriction of this world and was imbued with a power that could destroy all.

However, when this blade of Time energy cut into Yu Heng, it was like a small pebble falling into a lake, only creating a small ripple.

The Ancient Race is terrifying! Xin Wuheng was stunned.

According to what Yu Heng said, he was currently wielding only twenty to thirty percent of the Ancient Race’s bloodline power. If the actual Ancient Race was here, just how terrifying would that be?

It was no wonder that, in the Ancient Wild Era, the Ancient Race had proudly stood over the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, none daring to challenge its supremacy!


Xin Wuheng quickly began to move, unleashing bolt after bolt of multicolored energy from his fingers.

Each bolt of finger energy contained the powerful bloodline energy of the Giant God Race and a tinge of Law energy. Each one was enough to exterminate a Rank Nine.

“Lowly ants also dare to contend against me!?” Yu Heng loudly laughed as tyrannical ancient energy erupted out of his body, and he charged forward.


His left palm slammed against the air, releasing a wave of gold and silver light that howled in all directions.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

All of Xin Wuheng’s attacks collapsed and were extinguished.

The moment Yu Heng finished dealing with Xin Wuheng’s attacks, Twilight Valley’s attack arrived.

“We only need to hold him down. Once the Ancient Race bloodline energy is used up, we’ll win!” Twilight Valley messaged Xin Wuheng.

In a one-on-one duel, none of them was a match for Yu Heng.

Damn! If not for Xin Wuheng, I would definitely be able to defeat the Light Race, Yu Heng silently grumbled.

He had heavily injured Twilight Valley earlier, which slowed him down. In a one-on-one, he would have been able to swiftly deal with Twilight Valley and seize the Ancestral Artifact fragment.


The blade of Time energy instantly appeared in front of Yu Heng.

In comparison to Xin Wuheng’s attacks, Twilight Valley’s attacks were somewhat more troublesome. The blade of Time energy contained the formidable energy of a Time Law, which gave Yu Heng no time to block it. He could only resist the blow with his body.

These two fellows can both use Law energy, and they also have abundant combat experience. It’s rather hard to deal with… but there are still weaknesses. Yu Heng’s expression darkened as he silently began to think.


Yu Heng activated his Ancient God-Devil Body to receive Twilight Valley’s attack. Suddenly, he turned around and began to move away from Twilight Valley and Xin Wuheng.

“The two of you truly are hard to deal with. Since that’s the case, I’ll take care of the others first, hahaha…!” Yu Heng loudly laughed as he began to head toward the other end of the battlefield.

Given his strength, whether it was Ancient God Sundermount, Cheng Yun, or Resplendence, none of them could take a single blow from him. Anyone he wanted to die would die!

The Giant God Race members and the little thieving cat were in the middle of a fierce battle with the three half-step God Lords of Ancient Soul Hall.

“Good, Yu Heng is coming over!” Ancient God Ice Jade rejoiced, and the other two half-step God Lords also smiled.

The three of them were quite depressed over the fact that they were being suppressed by this group, feeling utterly humiliated.


The little thieving cat was the first to sense the approaching danger and disappeared in a flash of gray-silver light. “Not good! Retreat…!” Ancient God Resplendence called out in alarm as she hurriedly began to fall back.

However, the Ancient Soul Hall trio doggedly pursued them.

Meanwhile, Yu Heng was much faster than the three half-step God Lords and quickly arrived on the scene.

“Hurry and stop him!” Twilight Valley roared as he and Xin Wuheng flew off in pursuit

If the others were killed by Yu Heng, the two of them alone, no matter how great their abilities, would never be able to fight back against the Yu Heng and three half-step God Lords.

“Die!” Yu Heng coldly laughed as he waved his palm, sending several beams of divine light into the distance.

“No…!” Ancient God Sundermount felt like there were one hundred thousand mountains coming up behind him, and thoughts of death began to dominate his mind.

Ancient God Resplendence immediately suppressed her bloodline, shrinking down, and then she used a secret art to rapidly escape.

“Time Freeze!” Twilight Valley harnessed the power of the Ancestral Artifact fragment to spread out Time Law energy over a vast area.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

This Time energy immediately crumbled in the face of those beams of divine gold-silver light. However, it still proved effective in slowing down the attacks for just a moment

Boom! Bang!

A few brief moments later, the gold-silver beams crashed down like meteors, destroying everything in their path.


The earth rumbled and boomed as destructive shockwaves spread in every direction.

Ancient God Resplendence was struck by the aftershocks of the attack. Vomiting blood, her body went flying several li before smashing into the ground.

Ancient God Cheng Yun suffered slightly lighter injuries.

Ancient God Sundermount was not able to escape the range of Yu Heng’s attack. When the attack fell, he had already been pulverized into dust

“Ancient God Sundermount…!” Ancient God Resplendence cried out.

“Don’t worry! I’ll be sending you to join him soon.” Yu Heng coldly smiled at Ancient God Resplendence.

Ancient God Resplendence felt her heart and blood tremble in fear, and a look of despair appeared on her face.

“Don’t even think about it!” Twilight Valley and Xin Wuheng finally arrived.

The two of them attacked Yu Heng with all the power they could muster.

Yu Heng creased his brow and began to dodge. Although he was completely capable of receiving these attacks, the Ancient Race bloodline energy was limited, so he wanted to save as much as possible.

“Giant God Heavenfall Palm!” Xin Wuheng saw that his attacks were being dodged and immediately use a large-scale combat skill.

An enormous hand appeared in the sky, blocking out the sun and casting the world into darkness.

“Heh, die!” With a sneer, Yu Heng turned around and charged straight at Xin Wuheng.

At the same time, the three half-step God Lords charged forward, completely disregarding Ancient God Resplendence and Ancient God Cheng Yun.

“Not good! It was a trap!” Xin Wuheng and Twilight Valley both paled.

Yu Heng never planned to slaughter all the others. Yu Heng’s attack just now had slain Ancient God Sundermount and heavily injured Ancient God Resplendence and Ancient God Cheng Yun, forcing them back. This finally gave an opportunity for the three half-step God Lords to join the battle.

“Get back!” Xin Wuheng and Twilight Valley immediately began to flee.

The two of them were enough to deal with Yu Heng, but once three half-step God Lords were added into the mix, they had no chance of victory.

“Where are you running? Haha!” Yu Heng heartily laughed as he madly rushed at Xin Wuheng and Twilight Valley, occasionally unleashing a palm of gold and silver light.

Although Xin Wuheng and Twilight Valley did their utmost to dodge, they were still struck by a few aftershocks, and their injuries slowly began to worsen.

“Haha, it’s all over now!” The three half-step God Lords rejoiced.

But at this moment, an astonishingly powerful pulse of energy came from the distance. This energy caused the bloodlines and souls of the three half-step God Lords, Twilight Valley, and Xin Wuheng to all tremble, and all of them turned to look at the source.

“Zhao Feng!” Xin Wuheng immediately called out He knew that Zhao Feng could not be finished off so easily.

“What’s going on? This energy…!” Yu Heng suddenly grimaced.

His shock was greater than anyone else present – even his Ancient Race bloodline was trembling in fear, filling him with an ill foreboding.

“Ancient God Destruction Flow, kill him before he awakens!” Yu Heng immediately roared.

Earlier, Yu Heng believed that Zhao Feng’s soul had been injured from his attack, causing him to fall unconscious, so Yu Heng had ceased to pay him any attention. Now, it seemed like this was not actually the case.

“Yes!” Ancient God Destruction Flow immediately turned into a dark flash as he shot toward Zhao Feng.

“Zhao Feng!” Xin Wuheng called out. However, Yu Heng was still present, making him incapable of going to Zhao Feng’s aid.

On the ground, Zhao Feng’s left eye was exuding faint rays of dreamy light, which caused the surrounding space to shatter. “Hiss….” Zhao Feng let out a hiss.

Not good! Ancient God Destruction Flow is coming. I have to…! Zhao Feng internally shouted.

But his mind was still dizzy and disorderly, his consciousness blurry and unclear, and his left eye felt like it was about to burst open. There was nothing he could do.

He clambered up and stared at Ancient God Destruction Flow, but he realized that his mind was in such a mess that even circulating energy was a challenging task.


Zhao Feng flew into the air, but his body swayed and staggered, and his speed was incredibly slow.

“Heh, where are you running? Obediently accept your death!” Ancient God Destruction Flow savagely laughed as he approached.

What do I do…? What’s my best course of action? Zhao Feng could sense danger getting closer, but his head was still dizzy and felt like it was going to explode, and his mind was still a mess. He was unable to use any of his powers.

“Die!” Ancient God Destruction Flow waved a palm, unleashing a black river of Destructive energy.

I can’t use any other power, so what about the power of the God’s Spiritual Eye? Zhao Feng’s eyes flashed. His current state was entirely because of the God’s Spiritual Eye. At this moment, since he couldn’t use Divine Power or generate any speed, he could only try the God’s Spiritual Eye.

God Eye… Disintegration! Zhao Feng’s left eye stared at Ancient God Destruction Flow’s attack as he activated his technique. In this situation, he could only survive by using God Eye Disintegration to weaken this attack.


A dreamy mist shot forward, beginning to analyze and disintegrate.

However, the efficiency of the disintegration was extremely low. Zhao Feng would still be heavily injured by this attack, making him incapable of escaping.

Thumpthump! Thumpthump!

Zhao Feng’s left eye pulsed even faster, transmitting a swelling pain.

At this moment, the scenes from that chaotic battlefield appeared in Zhao Feng’s mind. That ancient figure unleashed a dreamy and multicolored light, instantly and easily wiping away that all-destroying attack.

That miraculous strength… I might be able to do it too! Zhao Feng’s soul trembled.

Buzz! Bzzz!

As he thought about this, the dreamy silver sphere in his God Eye Dimension began to spin even faster. A dreamy mist began to spread out.

“Extinguish!” Zhao Feng roared as he madly circulated his left eye.

Buzz! Bzzz!

Zhao Feng’s left eye was pushed to the limit, and dreamy mist spilled out, fusing into the surrounding spacetime.

At this moment, the world before Zhao Feng’s eyes underwent a massive transformation.

“What’s going on here?” Zhao Feng was struck dumb.

All objects were suddenly covered in a dazzling, gorgeous, and dreamy color. Although the river surging toward Zhao Feng was still pitch-black, it too was covered in a layer of colors, making it seem more like a rainbow river.

All this was wondrous and left Zhao Feng flabbergasted and confused, but Ancient God Destruction Flow’s attack continued unabated, about to bring death upon his head.

“Extinguish…!” Zhao Feng stared at the river and roared.


A moment later, the black river wrapped in dazzling colors shattered and scattered as if it was made of bubbles or foam, leaving no trace behind.

The world slowly began to return to normal.

“I did it….” After a momentary daze, Zhao Feng suddenly became happy.

Just now, he tried that move he had seen on the chaotic battlefield. To his surprise, he succeeded!

Nearby, the smile on Ancient God Destruction Flow’s face froze.

“This… what’s going on?”

His powerful and destructive attack that could exterminate an ordinary Rank Nine Ancient God vanished without any warning. This was unreasonable, inconceivable!

He also knew that Zhao Feng was capable of disintegrating attacks, but the disintegration speed was not fast, and the user could still sense the energy that was disintegrated. But just now, his attack seemed to be made of bubbles that had suddenly all popped and disappeared. He sensed nothing at all, as if this river of Destructive energy had never existed in the first place.