King Of Gods Chapter 1399

Chapter 1399 All Exterminated


“Damn! The Heaven’s Legacy Race won’t let you go!” Yu Heng grimly swept his eyes over this group.

He had never imagined that, as a member of the Heaven’s Legacy Race with the power of the Ancient Race, he would actually lose to this group.

“Zhao Feng, for ruining my plans, you won’t die a good death!” Yu Heng’s eyes fell on Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng was almost entirely the reason for his defeat this time.

“You should worry about yourself first.” Zhao Feng’s expression was cold and indifferent His grudge with Yu Heng was set, so Yu Heng could not be allowed to live.

“Heh, even if I die, I won’t let you get off lightly!” Yu Heng suddenly sneered.

He suddenly mobilized all the Ancient Race bloodline energy left in his body and began to form a spell with his hands.

Buzz! Bzzz!

One translucent Heaven’s Legacy Race word after another, infused with mysterious and unfathomable power, began to emerge.

“What is he doing?” Xin Wuheng grimaced.

Although only Yu Heng was left, he was a member of the Heaven’s Legacy Race, so none of them had ever looked down on him.

Zhao Feng also had an ill foreboding and began to cautiously back up. It wasn’t just Zhao Feng either; everyone else began to back up while staring at Yu Heng so that he didn’t use some secret technique to escape.

“Haha, Heaven’s Legacy Cat, where do you think you’re going?” Yu Heng savagely grinned.

Buzz! Bzzz!

The translucent Heaven’s Legacy Race words flew with incredible speed into the little thieving cat’s body.

“Little thieving cat!” Zhao Feng immediately called out in alarm. He never expected Yu Heng to make a move against the little thieving cat.

Everyone else also couldn’t help but stare at the little thieving cat.


The little thieving cat’s body dropped to the ground, where it began to howl and scream. A brand of Heaven’s Legacy Race words slowly began to form on its forehead, and then the brand slowly began to ignite.

“Little thieving cat!?” Zhao Feng called out in alarm. This was the first time he had ever heard such miserable screams from the little thieving cat, and he could sense its pain through the contract they shared.

“What are you doing to it!?” Zhao Feng angrily eyed Yu Heng, his left eye turning.

“Heh, I advise you not to do anything to me.” Yu Heng coldly laughed, not worried at all.


As the little thieving cat shrieked, it slowly walked toward Yu Heng. It was as if the little thieving cat’s master had changed from Zhao Feng to Yu Heng.

This sight left everyone stunned.

“The Heaven’s Legacy Cat happens to be the crystallization of my Heaven’s Legacy Race’s knowledge. In order to restrain this powerful force, the Heaven’s Legacy Race placed certain restraints within its body during its development,” Yu Heng rather proudly said.

Originally, he had been planning to use this secret art to capture the Heaven’s Legacy Cat after he killed everyone else. Unexpectedly, he was now compelled to use this move to save his life.

“There was even something like that?” Zhao Feng’s expression was wrathful.

Of course, such a thing was completely in line with the style of the Heaven’s Legacy Race. For example, the majority of important Heaven’s Legacy Race buildings were equipped to self-destruct.

“If you attack me, then I’ll kill the Heaven’s Legacy Cat!” Yu Heng stared at Zhao Feng, his eyes ruthless.

Zhao Feng stared at Yu Heng, but he did not strike. The little thieving cat had accompanied him ever since the Broken Moon Clan, and they had experienced countless trials together, all the way to the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods. How could Zhao Feng stand to kill the little thieving cat?

However, Yu Heng had clearly taken control of the little thieving cat with the intention to escape. Zhao Feng might not be able to strike because of the little thieving cat, but the Light Race would never let Yu Heng go. Did that mean that he would have to join with the Giant God Race to deal with the Light Race?

“Hmph, if something happens to me, the Heaven’s Legacy Cat will be buried with me!” Yu Heng coldly laughed as he stood up and began to slowly retreat.

The Giant God Race members remained motionless.

As for the Light Race members, they stared at Yu Heng, hesitation in their eyes.

Haha, Heaven’s Legacy Cat, let’s go.” Yu Heng laughed as he began to leave with the little thieving cat.

Originally, Yu Heng just wanted to bring a victim along with himself in death so that Zhao Feng would be left dejected, but the little thieving cat apparently had an extremely high status in Zhao Feng’s heart, and Zhao Feng appeared to have inordinate influence at this time. Neither the Giant God Race nor the Light Race were willing to recklessly act.


The little thieving cat struggled with all its might, but the more it struggled, the more intense the white flame on its forehead became. It seemed to be burning every cell in its body along with its soul.

The little thieving cat looked at Zhao Feng, helplessness, pain, and a plea for help in its eyes. Zhao Feng was feeling no better as he looked back.

I wonder… if I can use God Eye Illusory Oblivion to neutralize this technique! Zhao Feng suddenly had an idea.

“You dare attack me!?” In the distance, Yu Heng, who was just preparing to leave, suddenly grimaced and yelled. But when he realized that Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline technique was not aimed at him, but at the little thieving cat, he breathed a sigh of relief.


A dreamy mist began to spiral out of Zhao Feng’s left eye, vanishing into the world.

“Such a powerful ancient energy! This kid’s eye is nearing the God Eye level!” Yu Heng’s expression dimmed.

Previously, with his Ancient Race bloodline, he had paid little regard to any other bloodline, but it was precisely because of Zhao Feng’s absurd eye-bloodline techniques that he had been defeated so badly. At this moment, he finally paid attention to Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline.

“Heh, I don’t believe that you still have the strength to use that mysterious eye-bloodline technique.” Yu Heng chortled.

The words had barely left his mouth when Yu Heng realized that he didn’t quite believe them. Logically speaking, Zhao Feng had expended so much energy that he shouldn’t have enough left to dispel the secret art he was using to control the Heaven’s Legacy Cat However, Zhao Feng had given him too many surprises.

“Stop now, or else I kill the Heaven’s Legacy Cat!” Yu Heng yelled.

But Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline technique had already begun, and the entire world had become a fantastical paradise before his eyes. Zhao Feng’s mind was completely focused on the blazing brand on the little thieving cat’s forehead.

“Extinguish!” Zhao Feng summoned his Origin energy and poured it all into that mysterious flame.


The flame flickered, but it was not extinguished and continued to slowly burn.

It’s no good! My previous battles expended too much Origin energy. I can’t dispel it! Zhao Feng’s eyes dimmed, a tinge of disappointment within them.

“Haha, a pointless gesture.” Yu Heng immediately laughed.

The others present lightly shook their heads. Meanwhile, Twilight Valley of the Light Race began to gather Divine Power, already reaching the limits of his restraint

No, I have to save the little thieving cat! Zhao Feng’s eyes flashed with determination, and he once more focused his left eye on the mysterious flame.

If I can’t dispel you, it should be enough to weaken your power! Zhao Feng said to himself.

His Origin energy wasn’t enough to dispel it, but was it enough to suppress and weaken the flame? As long as he could weaken the flame, the little thieving cat might be able to put up some resistance.

Weaken… weaken! Zhao Feng focused all his thoughts on the flame as he roared out in his mind.

Zhao Feng had learned God Eye Illusory Oblivion from elsewhere, and not even he was sure if it could be used in this fashion. But this was all he could do at this time.

He only had one thought in his mind – the desire for the flame to weaken and shrink.


The dreamy silver ball in his God Eye Dimension suddenly shook.

Suddenly, at this moment, the flame on the little thieving cat’s forehead was suddenly painted in a rainbow of colors, and the flame weakened as if water had been dumped on it The flame that was the size of a baby’s fist was now only the size of a fingernail.

“Success?” Zhao Feng found it rather hard to believe.

He had not fully performed the God Eye Illusory Oblivion, nor had he used any other special eye-bloodline technique, but the flame truly had weakened as he desired.

This is far too absurd. Could this be the Origin Dao of the God’s Spiritual Eye?

“Eh? This… what’s going on?” Yu Heng naturally noticed this development, and he immediately blurted out in shock. Meowmeow!

The little thieving cat immediately felt the pain decrease, and it seemed like the control had weakened. Thwish!

The little thieving cat transformed into a gray-silver light and immediately began to fly toward Zhao Feng.

No… don’t go!” Yu Heng paled.

Once the little thieving cat got a certain distance from Yu Heng, the flame on its forehead suddenly went out As it turned out, the secret art controlling the Heaven’s Legacy Cat was only effective within a certain distance.

“Good!” Twilight Valley immediately yelled. Although he didn’t know how Zhao Feng did it, the Heaven’s Legacy Cat had been saved.

And now, everyone could even more keenly sense the powerful ancient aura of Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye.

“Kill!” Twilight Valley growled and prepared to attack.

“Let me kill him!” Zhao Feng suddenly said.

Once Twilight Valley agreed, Zhao Feng used Instant Movement.


They had left the range of the space-sealing array by now, so Zhao Feng used Instant Movement to directly arrive at Yu Heng’s side.

“Impossible! How could your eye be this powerful!?” Yu Heng had gone slightly insane as he roared. The strength displayed by Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye exceeded everything he knew.

“Nine Lightning Soul Refinement!” Zhao Feng took out the Nine Lightning Sou卜Refining Mirror and poured in Divine Power. Swish!

Nine lightning chains immediately shot out of the mirror and wrapped around Yu Heng’s soul.

At this point, Yu Heng was only a peak Rank Nine burdened with heavy injuries. In this incredibly feeble state, he was no match for the power of a supreme-quality divine artifact

“Your eye is nearing the God Eye level, yet all the eye-bloodlines in the world originate from the Eight Great God Eyes. But your eye…” As his death approached, Yu Heng stared at Zhao Feng’s left eye, his mind whirring.

“No… could your eye be the Ninth-!?” Yu Heng suddenly thought of something and yelled.

“Collect!” Zhao Feng activated the Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror.


The nine chains pulled Yu Heng’s soul into the mirror.

“I’ll have you taste the torment of boundless lightning!” Zhao Feng growled.


The little thieving cat appeared on Zhao Feng’s shoulder and began to rub itself against his neck.

“Dead….” Twilight Valley sighed.

Everyone else breathed a sigh of relief. This battle had been incredibly dangerous. Fortunately, they managed to win.

At this moment, in the Chixing Zone, the face of God Lord Stellar Aspect, who was in the middle of repairing the Teleportation Array, suddenly twisted in rage. His entire body began to shake while a trickle of blood flowed down the corner of his lips.