King Of Gods Chapter 1400

Chapter 1400 Big Lazy Cat

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Chapter 1400 – Big Lazy Cat

“God Lord Stellar Aspect, all the members of my Ancient Soul Hall have been killed….” God Lord Gloomheaven’s body trembled as he softly whispered.

The peak Rank Eights and Rank Nines were secondary. The important part was that all three half-step God Lords had been lost. Almost everyone who managed to become a half-step God Lord had some hope of becoming a God Lord.

The air was extremely oppressive, and everyone was shivering in fear. Just how dangerous was this Ancestral Legacy Treasury such that everyone who went in, even three half-step God Lords, had been killed? Quite a few people who vied for a spot on the team were counting themselves lucky that they hadn’t gone in to send themselves to their deaths.

“My disciple has also suffered disaster!” God Lord Stellar Aspect called out.

God Lord Gloomheaven’s expression slightly relaxed upon hearing this. Someone who could be God Lord Stellar Aspect’s disciple had to also be a member of the Heaven’s Legacy Race. In that case, God Lord Stellar Aspect had lost much more than Ancient Soul Hall.

However, if God Lord Gloomheaven knew that Yu Heng also possessed the Ancient Race bloodline, he would have understood that Yu Heng was worth the entirety of Ancient Soul Hall.

“Just what sort of place is this Ancestral Legacy Treasury? How could it be so dangerous?” God Lord Gloomheaven bluntly asked.

He sensed that there was some abnormal secret about this Ancestral Legacy Treasury. Otherwise, the Heaven’s Legacy Race would not have regarded it with such importance.

The surrounding Ancient Soul Hall members immediately focused their minds and prepared to hear the answer.

“The Ancestral Legacy Treasury you speak of is actually a Divine Kingdom belonging to the Light Race. It was just that it later on fell into the hands of the Giant God Race,” God Lord Stellar Aspect simply explained.

“Divine Kingdom?” The majority of the Ancient Soul Hall members were taken aback by this answer.

The predecessor to a Divine Kingdom was a Little World.

Little Worlds were far too simple and fragile. As one’s cultivation increased, they gradually lost their use. But once one reached the God Lord level, one could harness the power of a Law to modify and reconstruct a Little World into a Divine Kingdom.

“So that’s what’s going on!” God Lord Gloomheaven was stunned. He finally understood why the Heaven’s Legacy Race cared so much about this place – it was a Light Race Divine Kingdom.


A damaged supreme-quality God Crystal appeared in God Lord Stellar Aspect’s hand.

 There were still more?  God Lord Gloomheaven quietly clicked his tongue.

“This still isn’t enough. Sending over a God Lord requires too much power! Call over another God Lord. We three God Lords will combine our strength…!” God Lord Stellar Aspect bellowed.

At this moment, he was impatient to leave.

Next to the Tree of Time, everyone had entered their own cultivation dimensions to recover from their wounds. Xin Wuheng and Twilight Valley, who had served as the main force and had repeatedly used God Lord level energy, were particularly exhausted. If they did not properly adjust their conditions, their progress would be hindered in the future.

In the Spacetime Robe’s dimension:

 Swish! Swish!

Zhao Feng took out several resources that could recover the divine body and soul and consumed them. He then split his mind into two.

One part of his mind began to digest the harvest from this major battle.

In this battle, he had fought with half-step God Lords and the Ancient-Race-bloodline-infused Yu Heng, and he had gained much from these fights. The most obvious was that Zhao Feng had deepened his understanding of various intents, significantly increasing their power. If he digested everything he had comprehended, he would be able to essentially stabilize his Rank Nine cultivation.

The second part of his mind was used to inspect the God’s Spiritual Eye.

He remembered that, when saving the little thieving cat, his God Eye Illusory Oblivion had not actually succeeded, and he had not used any other eye-bloodline technique. Despite that, the mysterious flame on the little thieving cat’s forehead truly had weakened. Although Zhao Feng still wasn’t clear on the reason, he was certain that it was related to his left eye.

“Let’s try!” With a thought, Zhao Feng created a ball of fierce red flame in the air. He then began to circulate Origin energy, upon which dreamy mist began to spiral out of his left eye and fuse into the surrounding space.

In a flash, the world in front of Zhao Feng became dazzling and brilliant. Every object was covered in dreamy colors. Even the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon in the distance appeared like a rainbow-colored serpent dragon.


Zhao Feng’s left eye focused on the ball of multicolored flame in the air. This time, Zhao Feng did not use the God Eye Illusory Oblivion, he only stared at the flame.

But after some time, the flame still burned in the air, showing no change whatsoever.

“How could this be?” Zhao Feng was rather confused.

Earlier, he had only stared at the mysterious flame on the thieving cat’s forehead without using any sort of eye-bloodline technique, and the flame suddenly weakened, so why wasn’t that possible now?

“Right, maybe it has to do with my thoughts!” Zhao Feng suddenly had an idea.

Other than focusing all his mind on that mysterious flame, he also had a single thought in his mind, hoping with all his might that the mysterious flame would weaken.

“Was it because of that thought?” Zhao Feng found the idea somewhat preposterous.

For the mysterious flame to suddenly weaken just because he hoped that it would seemed too inconceivable. But since there was nothing else suspicious, he could only try.

Zhao Feng once more focused on the ball of flame.

 Weaken… weaken….  he constantly thought in his mind.

Suddenly, something shocking took place.


The ball of flame in the air shrunk to half its size.

“Is that really what’s going on?” Zhao Feng was stunned at first, and then he was ecstatic.

After using his Origin energy, he could modify an object with just a thought!

“Let’s try again!” Zhao Feng once more gathered his mind and thoughts on the ball of fire.

 Extinguish… extinguish….  This time, Zhao Feng hoped that the flame would go out.

Just as expected, without any warning, the ball of flame ceased to be.

“It’s true!” Zhao Feng stood in a daze.

To think that there would be something so miraculous and bizarre in the world. But now that he thought about it, he could only conclude that it was because of the God’s Spiritual Eye.

“Let’s try it on something else!” Zhao Feng was immediately enthusiastic.


Zhao Feng unleashed a massive fist made of chaotic silver energy. He then activated his Origin energy and focused on the Chaos Origin Divine Fist.

 Increase power!  This was the thought in Zhao Feng’s mind this time.

But nothing happened to the Chaos Origin Divine Fist. Meanwhile, his Origin energy began to rapidly drain.

Zhao Feng found it impossible to remain calm. The Chaos Origin Divine Fist had not increased in power, but his Origin energy started to rapidly drain. Because he had just come off of a major battle, he didn’t have much Origin energy in the first place, so it was quickly exhausted.

“Why does it suddenly not work?” Zhao Feng seated himself cross-legged and began to think.

 Buzz! Bzzz!

At this moment, the Spacetime Robe Dimension slightly swayed.

“What happened?” Zhao Feng immediately left the dimension.

Outside, the others were also standing over the barren earth.

“A spatial disturbance has appeared in this Divine Kingdom. It seems like an outsider is trying to force their way in,” Twilight Valley bluntly stated.

The Tree of Time had not completely withered and still had a faint connection to him, allowing him to sense what was going on.

“That’s not possible. Didn’t you destroy Yu Heng’s communication tool?” Ancient God Resplendence grimaced and immediately asked.

“That’s true, but once Yu Heng died, the Heaven’s Legacy Race would immediately know.” Twilight Valley sighed.

The others immediately fell silent. At this time, the only ones with the ability to force their way into this dimension were the Heaven’s Legacy Race.

“Heaven’s Legacy Race…!” Xin Wuheng’s expression turned grim.

The battle had barely finished, and none of them had completely recovered. If more members of the Heaven’s Legacy Race arrived at this time, they would probably all be killed.

“Is there no way to stop it?” Zhao Feng immediately asked.

“If it was someone below the God Lord level, it would be possible to stop….” Twilight Valley slowly said.

However, it was quite obvious that, if the Heaven’s Legacy Race was sending anyone else, it would be a God Lord expert.

“If the Tree of Time hadn’t withered, no one would be able to force their way in!” Ancient God Cheng Yun somewhat unwillingly said.

“Just try. Maybe it will work,” Zhao Feng straightforwardly said.

The others nodded. This truly was not the time to give up.

“It’s over there.” Twilight Valley sensed something and waved his hand.

A white fog suddenly appeared in the sky, and the image of an area outside the crumbling ancient fortress appeared. The void in that place was shuddering, ripples manifesting in the air.

But at this moment, no one was paying attention to the ripples, but the situation on the ground.

In that area were two massive and incredibly complex arrays. Next to these arrays were two women with their backs to the group.

One of these was a girl with a petite body, fair skin, and dressed in green. The other was a tall and slender woman dressed in white, her exquisite body faintly discernible beneath her clothes. Her black waterfall of hair danced in the wind, and she exuded a noble, pure, and unfathomable aura. In addition, the white-clothed woman had a silver and black cat lazing on her shoulders.

“What’s going on? Has the Heaven’s Legacy Race already arrived!?” Twilight Valley yelled in surprise.

Logically speaking, the Heaven’s Legacy Race should have been trying to get into this place, so why would there be members of the Heaven’s Legacy Race already here?

The reason he thought those two women were members of the Heaven’s Legacy Race was naturally because of that Heaven’s Legacy Cat.

“The big lazy cat?” Zhao Feng was immediately stunned.


The little thieving cat immediately began to call out.

A set of dusty memories emerged in their minds. In the Six Warlock Divine Tower of the Canopy Great Country was a legendary existence known as the Six Warlock Divine Sage.

And at the Sage’s side was a lazy cat.

“Big lazy cat, begin!” the white-clothed woman said.


The big lazy cat jumped onto one of the teleportation arrays and began to fumble around.


The massive array immediately began to surge with powerful Spacetime energy that spread throughout the world and began to alter spacetime. The rippling void suddenly became calm once more.

“Big Sis Qin, why did we come here?” the girl in green asked.

“I didn’t ask you to come, but you stubbornly insisted.” The woman in white gently smiled.

“Okay! We should leave now,” the white-clothed woman said, and then she left with the green-clothed girl and the big lazy cat using the other teleportation array.

The array activated, and the two women and one cat vanished without a trace.

“God Lord Stellar Aspect has gone personally. There should be no problems this time!” God Lord Gloomheaven was somewhat pale. The three God Lords had consumed a great deal of energy to activate the teleportation array just now.

 Buzz! Bzzz!

At this moment, the metal platform in front of them began to buzz. The spatial path in the array also began to twist.


A figure flew out and collided with the ground nearby. Upon careful examination, it was none other than God Lord Stellar Aspect.


God Lord Stellar Aspect vomited blood, his face stunned and furious. “There was actually a reverse teleportation array in the Divine Kingdom! Just who was responsible?”

It was difficult for those not belonging to the Heaven’s Legacy Race to lay down such complex arrays, and reverse teleportation arrays were even more complicated than teleportation arrays.

At the same time:

 Boom! Bang!

The eight-sided metal platform exploded.