King Of Gods Chapter 1401

Chapter 1401 Reorganization

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Chapter 1401 – Reorganization

In the independent dimension within the crumbling ancient fortress, everyone stood beneath the Tree of Time, their faces frozen in shock.

“The big lazy cat, and that person’s figure…” Zhao Feng immediately fell into a pensive mood.

Logically speaking, the big lazy cat should have been with the Six Warlock Divine Sage. Even more strange was that mysterious and noble white-clothed woman; she was inexplicably familiar to Zhao Feng and made him anxious to meet her and see her true appearance.

Alas, from start to finish, those two women had only shown their backs to the group.

“They’ve gone – left this dimension,” Twilight Valley said.

“Even with the Ancient God Seal, I couldn’t open a path to the outside world, but they just up and left?” Xin Wuheng was shocked and dazed.

“They understand where the holes in this dimension are, and that Heaven’s Legacy array is of an extremely high level….” Twilight Valley possessed abundant experience and a sharp eyesight.

“Those two women belong to the Heaven’s Legacy Race, right? They were here before, so why did they choose to leave now?” Ancient God Resplendence was completely befuddled.

If those two women were members of the Heaven’s Legacy Race, then they were highly likely to be Yu Heng’s comrades. But now that Yu Heng was dead, those two women not only didn’t try to avenge him, they simply left the dimension.

“I’m not sure about that, but I do know one thing: when the two of them and that Heaven’s Legacy Cat activated the first array, they stopped the outsider that was trying to force their way in!” Twilight Valley slowly said, not even he himself believing what he was saying.

“How could that be?” Ancient God Resplendence was even more stunned.

After fighting a major battle together, the Light Race and Giant God Race were extremely trusting, friendly, and accepting with each other.

“Milord, if that’s the case, then those two Heaven’s Legacy Race women helped us?” Ancient God Cheng Yun asked in disbelief. The Heaven’s Legacy Race had actually helped them?

“This also means that the danger is resolved?” A look of pleasant surprise appeared on Ancient God Resplendence’s face.

Originally, Twilight Valley’s message that an outsider was trying to break in had left them all extremely nervous, and then they noticed those two suspicious Heaven’s Legacy Race women. But in the end, those two women had assisted them in resolving the crisis.

“That’s not for certain. That person that tried to break in was only fended off. They might try again!” Twilight Valley’s expression darkened.

“Milord, is there a way to revive the Tree of Time?” Ancient God Cheng Yun reverentially asked.

The Tree of Time was the core of the Divine Kingdom. Once it was revived, Twilight Valley would gain basic control over the Divine Kingdom. If an outsider tried to break in at that point, the group would be much more capable of fighting back. Moreover, Twilight Valley would also be able to repair the holes in the Divine Kingdom, greatly increasing the difficulty for any outsider trying to break in.

“I will try.” Twilight Valley’s brow furrowed as he nodded.

At his peak, he could have easily revived the Tree of Time. The current methods available to him had a very low chance of reviving the Tree of Time, but he still had to try.

“Good Sirs, whenever you wish to leave, I will send you out.” Suddenly, Twilight Valley turned to the Giant God Race and Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng, Xin Wuheng, and Ancient God Resplendence indicated that they all wanted to stay for a little longer. After all, they had still not completely recovered from their injuries, and this place was ideal for cultivating Time Intent. If they could raise their Time Intent to a certain level, they would receive a massive boost in their overall strength.

“Okay. Just tell me whenever you want to leave.” Twilight Valley smiled.

After all, it was because of Zhao Feng and the Giant God Race that the Light Race’s Divine Kingdom was protected and they were able to survive. Twilight Valley naturally wouldn’t take advantage of them and immediately drive them all out.

And besides, at a time like this, the Light Race needed allies.

“Senior Twilight Valley, Ancient God Cheng Yun is a member of the Giant God Race….” Xin Wuheng brought up the matter of Ancient God Cheng Yun.

Ancient God Cheng Yun was originally a member of the Giant God Race, a peak Rank Eight with decent talent. And what the Giant God Race lacked most at this time was manpower and powerful fighters. It was best if he could somehow recover Ancient God Cheng Yun.

“I have already fused with this person’s soul. If I leave now, his soul will be severely damaged, and both his foundation and potential will suffer damage….” Ancient God Cheng Yun said.

This also meant that, even if the Thought Body left, the Ancient God Cheng Yun of the present would no longer be the Ancient God Cheng Yun of the past.

“Let’s do this. We will make a trade with your Giant God Race. Ancient God Cheng Yun will belong to us, and we will give you a large batch of precious resources. These resources will be enough to raise two or three Rank Nine Ancient Gods, at the very least. How about it?” Twilight Valley proposed after some thought.

Xin Wuheng began to discuss the matter with Ancient God Resplendence. Although they stood to gain from this deal, Ancient God Cheng Yun was still a member of their race, possessing a rather decent Giant God Race bloodline.

“Right, I was able to parse from his memories that this Ancient God Cheng Yun apparently had some secret dealings with Ancient Soul Hall!” Ancient God Cheng Yun added.

“What? Ancient God Cheng Yun?” Ancient God Resplendence blurted out in shock.

At this moment, everything was clear. It was no wonder Ancient Soul Hall had attacked so soon after Xin Wuheng obtained the Ancient God Seal; Ancient God Cheng Yun was a hidden traitor. In addition, Ancient God Cheng Yun might have also been connected to why the members of Ancient Soul Hall were able to reach this dimension.

“Deal!” Xin Wuheng swiftly agreed.

He would’ve hoped that Ancient God Cheng Yun could be returned so that he could be handed over and dealt with by the members of his race, but the revival of the Giant God Race was more important. In addition, if he could form a good relationship with the Light Race and win the favor of Twilight Valley, the Giant God Race would have an even greater ability to resist Ancient Soul Hall.

“Okay. I’ll send over the things in a few days,” Twilight Valley bluntly stated.

The Giant God Race had played no small part in this battle, yet they had little to show for it. This was why Twilight Valley had made this proposal. The value of these resources far exceeded one Ancient God Cheng Yun.

“Zhao Feng, the Ancestral Artifact fragment is yours!” Twilight Valley turned to Zhao Feng.

In comparison to Zhao Feng, the rewards the Giant God Race would receive were practically insignificant.

Xin Wuheng and Ancient God Resplendence had shock and a little envy in their eyes.

“Many thanks for your assistance.” Zhao Feng faintly smiled.

“Zhao Feng, the Light Race still has other important matters to attend to. I will accompany the Light Race for now, and when you wish to leave this place, I will follow you….” The Ancestral Artifact fragment floated up to Zhao Feng and began to negotiate.

“That’s fine.” Zhao Feng thought for a few moments before agreeing.

Twilight Valley did not appear to be in dire need of the Ancestral Artifact fragment. After all, as a member of the Light Race, he was extremely skilled in Time Intent. At his prime, he was undoubtedly extremely powerful and wouldn’t have required the services of a time-type Ancestral Artifact fragment.

But the Ancestral Artifact fragment didn’t seem that willing to accept Zhao Feng. The Ancestral Artifact fragment had spent this entire time with the Light Race, fighting to the death alongside it. If not for the fact that the Light Race’s survival had been on the line, the Ancestral Artifact fragment would have never accepted the little thieving cat’s proposal. In addition, although it had somewhat changed its impression of Zhao Feng, Zhao Feng was still not comparable to a member of the Light Race.

 Swoosh! Swoosh!

Twilight Valley, Ancient God Cheng Yun, and the Ancestral Artifact fragment left the area. Zhao Feng and the Giant God Race members remained in seclusion.

Within the Spacetime Robe, one hundred days went by in the blink of an eye, and Zhao Feng quickly returned to his peak condition.

 Swish! Swish!

A whirlpool of eye-bloodline energy appeared in the air, and forty kinds of precious treasures emerged from it. These were all resources that Zhao Feng had duplicated over this period of time. The value and quality of these resources were not very high, making them much easier to duplicate.

“Little Black, these are all for you,” Zhao Feng sent a message, summoning the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon. Meanwhile, he took out a large number of cultivation resources from his interspatial dimension, all of them meant for the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon.

Zhao Feng had always used only the best resources. He had also only recently broken through, so he was in no rush to continue increasing his strength. Thus, Zhao Feng decided that he would take all the resources that he did not require and use them to nurture the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon.

“This, this… many thanks, Master!” The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s eyes erupted with light and it immediately kneeled.

One had to realize that the majority of these resources had been obtained from the Light Race’s Divine Kingdom. They were all of extremely old age, making them extremely rare. The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon had never seen so many rare resources in its life.

After doing this, Zhao Feng prepared to enter seclusion and stabilize his foundation, but at this moment:

 Buzz! Bzzz!

A fierce Time energy shockwave swept through the world, and even the Spacetime Robe Dimension became somewhat unsteady.

“What’s going on?” Zhao Feng immediately left the Spacetime Robe.

Twilight Valley and Ancient God Cheng Yun were standing in front of the Tree of Time. In front of them were many extremely precious natural treasures.

“Fruit of Life, Crystalblood Heaven Spirit Fruit…” Zhao Feng muttered in shock. He only recognized a few of these precious treasures.

The Fruit of Life was suffused with formidable Life energy. If races with bloodlines like the Giant God Race’s were heavily injured and their bodies on the verge of destruction, this fruit would allow them to instantly recover. The Crystalblood Heaven Spirit Fruit could increase one’s vitality, strengthen the physical body, and instantly heal the wounds to one’s divine body.

Other than these life-type resources, there were also many treasures that contained Time Essence.

 Buzz! Bzzz!

Twilight Valley used a secret art of the Light Race to extract the energy from these treasures and pour it into the Tree of Time.

But the Tree of Time was able to absorb not even one ten-thousandth of this energy. This tiny bit of energy entering the Tree of Time was like throwing a pebble into the ocean, affecting it in no way whatsoever.

 Whoosh! Whoosh!

The Giant God Race members, similarly alarmed by what was going on, also appeared. From the scene, they naturally understood that Twilight Valley was trying to revive the Tree of Time.

However, the process didn’t seem to be going very smoothly.


A few moments later, Twilight Valley stopped the secret art.

“My current level of strength is far from enough.” Twilight Valley softly sighed. If he could not control the Divine Kingdom, they would always have to be on guard against outsiders and would never be able to feel safe.

“Let me try.” Zhao Feng’s voice suddenly broke the silence.

Everyone turned in alarm to Zhao Feng.

“Brother Zhao, you have a plan?” Even Xin Wuheng, who had always been extremely confident in Zhao Feng, was doubtful here.

The Light Race undoubtedly understood the most about the Tree of Time. If not even Twilight Valley could do anything, what could Zhao Feng do?

Twilight Valley and Ancient God Cheng Yun were also extremely doubtful. However, they had to try their best, and since Zhao Feng wanted to try, there would be no harm in allowing him to do so.

Zhao Feng walked up to the Tree of Time and activated his left eye. His left eye began to release dreamy mist. A moment later, the world in Zhao Feng’s eyes became like a dreamy paradise, awash in a rainbow of colors.