King Of Gods Chapter 1408

Chapter 1408 The Commander Has Run Away

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Chapter 1408 – The Commander Has Run Away

“Retreat and defend!” Ancient God Blue Distance immediately ordered.

Now, their only hope was to defend the Celestial Net Sect and wait for reinforcements.

 Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The people who had charged out of the Celestial Net Sect immediately retreated back inside.

“I didn’t think that the Blazing Gold Race would send over a Rank Nine Ancient God!” a white-haired elder worriedly said. He was none other than the Sect Master of the Celestial Net Sect, a Rank Eight Ancient God.

“That old man should be Ancient God Darkcrow of the Blazing Gold Race.” Ancient God Blue Distance solemnly stared at the withered elder.

“That cruel and bloodthirsty Ancient God Darkcrow who likes capturing enemies and slowly torturing them to death?” A middle-aged Ancient God suddenly shivered.

Everyone in the Celestial Net Sect suddenly felt an oppressive fog settling over their hearts. If one did not have the resolve to self-detonate, losing to Ancient God Darkcrow meant suffering endless torment.

“Celestial Net Sect Master, this defensive array won’t be able to last for very long. Take some of the Celestial Net Sect disciples and activate the sect-protecting array!” Ancient God Blue Distance immediately shouted.

“Okay!” The Celestial Net Sect Master left.

The Celestial Net Sect was an extremely old four-and-a-half-star faction, and its reserves could not be underestimated. The Celestial Net Sect had once relied on its sect-protecting array to injure and push back a peak Rank Eight Ancient God.

At the same time, Ancient God Blue Distance sent a message requesting reinforcements.

“Keke, it’s only fun if you put up some resistance!” Ancient God Darkcrow gave a sinister chuckle.

He lightly waved one of his wrinkled hands.

“Attack!” the giant middle-aged man roared.


Various flames combined into a massive tsunami of fire that crashed against the Celestial Net Sect’s defensive array.

“Hold!” Ancient God Blue Distance instantly bellowed.

All the members of the Celestial Net Sect began to pour Divine Power into the array.

“Father, what do we do?” Ancient God Ice Origin had a fearful look on his face and was somewhat at a loss.

After all, this was a Rank Nine Ancient God of the Blazing Gold Race, and there was also a peak Rank Eight. Their side seemed to have no chance of victory.

Ancient God Ice Origin was talented enough to have a sliver of hope of becoming a God Lord. He did not want to die here. Ancient God Ice Origin also did not have the resolve to self-detonate, but merely the thought of what would happen to him once he was captured by Ancient God Darkcrow caused his hair to stand on end.

At this moment, Zhao Feng emerged from his palace.

Ancient God Blue Distance stared at Zhao Feng in surprise.

Although Zhao Feng had just arrived, Ancient God Blue Distance originally had no intention of having Zhao Feng fight. He originally intended to have Zhao Feng rest for a while and then dispatch him on a few simple missions, doing his utmost to keep Zhao Feng away from the fighting.

But now that Zhao Feng had appeared, he remembered that Zhao Feng was a peak Rank Eight Ancient God that would be useful on the battlefield.

“Zhao Feng, get ready to stop the enemy attack!” Ancient God Blue Distance immediately called out.

Outside the defensive array:

“Eh? Why is there another peak Rank Eight?” The giant man was rather surprised.

The Celestial Net Sect had only ever had one peak Rank Eight Ancient God in Ancient God Blue Distance.

However, even though there was one extra person now, since he had called over a Rank Nine Ancient God, the Celestial Net Sect still had no chance of victory.

“That person… Zhao Feng!” Ancient God Darkcrow’s eyes glimmered as he stared at Zhao Feng.

For some reason, when Ancient God Darkcrow saw Zhao Feng’s composed face, he inexplicably felt uneasy.

“Hurry and break the array!” Ancient God Darkcrow bellowed.


At the same time, a black spear appeared in his hand. A tyrannical black flame shot out from the spear, fusing with the brown flames rising from Ancient God Darkcrow’s body.

“Break!” Ancient God Darkcrow waved the spear, concentrating the tyrannical flame energy of the spear and firing it off.


A dark brown dragon one thousand feet long savagely roared, shaking the heavens. The dark brown dragon, together with the fierce attacks of the other Blazing Gold Race members, crashed against the Celestial Net Sect’s defensive array.

 Cling! Crack!

The defensive array immediately shattered, and everyone within the array immediately became frantic with concern.

“Zhao Feng, why didn’t you do anything just now? Are you trying to hurt us?” Ancient God Blue Distance immediately barked as he shot Zhao Feng a cold glare.

“Keke, die!” Ancient God Darkcrow, holding his back spear and surrounded by brown tyrannical flames, charged at Ancient God Blue Distance and Zhao Feng.

“Celestial Net Sect Master, hurry and activate the sect-protecting array!” Ancient God Blue Distance grimaced as he bellowed.


Suddenly, countless light blue streams of light appeared behind Ancient God Blue Distance. These streams of light flew through the air, coalescing into a heaven-shaking blue dragon.

Ancient God Blue Distance spread apart his arms, releasing countless icy streams of light, which created a massive ice storm.


Both the massive blue dragon and the storm of ice attacked Ancient God Darkcrow.

“Keke, you’re looking down on this old man too much!” Ancient God Darkcrow began to wave around his spear, sending out wave after wave of dark brown fire.

 Boom! Bang! Crash!

It took only a few moments for Ancient God Blue Distance’s ice storm to be completely annihilated. Even the blue dragon created through the power of the Celestial Net Sect Master and the Celestial Net Sect’s upper echelons was being pushed back again and again.


Zhao Feng’s Divine Power began to surge as he prepared to strike.

“Zhao Feng, you deal with the peak Rank Eight while the Celestial Net Sect Master and I hold down the Rank Nine Ancient God!” Ancient God Blue Distance ordered.

“Mm.” Zhao Feng nodded and looked at the giant middle-aged man.

The giant man was in the middle of battling with two elders of the Celestial Net Sect, one a Rank Eight and the other a peak Rank Seven.

“Haha, die for me!” The giant man suddenly activated his bloodline energy.

 Boom! Swoosh!

His entire body became transparent like glass as well as incredibly tough. Golden tattoos flashed as his body began to exude powerful scorching flames.

The peak Rank Seven Celestial Net Sect Elder was instantly sent flying, vomiting blood.

“Sunderflame Fist!” The giant man stared at the Rank Eight elder, brought both fists together, and unleashed a destructive fireball.


A fireball as hot as lava pressed forward with crushing momentum.

The Rank Eight elder became ghastly pale. He unleashed several powerful attacks with his sword, but all of them were crushed by the fireball.

The searing hot fireball was about to pulverize him, but suddenly, a dreamy silver figure shot in front of the elder.


Zhao Feng gathered Chaos Origin Divine Power in his right hand and punched. A fist made of dark silver energy and suffused with a strange devouring forcefield collided with the fireball.

 Boom! Bang!

The fireball was blown apart, and the dark silver fist devoured some of the flame energy before continuing forward.

“How…?” The giant man grimaced. Though they were both Rank Eight Ancient Gods, his supreme skill was completely crushed by Zhao Feng.


The giant man fired off several more fists before finally succeeding in shattering the dark silver fist.

“This is Zhao Feng?” The giant man stared at Zhao Feng in disbelief.

As a member of the Blazing Gold Race, he naturally knew about Zhao Feng’s current condition. Based on what he knew, Zhao Feng at the time of his disappearance was a Rank Seven Ancient God but was now unexpectedly a peak Rank Eight.

He originally believed that Zhao Feng was simply anxious to increase his cultivation level, leaving him actually rather weak, but this didn’t seem to be the case at all.

On the other side, Ancient God Blue Distance and the Celestial Net Sect Master were once more pushed back by Ancient God Darkcrow.

“Eh? Zhao Feng seems to have the upper hand?” Ancient God Blue Distance just so happened to catch the giant man hurriedly using several attacks to shatter Zhao Feng’s attack.

“Just now, that was… Chaos Origin Divine Power!?”

The Spiritual Race did not have many techniques for Ancient Gods to cultivate, and so Ancient God Blue Distance was able to conjecture from Zhao Feng’s Divine Power and his techniques the art that Zhao Feng cultivated: the Chaos Heaven Void Origin Technique.

The power of this art depended on the number and strength of one’s Intents. But a normal person already found it difficult to cultivate one Intent to be equal with one’s cultivation level, let alone cultivate more. Besides that, fusing all the Intents together was a difficult prospect in its own right.

But just now, the Chaos Origin Divine Power Zhao Feng used far exceeded that of peak Rank Eight.

“Keke, you still have time to pay attention to others while fighting this old man?” Ancient God Darkcrow savagely chuckled as his dark brown flames shot toward Ancient God Blue Distance like bolts of lightning.

“Darkflame Extermination!” Ancient God Darkcrow swept his spear through the air.

 Boom! Swoosh!

Dark brown flames combined into a massive wave that surged toward Ancient God Blue Distance.

“Oh no!” Ancient God Blue Distance turned grim as he burned Divine Power. Using a secret art, he formed a transparent crystal barrier.


The waves of flame came again and again, endlessly battering against the crystal barrier. On the fourth round, Ancient God Blue Distance’s barrier shattered.


He flew backward, smashing into a building.

“Ancient God Blue Distance!” Celestial Net Sect Master worriedly called out.

As a member of the Blazing Gold Race, Ancient God Darkcrow had a formidable defense. Just now, he was able to ignore the blue dragon and launch a fierce attack against Ancient God Blue Distance, which instantly defeated him.


A crystalline light shot out of the ruins. Passing by Ancient God Ice Origin, it took him into a special dimension. Then, Ancient God Blue Distance immediately erupted with a speed comparable to a Rank Nine Ancient God and fled.

This left both the Celestial Net Sect and the Blazing Gold Race stunned. The strongest person in the Celestial Net Sect was Ancient God Blue Distance, and now, he had taken his son and run away.

“No…!” the Celestial Net Sect Master cried out in despair.

The other members also lost the will to fight and stood in a daze.

“Haha, your commander has fled! This is the style of the Spiritual Race!” Ancient God Darkcrow began to laugh.

Zhao Feng was somewhat speechless as he watched Ancient God Blue Distance run. The Divine Power he could exert was only the Divine Power he had when he was at peak Rank Eight, but before he could even kill the enemy peak Rank Eight, Ancient God Blue Distance had already run off.

“Zhao Feng, you have no chance of winning, so why not join the Blazing Gold Race? In any case, you don’t have the Spiritual Race bloodline. Once the Blazing Gold Race defeats the Spiritual Race, Zhao Yufei will still be yours!” Ancient God Darkcrow stared at Zhao Feng and gave a wicked smile.

The sight of Zhao Feng earlier inexplicably made him feel uneasy, but now that Ancient God Blue Distance had run off, no matter how powerful Zhao Feng was, even if he was far more powerful than a regular peak Rank Eight, it would still be pointless.

“Is that so?” Zhao Feng faintly smiled.

This was his first battle, so Zhao Feng certainly didn’t want to lose.

“Elder, let’s capture him first. After you torture him a bit, he’ll naturally yield!” The giant man gave a savage smile as he charged forward, circulating Divine Power.

“You don’t know your place!” Zhao Feng’s eyes focused, and Spacetime Intent immediately began to fill the area.


He vanished from his original position and appeared behind the giant man.

“Spatial Blink?” The giant man didn’t care. He activated his powerful physical body and prepared for close combat.


A turbid dark silver sword gathered around Zhao Feng’s hand and then stabbed into the giant man’s body.

“How could this be?” The giant man was stunned; his tenacious body had been pierced through by Zhao Feng.

The giant man wanted to struggle, but he found his every movement to be exceptionally slow. Moreover, his Divine Power was in chaos and rapidly draining away, and he couldn’t put up any resistance at all.