King Of Gods Chapter 1409

Chapter 1409 Reversal And Counterattack

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Chapter 1409 – Reversal and Counterattack

“How…!?” the giant man wailed.

As a member of the Blazing Gold Race, he couldn’t even imagine how a person of the same cultivation level could have so easily pierced through the defenses of his physical body. Moreover, the Divine Power in his body was in disarray and rapidly draining away. His every movement was in slow motion, making him incapable of resistance.

 Swish! Plush!

Zhao Feng pulled the Chaos Origin Divine Sword out of the giant man and then plunged it back in once more.

Devour and absorb! Not only was Zhao Feng’s Chaos Origin Divine Sword not weakening, it was actually getting stronger. Its dreadful force field tore the giant man apart, vanquishing him in both body and soul.

All this happened so suddenly that a stunned silence ensued. The despairing Celestial Net Sect Master and Celestial Net Sect members all stared straight at Zhao Feng.

“Zhao Feng killed that peak Rank Eight!” the Celestial Net Sect Master said in a dazed voice. He never would’ve imagined that this would happen after Ancient God Blue Distance ran off.

“What’s going on? How did the peak Rank Eight of the Blazing Gold Race suddenly get killed by Zhao Feng?” The other members, who had somewhat lower cultivation levels, found it somewhat difficult to understand what had transpired.

Logically speaking, it was extremely difficult for cultivators of the same rank to kill each other, but Zhao Feng appeared to have done so very easily.

“Kid, you killed him…!?” Ancient God Darkcrow finally reacted, his face twisting in rage and his eyes erupting with killing intent.

A major victory seemed imminent, but now, he had suddenly lost a peak Rank Eight. Moreover, that giant man had been killed right in front of his eyes.

“Ah! Although they lost a peak Rank Eight, they still have a Rank Nine Ancient God!” The Celestial Net Sect Master’s mood darkened once more as he looked to Ancient God Darkcrow.

If Ancient God Blue Distance had not fled, the three of them might have been able to work together to push back Ancient God Darkcrow.

“If you’re sending yourselves to your deaths, why shouldn’t I kill you?” Zhao Feng faintly smiled at Ancient God Darkcrow.

“Junior, the more impudent you act, the more miserable your death will be.” Ancient God Darkcrow stared at Zhao Feng.

In his view, all that had happened just now was because the giant man was too careless, allowing Zhao Feng to strike with a lethal sneak attack. But he, Ancient God Darkcrow, would never take his opponents lightly.


In a dark flash, Ancient God Darkcrow shot toward Zhao Feng, thrusting out his spear. A dark brown and tyrannical flame immediately spewed forth. The dark brown flames were also mixed with chaotic Space energy that disturbed space and made it impossible for Zhao Feng to use Instant Movement.


Countless streams of gold light appeared on Zhao Feng, and then he turned into a streak of light and vanished into the distance. The flame blasted through the afterimage Zhao Feng had left behind and into the ground, leaving a scorched crater more than one thousand feet deep.

Seeing his attack miss, Ancient God Darkcrow immediately pursued, his spear firing off ball after ball of dark brown flame into the darkness, causing both friend and foe to retreat in fear. However, Zhao Feng agilely dodged in the sky, even waving around his Chaos Origin Divine Sword a few times to easily dispatch of few enemy soldiers.

“This kid…! Even without using Spatial Blink, he’s still so fast!” Ancient God Darkcrow’s expression darkened. Even though he was a Rank Nine Ancient God, he was still much slower than Zhao Feng.

At this moment, Zhao Feng appeared to be ignoring Ancient God Darkcrow’s existence and slaughtering all the other Blazing Gold Race members.

“Great! I didn’t think that Zhao Feng would be so fast!” The Celestial Net Sect Master was shocked. He felt like he could see a sliver of hope.

The other members of the Celestial Net Sect also became reinvigorated by this sight.

“Aaaah! Aaaah…!” Screams rang out endlessly over the skies of the Celestial Net Sect.

A streak of golden light flew through the air, taking a life or two with each passing and splattering the skies with blood. And now that the Celestial Net Sect members had also begun to attack, the losses of the Blazing Gold Race began to soar.

“Aaargh…!” Even someone as composed as Ancient God Darkcrow was now fuming with a thunderous anger. At this moment, he could only watch as Zhao Feng cut down his men.

What made him feel even more helpless was that it seemed like Zhao Feng was playing with him. Every time he was about to catch up, Zhao Feng would suddenly get much faster and easily escape his grasp.

Although Zhao Feng’s cultivation was sealed at peak Rank Eight, he still maintained his high-level skills and understanding. If it wasn’t for the fact that he didn’t want to put on too impressive of a display, he would have long ago slain this Ancient God Darkcrow.

“Kill! Kill all the Blazing Gold Race members!” The Celestial Net Sect Master and many of the sect’s upper echelon members rallied and plunged into the battle.

The Blazing Gold Race members were enemies who had invaded their sect and killed their colleagues. Moreover, killing the Blazing Gold Race members could get them contribution points that they could exchange for precious resources that they could rarely get their hands on normally.

With Zhao Feng leading the way, the Celestial Net Sect quickly gained the upper hand. Not long after, most of the Blazing Gold Race members that Ancient God Darkcrow had brought with him had been slain. Quite a few more had fled in panic.

“I didn’t think that Zhao Feng would be so fast that he could leave even a Rank Nine Ancient God in the dust!” The Celestial Net Sect Master looked up reverentially at that streak of golden light.

It was precisely because of Zhao Feng’s advantage in speed that Ancient God Darkcrow had not retreated, allowing the Celestial Net Sect to turn defeat into a miraculous victory.

“…we’ve lost!” Ancient God Darkcrow had an extremely nasty expression.

He never would’ve imagined that the battle would turn out like this. At this moment, he only had a few weak True Gods and one Rank Seven Ancient God left under his command, but the Celestial Net Sect’s losses were almost insignificant.

“Surround and kill the Blazing Gold Race!” Zhao Feng immediately roared.

The experts of the Celestial Net Sect charged forward. Meanwhile, the ordinary True Gods of the Celestial Net Sect began to lay down arrays or went to once more activate the defensive array. The Celestial Net Sect Master took control over the sect-protecting array, sending a blue dragon at Ancient God Darkcrow.

“Just you wait! Next time, this old man will wash the Celestial Net Sect in blood!” Ancient God Darkcrow hoarsely roared, the loathing in his heart at its maximum.


Ancient God Darkcrow led his remaining men in retreat.

“Did I say I was going to let you go?” At this moment, Zhao Feng suddenly appeared in front of Ancient God Darkcrow, a gentle smile on his face.

“Junior, if this old man wants to leave, you won’t be able to stop me!” Ancient God Darkcrow growled.

In his view, Zhao Feng was only superior to him in speed. His actual strength was still inferior to that of a Rank Nine Ancient God’s.

“Then let me try!” A playful smile appeared on Zhao Feng’s face as he shot forward.


Dark silver Chaos Origin Divine Power condensed into a sword and stabbed forward.

 Boom! Bang!

Ancient God Darkcrow swept out with his spear once more, and after the two exchanged a few blows in the air, they parted.

Ancient God Darkcrow was alarmed as he glanced at the wounds on his body. Although they were extremely small, the attacks had broken through his defenses.

At the same time, he also sensed that Zhao Feng had managed to absorb a significant portion of his energy. Zhao Feng’s Chaos Origin Divine Sword thrummed with power and appeared to be even more powerful than before.

“How could this be?” Ancient God Darkcrow was startled and stunned. Even the defenses of his Rank Nine Ancient God body had been easily broken by Zhao Feng?


At this moment, the Celestial Net Sect Master and the other Ancient Gods of the Celestial Net Sect charged over. Ancient God Darkcrow was instantly surrounded.

“Damn!” Ancient God Darkcrow grimaced, knowing that he was in a bad predicament.

He was just preparing to use one of his life-saving measures, when suddenly, a strange ripple of energy came from behind him. A moment later, a dark silver sword stabbed through his chest, carrying with it a vast quantity of gold and red blood!


A chaotic burst of energy shot forward and engulfed Ancient God Darkcrow’s body. The lethality of this energy instantly made Ancient God Darkcrow sense that his death was imminent.

“This is impossible! Your strength…!?” Ancient God Darkcrow was dumbstruck. The strength Zhao Feng displayed at this moment was far above even a Rank Nine Ancient God.

That high-level movement technique and level of understanding, the powerful combat skills and Divine Power, and that Intent energy; these were not things that a peak Rank Eight Ancient God should have possessed.

But Ancient God Darkcrow, who knew all this, did not get a chance to speak.


With a swing of his sword, Zhao Feng cut Ancient God Darkcrow in two.

“Dead?” The members of the Celestial Net Sect were dazed.

Although they had Ancient God Darkcrow surrounded, he wasn’t that badly injured. He should have still had some trump cards available to him. But in an instant, Zhao Feng had exterminated him.

“Slain in a single blow!?” The Celestial Net Sect was stunned.

“Ancient God Darkcrow, thank you for your Divine Power! You’ve made my Chaos Origin Divine Power grow even stronger!” Zhao Feng smiled.

“So, Lord Zhao Feng’s Divine Power was so extraordinary, capable of absorbing the Divine Power of others to increase its strength!”

“Lord Zhao Feng is truly a rare genius of the Spiritual Race!”

The majority of the Celestial Net Sect looked admiringly at Zhao Feng, and quite a few female disciples began to regard Zhao Feng as their ideal man.

From start to finish, Zhao Feng’s Chaos Origin Divine Power had constantly gotten stronger. After absorbing Ancient God Darkcrow’s power, his Divine Power attacks were even more powerful. With the other members of the Celestial Net Sect surrounding and suppressing Ancient God Darkcrow, Zhao Feng had enough time to gather energy and slay Ancient God Darkcrow with a single blow. All of this seemed to occur with little difficulty.

Only the Celestial Net Sect Master found this very confusing. When he looked at Zhao Feng, he suddenly found this youth to be like the vast starry sky, mysterious and unfathomable.

“We were able to defeat the Blazing Gold Race this time thanks to the cooperation of everyone in the Celestial Net Sect.” Zhao Feng turned to the Celestial Net Sect members and smiled.

With the battle over, the entire Celestial Net Sect went to work counting up the casualties and repairing the damage done to the sect.

Zhao Feng returned to his own palace to cultivate.

For his first battle, there was no need to put on too dazzling of a display. The war would last for a long time. He would slowly reveal more and more of his strength until revealing his actual cultivation would not garner any suspicion from others. Besides, fighting while suppressing his cultivation could be considered a sort of trial for Zhao Feng.

The next morning, the entire Celestial Net Sect was still busy at work, when suddenly, two white streams of light descended. The Celestial Net Sect Master and several members looked over and saw that it was Ancient God Blue Distance and Ancient God Ice Origin.

Ancient God Blue Distance had a stiff face as he slowly descended into the Celestial Net Sect, but Ancient God Ice Origin’s handsome face was red with shame, and it seemed like he wanted nothing more than to sink into the ground.

“Last night, I was intending to get reinforcements. I didn’t think that you would be able to deal with the crisis by yourselves,” Ancient God Blue Distance very awkwardly said.

In truth, Ancient God Blue Distance and Ancient God Ice Origin had not actually fled very far. Thus, they managed to realize very quickly that the Celestial Net Sect had pushed the Blazing Gold Race back.

“Many thanks for the concern, Ancient God Blue Distance,” the Celestial Net Sect Master blandly replied.

After all, Ancient God Blue Distance was a peak Rank Eight Ancient God of the Spiritual Race. Given the complicated web of relationships in place, he did not dare to offend him. But silently to himself, the Celestial Net Sect Master disdainfully said, “Did you need to bring your son with you when calling for reinforcements?”

The Celestial Net Sect disciples all had looks of disdain and scorn, but they said nothing.

At this moment, Zhao Feng emerged with a smile on his face and looked at the father and son who had fled in the middle of the battle.

“Zhao Feng, tell me, how did all of you manage to resolve the crisis last night and push back the enemy?” Ancient God Blue Distance focused his gaze on Zhao Feng and immediately asked.