King Of Gods Chapter 141

Chapter 141 – Lightning Wind Palm showing its Power
Chapter 141 - Lightning Wind Palm showing its Power

While Yun Mengxiang was talking to Zhao Feng in a low tone, the sharp long nosed Xu Ren started to release some pressure towards Lin Fan with a cold expression.

“You brats come here!”

Xu Ren’s eyebrows twitched as he coldly scanned Zhao Feng and co. His aim was Lin Fan, but if the other brat’s didn’t mind their own business, he didn’t mind teaching them a lesson together.

Two inner disciples stood behind Xu Ren with playful expressions - they had both reached the 2nd Sky as well.

The 3 of them were all at the 2nd Sky of the Ascended Realm, which was the same as Lord Guanjun.

“Brother Zhao, Brother Xiao, Sister Yun… I’ll take care of my own stuff.”

Lin Fan walked out alone, not wanting to get the others involved.

Xiao Sun let out a breath and he immediately pulled a gap between him and Lin Fan. Xu Ren and co. were all at the 2nd Sky of the Ascended Realm and they weren’t people that he could afford to offend.

Zhao Feng was also pulled to the side by Yun Mengxiang.

“The Clan allows sparring but because every inner disciple is gathering here, they won’t go all out.”

Yun Mengxiang explained to Zhao Feng. It was obvious that she and Xiao Sun didn’t want to get involved with Lin Fan’s matters.

Even though their relationship was ok, they didn’t want to offend the older inner disciples for him.

“Hahaha… Lin Fan! No one dares to help you!” Xu Ren laughed arrogantly.

He enjoyed the feeling of Zhao Feng and them ‘knowing their positions’.

Lin Fan’s heart turned slightly cold, even though he had prepared to be alone.

The disciples soon made enough space for them and no one interfered.

“Let me see your top outer disciple strength.”

A strong surge of mental energy appeared from Xu Ren’s body as his 2nd Sky of the Ascended Realm aura pressured Lin Fan.

Every Sky difference was like heaven and earth, the True Force of cultivators at the 2nd Sky was on an entirely new level to the 1st.

Facing him, Lin Fan couldn’t breath properly. But he was after all once the top outer disciple and he was stronger than those at the same rank.

Stunning Feather Blade!

Lin Fan thrust his arm out and a flash of white light appeared like snow in winter. The sword light was weird because it was as fast as lightning, but pure white like feather at the same time.

Raging 3 Sword Light!

Xu Ren drew his sword out of its sheath, which turned into a wave of light full of agility.

Ding Ding Ding…

The two moves clashed together as urgent clashing sounds appeared.

The power of the Ascended Realm wasn’t something that could be compared to the Consolidated Realm. Any remaining energy could instantly kill any cultivator at the 9th rank of the Consolidated Realm.

“This Lin Fan is better than expected. His Middle class Mortal blade skill had been trained proficiently.”

“He’s worthy of the title top outer disciple since he’s able to fight against someone at the 2nd Sky without losing.”

The spectators were surprised. Lin Fan’s strength was stronger than expected and he wasn’t losing.

“No wonder he could be the top outer disciple.”

Zhao Feng had heard that Lin Fan had beaten someone at the Ascended Realm when the latter was only at the half-step Ascended Realm. It looks like now the rumour might be true.

Ten moves… Twenty moves…

Xu Ren was extremely solemn as he took a deep breath and a stronger true force surged out of his body, which made his attacks more and more furious.

Everyone felt that Xu Ren’s sword became fiercer and sharper.


A gap appeared on Lin Fan’s snow white blade as sparks flashed in the air.

“That is a Mortal grade sword.”

“That’s right! This was created by our blacksmith master Li Jingyue and he only made a total of 36.”


The appearance of the Mortal grade Holy sword made the situation turn. Once Xu Ren used the power of the ‘Jingyue’ sword, his offense became ever stronger and within a few moves, Lin Fan’s blade was crippled and the latter had bloody marks all over him.

“There’s many weapons in this world and they’re split into different grades: Mortal, Spiritual, Earth and Sky. Every grade is split into low, middle, high and peak, just like skills. In this continent, weapons of the Spiritual grade or higher have been generally lost… ”

Information appeared in Zhao Feng’s mind. He had read many books and had imprinted them all into his mind.

Every weapon of the Spiritual grade or higher had immense power and they could destroy the heavens and earth. Apparently, the Broken Moon Clan had one and it was one of the killing moves of the Clan.

Even the lowest Mortal grade weapon had terrifying power.

Zhao Feng found that of the 40-50% increase in strength from Xu Ren, at least 30% percent came from the sword and another 20% from increasing his True Force.

In just a moments time, Lin Fan was full of injuries.

“Zhe zhe zhe… It looks like the top outer disciples strength is only so so.”

Xu Ren had a Mortal grade weapon at hand and he purposely didn’t win because he wanted to play with Lin Fan and his attacks were precise. Lin Fan wasn’t severely injured, but it would hurt.

“You’ve won, stop now.”

Zhao Feng finally said on the side.

Up to now Lin Fan had also surrendered but Xu Ren only coldly laughed: “Unless he kneels on the ground and begs for forgiveness in front of my brother or else this will happen again!”


Zhao Feng turned into a blur and headed straight towards Xu Ren’s back.

“Brat, stop!”

The two friends at the 2nd Sky both exclaimed, but they weren’t able to react in time.

Zhao Feng’s speed was just too fast and it was full of illusions.

Lightning Wind Palm!

The azure haired one eyed youth appeared behind Xu Ren and thrust out his palm with the sound of lightning accompanying it.

Xu Ren only felt his ears tremble from the sound and he was barely able to turn around and send out a palm to block it.


The dominant palm seemed to pierce through lightning and the terrifying aura made the others nearby dazed.

What a dangerous move!

Only a few were able to clearly see that move.


Xu Ren was sent flying as his clothes ripped and parts of his body was burnt.

“You... you sneak attacked me!” Xu Ren said in a trembling tone with a pale white face.

“Yes, I sneak attacked you!” Zhao Feng crossed his arms and glanced coldly down at Xu Ren.


Xu Ren tried to forcefully circulate his True Force, but he spat out a mouthful of blood instead.

The palm just then from Zhao Feng had already seriously injured him and now, he was so angry that coughed out blood.

“What move was that?”

The nearby disciples had finally recovered but they were still stunned. Even though Zhao Feng had sneaked up on Xu Ren, they could still see how terrifying the power of that palm was.

“Lightning Wind Palm! It must be the Lightning Wind Palm! That guy’s gone crazy!!!!!” A disciple of the 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm soon exclaimed.

Lightning Wind Palm!

The expressions of the inner disciples changed.

“Every person that had trained in the Lightning Wind Palm were all crazy bastards!”

“A few years ago, a crazy bastard who trained the Lightning Wind Palm used this skill and he was able to kill someone 2 Skies higher than him, although he died in the end as well.”


At this time, everyone looked at Zhao Feng with wariness, like they were looking at a bomb that could go off at any time.

Just like they said, anyone who trained the Lightning Wind Palm were crazy.

One shouldn’t offend someone like that.

There was this saying: The weak fear the strong, the strong fear the fierce and the fierce fear those who don't value their lives

And those who trained the Lightning Wind Palm were all people who didn’t care about their lives, because this skill was just too dangerous.

Even if one was lucky enough to train it to it’s highest level, they were usually struck by lightning and killed anyways.

When they inspected Zhao Feng’s outfit, the azure hair and one eye, they took a cold hiccup and their suspicions of Zhao Feng being crazy was confirmed.

“This kid… Sneaked up on me!”

Xu Ren had lost the ability to fight, but his two friends were at the 2nd Sky of the Ascended Realm. However, they didn’t dare attack.

In the wind, Zhao Feng’s azure hair flowed freely and his cold right eye looked down at Xu Ren as well as his two friends.

He was not even scared when facing the two 2nd Sky disciples. On the contrary, he was excited and couldn’t help but lick his lips.

This made the other’s feel that Zhao Feng was cruel and brutal.

“Could Zhao Feng… Be crazy?”

Xiao Sun and Yun Mengxiang looked at each other.

In reality, Zhao Feng was excited: “The power of the Lightning Wind Palm is so strong!!”

Just as the atmosphere reached a climax.

“The core disciples are here!” A shout came from afar.

The tension eased and everyone turned towards a few disciples at the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm.

Core disciples had special treatment in the Clan and they held authority equal to a Deacon. Every Core disciple had a high level person of the Clan behind them.

“Brat! I’ll make you wish that you died next time I see you!” Xu Ren howled as he managed to barely get up.

His two friends also stared angrily at Zhao Feng, but then they realised the latter wasn’t even looking at them.


Zhao Feng’s gaze landed on a certain Core disciple.

The clothes that Core disciples wore were different to inner disciples. They didn’t even need to wear the uniform if they wanted to.

The Core disciple he looked at was tall and clothed in white.

Sister Yuan?

Zhao Feng paused slightly, then he soon saw Ran Xiaoyuan next to her.

The one tall one slightly shorter beauties caught the attention of many disciples.

“It’s him!”

Ran Xiaoyuan coincidentally saw Zhao Feng’s azure hair and one eye and her face became pale, maybe due to his wicked appearance.

“When did this guy become an inner disciple?”

Sister Yuan remembered how she was peeked at by Zhao Feng and how she was blackmailed.

Her expression immediately dimmed down.